American press: Supplies of Western tanks will not play a decisive role for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

American press: Supplies of Western tanks will not play a decisive role for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Even if the Ukrainian armed forces receive a certain amount of Western tanks, it is unlikely to lead to a fracture on the battlefield. Several American media write about this at once, analyzing the logistical problems that the Ukrainian army will inevitably face when receiving Western armored vehicles.

The Washington Post draws attention to the fact that as a result of the supply of Western tanks, Ukrainian tank units will be unprecedentedly eclectic in terms of military equipment. According to Sonny Butterworth, an expert on tanks at the Janes military-industrial company, the combination of different tanks will lead to great difficulties.

For example, the British-made Challenger 2 tanks use ammunition that is different from the ammunition used by other NATO countries. This means that they will need separate ammunition, and if they suddenly mix up when sending ammunition to the front, which ammunition should be sent where?

There are even differences between Leopard 2 tanks from different countries. The conditional Finnish Leopard tank may have a different fire control system or communication system than a tank transferred from the stocks of the German or Polish army. This means that the crew from one tank will still have to learn a little to transfer to another tank.

The supply of Western tanks, therefore, will not play a decisive role for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, at least in the spring of 2023. Yes, and it will definitely not work to deliver most of the tanks earlier than in two or three months.

Franz-Stefan Gadi, a senior researcher at the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies, puts the success of the use of Western tanks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine directly dependent on two main factors - the level of training of Ukrainian crews and the quality of integration of new tank units with other parts of the Ukrainian army.

The CNN TV channel also published material of a skeptical nature regarding the impact of the supply of tanks on the further development of events in Ukraine. Analyst Brad Landon believes it will take months to get the tanks ready for combat. In general, it may take more than a year for Ukraine to deploy American-made Abrams tanks, and if the rules of operation and maintenance are not followed, then "catastrophe will occur" on the battlefield.
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  1. +8
    27 January 2023 10: 21
    Of course, this will not be decisive, they will simply provide an opportunity to kill both Russians and Ukrainians.
    1. +4
      27 January 2023 10: 23
      Of course it won't matter
      If it were not for the supply of weapons that are numbingly decisive, the war would have ended by now, and the darkest is yet to come.
      1. +4
        27 January 2023 11: 05
        Wake up, the Armed Forces have already destroyed the gigantic Ukrainian stocks of Soviet weapons (the 4th world arsenal at the beginning of the NWO) plus a significant part of the NATO arsenal plus 500 thousand destroyed ukrovoyaks plus more than a million crippled ukrovoyaks plus, according to OSINT, more than 40 thousand dead NATO mercenaries plus also organized depopulation " Ukraine" from 25 million at the beginning of the NWO to 15-17 million now, i.e. remarkably liquidating the mobile resource of this under-formation. So everything ends, and with meager costs for us and colossal losses of the collective enemy.
        Tanks, tanks, tanks, tanks, tanks, tanks, tanks, tanks, tanks, tanks, tanks, tanks, tanks, tanks and a madhouse. This is if you rewrite the famous song about “tits-tits and a technodrome” in a modern way.
        In general, the despondent Raguli & NATO mercenaries were presented with another bogey so that they would still get a little bit on the “Western promiscuous wunderwaffles” (the name changes periodically, there is no result) before the death of Nedoreikha.
        At the same time, “We don’t have these tanks in our warehouses now, they must first be taken somewhere” (this is a quote from the statement of the Deputy Head of the Pentagon. “We are talking about deliveries in many months, if not years,” this is another quote on the topic from high-ranking US military.
        And, of course, "Ukraine will receive from the United States an improved version of the M1A2 Abrams tanks in export configuration, but without secret additional equipment that makes the tanks virtually invulnerable," Politico website.
        That is, even if (which is unlikely) the Abrams are ever delivered, then an explanation has already been prepared in advance why they will burn in the same way as any other tanks. Convenient.
        It turns out that first you need to find where you can buy them, then you need to remove the "secret" equipment from them (forelock will do), and only then ... maybe if the donkey regime does not die earlier ...
        In general, someone reviewed the comics. "Joe Biden and the Secret Ghaika of Invincibility". The generation that grew up on Harry Potter should go.
        For now, here's an anecdote.
        - Tatu, why did they call me Leopard?
        - Bo mom didn’t give it for a long time.
        - And why is the brother's name Neabram?
        - We didn’t give the Americans a call.
        Look at the summaries carefully. Since the beginning of the SVO, the RF Armed Forces have already destroyed 7700 units of tanks and other armored vehicles (and yes, in the Moscow Region the strictest records have been kept for decades, this is not a fable for you of underdeveloped incompetent hysterical military officers). Well, all sorts of Polish "Crabs", French "Caesars", American "Haymars", "M777", "Paladins" are also in significant numbers (this is not how armored vehicles pass, but like artillery, that is, a separate item).
        What will be able to break in this situation another 100, 200, 300 (as Zaluzhny dreamed) tanks? Nothing. Well, it will delay the collapse of the Armed Forces of Ukraine & mercenaries for a couple of weeks, well, several tens of thousands of Ukrainians and Western mercenaries will die. But this will not fundamentally change anything (one UVZ produces more in the same period of time, in addition, it is not the only one).
        One more moment. There were all sorts of news like "The Pentagon plans to increase the production of ammunition by 5 times." And some immediately rushed to the hopak "Well, if they are going, then they will increase it."
        “Baby, this trick is for fraers, I have already seen it a hundred times” (c)
        Trump said 5 years ago that they were going to move production back to the US. And How? Happened? Are there any successful examples? Not? Yes, what is it!
        In fact, this news should be read “Washington will allocate five times more money to purchase ammunition from private contractors” (there it is written in small letters after the headline, you just need to read carefully). Only there is no one and nowhere to produce them. Existing producers say that they can theoretically increase production, but this requires investments, equipment and specialists.
        First, it's not very fast. Purchase, bring, build, assemble, train specialists, debug the technical process ...
        Second, it's expensive. According to the docks that I read, the payback for the production of ammunition is at least 7-8 years. That is, in order to make a profit, private contractors must be sure that they will continuously buy ammunition in an increased volume for ten years, no less. That is, long-term contracts that adherents of the "market" do not like so much.
        Because the "market decided" just like that.
        This is what Vladimir Vladimirovich said to the evil, primitive and inefficient quilted state capitalists, “We need to increase it,” Mishustin allocated money and the Rostec state corporation immediately began to execute it without unnecessary talk and bidding. Therefore, we produce a little more air defense missiles than the rest of the planet, we produce the same amount of poetos and combat missiles of all types as the rest of the 7,8 billion humanity. This is the question of what is more effective - private traders or state capital (who is talking about what, but I'm talking about my favorite economy, yes).
        And again it turns out that “we are all non-Jewish” and the industrial economy is cooler than (forgive me Adam Smith) “post-industrial”.
        How is that? And somehow...
        1. +1
          28 January 2023 00: 14
          Wake up, the ASR has already destroyed the gigantic Ukrainian stocks of Soviet weapons (the 4th world arsenal at the beginning of the NVO) plus a significant part of the NATO arsenal plus 500 thousand ...

          I would willingly believe your lines if during the 11 months of the operation we stood along the entire left bank of the Dnieper and prepared (up to six months) for decisive actions on the Right Bank with the ultimate goals: Odessa, Transnistria, Lvov.
    2. +4
      27 January 2023 10: 39
      Bullshit performed by the American press and no more.
      Only a complete idiot would believe that a weapon that brings death has no value on the battlefield.
      Judging by the number of firearms in the hands of American citizens and vigorously bought up after each next mass shooting in the United States, ordinary citizens are well aware of the role of having a weapon in the hands of any person and do not suffer from verbal diarrhea.
    3. +3
      27 January 2023 11: 14
      25 thousand Ukrainians & mercenaries (5 brigades of 5300 brigade each) were chopped up in only one in Soledar. They were inseminated in defensive positions - new ones were sent to the meat grinder, from October to early January. They killed again - they were again understaffed, and like this they grinded, grinded and grinded.
      Ze and Za do not spare Ukrainians and even mercenaries - they send them to the meat grinder in echelons. 25 thousand in Soledar since October is also a very modest estimate, given the fact that the HRV PER DAY irons NATO mercenaries & ukrovoyak with 50 THOUSAND shells, and the ukrovoyak per day has decreased from 6000 shells in August-November to 2000 in December and 1000-1200 in January, which is confirmed even by Pentagon retirees in the US media, i.e. Russia's 25-fold advantage. By the way, Western military experts confirmed that more was spent near Bakhmut than in all other areas combined. Even the thoroughly corrupt Western media say that this battle was the bloodiest in the entire NVO, and they specify: the bloodiest since the beginning of the NVO was for the Ukrainian side. It was after the "unnecessary" Soledar that they began to mine the approaches to Rovno and Kyiv.
      Fresh Martyanov (in the language of an unconditional enemy) with numbers and diagrams why leopards and abrams will not help:
      Of course, a graduate of our Frunzensky, 10 years after moving (in the early 90s) to the States - an officer in the US Navy, subsequently wrote analytics for leading Western military publications and even for the Pentagon. And not the underdeveloped domestic all-propal military bloggers.
      Medical arithmetic: 7549 pcs/11 months = 686 pcs/month Or about the speed of utilization of NATO's military-offensive potential in a medium conflict regime.
      Or about the motivations of the Euro-commissioners: - "The greatest Battle of Arrakour in the history of world wars took place between American and German armored forces ... in 1944, where they fought heroically and ... from 262 tanks and ⚠assault guns deployed by German units in a week battles ... 86 were destroyed, 114 were damaged ... 62 were active at the end of the month. In September, the division lost 41 medium tanks M4 and 7 light tanks M5A1, the losses amounted to 225 killed and 648 wounded. "
      With such a tabile consciousness, it is not surprising that the selection of 14 "Abrams" is perceived by them as the greatest and victorious event. And Solovyov will suffer again.
      Ukraine can get Abrams not earlier than in a year, according to CNN - Mwuhahahaha!
      It is difficult for the United States to maintain Abrams tanks and their complex gas turbine engine, it is simply impossible for Ukrainians to do this - The Washington Post.
      NYT: Shipping Abrams to Ukraine will take years. Pentagon officials described the route as a "patchwork quilt" from the territories of Poland, Slovakia and Germany. The tanks can only be brought in by rail, as a long convoy of trucks will inevitably draw Russia's attention. It will take too much time, fuel and spare parts to deliver tanks to the battlefield, convoys will become an easy target for Russian warplanes. General Robert B. Abrams, in honor of whose father the combat vehicle was named, said that it would be very difficult for Ukrainian troops to obtain tanks, and even more so to use and maintain them, train crews, mechanics, and create supply depots.
      Well, that's right - these very "Abrams" mattress covers will first be sold to Taiwan on credit. Then they will re-register as Taiwan's aid to "Ukraine". Well, as a help... "Ukraine" mattress will give a loan to buy tanks from Taiwan.
      Total: the same tanks will be sold twice. Both times they will issue a loan, both times no one will return the "exceptional" shit. Tanks, respectively, will remain in Oklahoma at the training ground, where they will bring about twenty Ukrainians, as if to study.
      And there, "Ukraine" will cease to exist, and mattress covers will sell the same "Abrams" to Germany. Together with the Ukrainians brewed in themlaughing.
      And there will be no significant quantities of "tanks from NATO", the West has a meager number of tanks, in Germany there are 168 Leopard2, and such a proportion in other large countries, and the States will not give "Abrams", because. they have been corny for 30 years without a tank industry, there is nothing to replace, and an extremely weak and unreliable car, especially for frost. But right now they have "Tigers" "Leopards! But right now they have "Challengers"! And "Abrams"!
      Yeah. The owner countries (even Poland) are only trampling menacingly, imperceptibly pushing each other in the lower back - you are the first! no, you first! why me? - but with sending to a used one they are pulling.
      And here's why: a tanker (driver) was trained in the Soviet army for six months. Another six months, already in the unit, he mastered the car for real. A Soviet, extremely simplified machine, and not a NATO tank oversaturated with microcircuits ("Leclercs", for example, deaf, go blind and stop from hitting a blank on the forehead, so they never became famous from the word at all). Whom to put "by the levers"? Mykola from Ivano-Frankivsk? People are still needed for technology, and not just people, but trained specialists. Raguli of the level "I'm Vuiko Orest, I eat goats from my nose" are not good)
      And a NATO crew of 300 tanks is a completely different story, even for the Poles.
      (And yet, a terrible German secret: "Leopards" have not been produced for a long time, in 1990-1992 they released the last batch of 70 tanks, after which the production line was liquidated. The current lines are sharpened exclusively for the modernization and endless upgrade of the existing number of vehicles, which is very small) ))
      In addition, as the Perdogan offensive on Al-Bab showed, the Leopards are burning like matches from Soviet anti-tank weapons)
      Heh, NATO olbokryak hosts 404 did not understand that it was already "truncated" - the tactics "the bear slowly eats the pig" have been worked out and there is nothing they can do to stop it. Just like 2 fingers - ours go, drones, etc. identify points - they fire 50 thousand artillery rounds per day, MLRS [MLRS, according to the CIA, we have 4100 pieces - more than 30% of all MLRS on the planet], mortars - then comes rebound by tanks [of which the VSR has 250% more than the US + EU + UK + Turkey combined], which complete what is left with direct fire, then the infantry comes. And the enemy’s lack of long-range missile systems makes it possible to group reserves and transfer equipment, ammunition, etc.
      When the ukrovoyaks & mercenaries try in the same way, Caliber, Iskander, X-22 / X-32, Bastions hang in their rear, making it difficult to group a normal BTG in general. Then they try to go "what is" - again, our artillery, rocket launchers, mortars meet all the small things - and what is more armored - attack aircraft in the face of helicopters and attack aircraft (which ukrovoyaks finally don’t have, and by the way they won’t).
      As a result, the levelers & mercenaries get a faithful and slow *female organ*. Moreover, NO deliveries of armored vehicles (at least supply Abramov - finally don’t care) in this situation will not give the Ukrainians an offensive. Let them slow down ours, but no more.
      How many Zalupny (as the US TV channel called him) promised to give the West, 300 tanks?
      A year ago, only Ukraine had tanks and there were more tankers - by an order of magnitude + in 2022, the countries of Europe brought almost the same number (according to reports - in 320 days the NVO in Ukraine was destroyed - 7480 pieces of armored vehicles - and at the beginning Ukraine had - 3 537) . How can even 500 help? If 7500 have already been destroyed?
      And how many more were delivered to their proxy bodies the day before, besides how much they collected from all over the world in just 8 years - from Soviet equipment and ammunition to Western weapons ... Russia, of course, killed a mountain of weapons. For comparison: the Russian army AT THE BEGINNING OF JANUARY destroyed 988 MLRS, while the entire German army at the end of 2022 had 32 MLRS in working order. And "UVZ", as it turned out, in fact, produces not 500 but 800 tanks a year, and this is not a Western helpless minced meat set of abrams-leclercs-challengers-leopards, but the best T-14 "Armata" on Earth (of which there are already more than 250 pieces built) and T-90M "Breakthrough".
  2. -1
    27 January 2023 10: 23
    The first hundred may not play ... And the second or third - very even ... I don’t see anything particularly difficult to establish logistics, now everything is being delivered to the zoo that has already been delivered - they will also organize for tanks ... Tanks must be met with calibers and daggers when crossing the border of Ukraine, and not on the battlefield ... but this requires political will, which I still don’t see in our Defense Ministry
    1. -2
      27 January 2023 10: 41
      Quote: Corona without virus
      but this requires political will, which I still don’t see in our Defense Ministry

      MO is a tool of politicians who should have this will. True, military coups are also known in history ...
    2. 0
      27 January 2023 12: 13
      I don’t see anything particularly difficult to establish logistics, now everything is delivered to that zoo

      But no, it's not that simple. Self-propelled guns, for example, go to Slovakia and Germany for repairs. Fuck what a logistics shoulder. Another thing! That our General Staff does not consider it expedient to do something about it at all. Here is a riddle.
      1. 0
        27 January 2023 17: 38
        No, dear, no mystery. While the Motherland drives loot to the west, the railway way. (there is infa in the public domain). Moreover, it also drives the enemy. Our leaders will not destroy the golden river. This topic can not be pedaled - so said some United Russia nightingale on the air. For the whole mess, not a single bullet hit the GTS, nor 750 kW ..
  3. +5
    27 January 2023 10: 25
    Got enough tanks tanks tanks. Both sides suffer the most losses from artillery fire. There were no tank battles like during the Second World War and I don’t think there will be.
    But the fact that a decision was made and the next deliveries of artillery began is silent about this. And they supply almost 200 barrels of heavy artillery, this is without taking into account chimeras.
  4. 0
    27 January 2023 10: 30
    American press: Supplies of Western tanks will not play a decisive role for the Armed Forces of Ukraine
    . Skakuas will begin to vibrate actively ... that's what the calculation is for.
    It is unlikely that this will last long, but then something else will be thrown, for stimulation.
    Everything, as before, rests on the stubbornness of ordinary soldiers, but their brains have been completely turned over, alas.
    1. 0
      27 January 2023 10: 38
      Quote: rocket757
      Skakuas will begin to vibrate actively ... that's what the calculation is for.

      The formula is simple: "The West is helping us" - horse racing on the Maidan - all the men are independent to the front.
      1. 0
        27 January 2023 10: 41
        Everything is correct. One of the ideas that was hammered into their brains, west with them...
        This is serious, this is an argument.
  5. +4
    27 January 2023 10: 30
    It seems that the Russian Ministry of Defense orders such articles from the foreign press to calm the people, they wrote the same thing about javelins, himars, but in fact they played it, a little later, when the planes were provided, the same article would be released.
    1. -1
      27 January 2023 11: 53
      people do not care who delivers what, everyone is engaged in survival
  6. -1
    27 January 2023 10: 34
    a combination of different tanks will lead to great difficulties.
    What many commentators have repeatedly written about. And of course, this is primarily operation, maintenance and minor repairs on site. Naturally, the main role is played by the training of crews and interaction with other units. Now the Western media have suddenly remembered this, and most importantly without "victorious" reports.
    1. -1
      27 January 2023 11: 10
      Commentators wrote a lot of things ... the main thing is to convince the peoples of the countries, ALL, that it is possible and even necessary to fight.
      Although, a formula has long been deduced for who exactly war is trouble and ruin, and for whom war is profit, wealth and ... peace for many years, because the peoples will fight, be offended, hold a grudge against each other and not unite against those who prey on their blood.
  7. -1
    27 January 2023 10: 41
    The article is almost directly addressed to us. And all that is bad for them there, and the grenades of the other system and the crews will not reach, etc. In general, calm down, we are going to kill you painlessly. With chimeras, there was also something to manage, and so on. The PMCs and regular NATO vacationers are in charge and have a good nightmare. We do not destroy the logistics ourselves, because apparently Kherson is on the Zaporozhye line and we will stop, without any seas and so on. Not because there is not enough strength, but because they agree on the quiet.
    1. +1
      27 January 2023 12: 00
      Quote: evgen1221
      The article is almost directly addressed to us. And everything is bad there, and the grenades of the other system and the crews will not reach, etc. In general, calm down, we are going to kill you painlessly. With chimeras, there was also something to manage, and so on.

      It is addressed just for us. You say don’t worry, we supplied weapons to Ukraine there, but it still won’t be able to use it correctly.
  8. +1
    27 January 2023 10: 52
    The question is not about the brands and number of tanks ... It is clear that sooner or later all this equipment will be destroyed by ordinary Russian soldiers. But how many hundreds of soldiers and civilians will give their lives before that - it seems that neither TV propagandist experts nor the military-political leadership are particularly concerned.
    And secondly... the lack of an adequate practical reaction of the country's military-political leadership to the constant increase in the quantity and quality of weapons supplied by the West can lead to the supply of not only attack helicopters and aircraft, but also the deployment of American tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of Ukraine.
    This is where our top will probably wake up ....
    1. -1
      27 January 2023 11: 04
      No wonder.
      Who rules the countries? Capitalists.
      What do they share, why did they start all this ???
      And the most important question, what are the capitalists of the richest of the world most afraid of???
    2. 0
      27 January 2023 11: 58
      and when the soldiers worried someone?
      1. 0
        27 January 2023 14: 39
        The question / topic is much more complicated, it is not possible to describe in a nutshell.
  9. -4
    27 January 2023 10: 54
    Well, well, if the supply of tanks is not of decisive importance, let's wait until tactical nuclear weapons are delivered to Ukraine.
  10. -1
    27 January 2023 11: 33
    American press: Supplies of Western tanks will not play a decisive role for the Armed Forces of Ukraine
    Yes. This phrase reminded me of the film "Slevin's Lucky Number", Like, look here, but the event happened there and you are no longer there. request
    Deliveries of 300-400 tanks (in total it will drip over time) are not intended to change the situation at the front fool The United States does not care not only about the Ruin, but also about Europe. But Europe has not yet burned its resources and can still come to its senses and stand up against the insolent. Therefore, the United States will then throw NATO against us, but first we need to test weapons. Both ours and ours, which is in "firm" hands. An example before my eyes.
    As was the case with the Hymers, Super weapons, not shot down, not killed, were launched one at a time, oh, they shot down a rocket, oh, they all shot down ... And then Grads began to be launched in front of the Hymers from air defense overload, losses decreased. In terms of time, the development of the struggle technology took a month or two. Since the fall, shelling by swarms of Gradov with Hymers, I don’t remember. requestWhy? And they decided to keep the technology for themselves, so as not to push us to develop new countermeasure systems.
    400 tanks will burn not just in battle, but under the close supervision of the United States and a deep analysis of the death of each tank. That's when the true combat coefficients of all tanks will be obtained, except for the Merkava, of course (the Koreans promised to throw their own in Poland, later). request
    Or howitzers 777, elusive, mobile, ultra-precise, and shells, you lick your fingers. Oh, they are for MP, they crumble from intense shooting and are very sensitive to anti-tank guns ... A good toy, but for a special application. Where they shoot quieter, and the responses are less frequent. feel Also, the planes will be pulled up, but how without checking then .... request
    1. 0
      27 January 2023 12: 11
      Of course, they will do as you write, but the main goal is to weaken and destroy the Russians by the Russians themselves! And they will supply weapons regularly, it will also come to the planes. It's a matter of time. If you look at history, how did we fight with the United States for interests? mostly by proxy and our equipment, the United States is the same. Now the same thing is happening. Only much cooler than the United States organized everything, Russians are killing Russians.
  11. 0
    27 January 2023 12: 02
    There are even differences between Leopard 2 tanks from different countries. The conditional Finnish Leopard tank may have a different fire control system or communication system than a tank transferred from the stocks of the German or Polish army. This means that the crew from one tank will still have to learn a little to transfer to another tank.
    There were also differences among the T-34s manufactured at different factories. Cabins and equipment of aircraft of the same type but different series may also differ. As an example, the Su-30MKK and Su-30MKI.

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