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Taiwan opposition party leader to visit China

Taiwan opposition party leader to visit China

The leader of the opposition Kuomintang Party (KMT) will visit China this week. This was reported today in the press service of the party.

A meeting will be held on Wednesday between former Minister of the Council of Mainland Chinese Affairs and current Vice Chairman of the KMT Andrew Hxia (Hszya) with the newly elected head of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the Communist Party of China (CCP) and the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council of the People's Republic of China Song Tao. As stated in the statement of the Kuomintang, the delegation led by Hszia will hold an exchange of views with representatives of China on various issues on the basis of equality and reciprocity. Also during the discussion, the parties will also touch upon the topic of security around the Taiwan Strait in order to maintain peace and stability in the region.

It is worth noting that the Kuomintang party maintains close ties with the PRC, but at the same time does not consider itself a pro-Chinese party. However, the head of the CCP Taiwan Affairs Office highly appreciated his colleague's forthcoming visit to Beijing.

Hszya last visited China in August last year, some time after the start of Chinese military exercises near the island, due to the scandalous visit to Taipei by the then Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.

Recall that since the so-called President of Taiwan Tsai Ing-wen took office in 2016, the Chinese authorities have not held any discussions with the leader of the Republic of China at the official level, categorically refusing to resume dialogue with the leadership of Taiwan. Beijing considers elections in Taiwan illegal.

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  1. krot
    krot 6 February 2023 17: 15
    Good news! To the anger of the Anglo-Saxons, who are trying to embroil everyone on earth ..
    1. hrych
      hrych 6 February 2023 18: 26
      Quote: krot
      Good news! To the anger of the Anglo-Saxons, who are trying to embroil everyone on earth ..

      The heirs of Chiang Kai-shek's party are doing it. The vicissitudes of fate.
  2. Prisoner
    Prisoner 6 February 2023 17: 25
    Evo as the balls began to affect? laughing
  3. Bingo
    Bingo 6 February 2023 17: 25
    We urgently need to prepare a provocation for mattresses ... Only the paws are already a little short
  4. fiv
    fiv 6 February 2023 17: 47
    Apparently, the only political organization in Taiwan that cares about the deindustrialization of the country in connection with the transfer of production to the United States. It's time to correct the mistakes of the past, peace is better than war, it's more profitable for China to live together than apart
  5. Ryaruav
    Ryaruav 6 February 2023 18: 38
    these are the steps, it’s not like exchanging Medvedchuk for Azov, this is the work of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China
  6. isv000
    isv000 6 February 2023 20: 09
    Taiwan opposition party leader to visit China

    Whoever got up first - that and slippers! The future governor of Taiwan made the right decision!
  7. 23424636
    23424636 6 February 2023 20: 29
    Few people know. But the largest Russian diaspora lives in Taiwan. More than 15 thousand people in the 40s,. Emigrants. Who faced a difficult fate in Soviet Russia. Chiang Kai Shek had a son .. he married a Russian girl who worked at Uralmash as a turner. Testing, this Russian girl Bakhreeva Faina Ignatievna liked her character and he decided to help the Russians who had fled from the country pursued by the Red Terror .. and announced their collection from all over Southeast Asia and Manchuria and settled them on the island of Farmosa. Few people in the Soviet Union wrote about these people, and now even more so because of the policy of non-recognition of Taiwan. But Russian businessmen know this and placed the production of complex electronic equipment on Baikal and Elbrus processors, but then the Americans imposed sanctions and the process stalled.
  8. solar
    solar 6 February 2023 22: 17
    delegation led by Hszya will hold with representatives of China opinion exchange on various issues on the basis of equality and reciprocity

    Interesting information. China still recognized the equality of Taiwan?
    Guomindang together with the First People's Party forms the "Great Blue Coalition[en]", which gravitates towards the reunification of China under the leadership of Taiwan, while the "Green Grand Coalition[en]" led by the Democratic Progressive Party is in favor of proclaiming Taiwan as an independent state under the name "Republic of Taiwan" (see Two Chinas).
  9. andrewkor
    andrewkor 7 February 2023 04: 18
    Well done to the PRC: they did not recognize the elections in Taiwan, and that's it.
    Unlike Russia, which recognized the results of the Nazi coup in Ukraine in 2014, the overthrow of the legitimate president (even though he is the son of a dog) and the results of subsequent "elections". Now disentangles, paying with the lives of Russian people!