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The oldest rescue ship of the Russian Navy "Commune" celebrated the centenary anniversary of the bookmark

The oldest rescue ship of the Russian Navy "Commune" celebrated the centenary anniversary of the bookmark

The oldest rescue vessel of the Russian Navy fleet "Commune" celebrated the centenary of the bookmark. For its long and eventful service, the Commune, designated during the construction of the Volkhov, successfully solved ship-lifting and rescue tasks during the First World War, repaired submarines and ships during the Great Patriotic War, was a submarine base and carrier of very small submarines. At present, the vessel is equipped with a modern complex of the Panther Plus underwater telecontrol apparatus and successfully performs the tasks of the search and rescue service.

The honor of raising the flag of St. Andrew’s was given to a veteran of the rescue ship Kommuna to lieutenant colonel Vladimir Kartsev. At the solemn meeting devoted to the centenary anniversary of the laying of the vessel, the crew members were presented with certificates and thanks for the careful attitude to the ship and the preservation of the traditions of the Commune.

The ship "Volkhov" was laid on November 12 in the 1912 year in Petrograd at the shipyard of the Putilov factory and was intended to lift sunken ships and rescue submarines. The ship "Volkhov" participated in the revolutionary events and in the civil war, serving the submarines of the Red Baltic Fleet. In March 1922 of the year, at the general meeting of the team, it was decided to rename the vessel, and the 31 of December (on the day of the formation of the USSR) the rescue ship received a new name - "Commune". During its service during the First World War and the Great Patriotic War, the vessel Kommuna assisted more than a hundred ships and submarines.

The veteran ship arrived in Sevastopol in 1967, and at Sevmorzavod it was converted into a carrier vessel of deep-water vehicles.

PAVEL DEEV, Senior Assistant Captain of the rescue ship "Commune":
"The displacement of boats increased and exceeded a thousand tons, the task of the Commune changed to rescue crews. Recently, an underwater autonomous vehicle, the 5, was on board that could descend - it was a small special purpose submarine - it could stick to a submarine. And at one time, the 22 man switched to this unit and was delivered on board.

This unit was transferred to the Baltic. The Kommun was equipped with the modern Panther Plus submersible remote control system.

PAVEL DEEV, Senior Assistant Captain of the rescue ship "Commune":
“It can work up to a thousand meters and transfer livelihoods to a submarine; it can connect ventilation hoses, electrical cable, and through a torpedo tube, lock canisters with food, medicines, and warm clothes there. Due to this, you can extend the life of the crew. "

“Commune” is called the “pearl” of Russian shipbuilding, the legend of the imperial fleet. Today it is the only vessel of such respectable age from the active ones.

PAVEL DEEV, senior assistant to the captain of the rescue ship "Commune": "There are ships older - but they are all not active -" Aurora ", there are battleships in America. The commune is the only vessel that can perform the tasks that it performed. We have everything in order. Therefore, we are proud. "

MARGARITA PORNINA, correspondent:
“The navigating bridge is located at a height 22 meters above sea level. And here is the main command post - the pride of the Commune. "
The steering wheel, machine telegraph - here we managed to keep everything in its (original) form.
There are not many ships in the world that have reached the age of one hundred. The Commune does not just stay afloat, it continues to carry out the tasks assigned to it. Sailors say the secret to the survivability of a ship is in the unique material of which its hull is made. Then applied a special viscous forging Putilovskaya ship steel. Unfortunately, the recipe for making metal that has no analogues in the world has been lost.
The housing of the Commune is practically resistant to corrosion and wear.

ANATOLY ISHINOV, captain of the rescue ship “Kommuna”:
“If the last dock repair was in 2005, the hull thickness was measured. Ice belt - initially the thickness was 16 mm, then at the time of March 2005, the thickness was 14,9 mm - minimum wear ”

History The oldest vessel has many legends. One of them is about a golden rivet.

PAVEL DEEV, Senior Assistant Captain of the rescue ship "Commune":
"For the construction of the Commune, one thousand three hundred and sixty poods of rivets were used. If all the rivets to collect and weigh, it turns out 1360 pounds. I think it's a bit much. It is said that among them one golden rivet. According to the legend, it was the captains who invented it, so that when cleaning the hull of the vessel, the people tried to clean it better, trying to find this rivet. You saw rivets, if one is gold - there will not be one hundred grams of gold there. ”

Another interesting story. In the 1984 year, when the military crew of the ship was disbanded, Kommun was thoroughly looted. They couldn’t carry out an armchair piano - a gift from the emperor, since they brought the instrument together with the construction of the vessel and now it is impossible to remove it. The piano of the oldest Russian empire piano company “Diederichs Fyres” (Diederichs fraRair) with the aristocratic design of the era of Nicholas II adorns the mess room of the Commune since 1912. Inside the instrument - the coat of arms of the Russian Empire and the date of manufacture - 1898 year.

And in 2010, St. Nicholas Naval Church appeared on the “Commune”. The crew of the vessel hopes that the ship’s church will save the Commune from cutting. Who will raise a hand to the shrine? Although, it is too early to talk about the write-off of the Commune. Despite its venerable age, the ship adequately carries the St. Andrew's flag, actively participating in various activities of the fleet rescue service related to going out to sea. - transmits NTS

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  1. Lavrik
    Lavrik 14 November 2012 08: 35
    So here it is necessary to build ships! One hundred years nothing. And still will serve!
    1. traveler
      traveler 14 November 2012 09: 00
      I understand that it is a worthy ship with a rich history, but it seems to me that it is necessary to build modern rescue vessels with the latest rescue technologies, so that the tragedy of the Kursk does not repeat itself, when a boat was killed without assistance. It would be nice to create a museum on the basis of Kommuna, and at the pier it will probably also be able to perform any functions (for repairs, training ...) bringing benefits
      1. 755962
        755962 14 November 2012 10: 59
        Quote: traveler
        it is necessary to build modern rescue ships with the latest rescue technologies so that the tragedy of the Kursk does not repeat itself,

        They are being built ... The rescue vessel "Igor Belousov" was launched in St. Petersburg
        e.html # comment-id-677124

        As a representative of the Russian Navy said earlier, it was decided to equip the vessel with a modern serial deep-water diving complex DIVEX. This deep-water complex will be supplied, mounted on a ship and tested by specialists from the Russian company TETIS PRO, which will provide a five-year warranty service and train specialists in managing the complex.

        "Within the framework of the Russian Defense Ministry's program to modernize the search and rescue facilities of the Navy, in 2013 it plans to equip the Igor Belousov rescue vessel under construction with two ARS-600 autonomous two-seater manned underwater vehicles," he said.

        As a representative of the military-industrial complex told RIA Novosti, the ARS-600 underwater vehicles, the supplier of which is the DiveTechnoService company (St. Petersburg), are designed to perform various works, including search, survey, lifting and assistance in lifting from the bottom of objects, maintaining vital functions of the personnel of emergency submarines, ensuring the docking of rescue submarines with them.
  2. Vadivak
    Vadivak 14 November 2012 08: 38
    Who will raise a hand to the shrine?

    Who raised a hand to destroy military schools and academies? Three military medical institutes were dispersed, hospitals disbanded, surrendered allies left Cuba Cuban Defense Minister Raul Castro, not without reason, stated that 70 percent of the intelligence information was received by Russian special services with the help of Lourdes ... surrendered Camran what shrines are you talking about?
    1. Sakhalininsk
      Sakhalininsk 14 November 2012 08: 44
      Straight away and tempts to say: "Golden words Yuri Venediktovich!" (I hope I didn't offend with this phrase).
      You are absolutely right, now our country is in the deepest cesspool, the scale of the disaster can only be compared with Russia of the 20-30s. But then the people even had an idea and a common goal, but now there is no goal or idea ... although there is no goal .... how to deceive your neighbor and raise it desirable for freebies.
    2. Civil
      Civil 14 November 2012 09: 55

      well, if there is no money for such a luxury ... only for yachts
  3. Brother Sarych
    Brother Sarych 14 November 2012 08: 43
    Well, I don’t know, I don’t know - I respect old age, but not boiled and fried ...
    I would prefer to see this ship in the form of another museum of achievements of the domestic fleet! As you think, how many unique ships were destroyed - it hurts! The same story with Aurora - from anger pulls to climb the wall ...
  4. afire
    afire 14 November 2012 08: 50
    Thank God the freak was expelled from the Ministry of Defense, he would certainly have raised his hand, for that they took him there so that he could cut him alive. uuuh reptile
  5. Ppsh
    Ppsh 14 November 2012 09: 02
    The first time I hear that somewhere, sometime, someone marked the laying of a ship. It's like celebrating Conception Day. Of course, a good reason and the number is round, but you have to be patient and wait until the age of 16 ....
  6. enkor
    enkor 14 November 2012 09: 46
    After so many years of obsiraralova from the well-known shit-cretins and their lackeys. On you ! It is not in vain that the massacres of the Yiddish-massed ones corrode the Russians and Russians. After all, while we are these creatures will not conquer the whole world.
  7. stray
    stray 14 November 2012 10: 39
    all this is wonderful, but a hundred-year-old ship in the assets of the fleet is not a reason to think about it?
  8. prunx
    prunx 14 November 2012 13: 55
    Quote: vagabond
    And in 2010, the St. Nicholas Ship Church appeared on the Commune.

    The beauty. There is still a synagogue, a church, a mosque to be built on this ship and it will become generally invulnerable. And the name is suitable, and our country is multiconfessional. Equipment to dismantle and save the crews of the ships with the prayers of believers. By prayers of believers of four faiths - the effect will be cumulative - the drowned will generally rise again! A shop with church consumables and accessories, of course, is attached, so that the resurrected could immediately thank their saviors with more than a word. lol
  9. Strashila
    Strashila 14 November 2012 14: 11
    They knew how to build ... and how Serdyukovtsy looked at the current morally obsolete ship.