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New world currency - Sur or "Brixie", who is ahead

New world currency - Sur or "Brixie", who is ahead

Change of world view

Since the European Union acquired its own single currency, so many beautiful words have been said about the alternative to the dollar that it no longer inspires. But this was the case until recently - although as a result, among other things, the initiative of Nursultan Nazarbayev with a single Eurasian altyn was successfully thrown around.

The appearance of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies brought the topic back to the front pages, however, with all the exchange rate growth of “money in digital”, trust in them is becoming less and less every year. And the fact that there is more and more wildly expensive mining only worsens the perception of "crypto" in the ranks of the general public.

But it is especially interesting how, in parallel with the adventures of bitcoin, there was a revaluation of values ​​in the field of traditional currencies. After a series of crises and a rollback of the euro below the dollar, it became clear that the status of the “new world” currency simply did not pull the euro. Its almost complete garter to the dollar is no longer a secret to anyone.

But the yuan, also tied to the dollar through foreign trade relations of supposedly fiercely hostile China and the United States, cannot be the world currency. It is clear that the ruble has no chance, although quite a lot of people are drawn to it through the EAEU and the confrontation with the United States.

However, the disconnection of Russian banks from SWIFT is still not a joke, and everyone, even in the EAEU, would very much like Russia to bear financial losses only and exclusively.

Nevertheless, it is in our days, after the pandemic and with the escalation of the CBO, that rumors around a new world currency are no longer rumors.

Sur, and only

In fact, very active analytical work is underway, which may take years, as with the euro, but may take a few months, since much, even a lot, has already been done before. It is no coincidence that such projects as Brixi, Evraz, or the completely extraordinary Brazilian-Argentine Sur or Sur - that is, the South, are popping up now.

But if the launch of the currency between the BRICS countries almost this spring was already announced by Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, then the heads of the two interested states, but not even the heads of central banks, are talking about Sura. The status is higher, but the terms can be longer or shorter.

Something else is more important now - many are simply tired of the disadvantage of the dollar for poor countries. In addition, even in the US Congress, the very real threat of an American default, at least an external one, has been voiced. And we must not forget about the need, and in fact - the duty of everyone, everywhere and everywhere, and always to operate with two currencies.

What other arguments are needed in favor of a new world or at least local regional currencies? The euro nevertheless saved the Europeans from the bond with the dollar, and this is just the most contagious example. True, the euro did not shake the position of the dollar, but the alternative BRICS currency can shake.

However, this is not about her, but about Sur - "Sur", which is able to reach the second place in the world after the euro in terms of issuance. But only under one condition - the issue should be, if not complete in relation to the Brazilian real and the Argentine peso, then at least exceed 50% of the turnover.

It is unrealistic to do this in a short time, but it is also necessary that not only Argentina and Brazil themselves, but also all the rest, especially the countries of Latin America, begin to work with the single currency without any problems. There, as is known, the turnover of intra-country and intra-continental trade exceeds 90% of the total.

In connection with the Argentine-Brazilian initiative, one cannot fail to recall that Russia and Brazil are the most active in declaring their desire to get out of the dollar. Within the framework of the BRICS, their readiness to introduce a single means of payment was not very supported by India and China, which have a lot of contradictions in the financial sphere.

In general, the Chinese do not really need some kind of "Brixie", since it is simply more profitable for them to manipulate the yuan that dominates the BRICS. But for the Indians, the advent of Brixi is a very real threat to the position of their rupee, which is already not very in demand, since you can’t buy a lot of it without unnecessary hassle.

Shooting blanks

Isn't that why the rather unexpected proposal of the fifth member of the BRICS, South Africa, to accelerate the transition to the "Brixi", at least within the framework of the not yet promoted New Development Bank - in fact, the BRICS bank, caused such an ambiguous reaction.

The experts reacted in a very original way to the prospect of the prompt introduction of either Sur or Brixi. Many generally believe that there is a kind of race going on that will help one way or another to shift part of their economic and financial problems onto junior partners. Already beyond the BRICS and beyond the borders of Brazil and Argentina.

As you know, none of the initiators of the introduction of common money has complete order, or at least relative stability with budgets, inflation, and exchange rates. Inflation for many people goes off scale, although it is camouflaged, as we have in Russia. But Russia is at least more comfortable paying for imports not in the currency of "unfriendly" countries.

By themselves, neither Sur nor Brixi can serve as a solution to problems, although they will save you from most of the headache with the optimization of calculations. However, the locality of such currencies is quite predictable in itself, and therefore talk about a “new world” is nothing more than PR, rather pathetic, and propaganda, which, by definition, should be, if not stupid, then certainly rude.

But "Sur" - for sure, and "Brixie" - will almost certainly become local - mainly for internal settlements. Between Argentina and Brazil or Commonwealth: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. As soon as the mechanisms for issuing such currencies are determined, it will be possible to understand how dominant the position of the Sura or Brixi will be.

There is no need to prove that the potential volumes of trade in such currencies can be huge. The experience of the euro is quite enough, but there, after all, the transition to a single currency from national ones turned out to be quite lengthy - the public was not pulled.
However, outside of the BRICS and the South American pair, absolutely nothing can change at all. And this is no longer a blow to the dollar, but a blank shot, or rather, shots. Both the issuance of dollars and their withdrawal from circulation, called sterilization, are nowadays a matter of a few clicks on the Fed's computer.
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  1. parusnik
    parusnik 1 February 2023 04: 59
    As soon as the mechanisms for issuing such currencies are determined
    As soon as, right away .. and then we'll see ..
  2. 3x3zsave
    3x3zsave 1 February 2023 05: 03
    In addition, even in the US Congress, the very real threat of an American default, at least an external one, was voiced.
    I want to remind you that an external default does not bring any trouble to the debtor, but only to lenders. The US Treasury may well play a reprise in the spirit of Edward III.
    1. parusnik
      parusnik 1 February 2023 06: 24
      The US Treasury may well play a reprise in the spirit of Edward III.
      Very possibly...
    2. SavranP
      SavranP 1 February 2023 14: 11
      He can play something ... How do gamblers beat a card sharper? Candlesticks? As a result of the fraudulent actions of the US Federal Reserve, according to cautious estimates of American experts, about 300 trillion US dollars are circulating on the planet, outside the US. Nothing secured. Even if you sell the United States with giblets (land, buildings, production, Americans for organs ...), such an amount, at the current dollar rate, cannot be bailed out. In the event of a default, US foreign trade will fall to zero. The country's economy will be destroyed because the US domestic debt is greater than GDP - about 32 trillion dollars, and more than half of GDP is services. Not material production. The depression of the 30s may turn out to be less "great".
  3. far diu
    far diu 1 February 2023 05: 07
    Maybe if the Brixi currency appears, then perhaps it will replace the dollar sometime in the future.
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 1 February 2023 06: 33
    How long have there been talks among financiers about the development and introduction of a "single currency" for a number of countries that are in confrontation (one way or another) with the United States, and things are still there. Mutual settlements are used in national currencies for certain types of goods, but no more. Therefore, the development of such a financial mechanism, and even then, if the participants wish, may take no one knows how long. For now, we have what we have.
    1. Boris55
      Boris55 1 February 2023 08: 14
      Quote: rotmistr60
      How long have conversations been going on among financiers

      And not just talk.

      Kennedy - the US's own currency - is killed.
      De Gaulle - exchanged green waste paper for gold. Removed from the presidency, killed a year later.
      Hussein - set out to sell oil for his money - hanged, killed.
      Gaddafi - set out to create a regional currency - brutally murdered ...

      Today the hegemon is exhausted. He can't do anything anymore. He will lose the war in Ukraine.
      1. 2 Level Advisor
        2 Level Advisor 1 February 2023 09: 35
        that is - they have so far succeeded - "solving the problem", but now - if it doesn't work out? why? all the more so - the hegemon, this is the world global capitalist system and its leaders, and not a specific country - how can it "fizzle out"? in the same USA - the "hegemon" of the president - they fell at one time, as you said ..
        Quote: Boris55
        He will lose the war in Ukraine.

        do not tell me in which part of Ukraine is the US army operating now? and what will they lose, and what have they already gained, if we say in a month, the whole of Ukraine is busy (fiction)?
        1. SavranP
          SavranP 1 February 2023 13: 38
          Do you have any doubts that the current AFU is a mercenary US army? Their actions on the Donetsk front prove that they are not a national army. The entire Kyiv army is sold with giblets to the US and other West, let them rest in peace.
          1. 2 Level Advisor
            2 Level Advisor 1 February 2023 15: 48
            You don’t confuse concepts ... the official American Armed Forces don’t fight .. therefore they can’t lose .. and the main idea of ​​\uXNUMXb\uXNUMXbmy comment is absolutely different, and not who sold out to whom ..
            1. Guran33 Sergey
              Guran33 Sergey 2 February 2023 21: 39
              How is KiplingAkela has missed, here the United States will be in the role of Akela, though there is an option that our bourgeoisie will force the GDP to agree on the "middle of the road", released to the western will and not trimmed in the Russian Federation, the Jewish Aligars will not let you lie ...
        2. Boris55
          Boris55 2 February 2023 08: 29
          Do not confuse the US government and a private company - the Fed. Kenedy began printing the two dollar coin of the US state. Why he was killed.

          In Ukraine, the West (USA) is fighting for the interests of the Fed. We are for ours.
          They are to rob. We are what to live. That is why we will win.
  5. Nikolay Malyugin
    Nikolay Malyugin 1 February 2023 07: 20
    The sur or other currency is created in order to avoid disputes over whose currency will be the main one. This is an attempt, and not entirely bad. For example, we will trade with China or in rubles or in yuan. There will always be warnings about how to spend these currencies in emission avoidance. By the way, in no case is the equivalent of these currencies indicated.
    1. whitebeard
      whitebeard 1 February 2023 18: 13
      The equivalent, in principle, can be calculated relative to the sum of the volume of trade of each participant with other participants. For example, if the conditional turnover of China with BRIS = 1 trillion. dollars, India with BRKS - 500 billion, Russia with BIKS - 300 billion, Brazil with RIKS - 200 billion, and C with BRIC - 150 billion, then, respectively. 1 yuan will be 1 brixi, 1 rupee - 0.5 brixi (2 rupees for 1 brixu), 1 ruble - 0.3 brixi (3 rubles for 1 brixu), 1 real - 0.2 brixi (5 reais for 1 brixu), 1 rand - 0.15 brixi (6 rand per brixi). Those. who has higher bargaining. turnover within the union, those receive more brixes per unit. your currency. In general, this is a fairly understandable and transparent indicator of the economic strength of each state, because it is clear that fewer different participants will buy from a less developed one, respectively, and the level of development is similar to the real order: 1. China, 2. India , 3.Russia, 4.Brazil, 5.South Africa

      PS: the real trade turnover calculation gave the difference in Brixi between China and Russia only 2.5 times more in favor of China, i.e. in this case, only 1 rubles should be given for 2.5 Brix, while China, of course, 1 yuan for 1 Brix. And the current exchange rate of the ruble against the yuan is about 10 rubles for 1 yuan, which is not surprising, because China earns the bulk of the money on trade with the EU and the USA, and not BRICS, while the yuan is overstated against the ruble, because. Russia is forced by sanctions to be too dependent on supplies to China.

      Conclusion: Brixy will not be launched in the near future, because it is much more profitable for BRIS than K, which in this case will not allow it to appear, because this will allow BRIS to buy Chinese too cheaply, and it will have to buy BRIS too expensive.
  6. Boris55
    Boris55 1 February 2023 08: 02
    The words of our president are translated into deeds that have an impact on countries around the world:

    "... all countries must be assured of sovereign development, and the choice of any country must be respected. This is also important, even in relation to the financial system. It must be independent, depoliticized, and, of course, it must be based on the financial systems of the world's leading countries...

    ... If we summarize it all together, collect it as a palette of opportunities necessary for implementation, then the economic model itself, and the financial system, it will serve the interests of the majority, and not only the interests of this "golden billion", which we spoke about ...

    ... How to ensure that the relationship was stable? It is necessary to achieve this balance, it is necessary to act within the framework of those norms that we call the norms of international law, it is necessary to coordinate and adhere to them, including in the financial sphere to create independent systems of international settlements, which I spoke about ...
    "V.V. Putin.

    Full text of the transcript:

    In five years, and maybe sooner, green with Eureka will become regional candy wrappers, and all the current oligarchs will become rogue.
    1. 2 Level Advisor
      2 Level Advisor 1 February 2023 09: 40
      Quote: Boris55
      In five years, and maybe sooner, green with Eureka will become regional candy wrappers, and all the current oligarchs will become rogue.

      GDP is not a great sorcerer, not the ruler of the world, and he did not say a spell, not a global decree - therefore it is absolutely incomprehensible why you have faith that it will be so unambiguously? or do you just believe in all good things, as always? Your right to interfere with you in this is stupid ...
    2. Dmitry Rigov
      Dmitry Rigov 1 February 2023 13: 16
      These are just words, but in reality:

      The dollar is so far beneficial for all participants in international trade, besides, it is backed by US military bases around the world.
    3. nickname7
      nickname7 1 February 2023 14: 22
      The words of our president are translated into deeds

      Abramovich recently transferred 2.8 billion pounds to Ukraine. It is strange that your president addresses the world, but does not address the oligarchs.
  7. paul3390
    paul3390 1 February 2023 13: 28
    As I understand it, everyone is feverishly trying to invent the Soviet transferable ruble? what

    If so, they would remember another brilliant invention of the Bolsheviks - a non-cash ruble ..
  8. Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar 1 February 2023 17: 34
    100% of international trade directly or indirectly goes in US banknotes (60-70% of payments) or the conversion of other banknotes through dollars - euros, pounds, rubles, tugriks and other national banknotes.
    In order for any other currency to have a chance of becoming a global one, it is necessary to create international banks for it - transnational monopoly financial and credit associations, a system of interbank transfers, stock exchanges, rating, insurance agencies and much more, and not just create, but make them attractive to world capital and competitive with the existing global financial system under US control.
    The European banknote has its own industrial and financial base, but is completely controlled by the United States through various international structures, and therefore the chances for the eurobank to become an independent world currency will appear only after the liberation from the yoke of the dollar.
    Renminbi relies on the world's largest economy in terms of purchasing power, has stock exchanges and banks, rating and insurance agencies - all the necessary infrastructure, the only obstacle is assimilation into the world economy and currency manipulation of the national currency exchange rate. The political economic war of the United States stimulates the PRC to create its own zone of political economic interests in Asia, South America, Africa, Europe, which only intensifies competition for the redistribution of the world into spheres of influence, and the Russian Federation plays an important role in this struggle.
  9. UserGun
    UserGun 2 February 2023 07: 52
    It has long been noticed and it is already an axiom that the worse things are in the country, the louder and more heart-rending the cries about the fucking dollars and no less fucking euros become))) I observe with interest that the yuan has now been added to the above ...))) Again , with nostalgia I remember about "a safe haven in a raging sea", "world financial center" ....)))