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432 since the birth of Prince Pozharsky

1 November, 1578 was born to one of the greatest sons of Russia - Prince Dmitry Pozharsky. By its origin, he was a descendant of Rurikovich, who settled in the Suzdal land (the princes Pozharsky of their own kind were brought from the younger brother of Alexander Nevsky - Andrey Yaroslavovich). The future savior of Russia received its name in honor of St. Dmitry Solunsky, whose commemoration falls on the beginning of November. Dmitry Mikhailovich was left without a father early (in 10 years) and was raised by his mother until 15 age.

In 1593 Pozharsky enters the palace service. In a decade with a small family, the Pozharsky family has been promoted to one of the most distinguished families in Russia. Dmitry's mother became the supreme noblewoman under Queen Maria. During the reign of Tsar Vasily Shuysky, Pozharsky first showed his military talent. He participates in military campaigns against False Dmitry II and for military merit he receives the patrimony of his father and grandfather, which the Pozharsky family was deprived of under Ivan the Terrible. In 1610, Tsar Vasily Shuisky was removed by the Boyar Duma, and Prince Pozharsky was persuaded to swear to the impostor, but he remained faithful to the oath — for which he gained even greater love from his allies, and his enemies — respect. But it did not change anything - Russia was left without a king, and two troops were sent to Moscow - the Polish and the impostor. The Boyar Duma "kissed the cross" to the son of the Polish king and allowed the Polish garrison to enter the Kremlin - Smoot reached its climax. Prince Pozharsky did not recognize the decisions of the Moscow boyars and sent out a call to collect troops in Russian cities in order to expel the invaders from Russia. So in 1611, the first people's militia was born, one of the most prominent figures of which was Dmitry Mikhailovich.

Unfortunately, despite the courage of the militia, the first militia was defeated, and Pozharsky himself was seriously wounded and moved to Nizhny Novgorod. There, in Nizhny Novgorod, not yet strong from wounds, Prince Pozharsky, together with Kuzma Minin, organized the second militia, which defeated November 4 1612 of the Polish troops. Until the election of the new tsar in the person of Mikhail Romanov, Dmitry Pozharsky was considered one of the main contenders for the royal throne. In terms of popularity and state qualities, few could compete with Dmitry Mikhailovich, besides "by blood" he came from the Rurik dynasty and if the throne passed to him, he would occupy him by right. But Prince Pozharsky was a very dangerous figure for many noble boyars, especially for those who recently sold to the Polish prince. Therefore, the young king was elected a young boyar, 16 years old, from a family that does not belong to the Rurik family - Mikhail Romanov.

Prince Dmitry Mikhailovich did not protest against the new tsar - it was important to save Russia, not power. Pozharsky was one of the first to swear allegiance to the new tsar, and until his death in 1642, he remained loyal to the oath.
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