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Kazakhstan begins trial on Chelakh case

Kazakhstan begins trial on Chelakh caseIn Kazakhstan, began a loud trial. In the dock - Private Vladislav Chelakh, who is accused of brutally killing fourteen colleagues at once. The correspondent of the Voice of Russia in Kazakhstan said that the situation around the “Chelakha case” was heated not only in the courtroom, but throughout Kazakhstani society.

The tragedy occurred at the end of May at the border post "Arkankergen", which is located on the border of Kazakhstan and the People's Republic of China. The post did not get in touch for two days, and later the search group found only ashes and fifteen corpses in its place.

The investigation of the massacre at the Arkankergen post lasted for almost five months. The investigation involved the best operatives of several security agencies at once - the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the General Prosecutor's Office, the National Security Committee and the Military Investigation Department. Experts have done a truly titanic work, the count of interrogated witnesses goes to hundreds, all the soil and ashes from the scene of the tragedy are sifted literally through a grain of sand. And so, today in the city of Taldykorgan - this is the administrative center of the Almaty region - a preliminary hearing on this case took place, and it already brought the first sensation - the main accused Vladislav Chelakh unexpectedly refused a trial with the participation of jurors.

This is what the defendant’s lawyer, Felix Arsenov, said on this matter:

"Once again I want to repeat why we refused the jury. Because, by manipulating the jury, they could get a guilty verdict, and then they would wave it as a banner. They said that he, the voice of the people, would recognize the 10 his guilty. "

The decision to hold the court with the participation of jurors earlier just initiated the defendant and his lawyers. They explained their decision by a large public response. But today they changed their minds, although the resonance did not diminish at all. On the Internet on the pages of various Kazakhstani newspapers discuss the most incredible versions of the incident at the border. Today’s preliminary hearing was held behind closed doors and the working points of the future process were discussed. Vladislav Chelakh himself was also present at the meeting, he was brought in an ordinary paddy wagon without additional protection. It is known that the main court hearing will begin on November 19 and it will be open.

This is what Nurdaulet Suindikov, the official representative of the General Prosecutor's Office of Kazakhstan, said on this score:

"The prosecutor's office intends to court clearly, not relying on speculation and rumors, but on objective data to confirm the circumstances underlying the charges. All interested persons can take part in the judicial review, which will enable everyone to objectively evaluate the facts and evidence on which the materials are based criminal case. "

Private Vladislav Chelakh was found three days after the discovery of a burnt border post. It is located in 25 kilometers from the outpost. During the detention, Chelakh was found mobile phones and other things of the deceased border guards. During the investigative experiment, the soldier described in detail how he had killed his fellow soldiers. However, after consulting with lawyers and relatives, Chelakh withdrew his confession, without offering any alternative version of the events. An interesting fact is that two of the 15 bodies found on the ashes have remained unidentified. Identify the remains could not even experts from Germany.

Ordinary Chelakh was charged immediately under nine articles of the Kazakhstan Penal Code. In addition to the massacre, committed with particular cruelty, he is charged with desertion, theft and destruction of state property.
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  1. traveler
    traveler 13 November 2012 11: 14
    There are many overlaps, and therefore, regardless of the verdict, the judge will be indignant! Here we just wish the Kazakhs to be wise and not let the "rock the boat" on this precedent ... There are so many cornerstones (nationalism, corruption and ...) that there will certainly be attempts by "dark forces" to use the fact for demarches
  2. Slevinst
    Slevinst 13 November 2012 11: 17
    you can slander like a cuckoo with a kid
  3. 46bob46
    46bob46 13 November 2012 11: 20
    The case is muddy by 150%. Judging by the mother’s words and the shootings in the hospital, the guy is far from down. Cho was actually a people there will never know the campaign ... Cho are not accustomed yet?
    1. SSR
      SSR 13 November 2012 11: 57
      An interesting fact is that two of the 15 bodies found on the ashes remained unidentified. Even German experts could not identify the remains
      It’s really something muddy.
      1. Mikado
        Mikado 13 November 2012 14: 44
        Nothing muddy, the situation is very similar to the situation with Private Sakaluskas in 87, because of terrible bullying, he sawed off his entire guard in the car, along with the commander and guide.
  4. UPStoyan
    UPStoyan 13 November 2012 11: 22
    Subscribe to HSE and forget about it.
  5. Manager
    Manager 13 November 2012 11: 35
    The kid will be closed for a long time. Although a pity! I think that he was framed, and at the same time his own military. Su ... ki for the money ruined the life of the boy and the lives of his parents! Here you have Kazakhstan.
  6. geo185
    geo185 13 November 2012 11: 38
    still need to contrive 15 people to put or they themselves went to slaughter. It's a muddy thing for sure.
  7. Anxious
    Anxious 13 November 2012 11: 49
    Yes, the story is dark ...
  8. sefirs
    sefirs 13 November 2012 11: 58
    The reason can be quite banal - hazing is a terrible thing!
    And such a number of corpses can be explained by the fact that Chelach hated all the employees of this call.

    I remember that I, like the other fighters of our call, were also harassed with and without local grandfathers.
    And, although the first year I was "triggering" (I served in a security company - every other day at the post with a machine gun and two horns of cartridges, that's why they called us "triggers"), somehow I had no idea of ​​revenge. After all, I could really shoot (or at least scare) an oversized grandfather.
    We go at night from the post: it’s dark, we are alone and there are hundreds of meters around, he is spreading out ahead, I am a worn-out fighter - behind him - and he, the bastard, was not even afraid, walked without looking back ..... Maybe time it was different, but none of us (the delayed salabons) thought that we could really take revenge with the help of a machine gun. Although they heard that there were such cases. And in our part.
    1. Fox
      Fox 13 November 2012 12: 24
      served poorly, since you don’t have a clue about the outposts ... the businessman is very muddy, the guys from Kazakhstan told a lot of interesting things, for example, that the chief of the outposts was first beaten and then shot ...
      1. sefirs
        sefirs 13 November 2012 12: 42
        Quote: Fox
        served poorly, since you have no idea about outposts

        Well, why so immediately? fool
        Served, it seems, no worse than others. (The vacation was also the title - although, I agree, and this is also not an indicator).
        I think, Comrade Captain, that we are of different age categories - and this explains a lot today - we lived in different worlds ....
        I served in the Azerbaijan SSR in 1973-75.
        And even after a dozen years, relations in the army, as well as in the country, became somewhat different ....
        -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
        -------------------------------------------------- -

        And as for this article - I just expressed the ASSUMPTION.
        And what really happened there - no one knows yet. Even you. fellow
    2. Uncle
      Uncle 13 November 2012 23: 41
      Quote: sefirs
      After all, I really could shoot (or at least scare) the presumptuous grandfather.
      But I didn’t even have such thoughts, well, it could scare me, there was another time, the upbringing was different, no one threatened my life, apparently Chelakh was especially humiliated if they brought to this. I don’t even want to fantasize about the methods of lowering, there was just one who knocked everything out to blink the Russian, you don’t blink, so we’ll blame him too. But he turned out to be stronger, just put everyone down, and science to others.
  9. zavesa01
    zavesa01 13 November 2012 12: 59
    On the one hand, he could have put it himself. This happened more than once during the collapse. On the other hand, a couple are not identified at the outpost. Only this guy knows the truth, and he is darkening something. Maybe she just excuses herself, or maybe she’s afraid for her own life. The fact that the case is clear, that the dark case agrees 100%.
  10. mar.tira
    mar.tira 13 November 2012 13: 22
    I lived in the Taldy-Kurgan region on the border. And in Soviet times it was not calm there, but now even more so. Did you take the peasant unambiguously, or a setup, who knows? We will never know the truth. But what will be translated into criminal showdowns, and there will be no supranational context, it’s like two fingers on the asphalt. Well, and of course in favor of the authorities of this republic!
  11. marshes
    marshes 13 November 2012 13: 53

    Take a look.
    1. Focuser
      Focuser 13 November 2012 18: 30

      "Arkankergen" stood until the last bullet

      Documents in the Arkankergen case. Part II

      Special operation in the vicinity of Arkankergen. Part III
      1. marshes
        marshes 13 November 2012 18: 40
        The Guligan site is registered in the USA, a muddy site.
        Watch the CPC program of the Servant of the People for 11.11.12/XNUMX/XNUMX
        1. Focuser
          Focuser 13 November 2012 18: 54
          I do not want to argue on this topic. I have provided these links for information. There are people doubting, so they will read.
          The fact that the site is registered in the USA does not mean anything.
          1. marshes
            marshes 13 November 2012 19: 03
            Quote: Focker
            The fact that the site is registered in the USA does not mean anything.

            Yes, Sarsenov’s lawyer works for the Soros Foundation, among the servants of the people, the chief military prosecutor hinted to Platonov that the alleged cases that had got into the press could have been leaked by this lawyer, they just gave him files for review.
  12. marshes
    marshes 13 November 2012 14: 26
    Latitude: 45 ° 26'33.05 "N
    Longitude: 81 ° 30'55.32 "E

    This is what the defendant’s lawyer, Felix Arsenov, said on this matter:
    Attorney Serik Sarsenov.
  13. sefirs
    sefirs 13 November 2012 15: 21
    I completely agree with many who write that the matter is dark .....
    The number of corpses suggests such a thought. Abusive relationships .... money ..... ethnic strife .... unrequited love .... yes, anything !!!!
    Why Muscovite Vinogradov put seven? Who right now will definitely explain?
    And I'm not sure that even the court will clarify everything. Unless they recognize him as insane ....
    And this, Breivik (or what?), Who in Norway took almost 80 people to the grave ..... Who will explain this?
    And why do we think that Kazakhstan cannot have its own breiviks, grape and yusyukovyh?
  14. AK-47
    AK-47 13 November 2012 19: 49
    It is doubtful that Chelakh is to blame. A group of well-trained militants could have committed such a massacre. There are several unofficial versions of what happened, which the investigation, judging by the prosecution, does not develop:
    1. The border post is located on the border with China, from where the smuggling of drugs comes from, which, whether or not to pass, is naturally not free of charge, in the competence of the higher level border management. An insignificant conflict in the distribution of profits by them infringing on the interests of one of the parties (border guards, smugglers, controlling the situation of the border leadership) led to the destruction of witnesses, while Chelakh was left as a victim, pumping him with drugs, providing evidence;
    2.near the outpost there was a forestry, a favorite place of “rest” (hunting, drunkenness, girls), high-ranking power functionaries, arriving by helicopter, accompanied by significant security. There may be a conflict with the forester, also killed, or by any of the border guards;
    3. The Chinese footprint is also voiced in the media of Kazakhstan, and some odious publications agreed to participate in the massacre of Russian special forces as revenge for some political actions of the Kazakh authorities that did not suit Russia.
    If we discard the latest absurd version, then given the corruption of power structures in Kazakhstan, the probability of the first two is very high.
  15. suharev-52
    suharev-52 13 November 2012 23: 16
    The matter is very dark, but let's hope that the truth comes out. Sincerely.
  16. kopar
    kopar 14 November 2012 15: 52
    I think the truth will never come up, it is not beneficial to Kazakhstan itself.