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The Czech Republic plans to completely switch to Western tanks, replacing Soviet T-72s with German Leopard 2A7+

The Czech Republic plans to completely switch to Western tanks, replacing Soviet T-72s with German Leopard 2A7+

The Czech Republic not only does not intend to hand over the promises made to it by Germany Tanks Leopard 2A4, but also plans to purchase a more advanced modification of the German tank - Leopard 2A7+. This is confirmed by the Czech Ministry of Defense.

To date, only one German tank is in service with the Czech army - this is the Leopard 2A4 received at the end of December, supplied by Germany as part of a circular exchange, or the so-called Ringtausch program. The third participant in the exchange, in addition to the FRG and the Czech Republic, was Ukraine, which turned out to be the main beneficiary, having acquired a batch of Czech T-72 tanks.

In total, Germany promised the Czech Republic to supply 15 Leopard 2A4 tanks, then outplayed it a bit and the final version of the deal looks like 14 tanks and one ARV. Deliveries have already begun, and Prague will receive everything promised by the end of 2023. Kyiv's attempts to wrest German tanks from the Czechs failed, the Czech Defense Ministry said that they donated so much to the altar of the war with Russia, so Kyiv will not see Leopards.

They do not intend to stop only at the purchase of 14 Leopard 2A4 tanks in the Czech Republic, further plans are to purchase the latest version of the Leopard 2A7 +. In total, the Czech military is considering the acquisition of up to 50 German tanks with a possible continuation of purchases. The operation of the Leopard 2A4 should prepare the transition of the Czech army from Soviet tanks to German ones.

Leopard 2A4 will prepare us for the most modern Leopard in version 2A7

- said in the military department of the Czech Republic.

Meanwhile, Slovakia, which also participated in the circular exchange with Germany, promised to transfer its 15 German tanks to Ukraine.
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  1. I dare to_notice_
    I dare to_notice_ 7 February 2023 10: 09
    Too shy to ask...
    And how will this help them?
    1. Machito
      Machito 7 February 2023 11: 14
      It seems to me that the Czech and Slovak Eurofascists will not have time to rearm with new tanks, as the RF Armed Forces will reach the border of Slovakia. Pissing fascist non-brothers.
      1. Irokez
        Irokez 7 February 2023 12: 18
        It looks like the Czech Republic and Slovakia are completely screwed up like Poland. Zeman somehow still gave hope for adequacy, and now it’s not audible at all.
  2. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 7 February 2023 10: 09
    And at the moment, how many tanks do the Czechs have, in total? What are the Czech tankers doing? Are they on fire in their tanks in Ukraine.
  3. cold wind
    cold wind 7 February 2023 10: 09
    The Czech Republic has the best upgrade option for the T-72M4 CZ, though there are 30 pieces

    Their work culture is top notch.
    1. tralflot1832
      tralflot1832 7 February 2023 13: 11
      So we also began to produce at the highest level. True, not at repair plants, it’s warm on the video of the latter. Or maybe the video is like that. armored plant - a battalion, in general, tin. He was tin, in 70 - 80. They worked there for housing, which quickly ended.
  4. alexoff
    alexoff 7 February 2023 10: 17
    True, leopards will also have to be given to Ukraine, in exchange for abrams, which will not reach the Czechs. Well, why? shove
  5. Murmur 55
    Murmur 55 7 February 2023 10: 18
    Yes, notably, some military corporations of the West will weld on, so I think they will lay down their bones so that this conflict lasts as long as possible, and most importantly for them, so that it does not get out of the borders of Ukraine.
  6. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 7 February 2023 10: 22
    Who will clearly explain why the Czech Republic needs MBT? What will they do with it? It would be nice if they produced their own Czech tank and supported production with a purchase. They have a heavy infantry fighting vehicle behind their backs, or even a wheeled type "Boxer" or a striker with any add-ons. The experience of wars 1-2, the entry of Soviet troops and the geographical environment suggests that the Czechs will not fight with anyone. They will surrender and fall under the occupier.
    1. bayard
      bayard 8 February 2023 02: 17
      Quote: Zaurbek
      . The experience of wars 1-2, the entry of Soviet troops and the geographical environment suggests that the Czechs will not fight with anyone. They will surrender and fall under the occupier.

      During WWII, Czechoslovakia provided up to 1/3 of all weapons and ammunition to the Wehrmacht. Apparently, even now the former laurels of the "Armory forge of the Third Reich" do not allow to live in peace. Czechs are loyal fascists and German serfs by basic instincts.
      1. Andrey Moskvin
        Andrey Moskvin 8 February 2023 19: 10
        Thought about it too. And today they cannot rivet tanks for themselves. hi
  7. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 7 February 2023 10: 29
    Kyiv's attempts to wrest German tanks from the Czechs failed
    Friendship, friendship, and the new German tanks apart. The Czech Republic knowingly tried to supply Ukraine with its T-72s and planning to replace them with German ones. Well, Slovakia has the opportunity to prove that it "loves" Ukraine more than the Czech Republic and is ready to continue the fight against Russia. Maybe in the EU it will be counted, but in our country they will definitely not forget who, what and how much transferred and what he managed to say at the same time.
    1. AAC
      AAC 7 February 2023 10: 54
      We may not forget, but we will definitely forgive. We always do this)) Well, it's just our national trait. Therefore, these fascists must be driven to the very Atlantic Ocean. And only when we stop to forgive.
    2. donavi49
      donavi49 7 February 2023 13: 28
      Czech T-72M4CZ, which are in service with the seven (7th mechanized brigade - the only heavy part of the Czech land army in peacetime), have not yet been sent anywhere.

      But they are guaranteed to leave to fight, the only question is when? Probably 24 years old. The Czechs have about 20-30 T-72M1s in the army. They will probably be written off already in the year 23 upon the arrival of all Leopards 2A4 in a circular exchange.

      Also, the Czechs are now withdrawing from the BVP-1 to zero. But here BVP2 in the seven remains + reserves. There, under a hundred deuces, they will give by the year 25, and from the fall of this they will begin to receive the first SV90 under a contract for 21 years.

      Slovakia still holds a tank battalion of 2 brigades - this is about 30 T-72M1 naked. Plus BVP2 - also 60-80 cars.

      Now they are actively transmitting BVP-1 - also to zero. For 152 SV-90s were purchased. Probably by the year 24-25 Slovakia will remain with 30-50 Leopards 2A4, SV90 and its BVP2M in 1 brigade. The rest will be given away.
  8. TermNachTer
    TermNachTer 7 February 2023 10: 52
    And where will these bastards get their money? Each A7 is 12 euros.
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 7 February 2023 13: 33
      They have under 300 lards of GDP, I wonder where to scrape together the money?

      If anything, they have already announced a gradual increase in military spending, because before that, 1,5% went to the army. So, there will be enough money not only for Leopards, but also to buy 24 F-35s:
      The Czech Ministry of Defense sent the US a request for a proposal for the supply of 24 F-35 aircraft
      1. TermNachTer
        TermNachTer 7 February 2023 19: 43
        I have said more than once that GDP is stretchable figures that can mean anything, but not the real situation in the economy and finances. More recently, the same lovers of juggling numbers shouted that Russia's GDP is 2% of the world's, we will throw it with hats. It turned out that 2% of Russians is a little more than you can throw hats on.
  9. Rabioso
    Rabioso 7 February 2023 12: 16
    Speaking to the point and not arranging political information ... It is not surprising that the Czechs want to replace tanks with Western models. Firstly, such a concept as ergonomics is alien to Soviet tanks. The concept that the lower the tank, the harder it is to get into it, became outdated in about the 50s of the last century. Secondly, it is impossible to carry out a complete modernization in them, taking into account the requirements of modern concepts. Well, thirdly, as I wrote earlier in our time, without a Kaz, any tank is an easy target.
    1. topol717
      topol717 7 February 2023 14: 22
      The concept that the lower the tank, the harder it is to get into it, became outdated in about the 50s of the last century
      this is not so, the lower the tank, the more difficult it is to notice it, and therefore to hit it too.
  10. Two
    Two 7 February 2023 15: 55
    I’m embarrassed to ask if the Czech Republic has enough money for the A7, because in Germany itself there are only a few of them.