If NATO fighters appear in Ukraine before the end of 2024, then they will definitely not be piloted by Ukrainian pilots

If NATO fighters appear in Ukraine before the end of 2024, then they will definitely not be piloted by Ukrainian pilots

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak confirmed his country's intention to train Ukrainian pilots to fly fighter jets currently in service with the British Air Force.

The head of the British Cabinet also spoke in support of other proposals, including the training and instruction of Ukrainian sailors, as well as the supply of long-range weapons Kyiv. Along with this, it is planned to teach Ukrainian pilots how to fly military helicopters.

During the joint meeting, the parties also focused their attention on a significant increase in the supply of military equipment so that Ukraine could resist a possible spring offensive by Russian troops, which various Western observers and experts have been actively talking about lately.

It is worth noting that Britain, like some of its allies, has so far refused official Kyiv’s requests to transfer fighters to it, but London has changed its position and, as they say in the government of the United Kingdom, various options are already ready. According to the British authorities, the upcoming training of Ukrainian pilots will help improve their flying skills on NATO-style fighters.

At present, there is no information regarding the conduct of this briefing, however, it is likely that the European Typhoon multi-role fighter, as well as the Royal Air Force Hawk subsonic jet trainer and light attack aircraft, will be selected as the aircraft.

As the British government added, over the past few months alone, Britain, together with its NATO allies, has trained 10 Ukrainian troops, and in the future it is planned to train up to 20 soldiers to develop skills on the battlefield. Moreover, the Ukrainian military began to arrive in Britain with the aim of training in the management of combat tanks Challenger 2, which London is going to transfer to Kyiv in the amount of 14 units.

At the same time, the British military reminded that it takes at least 3 years to train a pilot to fly a Typhoon fighter. If the same Typhoons suddenly appear in Ukraine in the coming months or at least until the end of 2024, then we can safely say that they are not piloted by Ukrainian pilots at all. After all, even if we are talking about the retraining of pilots who were trained to fly Soviet-designed aircraft, then a few months in this regard can not be dispensed with.
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  1. +3
    9 February 2023 15: 37
    If NATO fighters appear in Ukraine before the end of 2024, then they will definitely not be piloted by Ukrainian pilots
    belay And who doubted that? They will start with the proud Poles, and then the Romanians and other Swedes ...
    1. 0
      9 February 2023 15: 38
      If NATO fighters appear in Ukraine before the end of 2024, then they will definitely not be piloted by Ukrainian pilots

      You just have to be ready for the meeting. Here, who will be the first to see (AFAR) and who will be the first to launch an air-to-air missile. Is it interesting to give them Meteors or AIM-120D? at least there are no problems with missiles, but there are with AFAR.
      Russia has begun serial production of the latest air-to-air missile for the Su-57 multifunctional fighter, codenamed "Product 180" (K-77M). This munition was developed on the basis of the R-77 medium-range missile (AA-12 ADDER), taking into account the capabilities of stealth aircraft of a potential enemy. This was reported on Wednesday by the Russian media.

      A distinctive feature of the "Products 180" is the active phased array antenna guidance system (AESA). This technology guarantees high accuracy of the missile hit, and eliminates the possibility of any stealthy fighter or bomber hiding. The promising missile is equipped with a more powerful dual-mode solid-propellant propulsion system. The maximum ammunition speed is about Mach 5. All components of the system function effectively in the conditions of anti-radar interference and make it difficult to suppress the signal by air defense systems. Western analysts believe that the new development of Vympel Design Bureau can become the world's most effective air-to-air missile and provide a serious advantage to Russian Air Force aircraft.

      1. 0
        9 February 2023 18: 15
        You can exhale no problem, there is AFAR on the Su-57. And the presence of AFAR does not guarantee that the aircraft sees further.
  2. +5
    9 February 2023 15: 38
    Of course, I understand everything, but isn’t the fact of the introduction of foreign troops into the territory of Ukraine for the war with the Russian Federation a reason for declaring war and striking at the territory of countries whose contingents entered Ukraine?

    How to evaluate all this? NATO tanks and planes?
    1. -2
      9 February 2023 15: 45
      Theoretically yes. But we have a unique case when one part of our people (albeit stoned) is used as fuel for the furnace of destruction of Russia stop
      No "War" will be announced, forget about it already Yes
    2. +2
      9 February 2023 15: 46
      How to evaluate all this? NATO tanks and planes?

      regard it as you wish, because international law does not really exist (more precisely, it is just the right of the strong) - then they will supply anything to the outskirts, and they can even bring individual military units of NATO there, tk. we are afraid (or cannot?) give an adequate (!) answer...
    3. +4
      9 February 2023 16: 18
      How to evaluate all this? NATO tanks and planes?

      And in Korea, that there were no LiSiTsynov on Soviet fighters who fought against the United States? Or US and other Pakistani special forces in the war in Afghanistan against the USSR? This is not a new practice. And this can only be done if the enemy is smashed and he simply does not want to go there. The United States bombed the Ho Chi Minh trail, turning it into a lunar landscape. What supply routes is Russia bombing? this is only the long tongue of the fighting iPhone hi
    4. +3
      9 February 2023 17: 17
      Nobody will do it. For they will answer in such a way that our entire grouping will be defeated in less than a week. Only the Polish aviation has more than fifty new F-16s and modern ammunition for them. Including anti-ship and tactical cruise missiles.
  3. 0
    9 February 2023 15: 38
    How does Li Xi Qing sound in English? Maybe Dzhonsanyuk?
    1. +1
      9 February 2023 15: 45
      Maybe Dzhonsanyuk?

      More like Jonsalo.
      1. 0
        9 February 2023 16: 08
        Mykaylo Stevensenkov

        The text of my comment is too short and I'm not smart enough for VO to publish it
  4. 0
    9 February 2023 15: 43
    the very fact of the very appearance! the very fact of long-range missiles! RF will make its move?
  5. -3
    9 February 2023 15: 43
    Lord, what a 24th year lol
    24 years is the process of the surrender of the Kyiv regime, they will not be 100% up to planes there stop
  6. 0
    9 February 2023 15: 44
    If NATO fighters appear in Ukraine before the end of 2024, then they will definitely not be piloted by Ukrainian pilots
    So it's understandable, imporshny pilots, imporshnye technicians and everything else.
    Interestingly, will it reach the import airfields or the local ones, the Kukuevsky think they can do it ???
    However, one cannot even guess what they are thinking about, they are different and everything is through them ... in a different way.
  7. +2
    9 February 2023 15: 45
    there is an option that the United States, when planning the conflict in Ukraine, could assume that the Soviet reserves would not be enough and from 2008 to prepare a couple of dozen pilots just in case. Then yes there were talks about Ukraine's accession to NATO. Then, along with such "unexpectedly" fighters will appear.
  8. 0
    9 February 2023 15: 46
    It is necessary to destroy all more or less suitable airfields before that time.
  9. -1
    9 February 2023 16: 01
    It seems that there in the West they think that the war will be for a long time. Will not be!
  10. +2
    9 February 2023 16: 02
    i hope that Putin realizes that they are slowly boiling the frog in the pot and that its time to use the tactical nukes as soon as the Western planes appear
    1. 0
      9 February 2023 16: 12
      foreigner speaks...

      Sorry, I'm not smart enough to write a normal comment
    2. 0
      9 February 2023 18: 22
      I think he understands. And in any case, things will come to a nuclear confrontation. But I don't think it will be used.
  11. +1
    9 February 2023 16: 18
    In the past few months alone, Britain, together with its NATO allies, has trained 10 Ukrainian troops, with plans to train up to 20 soldiers to practice their skills on the battlefield.

    These are those whose hands are twisted on the street, in a store, at a funeral?
  12. +1
    9 February 2023 16: 32
    What difference does it make which country's pilot will kill Russians? Actions are needed so that NATO planes do not enter the territory of Ukraine, and not the arguments of which country the pilots will kill the Russians.
  13. -2
    9 February 2023 17: 13
    Everything that is happening now, the West planned for at least 15 years, and especially intensively began to prepare this matter for the last 7-9 years.
    And all this was calculated in advance, including the present and past deliveries of heavy weapons to Ukraine.
    Well, in the event that Russia cannot quickly defeat it and tightly gets stuck there. As happened.

    And this suggests that the training of Ukrainian pilots for Western equipment, just like other personnel for Western weapons, could begin a year, or 2 or even 3 years ago. covertly.
    It just wasn't made public.

    And that means that the necessary personnel in some quantity can already be prepared for a long time.
    That is why there are talks about the supply of modern Western technology.
    1. +1
      9 February 2023 20: 14
      Then there would already be planes. What is the point of "marinating" pilots for years separately from the sides and in isolation from piloting practice, or throwing these shots into battle on Soviet aircraft?
  14. -1
    9 February 2023 17: 20
    Eurofighter, even in the Mk1 version, is head and shoulders above all our fighters, even the Su-35S, in terms of electronic equipment.
    There, some defensive systems with towed decoys are worth something.
  15. -1
    9 February 2023 17: 33
    Can Russia still offer to participate in North Korea in the conflict in Ukraine and, upon completion, leave her the western part. It is problematic to assimilate it under Russia, and the territory there is like 5 Koreas. They will be interested in expansion. They will make Korea-2.
    1. ASM
      9 February 2023 19: 21
      Why is it problematic? Stalin was able to dilute the blood throughout the USSR. And everyone had a general idea of ​​ethics/public morals.
  16. -1
    9 February 2023 19: 07
    Damn, how clumsy the site works. Every now and then it hangs. Because so, too lazy to type the text again.
  17. ASM
    9 February 2023 19: 18
    Only faith in these pathological liars is impossible at all. So far, we have been denied the supply of flying aircraft, but we are ready to train flying aircraft. It looks like "no, guys, I won't give you a machine gun", but I'll teach you how to use it.
  18. 0
    9 February 2023 19: 19
    We must constantly "remind" the landsknechts of the international "law" of mercenaries! And the "norms" of the criminal code! In fact, some deputies of the State Duma proposed to introduce the death penalty for mercenarism associated with war crimes to a limited extent; "merely" grave (especially grave) war crimes; serious (especially serious) criminal offenses associated with resonant (for example, mass ...) murders!