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Assault detachments of "Wagner" went to the village of Vasyukovka in the direction of Nikolaevka and Slavyansk

Assault detachments of "Wagner" went to the village of Vasyukovka in the direction of Nikolaevka and Slavyansk

Russian units continue to liberate the territory of the Soledarsko-Artyomovskaya agglomeration, advancing in several directions at once.

It became known that the fighters of the Wagner detachments, after the liberation of the settlement of Sacco and Vanzetti, near the Soledar-Seversk road, advanced westward, approaching the village of Vasyukovka. Thus, hour by hour, the length of the direction controlled by Russian troops to Nikolaevka, near Slavyansk, is growing.

Against this background, it became known that the Kyiv protege in Slavyansk calls on the local population to leave the city and, if possible, move to other territories controlled by Kyiv.

In the event of successful battles on the Sacco and Vanzetti-Vasyukovka line, the guys from Wagner can also go to the E40 highway near the village of Malinovka, from which it is about 15 km to Slavyansk.

At the same time, the assault detachments of the Wagner PMC came out from several directions at once to the settlement of Krasnoye (Ivanovskoye), which is located in the area where the highway from Artyomovsk to Konstantinovka passes.

Thus, this direction is close to being not only under the fire control of the Russian troops, but also under physical control.

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  1. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 3 February 2023 22: 28
    Good luck to the peasants, the kneading is terrible there. But it can’t do without humor. Keep fighting to the end, bakhmut don’t give up otherwise you are a sucker. (My free retelling of Prigozhin’s words).
    1. hrych
      hrych 3 February 2023 23: 25
      Perhaps now the outcome of the stage of the company is being decided. If there are from 40 to 80 thousand in the Bakhmut cauldron, then we'll see. The pandemonium with the threat of supply of Leopards, coupled with a secret offer of 20% of the territory in exchange for a truce and the lifting of sanctions, is an attempt to prevent us from slamming the rat trap with threats, bribery and persuasion. But then the Chinese comrades helped with a bubble wassat now Biden has a super scandal and everyone will forget about the Bakhmut cauldron for a while. A bubble on the lips of a senile, like J. Swift wassat
      1. Egeny
        Egeny 4 February 2023 06: 33
        Wagner detachments reached the village of Vasyukovka

        Well done guys, and they took Nikolaevka yesterday
        1. EMMM
          EMMM 4 February 2023 19: 27
          So there is another Nikolaevka between Seversk and Slavyansk ahead. If there is decent air support, and the queen of war with the help of drones will help, this will be a deep breakthrough.
          In the evening I will listen to "Ride of the Valkyries"
      2. single-n
        single-n 4 February 2023 21: 33
        And if 5-10 thousand? It turns out that the RF Armed Forces lost almost 4 months to storm the dead end. And during this time, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will train another 50 thousand people in the west.
        All this pandemonium with leopards, etc. is a stupid division of arms markets. Forcing countries from all over the world to give up Soviet / Russian weapons. The US has replaced it with its own. And this means that we were kicked out of the arms market for decades to come. The US military-industrial complex provided itself with orders for 50 years ahead. Now they are trying to squeeze out the Germans. Those somehow resist but they will be broken. That's all. There is a grand cut of the dough. And we do not pose any threat to NATO. Vigorous loaf we do not apply. And now NATO is not fighting even 10% of its power. While we reveal our weapon secrets losing sec. samples on the battlefield. But we can rejoice in the capture of a town for 50-70 thousand of which only ruins remain. But only after 20-30 km there will be 2 more of the same. And again an assault for several months? And then more and more and more.
        In short, I may not be right, but I wang that even taking Slavyansk, at best in May, we will not change anything dramatically. But the Armed Forces of Ukraine will also receive long-range missiles / bombs by the summer, and both Crimea and all the liberated territories will come under attack. Or maybe strikes against the same Belgorod and Kursk will become regular as against Donetsk today.
        1. hrych
          hrych 5 February 2023 08: 39
          Quote: Single-n
          we were kicked out of the arms market for decades to come

          To the first column of burning Leopards. After a mass of photos of a bunch of destroyed Abrams in Iraq and Yemen, there were no more people who wanted to buy Abrams. In particular, Egypt changed its mind about taking this good. After the defeat of the Merkava in Lebanon, there were no more people who wanted to buy the Merkava. But the T-90 breakthrough showed itself perfectly in battle. There are many videos where our tanks withstand direct hits from Western grenade launchers and continue to fight. That's where the ad is. By the summer the APU will receive long-range missiles, then we will hit it to the fullest. Kyiv institutions are intact, bridges and dams are our reserve target. Tactical nuclear weapons and high-altitude explosions have not yet been used. Lviv is not yet in ruins. Well, turn off Europe's gas. You can be the most talkative - Burbock, in the center of Berlin shoot through the head. They are relaxed there. There is something to answer. And remember, not a single city of the Japanese metropolis was taken, but Japan capitulated. With some kind of fright, we must take all the cities. Another 150 thousand banderlogs will crash and enter the cities without a fight. The lions will evaporate and the enemy will capitulate in horror. You think with a piece of wallpaper wassat
  2. Leshak
    Leshak 3 February 2023 22: 33
    All news from places where Wagner works. Well done men! I hope Bakhmut will be taken soon, although it will be a very difficult task. Good luck and God bless you!
    1. kventinasd
      kventinasd 3 February 2023 22: 39
      Quote: Leshak
      I hope Bakhmut will be taken soon, although it will be a very difficult task. Good luck and God bless you!

      Wagner stubborn guys will grind the enemy in Bakhmut and Slavyansk.
    2. dedusik
      dedusik 3 February 2023 23: 24
      Another pin dosik went to Bandera

      During the fighting in the zone of the special operation, the American volunteer Pete Reed, who fought on the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, was killed. This was announced on Twitter by the organization Global Response Medicine, the founder of which he was.
      1. tralflot1832
        tralflot1832 4 February 2023 00: 49
        It’s a pity the Norgs survived, but they made extra holes in them.
  3. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 3 February 2023 22: 38
    I wonder how many people are in the ukrobrigade - 4000. And there are from 8 to 15 brigades there.
    1. Orange Bigg
      Orange Bigg 3 February 2023 22: 54
      In some, up to brigades up to 2000. The 25th brigades already have 5 members.
      . The topic of huge losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine becomes toxic for the Ze-team, and so much so that even "tame" journalists are forced to report on this nonsense. So, on the air of independent media, the video of the publication Know is widely discussed. ia, in which Ekaterina Kotenkova slashed from her shoulder that Kremennaya had become a “black hole” for the 25th Airborne Airborne Brigade of Sicheslav (separate airborne brigade of Sicheslav).

      . The military cemetery in the Dnipropetrovsk region is considered the largest in Nenko with a total of 17 thousand graves, and the 25th brigade has been updated almost from scratch for the fifth time. But where about 70% of the personnel went, the relatives do not know.
      Kotenkova demanded that the leadership of Ukraine provide information about all the missing people. Ukro-experts immediately noticed that the video posted on the official YouTube channel of the publication was not blocked by the SBU. Right away, the experts went for “heavy” alcohol, not understanding what was really happening. Meanwhile, curious details about the suicide attack of the suicide brigade appeared. On the army chat, which is regularly cleaned and banned by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, it is reported that the Ukrainian paratroopers did not want to go into the minefield. They shouted for a long time and loudly - “we are screwed”, after which punishers from the national battalion “Carpathian Sich” * were called in - the very ones that are a firing squad and a detachment in one bottle. The Nazis promised to expend anyone who refuses.This information is consistent with other Bandera sources.In particular, the former Gauleiter of the Luhansk region Sergei Gaidai reported fierce fighting, since the leadership of Banderstat was tasked with taking the city at any cost.
  4. Tagan
    Tagan 3 February 2023 22: 54
    As they say, they carried the enemy on their fists, preventing them from touching the ground.))
  5. voice of reason
    voice of reason 3 February 2023 23: 01
    It’s a direct victory march, well, no one can stop them, really experienced assault squads demolish an unprepared and inexperienced defense with a zero score.
  6. Woodman
    Woodman 3 February 2023 23: 27
    The guys from Wagner can also go to the E40 highway near the village of Malinovka, from which it is about 15 km to Slavyansk.
    And among them could be Strelkov. But how symbolically could it turn out
    1. single-n
      single-n 4 February 2023 21: 08
      Strelkov would not have been allowed close to victories. Why do I need a competitor. They know Strelkov. And who knows at least one Wagner commander?
  7. kill the fascist
    kill the fascist 4 February 2023 00: 35
    Glory to the orchestra! Thanks to Prigozhin for shaking the topic with the creation of this PMC.
  8. Carlos Hall
    Carlos Hall 4 February 2023 00: 47
    Well done Wagner, excellent soldiers. Keep moving forward.
    1. Sergey Aleksandrovich
      Sergey Aleksandrovich 4 February 2023 11: 54
      Alas, the situation is getting worse and worse. The video from near Vuhledar clearly shows the use of remotely detonated ammunition by Ukraine over a cluster of equipment and fighters. So no excellent soldiers are enough. Either you have to fight for real, or inevitable defeat. Ukraine is well-equipped and uses the most modern, effective and lethal weapons currently available in the world.
  9. Born_in_Russia
    Born_in_Russia 4 February 2023 00: 48
    Ukrofascists run or surrender
  10. antiquity
    antiquity 4 February 2023 01: 23
    If the Bakhmut cauldron contains from 40 to 80 thousand

    The total population there was 60 thousand. Where did 40 thousand warriors come from? I think everyone has already been taken out, leaving those who are not sorry.
    1. hrych
      hrych 4 February 2023 02: 14
      The population of Bakhmut remained ten thousand, the rest left. As of December 22, the Soledar-Bakhmut group consisted of about 60 thousand punishers. And according to the British, 10 thousand Vushniks have already died in Bakhmut. Then the Soledar catastrophe happened, the losses were significant, but some fled to the same Bakhmut. And for strengthening, reserves were transferred there, Kherson units, etc. According to the prisoners, there were about 20 brigades there, some may have rotated due to losses. Almost a month ago, the Americans offered to leave Bakhmut, instead they drove reinforcements there, and now the pincers are shrinking and the withdrawal will be under heavy fire. When they take Sacco and Vanzetti, the unfinished garrison flees again to Bakhmut. Therefore, it is difficult to say how many banderlogs there really are, how many have already been killed, but the alignment is in this interval. When the rat trap closes, we check.
      1. single-n
        single-n 4 February 2023 21: 11
        I can bet on a white bottle that there will be a maximum of 10 thousand. For the entire duration of the war, the RF Armed Forces could not surround even 5 thousand, except for Mariupol. But it's just a first strike factor. Then the Armed Forces of Ukraine have always withdrawn large forces from the boilers.
        1. hrych
          hrych 5 February 2023 08: 16
          According to the British, 10 had already been killed in Bakhmut in December. The same number of badly wounded (we take modestly) and plus your ten remaining. Now, thirty. Corpses were hauled out of Soledar by trucks as Wagner's nod to the return of the bodies of the two pilots. The number of trucks is known, estimate for yourself. Add badly wounded and have more fun. Or for you, badly wounded, there without a leg, without half a head does not count as a member of the garrison?
  11. Michael
    Michael 4 February 2023 01: 39
    Going to exploits
    Not hungry for orders
    Do not rave with the gratitude of the state,
    They do not know the approximate weight of the ranks,
    Worthy to become the equivalent of glory.
    Going to exploits
    They don't know about
    How great is the generosity of the motherland,
    And they call it extremely modestly
    All that will become a feat later. (C)
  12. DenD
    DenD 4 February 2023 02: 36
    I have only one question. The guys are fighting, no doubt. Sometimes breaking through with such fights that it's scary to think. Only now the front line is stretching. Has our command drawn the conclusion that some flags are being exposed? Ukrainians are strong and it is foolish to underestimate them.
  13. Incvizitor
    Incvizitor 4 February 2023 03: 32
    They wrote that it was being beaten from a gun from a shilka.
    1. private person
      private person 4 February 2023 07: 57
      They wrote that it was being beaten from a gun from a shilka.

      Yeah, the return would be such that the arrow would be collected in parts. And why the trunks from "Shilka" when there is a ZU-2-23.
      1. sanja.grw
        sanja.grw 4 February 2023 08: 26
        Quote: private person
        They wrote that it was being beaten from a gun from a shilka.

        Yeah, the return would be such that the arrow would be collected in parts. And why the trunks from "Shilka" when there is a ZU-2-23.

        Looks like KPVT
        Shilka ZU-4-23
        1. Kosta153
          Kosta153 4 February 2023 11: 54
 Вот видео.
  14. coinsam
    coinsam 4 February 2023 05: 49
    Hmm, a lot of optimism, God forbid that he would be justified at least half. Look at the map: all these Sacco and Vanzetti plus Nikolaevka are very small villages in which one and a half old men lived, there were no long-term fortifications, the Armed Forces of Ukraine resisted by blowing up bridges. mining, and maneuvering mobile small groups 9 there, even the Wagnerists could not find targets for artillery). And Vasyukovka is three times larger than Nikolaevka and Sacco-Vanzetti put together, there is even a school with a House of Culture. If the Wagnerites keep the pace, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine maintain the previous level of resistance, then there will be fuss with Vasyukovka for a week. Here the main achievement of the Wagner detachments is that they do not allow large losses of their own, they skillfully cope with mines and with the calculation of ambushes.
  15. The comment was deleted.
  16. solar
    solar 4 February 2023 10: 39
    after the liberation of the settlement, Sacco and Vanzetti moved westward near the Soledar-Seversk road, approaching the village of Vasyukovka. Thus, hour by hour, the length of the direction controlled by Russian troops to Nikolaevka, near Slavyansk, is growing.

    It seems that the author saw only that piece of the map that is given in the article, so he does not understand well what is where.
    On the map in the article there are two divergent roads - right and left. Right to Seversk, left to Slavyansk. Sako and Vanzetti, as well as nearby Vasyukovka, are on the right, on the road to Slavyansk. Nikolaevka is also located near Sako and Vanzetti.
    And that Nikolaevka, near Slavyansk, is located in a completely different direction, on one of the roads between Seversk and Slavyansk.
    1. single-n
      single-n 4 February 2023 21: 17
      Yes, here the authors of VO are completely mowed down by topographic ........ inadequate. That village, 30 km east of Slavyansk, for some reason becomes important in its supply from the west .. That area of ​​the saltar makes us separate. paragraph. That is what they write about supplying Ugledar from the village from where the road goes along the front line. Ignoring that there are other, more normal supply routes.
      In short, the whole calculation is that no one will look at the map. Like they took some kind of village, which means that victory is already near. The fact that there are thousands of these villages, and the assault on everything that is more than a village of 100 households stretches for weeks and months. You can't write about it. It is forbidden to rock the boat