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Disputes around the new amendments to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation on the concepts of espionage and treason

After lengthy discussions in the first reading, the deputies of the State Duma adopted amendments to the articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation on treason and espionage. The amendments were drafted by the FSB and made by the Government 4 a year ago, and at a certain period the work on adopting them was suspended with the wording “it is necessary to think more carefully”. Suspension was initiated, as they say, from above - by President Dmitry Medvedev.

After the appearance of information on the adoption by parliamentarians of the new version of the articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation in the first reading, as usual, the serious discussion in the press and blogosphere began to seethe. What is interesting, despite the fact that Rossiyskaya Gazeta presented the full version of the articles edited by the deputies, the judgments about the amendments made are very different, including, absolutely opposite to each other. And if offhand to take and read a few, even quite reputable federal publications, it turns out that analysts' opinions on the amendments made to the articles on espionage and treason are significantly different.

So, what has undergone significant changes in these articles of the Criminal Code?

An updated definition of the term “treason” has appeared:

High treason, that is, an act committed by a citizen of the Russian Federation to the detriment of the security of the Russian Federation: espionage, extradition to a foreign state, international or foreign organization, or their representatives, information constituting a state secret, trusted to a person or made known to him in service, work or study, or provision of financial, material, technical, consulting or other assistance to a foreign state, international or foreign organization or their representatives in activities Nost directed against the security of the Russian Federation, including its constitutional order, sovereignty, territorial and state integrity.

The definition itself already contains the key points of the changes.

One of, let's say, radical changes can be considered the emergence of an additional article (Art. 283.1), which is called "Illegal receipt of information constituting a state secret." The punishment for such unlawful acts appears to be quite lenient and amounts either to imprisonment for up to 4 years, or to penalties in the amount of 200 thousand to 500 thousand rubles. The softness of punishment in this case, according to the authors of the article, is due to the fact that the article will concern those persons who tried to illegally obtain secret information without setting themselves the task of using this information for spy purposes. However, there is an option in which a person who commits an act aimed at illegally obtaining information constituting a state secret may receive up to 8 years in prison. Such a precedent will arise if the receipt of information took place with the participation of a group of persons, using violent acts, or technical means. In the latter case, we can talk about the so-called cyber-variant of obtaining secret data.

Some people call the article that has emerged as an anti-democratic nightmare that infringes on human rights, while others, on the contrary, are inclined to say that the changes made in this case are rather mild. In general, how many people, so many, as you know, and opinions ... The article itself does not look superfluous, but at the same time it has its weak points. I will formulate them below, and if experienced lawyers find gaps in the reasoning, I will be glad to study them in the comments.

If you take a close look at the presented changes, the article does not quite unambiguously reveal how it is generally possible to determine whether persons who forcibly obtained secret information were gathered, use them for acts falling under the status of treason or espionage, or did not. In this case, the entire burden falls on the shoulders of law enforcement, collecting evidence on the unraveled case. If a certain group of individuals (or an individual) monitors an employee of a certain secret enterprise, and then attacks him in a dark alley and takes away a bag with secret documents, is there a chance for state prosecutors to prove that the attackers did this solely for the purpose of espionage? Obviously, with an experienced lawyer, everything can be presented in a completely different form. The attackers attacked the employee of the secret center, not knowing that he was an employee of such a center, and the bag was torn out of his hands, only to then pull out his mobile phone and wallet. The papers, of which secrecy, naturally, did not suspect anything, for example, were burned on the road or used for need ...

And in general, it is not entirely clear whether it may be necessary to forcibly acquire secret data without using this data for spy purposes. This question is answered by representatives of the FSB, as will be described a little lower. In the meantime, there are a couple of options that can be pre-voiced in this case. Option one: a certain third party used banal robbers to steal secret documents from an employee of a closed research center (or some similar structure). The robbers were caught, but they said that they didn’t care about the papers they obtained by force, and they stole them solely for the sake of profit from the customer, whose name and data may not be known. Option Two: banal curiosity (and this happens). The situation of the following plan: “Come on, let me see what is in your diplomat ... Ah, don't give it to you! Then I'll take it by force! Oh, yes, there are some drawings ... I'll take it home, have the children paint ... ”Something like that. Well, if the article is used for the last two options, then the 200 thousand fine is understandable in principle, but everything else somehow hardly fits into such a mild punishment for those who consciously took possession of secret information, knowing that they are secret .

And now directly about why the FSB developed this article. As they say, official information without any copyright speculation.

The press service of the Federal Security Service expressed the following way: the introduction of the new article is intended to put a barrier to those who are going to confer the status of an object that can be sold or bought to a state secret. In general, as it is not difficult to understand, the first scenario works - the scenario with the presence of third parties.

There are other changes in the part of the Criminal Code that concerns treason and espionage. These changes are already quite straightforward. For example, in the draft law, which was adopted in the first reading, it was stated that only the person who deals with such information on duty (study) can issue secret information that somehow relates to the concept of state secrets. In other words, it’s impossible to condemn a person who found a flash drive containing secret files on the street and then put these files on his social media page to discuss interesting pictures with his friends if this person has nothing to do with such files at all. did not have. This is a very thoughtful part of the bill, which cuts off numerous misinterpretations about the fact that now for the treason they can condemn any homeless person from the street, sleeping on secret papers, accidentally flying out of the window of a military unit.

The appearance in the Criminal Code of such an addition, which concerns not only the activities of, say, for the benefit of foreign intelligence services, but also for the benefit of international organizations collecting certain information, can also be considered a timely novelty of the articles of the Criminal Code on espionage and treason. This addition will help prevent citizens from transferring secret information to certain funds, committees, services, and other non-profit organizations created under foreign patronage. After all, it is no secret that intelligence is modernized and modified over time, and therefore, in the territory of the Russian Federation over the past few years, some institutions have been opened with very dubious tasks. For example, nothing prevents the opening of some hypothetical fund for assistance to Russian nuclear physicists, whose main office is located somewhere in Michigan, and branches in Russian cities ... And what kind of assistance does nuclear physics have, and why do nuclear physicists decided to provide such assistance - a big question. So, in order to have fewer questions, the article suppresses any desire to pour out one’s soul in front of various kinds of foreign structures hiding behind human rights activities.

It should be noted that spying activities now include consulting services, material, technical and financial assistance to organizations that are found to be collecting sensitive information.

For obvious reasons, such a change in the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation made the most democratized sections of society say that the Russian authorities are trying to exert pressure on NGOs again. Well, and what is the Russian government still to do, if through these very NPOs in recent years much more information containing state secrets has passed than through all the intelligence agencies of the world working against Russia, taken together ... At this, as they say, blame the mirror. "

Are the changes made similar to the opening of the road for witch hunters? - Hardly. Rather, on the contrary, the adoption of amendments is connected with the protection of the rights and freedoms of those who are accustomed to living according to the law and not using pseudo-democratic slogans for information frauds aimed at undermining the country's security.
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  1. Civil
    Civil 15 November 2012 08: 34 New
    an agent authorized or known to him through service, work or study, or providing financial, material, technical, consulting or other assistance to a foreign state, international or foreign organization or their representatives in activities,

    ETOGES, how many ladies who "lay down" under foreign organizations with the aim of supposedly prestige can be sent to medical labor camps ... well, except for jokes, then the law is damp, and can be used for unfair competition, revenge .. finalized in terms of terms, not speaking of joint ventures, equipment maintenance ... scientific and technical cooperation, exchange
    1. mazdie
      mazdie 15 November 2012 22: 51 New
      There are simply too many ways and loopholes to make money by making a baku and get out of the water dry.
      IMHO For treason, the minimum wage in 20 years.
  2. YARY
    YARY 15 November 2012 08: 38 New
    Espionage shooting
    can be replaced by hanging eggs.
    1. Blackscorp
      Blackscorp 15 November 2012 08: 48 New
      The shooting is not very frightening psychologically, it’s better to chop off your hands, as in Iran they do poachers .... What would a person live and suffer, both physically and psychologically .. ..
      1. Egoza
        Egoza 15 November 2012 13: 00 New
        Quote: BlackScorp
        Что Р ± С ‹С З РµР» овек жили РјСѓС ‡ РёР» СЃСЏ, Рё С „РёР · РёС ‡ ески Рё РїСЃРёС… РѕР» РѕРіРёС ‡ РёЃ ..

        RS Р R Р R Ђ R ° RЅRµ - RјRsR¶RµS Р Ryo R ± SѓRґRµS ‚RјCѓC ‡ RёС‚СЊСЃСЏ, Р ° Сѓ РѓР ° СЃ РµС ‰ Рµ сеР± Рµ Рё пенснкдааааааадаааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааР° Р SЂRμR ± SѓRμS, Ryo P ± SѓRґRμS, RЅR ° RІSЃSЏRєRoS RјRoS,RoRЅRіR ° C ... ... RІS <SЃS,SѓRїR ° S,SЊ RєR ° Rє "R¶RμSЂS,RІR ° SЂRμR¶RoRјR °", Röhr "Ryo RμSЃR" Ryo RІРѕРІРµР · РµС ‚- РєРЅРёРіСѓ Р · Р ° Р ± СѓРіСЂРѕРј РІС‹ РїСѓСЃС‚РёС ‚Рѕ
      2. mazdie
        mazdie 15 November 2012 22: 52 New
        It is better to publicly flog once a week, during the entire period of imprisonment, regardless of gender.
    2. Kaa
      Kaa 15 November 2012 10: 04 New
      Quote: Ardent

      Espionage shooting

      Everything new is well forgotten old ...
    FREGATENKAPITAN 15 November 2012 08: 58 New
    It’s high time to put things in order in this matter ... otherwise it turns out — he sold VA-111 drawings — a fighter for democracy, leaked information about the submarine-based station and the boats themselves — the ideological fighter of the Green Peace ....., a network of scouts highlighted — a fighter with totalitarian regime ....

    Treason to the motherland in wartime-execution,
    Treason in peace-for-life (after all, democracy)
  4. arkady149
    arkady149 15 November 2012 09: 21 New
    I read a lot of reviews about this law, which is annoying, is the substitution of the concepts of the so-called human rights defenders. Example: from an interview with L. Alekseeva
    “- Under this law, absolutely anyone can be sent to jail for a long time. Not only me, but you too. This is an anti-legal repressive document. There haven’t been such in our country since the days of Stalin. If you made any critical remark about the authorities. ..

    Excuse me, but what does the criticism have to do with it, is the law on state secrets?

    - I will give an example. Let’s say your newspaper holds a roundtable discussion on which the remark on election fraud, on the illegitimacy of parliament is voiced. And there are foreign journalists at the conference, or your publication is quoted in the foreign press. Please: you divulged state secrets. "
    Rare nonsense. The spies are completely lazy, everyone wants a free ride. But on the other hand, if I call an important government official an "asshole" will this be a public disclosure. secrets?
    1. Z.A.M.
      Z.A.M. 15 November 2012 10: 59 New

      Alekseeva, of course ... "the grandfather is old, he doesn’t care", but she (even!) Is in some ways (!) Right.
      I will treat her very negatively. But to see the "pitfalls" of all current "innovations", this does not bother me. hi
      1. neri73-r
        neri73-r 15 November 2012 11: 19 New
        You are either a provocateur or you really do not distinguish and do not see the difference between disclosing state secrets, espionage, high treason and criticizing (or slandering) the authorities, the state system, individual politicians, etc.
        1. Z.A.M.
          Z.A.M. 15 November 2012 14: 09 New
          Quote: neri73-r
          Are you either a provocateur

          I do not like to enter into a polemic on a site ... but I will answer you.
          Analogy. When you see an iceberg, you also think that this is something, like a piece of foam, hanging on the surface ... floating ...

          Below, my comment, you called "delirium". Oh well. Thinking will understand. Rather, they will understand those whom it ALREADY touched.
      2. arkady149
        arkady149 15 November 2012 18: 18 New
        But I still think that foreign spies should “get their bread” in a sweat of their face, I mean information, and not for free “in fat pasture” from irresponsible balabol. The article will press the tongue for them, you look, and there will be more order in the “defense industry”. The new citizen doesn’t interfere with the ordinary citizen (not the human rights activist), there are no intersection points.
        1. d.gksueyjd
          d.gksueyjd 15 November 2012 19: 01 New
          Quote: arkady149
          The article will squeeze their tongue
          they will no longer talk about theft in the Moscow Region, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the FSB, and the prosecutor’s office. And without this article, the chief of the FSB, who informed the media about the thieves-prosecutors, was fired, and now they will "plant" them.
          INTRODUCTION OF THIS ARTICLE ONE FIRST VERSUS AGAINST HONEST CITIZENS OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION, Against spies and their accomplices, already adopted laws are enough hi
      3. mazdie
        mazdie 15 November 2012 22: 56 New
        An old grandfather found a grenade,
        he put it in his pocket and went to the district committee!
        He pulled the check, threw it out the window,
        grandfather is old, he doesn’t care!
  5. Gorchakov
    Gorchakov 15 November 2012 09: 32 New
    Yes pooh on Medvedev ..., to accept the FSB's initiatives for implementation has long matured ... Or maybe Medvedev is afraid of this law?
    1. Nechai
      Nechai 15 November 2012 10: 40 New
      Quote: Gorchakov
      Or maybe Medvedev is afraid of this law?

      He clearly expressed himself: “it is necessary to think carefully over.” By the way, his labor activity as a lawyer in a wood-felling company in Northwest Russia is somehow modestly ignored. For starters, and at the entrance to the investigation and by CHANGE, for sure, the facts will go.
      Quote: Cadets
      Suitcase - Station - Brighton!

      There, a place under the wooden floor of the embankment, the "lucky people from the USSR" who gained "freedom" occupied it. They keep the mase. Negroes and Latinos zovsim skimmed.
      He is perplexed that everywhere it is said ONLY about GUESTINE, but in fact almost all the military-industrial complex and science are in private hands too! Imagine WHAT HOLE AND LAZEYKA remains!
      Significantly early release, convicted of espionage in favor of the PRC scientist. What a perelyakhu ?! Well behaves positively, so what? For this, he should cut off the repayment for the damage that he did to the STRATEGIC INTERESTS of the Country ?! Or is it a equivocation towards the Han? Then the guys do not UNDERSTAND THEM !!!
  6. AvadaCedavra
    AvadaCedavra 15 November 2012 09: 37 New
    Criminal cases in the Russian Federation are often fabricated by law enforcement officers, and people who are not involved in the crime are undeservedly punished. Given the country's judicial system, corruption, the struggle for "indicators", the bias of the investigation, anyone, if you want, can be blamed for everything from theft to rape, there would be a desire.
    New amendments to the Criminal Code return the interpretation of treason to the Motherland in the manner that was characteristic of the repressive machine in the 37th year. By the adoption of this bill, the State Duma actually unties the FSB’s hands to make claims under the article “High treason”, as well as the free conduct of operational development in relation to almost any citizen, even a complaint to the European Court of Human Rights, even official work, can fall under this concept under the new law under a contract with foreign civil organizations, it can be recognized as criminal if the investigation proves (and it proves) that these structures acted against the state. And the person who will know the secret information not only from work, but also from school or in other cases will be responsible to the court for the issuance of state secrets.
    These amendments to the Criminal Code are another proof that the country is on the path of turning democracy (some kind) into a totalitarian society. Is it worth living in such a country !? Or you need to leave ... while there is an opportunity.
    1. Cadets
      Cadets 15 November 2012 10: 06 New
      Suitcase - Station - Brighton!
      1. d1m1drol
        d1m1drol 15 November 2012 10: 29 New
        It's up to you. In the meantime, in order to prove the guilt of a suspected treason, you will have to break more than one batch of freshly painted copies with lawyers. And there everything will be simplified to impossible. And by the way, the states now have a system of repression worse than the Gulag. So, as they said there ... a suitcase ... a station ... and good luck to you)
      FREGATENKAPITAN 15 November 2012 12: 33 New
      ECHR let judge the liberals ..........
      There should be the principle of Gleb Zheglov -.... "The thief should be in prison"

      .... "Betrayed (issued by the state, -military secret) -must stay in prison"

      Do you want to work with foreign colleagues on health!
      Only the tongue should not be worn ....
      Under the Union, what did not work with the adversaries? Yes, the same VAZ was built by thousands of Italians at us .... and hundreds of us underwent internship at FIAT ......
      I don’t remember something “high-profile cases of treason”
      Do not like living in the country? - Drang nah .... west!
      I also do not like much ........ This is not a reason for betrayal!
    3. Rebus
      Rebus 15 November 2012 15: 51 New
      Quote: AvadaCedavra
      Is it worth living in such a country !? Or you need to leave ... while there is an opportunity.

      Drive faster
      Do not like living in the country? - Drang nah .... west!

      It was Drang who ... hi
  7. Cadets
    Cadets 15 November 2012 10: 02 New
    The Russian state should firmly protect its interests from "good" neighbors. And if Alekseeva and the like "universal people", eating from the hands of "Uncle Sam", screeched, then the law is right and necessary for Russia!
  8. Z.A.M.
    Z.A.M. 15 November 2012 10: 26 New
    “High treason, that is, an act committed by a citizen of the Russian Federation to the detriment of the security of the Russian Federation: espionage, issuance to a foreign state, international or foreign organization or their representatives of information constituting a state secret entrusted to a person or known to him by service, work or study, or the provision of financial, material, technical, consulting or other assistance to a foreign state, international or foreign organization or their representatives in "against the security of the Russian Federation, including its constitutional order, sovereignty, territorial and state integrity."

    Almost (almost!) Every word and phrase can be interpreted in different ways. In my opinion...
    That's it (earlier) that there was a law enforcement practice, judicial bulletins came out, with an explanation of the application of the rules, with a reference to specific situations. As of now - I don’t know ...
    What am I saying? For each new rule of law, a break-in time is required. This time is a time of trial and ... error, alas. Of course, the main goal is to find a middle ground. But ... it's time ...

    But I want to say something else. Nothing POSITIVE, from these "innovations" I do not expect. Will explain. All the latest initiatives of the country's leadership to "improve" the Criminal Code are aimed at ... laughing liberalization of liability for economic crimes laughing
    Plus, the latest “innovations” under the law on illegal rallies. But this is a song !!! All the pro-Putinites advocated: "No to the" liberals! " But what did you get with the "trailer"? Now it’s even IMPOSSIBLE (!!!) to go to the administration (building) and tell them that they, bureaucrats, are muda ... There are no roads, heating, gas, no living conditions, etc. It will be announced that this is not a legitimate political rally, they will find the guilty ... and will be punished ... but at least for 5 days they will pack it. An example for the rest !!!
    An example (from another area): young guys who wanted to get adrenaline, jumped on ropes from the "unfinished" ... The poly (MUDA) arrived and the organizer ... got tied up. “They threw the present” in ... not a legitimate, political “assembly”. fool
    There you have it - for example ... in kind.

    So with regard to the amendments referred to in the article.
    Especially now ...
    1. V. Salama
      V. Salama 15 November 2012 11: 20 New
      Quote: Z.A.M.
      There you have it - for example ... in kind.

      Everything rests against it. Of course, “lawmaking” with the goal of “liberalizing responsibility” and “freeing the hands of corruption and crime” should be added. True, the “struggle of the Nanai boys” is periodically demonstrated, when it’s not at any goal ... And so - no reason for optimism.
    2. neri73-r
      neri73-r 15 November 2012 11: 23 New
      Bullshit, sheer !!!!
    3. hohryakov066
      hohryakov066 16 November 2012 09: 16 New
      Here you, dear, have piled up the laws under discussion, and fagots-adrenaline rumors, and the moronity of the authorities, and half a militia .... And your expression "They threw it at me .." indicates you, as a representative of just those very people, against which the laws are directed. So you are either there or there. stop
  9. Mosen6Ish
    Mosen6Ish 15 November 2012 10: 56 New
    Quote: AvadaCedavra
    the country is on the path of turning democracy (some kind) into a totalitarian society. Is it worth living in such a country !? Or you need to leave ... while there is an opportunity.

    Precisely, in the UWB, there is a direct rampant of democracy, especially given the latest Obama laws on arrest on suspicion ...
    Or to a democratic Europe, which recognized the legitimacy of the government of the Syrian bandits and proposes simply to bang Assad without trial.

    Go there, they are waiting for you ...
  10. na76
    na76 15 November 2012 11: 24 New
    On this occasion, Shirokorad has written well in an independent one, it makes no sense to repeat his theses, but the law is crude so far, we must think
  11. vadimN
    vadimN 15 November 2012 11: 28 New
    "providing financial, logistical, consulting or other assistance to a foreign state, international or foreign organization or their representatives in activities against the security of the Russian Federation"

    The law is not indisputable, but generally correct and necessary. Of course, in our general corruption it will not be used for its intended purpose, and here the howl of all human rights defenders has the right to exist, we must admit this ...
    However, I’m not talking about this ... I read the phrase that I brought above, and I wanted to dream .. That's the most necessary wording for Serdyukov!
  12. AvadaCedavra
    AvadaCedavra 15 November 2012 11: 39 New
    Quote: d1m1drol


    Quote: d1m1drol
    In the meantime, in order to prove the guilt of a suspected treason, you will have to break more than one batch of freshly painted copies with lawyers.

    You either live in some other country, or are very far from the real situation in the judicial system of the Russian Federation. In a country where acquittals constitute, in fact, about 0,2% of the number of decisions made in criminal cases. A total of 13 million decisions, of which 1 million in criminal cases. And a total of seven hundred and sixteen acquittals. If we exclude cases of private prosecution (citizens ’complaints to the court about beatings and slander), then approximately 20 judges a year DO NOT MAKE A SINGLE JUSTIFICATION SENTENCE. No one pays attention to a lawyer, no matter what he does (some even go on a hunger strike, such a chaos is going on). The decision is made even before the consideration of the case on the merits, by agreement between the judge and the prosecutor. Sometimes, very rarely, retraining can be achieved.
    At present, the best defense is full admission of guilt and a special procedure for considering the case. Although you all admit exactly yourself when you put a boiler in FKU SIZO UFSIN ... well.
    1. mazdie
      mazdie 15 November 2012 23: 03 New
      Which, in fact, is practiced in the guarantor of global "democracy", to all okromya its citizens (whites).
    2. old rocket man
      old rocket man 16 November 2012 01: 19 New
      Quote: AvadaCedavra
      confess yourself when you in a PKU pre-trial detention center UFSIN the boiler in ... well, they put it in.

      And you do not steal, as Papanov said wassat
      1. hohryakov066
        hohryakov066 16 November 2012 09: 21 New
        Golden words!
  13. d.gksueyjd
    d.gksueyjd 15 November 2012 11: 49 New
    According to this article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, one can now safely bring to trial: Serdyukov, Chubais, Makarov, Vasiliev and other representatives of activities directed against the security of the Russian Federation.
    Justice of the Russian Federation "AU, AU where are you", and in response to silence! It again does not see and does not hear (bucks covered their eyes and covered their ears)!
    1. mazdie
      mazdie 15 November 2012 23: 04 New
      The raven will not peck out the crow.
  14. Farvil
    Farvil 15 November 2012 12: 08 New
    In our country, there are enough laws for all occasions, but they don’t comply with the proper way, they don’t have the qualifications and intelligence, they’re coming up with new ones for dumb people, so that they would stupidly execute and this will affect almost everyone over time if they catch the eye bodies and horseradish prove that you are not a camel. In our country and the bureaucrat without a chapel and the people are powerless and enough to give them new laws against us.
    1. mazdie
      mazdie 15 November 2012 23: 00 New
      If the people obeyed the laws, there would have been no problems, but we are the most cunning in our laws, weaklings obey the current, normal peppers (laws) ignore them, and especially ideological rallies. Begin with yourself!
  15. Cadets
    Cadets 15 November 2012 13: 07 New
    Quote: Farvil
    and stop giving them new laws against us.

    Sorry, against us - are you talking about? Law on the protection of state secrets and counteraction to espionage!
    1. Gorchakov
      Gorchakov 15 November 2012 13: 32 New
      Quote: Cadets
      Sorry, against us - are you talking about? Law on the protection of state secrets and counteraction to espionage!

      So dear about myself .... If only I thought I was writing ...
  16. Kolyan 2
    Kolyan 2 15 November 2012 13: 34 New
    Is it worth living in such a country !? Or you need to leave ... while there is an opportunity

    Duck, go and not n --- and it will be easier for us. From shit you need to get out.
  17. na76
    na76 15 November 2012 13: 59 New
    Quote: Kolyan 2
    Duck, go and not n --- and it will be easier for us. From shit you need to get out.

    That's right, let only those who will be able to write 10 words without errors while working spellchecking remain in the country
  18. AvadaCedavra
    AvadaCedavra 15 November 2012 14: 00 New
    Quote: Kolyan 2
    Duck, go and not n --- and it will be easier for us. From shit you need to get out.

    Mandatory as soon as an opportunity presents itself. Although I believe in the best. It all depends on the circumstances.
    PS If you need to get rid of shit, give yourself an enema or take a laxative.
  19. Bugor
    Bugor 15 November 2012 15: 22 New
    You want to, so look .....
    So, in this 93rd year, I made up a topographic plan (with geodesic towers georeferenced) of the city of Kaluga. Naturally, I went to the post office and the telegraph. Moreover, without access. The only admission for me was this: "Federal Surveying Service." After these words, all the information lay on the mnu table. And the addresses of Post offices, and Sberkass. And even the topographic reference of the regional executive committee (I don’t remember what it was called in those days) - I got it very simply. We lived in the coolest hotel in Kaluga. Who is the gond ...... is it me, who worked for the General Staff, or the General Staff who forced me to make maps for the same General Staff, but with the involvement of civilian specialists?
    I earned 280 rubles from the top plan of Kaluga (why I remember what was equivalent to the distance) - the General Staff simply forgot, he didn’t need this data.
    Do you know why? Because a year earlier, my brother's classmates (MIIGAiK) made this plan quietly .....
  20. biglow
    biglow 15 November 2012 15: 34 New
    The main amendment - For corruption in the defense sphere, the guaranteed confiscation of everything that exists and the shooting. The bodies are cremated and dispelled. Taburetkina and his bitches to be shot first.
    1. d.gksueyjd
      d.gksueyjd 15 November 2012 16: 40 New
      You’ve dreamed, if they don’t steal, then there will be no "democracy" in the Russian Federation!
  21. understudy
    understudy 15 November 2012 15: 58 New
    Duc ... Serdyukov, seems to be coming. wink

    In general, no matter how it happened ...
  22. Mishael
    Mishael 15 November 2012 16: 18 New
    Dear lawyers (if there are any)!
    Someone can clarify: not so long ago the action of "non-disclosure subscription" has expired. most of my closest friends are under her influence ... now they can’t even sit in a tavern with me?
    1. d.gksueyjd
      d.gksueyjd 15 November 2012 16: 49 New
      Not a lawyer, but I will answer! In order to be able to talk with everyone and on all topics it is necessary to steal 10 bucks from the treasury, so you will be transferred to the category of “respected democrats” and no one will touch you anymore. If you can steal much more, the Russian Prime Minister will begin to greet you. If you steal more than 000 bucks, GDP will greet you by the handle. After that, you "damn not brother" you can do and say what you want. Go ahead with our "democracy"! drinks
      Can not steal - better keep silent.
    2. hohryakov066
      hohryakov066 16 November 2012 09: 36 New
      Sitting is easy. It’s another matter if friends, knowing about the end of your admission, talk too much in the conversation and among them the tapping is cluttered it can be sour for them, but it’s not hot or cold for you. If, again, you did not sell to damned imperialism, or at least do not talk about it on every corner.
  23. Takashi
    Takashi 15 November 2012 17: 01 New
    Part one. Idiocy

    You know, I read the article because I have long been waiting for the intelligible comments of this born child from the walls of the FSB.
    but when I read the comments - I realized that most members of the forum clearly did not move ..

    This Serdyukov was given to you with his harem - he fulfilled his role = broke the old Soviet army, withdrew part of the material resources (land, buildings, weapons, ....), not completely ... were not given ... :) :) :):

    It’s a pity I didn’t get to my city: in the city, a part of the Navy occupies a building from 40-50 in the city center.
    The building has long been time for a bulldozer and people to give the land. No. There are barracks. Windows on the ground.

    You probably do not really understand the essence of this law. Then remember the Internet blacklist law. Guided by this law, it is possible to direct such a chuckler in the Russian part of the Internet that it will not seem enough. We are told that someone takes care of the children, but suicide bombers - both jumped - and jumped (how do the kids learn what drugs are in the yards - and they will find out further, child pornography?) - they have been struggling with this entire planet for a long time.

    So what is the law, in the most important thing: EXTENSION of the concept of high treason.
    Now it is considered a state treason if you - in any form (financial, material, technical, consulting or other assistance to a foreign state, international or foreign organization or their representatives in activities) inflict security on Russia - harm.

    Can anyone define the word SECURITY for me ???
    And then I swear at him every time.
    What is considered "security"? Under this word you can bring anything you want.

    By the way, this forum, too, easily pulls as a resource that causes Russia's security - harm.
    And citizens posting articles and commenting - it’s easy to follow the Criminal Code - then prove that you are not a deer and used open sources.

    You also forget that any court where the FSB freaks or the concept of state secrets appears is smoothly turning into a closed farce. Where it is absolutely impossible to understand: a person is guilty or not.

    What are the stupid examples cited by the author of the article?
    Show me the idiots who carry home secret stuff at night from work in a briefcase. Funds? So the emergence of any funds to support our poor scientists automatically puts them under the hood of the FSB. Their activities, as well as money transactions are monitored.
    1. d.gksueyjd
      d.gksueyjd 15 November 2012 17: 12 New
      This law is just to come up for those who are "barking" about embezzlement, about canned food for soldiers and other fighters for justice
      1. d.gksueyjd
        d.gksueyjd 15 November 2012 17: 53 New
        Quote: d.gksueyjd
        This law was just invented for those who "bark" - on embezzlement, on canned food for soldiers and other fighters for justice
        In order to condemn any traitor, laws already passed are enough. The latest laws and regulations in the Russian Federation serve precisely to limit the discontent of Russian citizens. Remember the officer who showed the canned food for the RF Armed Forces - how many years he was convicted, and the thief Serdyukov and K were appointed deputy.
        Here it is justice "EP"
  24. Takashi
    Takashi 15 November 2012 17: 16 New
    Part two. Let's sit all.

    Recently, physicist Valentin Danilov (who is already over 60), released on parole. According to investigators, being the director of the thermal physics center of the Krasnoyarsk State Technical University, he handed over to the representatives, he handed over materials containing state secrets to the Chinese special services. In 2004, the physicist was found guilty and sentenced to 13 years in prison. The bottom line is simple in 2001, a physicist with hunger agreed to assist a Chinese citizen with a project to install a device to protect the spacecraft from the electric field (or ionization). For 8 years now, the vultures of secrecy have been removed from his work. He did the work, the Chinese got what they wanted. Here freaks from the FSB got out. Further clear ??

    In June of this year, two professors of Voenmekh were convicted of espionage in favor of China. According to the FSB, teachers Svyatoslav Bobyshev and Yevgeny Afanasyev sold information about the Bulava missile to Chinese intelligence. Both by 12 years in a maximum security colony.
    The question immediately arose: how did the representatives of state secrets generally find themselves abroad ??? they must be absolutely non-exit (as in the USSR). The second question arises, how sideways are the professor's data on the Mace, if it was developed by the Moscow Institute of Thermophysics? Do we have secret documents that just walk around Moscow ... from one institute to another?
    Here in the article are still miserables-seated.
    Who makes cards of permission above 1: 25000 take note. There, one is already smoking.
    The whole problem is that the law in its current concept is wide to apply. You want it, you want it differently. and you won’t reach the truth.
    1. Cadets
      Cadets 16 November 2012 00: 12 New
      Quote: Takashi
      Here in the article are still miserables-seated.

      You write garbage! It’s because of such “sedentary miserables” who, in the 90’s, lined up as initiators in the American and other foreign embassies in order to sell at least some of the information that they had access to, as well as from higher-ranking judas and collapsed state. And how much grief betrayal brought in Chechnya and not only there! Betrayal must not be justified, but punishedso that the Gordievsky, Kalugin, Rezuns and other nits fear would not let them live peacefully on the thirty pieces of silver they received, and they would be thoughtful three times!
    2. hohryakov066
      hohryakov066 16 November 2012 09: 49 New
      No need to help China. Woes! Ha! Ha!
  25. bazilio
    bazilio 15 November 2012 18: 01 New
    The question is for those who fear reprisals, why should an objectionable person be let under state. treason, when it’s easier to plant drugs. There are many other articles under which you can summarize any. As they said, there would be a person, but there would be an article.
    A question for supporters of tough measures - let's say a guy walking along the alleys found a folder or flash drive with secret docks, not even understanding their contents, impressed by the name of the project "Strategic target boot with deposition of depleted uranium to change the course of US foreign policy by transferring kinetic energy from boot buttock muscles of the senior leadership of the United States "and tells his friends about what he saw, or even shows him for it to the wall?
    1. V. Salama
      V. Salama 16 November 2012 14: 02 New
      Quote: bazilio
      why bring an objectionable person under state. treason, when it’s easier to plant drugs.
      Another agency is working on drugs, and so far there is no need for them to demonstrate their successes - there is enough real work.
  26. Bugor
    Bugor 15 November 2012 18: 51 New
    Takashi, you are right on the one hand ... But, on the other hand, no one sold any secrets from the radio plant in Chelyabinsk (although Buran planted Buran at the time). Who is right - you, protecting one renegade, or a city and a factory that held on, although there was nothing to eat at all, despite the Ural and other allowances? Or a locksmith who couldn’t take out the secrets of handling trunks from IZhmash, although Izh was not living better? AND? These QMS must be put to the wall, even if 148 years is not a secret - why is it not in the public domain? Particleboard, probably?
    1. V. Salama
      V. Salama 16 November 2012 15: 05 New
      What are you all clinging to for some reason? Each of his own and the other does not want to understand. Throw one broom and traitors and victims of idiocy of power ("renegades", "sedentary miserables"). No one claims that it is permissible to betray or act on one’s homeland at the expense of its security (security is interpreted in a number of laws as a state of security, and the literal interpretation is the absence of danger). This is unacceptable and must be punished in the most severe way. But in this case we are talking about the wording of the articles of laws and conditions in the country, on which law enforcement practice depends. And the conditions are: corruption and global theft with the desire of law enforcement officers of all stripes to show their work to those who are not involved and defenseless. It is these conditions and facts that lead, in particular, to Z.A. and Takashi, and alarming. It would be possible to believe and not escalate, but the betrayal of the Motherland has no statute of limitations, and those who competed in real trading in the country's security turned out to be aloof. And those who passed the unique wiretap system at the US Embassy, ​​and those who ... hell with them, you know who. In short, there is a feeling that they are trying to stake a clearing, like you are not trashing in the status of homeland trading (at the same time no one really understands what your homeland is trading), and also tighten the nut in order to regulate everything and everything, as it should be through a bureaucratic the state.
  27. dusha233
    dusha233 15 November 2012 19: 09 New
    You all who write like this argue from the perspective of non-Russian people who are ready to sell their homeland for 33 Tugriks, normal people will not even consider what you wrote above.
  28. Bugor
    Bugor 15 November 2012 19: 20 New
    I understood ... Alas, not very fast, but I understood. The fault is my RUSSIAN character and my URAL origin. That is, we all had to bend down and betray everything. EVERYTHING, your mother. But I do not want and I will not. And my ancestors will forbid it to me. My grandfathers who died in the war will not give me ...
  29. Bugor
    Bugor 15 November 2012 19: 36 New
    And also, Takashi. About one and a half kilometers. Having the first category in orienteering, I somehow walked around the objects indicated on the maps as a camp. I did not want to get a bullet in the ass. My brother, unlike me, hrenanul around such a pioneer camp ... ,, Won 40 minutes with the closest pursuer. Crap. Just kidding, of course ... They shot at him ...
    It was some terribly secret island in the Yaroslavl province ...
  30. dmb
    dmb 15 November 2012 19: 48 New
    The trouble is, since the boots will start to stitch ..., and so on. Of course, Volodin made a reservation that gaps in his reasoning are possible, but remembering the journalistic classics: Agranovsky, Peskov or Vizbor, it is worth keeping in mind that before writing, they, as they say, “entered” the topic. They did not thoroughly understand (for this, experts are needed), but they did not ask idiotic questions, and they were neat in reasoning. Why am I doing this? The fact is that the arguments of Volodin are very similar to the arguments of Alekseeva and others like her.
    Only the "grandmother" does this quite deliberately, and Volodin is unpretentious. That's why the examples. he cited nothing to do with the article about treason. Z.A.M. I think you got excited. The disposition of the article clearly sets out the very concept of state. treason. It is not much different from the Soviet edition, but this does not speak of its negative side. If, as follows from yours, a comment is written in detail, then the law on state should be rewritten in the Criminal Code. secrecy, as well as information constituting it. (After which the drafters, in theory, themselves should go to the bunk, because the law should be published). .
  31. biglow
    biglow 15 November 2012 22: 11 New

    Russian Technologies forgot to update the site
  32. Vasiliev Nikolay
    Vasiliev Nikolay 16 November 2012 02: 15 New
    I read it fluently and understood. The law gives an expansive interpretation. Now anyone can be prosecuted. Moreover, with our rotten legal system and law enforcement agencies.
  33. bazilio
    bazilio 16 November 2012 08: 15 New
    Many spoke out here that the law is crude. With this I agree, I will explain why.
    Differentiation of an unlawful act is necessary - the illegal receipt of state information. secrets, intentionally and unintentionally. In addition, it is necessary to introduce differentiation according to the consequences - whether this information was transmitted or distributed, or it was not transmitted to anyone, was not published anywhere. In the latter case, if a public danger arises, then it is extremely insignificant. The only problem is that it will be difficult to find out all the nuances in each episode.
  34. hohryakov066
    hohryakov066 16 November 2012 09: 57 New
    The article is frankly weak and nothing.
  35. homosum20
    homosum20 18 November 2012 20: 26 New
    Similar laws have long been in force in European countries and the United States.
    Maybe this edition is imperfect. But a holey fence is better than none. And to eliminate holes there is a mechanism for amending. In any case, laws change with life.
    In any case, the presence of such a law will force everyone working in the field to which it relates not to relax. You know, there were such posters: "The Enemy Is Not Dozing," "Chatterbox - A Finding for a Spy," etc.