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Vucic: Pristina wants to provoke a conflict between Serbia and NATO and present itself as a "Balkan Zelensky"

Vucic: Pristina wants to provoke a conflict between Serbia and NATO and present itself as a "Balkan Zelensky"

Today, February 2, the Serbian Parliament hosted a Special Session of the Assembly of Serbia, where President Aleksandar Vučić spoke.

The President briefed the deputies on the content of the report on the negotiation process with Pristina in the period from September 1, 2022 to January 15, 2023.

Vučić reminded the parliamentarians of the pressure Serbs have experienced in Kosovo and Metohija since the beginning of the war in Ukraine.

From the moment the military conflict in Ukraine began on February 24, 2022, a general political offensive began between Pristina and part of the Western allies against Serbia.

- said the Serbian leader.

Vučić stressed that Pristina intentionally does not want to form a Community of Serbian Municipalities in Kosovo and Metohija, although this was stipulated by the agreement back in 2013. According to him, this is done only in order to provoke a military conflict between Serbia and NATO and the whole world, and then to present oneself as a victim - some kind of “Balkan Zelensky”, as the politician put it.

Their only intention, since they are not going to form a Community of Serbian municipalities in Kosovo and Metohija, is to provoke a military conflict in order to push Serbia into a confrontation with NATO

Vucic said.

Their whole game is this, and that is why the arrests of Serbs began.

summed up the Serbian president.

During his speech before the parliament, A. Vučić presented the political concept of Serbia's development for the coming period. The plan consists of 10 points, including: maintaining peace at any cost, defending the rights of its citizens in Kosmet, strict observance of national interests, continuing the "European path" of development, military neutrality, and so on.

Almost throughout his speech in parliament, Vučić was attacked by the opposition, whose representatives from time to time taunted the president.

In turn, almost at the end of his speech, the politician decided to answer his counterparts.

Today I attended, unfortunately, a circus performance instead of a serious meeting, because everyone wanted to be photographed with some stupid poster. They were holding banners with the image of Oliver Ivanovich (approx. Serbian Kosovo politician, killed by unknown people in northern Kosovo in 2018) and with the inscription: "You will answer." I sent my son to Oliver Ivanovich's prison to deliver a message and greet him, and, unlike all of you who speculate on his name, helped him and his family.

Vucic said.

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  1. Armen Sologyan
    Armen Sologyan 2 February 2023 18: 16
    How difficult it is for Aleksandar Vučić and Serbia in our time! NATO encirclement and high US pressure!
    1. withoutreverse
      withoutreverse 2 February 2023 18: 17
      They do not negotiate with the weak and the accommodating ..
      1. Myths
        Myths 2 February 2023 18: 23
        He himself recently spoke about the separation that in these circumstances it would be easier to agree. And of course they want to punish the dissenting, weak and unarmed indicatively. Slaves are sometimes flogged, especially when they disagree with the master.
      2. Machito
        Machito 2 February 2023 18: 51
        At one time, Josip Broz Tito should not have turned his back on Comrade Stalin. Multi-vector policy did not bring the Serbs to good. Vučić continues the multi-vector policy. Serbia should not expect anything good as a result of this policy.
  2. Sasha from Uralmash
    Sasha from Uralmash 2 February 2023 18: 30
    It’s not Pristina who wants it, but this uncle! The armory barons missed profit! And now orders for 10 years, no less ...
  3. Graz
    Graz 2 February 2023 20: 18
    Serbs will have to swallow their pride for now and endure and wait
  4. Wolf
    Wolf 2 February 2023 20: 31
    Author : Vasily Volkov
    here is an article superficially ordered what Plexandar Vucic does.
    In fact, the needle is about a new ULTIMATUM to Serbia from the side of the EU in the person of the French - German, with the pretexts of an agreement between Serbia and the Terrorist State of the USA and the EU of Kosovo (part of Serbia was occupied in 1999 on the side of NATO)
    He still hasn't SHOWED FRANCUSCO GERMANSKY'S PROPOSITION to anyone or to the Parliament threads of the media. No one knows what they have proposed and what threats the Serbian people face. There, presumably, the recognition of Kosovo as an independent state and the sanctions of Russia, but no one knows this, no one except him and his "advisors" singled out the document. Kosovo is the heart of the SERBIAN POWER there are more than 1300 monasteries and Serbian churches from the 11th-14th centuries
    He cannot independently bring decisions about Kosovo and Metohija, this is not his private property, but CULTURAL SPIRITUAL HISTORICAL HERITAGE OF THE SERB PEOPLE !!!
    In addition to these quotes:
    Vucic stressed that Pristina intentionally does not want to form the Community of Serbian Municipalities in Kosovo and Metohija, although this was provided for by the agreement back in 2013

    The community of Serbian municipalities does not mean anything if it recognizes Kosovo as an independent state !!!, only if Aosovo is part of Serbia.
    He himself brought both Serbia and the Serbian people into such a difficult position; he has been in power for more than 10 years, and what did he do ??? , except that the debts of Serbia have grown from $ 10 to $ 51 billion, the Serbian industry almost does not exist, they even managed to DESTROY AGRICULTURE !!! Serbia imports milk today ??? what a shame for the serbian state, the price of basic products has risen for no real reason Salted oil 2$ in stores ??? and there is no import from Russia here, which is much cheaper !!!
    Trade a network of products owned by foreigners and they support artificial INFLATION, domestic private milk production almost crushed agricultural producers close the production of milk, meat and other products, and he and his government import expensive EU garbage from EU !!!
    The army is also a little better than 2012, but the Donetsk Republican Army is much stronger in all respects, etc.
    Quickly, both he and all of us will see what will happen, but HE does not have a difficult situation Serbia and the Serbian people.
    1. Wolf
      Wolf 2 February 2023 20: 58
      This is how a Serbian monastery in Kosovo and Metohija looks like !!! nowhere in the world is there more Orthodox monastery on the square. Km than to Kosova and Metohija SERBIC AND FROM 11-14 centuries

  5. Iris
    Iris 2 February 2023 20: 46
    Belgrade has been blown away for a long time. All politics is a chain of undermining and betrayal of the interests of one's own people. Vučić does what the West tells him to do.
    1. Wolf
      Wolf 2 February 2023 21: 12
      Belgrade was not blown away, but from the Maidan on October 5, 2000, NATO puts power on the power and they do everything in favor of NATO and the EU. There is no difference between politicians in Serbia from 2000. still . All of them worked only for themselves and for the harm of the Serbian people and Serbia in the place and Aleksandar Vucic.