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Old tanker

We always drink black on Tankman Day. We remember everything and everyone. But not everything and not everything is possible to tell ...
We remembered the order of the Old Tanker on the tankodrom tower ... that was a long time ago ... ,.
It is necessary (!!!) to tell this to the younger generations of tank officers ...

Old tanker

Tankodromnaya tower. Winter. Delivery test driving a tank battalion armored vehicles. Ahead of sending to the "Czechs-2". It is very good that we are now our "oil" other ... chim. This is very good, so 95 th should not happen again when Pashka-Mercedes (Grachev, the Minister of Defense under Yeltsin) threw us naked to shave in the New Year weapons... eprst, brute.

Behind left sleepless weeks of training mechanics, gunners, commanders tanks... And all dishonesty there in the form of KShU (command post exercises) and the like. Tortured in an “arc”, the crew is standing “outdoors”, holding his chin to his chest ... (it’s warmer), covering his eyes to the spiky snowflakes flying in the face with the wind from all sides (except for the nape covered with a headset). Combat sticks out on the "tower". And there is a regiment and a representative of veterans. It was not easy brought it, I would rest at home, in warmth and comfort with a glass of tea.

-What is there for a veteran drew on tankodrom tower?
- Yes, hell knows ... Some old man in a jacket.
-In a jacket? It's cold after all. And where is his down jacket or ... pea coat?
- Yes, hell knows. He sat down on the toilet seat on the tower and stuck there, looking at some crap in a blizzard ...
“To go nuts ... but the difficult extra diapers brought on our heads ...”
-Yeah. Horseradish carrots are not sweeter.

Double and triple animal "scribe in a glass" woke up and tumbled from the cold and neponyatki. Poor "scribe" ... sorry little animal. This is normal…

Send mehanov races on the track ... young ..., all sorts of ... and experienced ... The animal "scribe" just died. And he is right, lucky! To die is the simplest thing to pass the battalion's training exercise to "ud".

- Guys, well, do anything !!! Well, explain to these salaghas how to armor "correctly" should be managed! - the regimental commander raged on the tower, sensing that there was no one on the tower except tank crews, and there was no need to smile at the civilians journalists who had left the civilian journalists (they also took me to fashion, show off the screens).

Karas and I, two captains, two company commanders, stood on the hood in front of all the leading staff and devotedly "ate the eyes" of their superiors. Well, so, still - we not stupid, we understand that commanders are always right.

On a stool, he modestly looked at ALL THIS old tanker, putting his chin on his hands, holding an invalid cane. Colonel in stock.

- Command, - wearily cast a phrase of the regiment commander for driving.
- you understand that ?! - the battalion commander asked quietly and seriously, turning from the console, looking up at us with tired whites of the eyes (he didn’t say that the mechs of the whole battalion would look at us - a hammer, a snot rubbing snot in snot.
- Yes, tash major! - we blurted out in unison with Karasem (and what we have to lose, we have nothing to lose, hehe).

Silent look.
- To the machines !!! - Barked battleship.
The right hand mechanically found the right ear of “Cheburashka” (military salute, cheburashka - headset)
- There is!!!
- With God, comrades officers! Show "fucking mother" !!! EPRST !!! - This kompolka delivered a speech to us in the backs, well, just a political officer ... Yes, we do not mind, say what you want, the winter blizzard will write off everything, it is very cold, the blizzard is ... hehe.

The legs on the machine turned over the left shoulder and ... running from the tower ... Yes, along the steps, along the steps of this fucking tower ...
Running through the slurping snow with snow to the idling-running “armor”. He climbed onto the hull, the commander of the car was bored in the tower, showed him Tyk-nyk gestures (check the TPU - Tank Intercom). Inside the armor is a fucking mehana hatch with a closing mechanism. Tangent on the "button", mom and dad - "married." Laryngs (microphones) - to the "stop" in the throat. (TPU connection procedure). Right foot slightly "turns" - m machine obeys. Devices - normal.
Clutch. 3-gear, unlocking mountain brakes, feet on the pedals. Report to the tower:
- “Tower, I am“ 216 ”, to the movement - ready!
Hands ottyanuli friction until it stops ...
- “Tower, I“ 218-th ”to the movement - ready! I gasped in my ears.
Hehe. I am faster Carp, worry, now waiting for the team.
- I am “The Tower” !!!, - crashed in the headset ..., “216-th” ... silence ... - Forward !!!
"Clutch" and fuel supply "kicked off on the machine ... Armor went, shuddering with the whole body ..." Turns "in ..." sound "... 2000 !!! on 2-th transfer ... Yes !!!
The alternate “Reset” of friction clutches, again “turnovers” ... 2000 !!! on the 3 transfer to her ... Yes !!!
Live tons of armor fueled the whole body with their movement ... "the glands" ... The "soulful dances" began, well, finally, it was seized!
"Turns" right foot !!! ... 4-th transfer. There is…
A glimpse of the instruments (“turns” and “cooling”) is the norm ...
Turns to "polik" ...
I feel "iron" ...
Hehe. And now - the most important thing ... "The beginning is unclear for what" ...
Hooray! Drive !!!
The forehead in the headset rested against the upper edge of the "prism" (observation device) of a mecha. Beautiful, damn ... Ahead - the "rut bridge." Fingers (on clutches) leveled the mafynka ... the transition to 3-th gear. I do not touch friction clutches. The rise ... no fig is visible in the prism, only the bright sky ...
The level ("wheel") is also not visible ... we reset the fuel supply, we slow down the engine. "Fall" oops ... the earth is visible. Translated to the "second", added momentum. Played friction, again connected to the "third."
- I am “Tower”, I crashed in the headset ..., “218” ... silence ... - Forward !!!
Oh ... The carp followed me, although it would not be boring to knead the dirt with snow with the harp.
Acceleration ... (devices: "turns" and "cooling" are normal).
Turns, “fourth.”
Turnovers, "Fifth"! main !!!
42 tons of armor sensitively followed the command of friction clutches. We went to ... "the right direction." What is ahead?
"Stop on the rise." Take off and stop abruptly! Oh, head off hurts! So what's the ground here? Well, if it’s like this, then we’ll do it like this ...

The second transfer ..., turnovers ..., reconnection ..., forehead in a "prism". The armor is trembling again, crushing Everything ahead of the caterpillars. Beautiful ... You feel like a man. Racing segment ... "6-I ..., turns", "7-I ..., turns" ... the forehead merged with "the prism ... the fingers of the hands themselves do something by themselves, the legs - by themselves ... If only" the forehead to the prism "Not tired !!! Nifiga I do not feel when the “forehead is not to the prism” ... Formula-1 on the mammoth, 6-th ...

Take off on a hill and descent ...
Yeah ... "envelope" ...
We'll do it now, as long as the “gusli” are not gone, the winter, however ...
2-th transmission ... 1-th transmission ...
Friction clutches, in turn, on themselves, through the center of the envelope ... b.i., b.i., reconnection!, Turnovers! reconnect! ...
Out of the "envelope" !!!
(Devices: "turnover" and "cooling" all in growth ... sucks ...)
Reconnected to the lower and added speed to the fan for five seconds, svobranl shashlik in the air, and not in the engine.

If I swore in the "Czechs", then nifiga would not "rumble" on the mountainside, open to all the winds and gully awakened in the caches of weapons from the roar of my diesel engine grenade throwers. I would have been fucking the whole bad word of a clean “scum-conscience” from the main caliber, and then pouring the whole cap of the surrounding world of Nature with a PCT, would have cut the “Fifth” and naddal fuel supply “against the stop” ... If only they my fingers were hard and would have seen if they had survived.

Br-rr ... What am I talking about?! ...
This is a training driving armored vehicles at the tankodrome !!!
Yeah. Clear. They drove on ...

Hehe, what do we have there "next"? “Crossing from the highway” - garbage., “Turning by 90 degrees” - garbage, we are doing everything with 5.
(Devices: "speed" and "cooling"? OK). "Pit". It will be more serious. We put the eye through the pit, the descent to the third, nifiga nothing is not visible through the prism. We feel the bottom of the car that fits "the bottom of the pit" ..., add "turns" to "polik" ... and again ..., we see only one sky through the "prism" ... jolly, nifiga not see where we take off ... and feel the "harp" ground ... Wow, already breathing for a second eknula, hehe, nice.

Ahead of the "minefield." Well, this: neh.r - nah.r on the ground, even boring ...
Through a prism "I straightened the friction armor and" flew "on a thread on the" fourth "...
The turnaround for “180” on “the machine gun and ...“ Snake ”... eprst.
Well, beware, the dog is angry ... Friction ..., Caterpillars ..., Snake arcs and ... finger play on the levers ...
The armor obediently dived from side to side to the teams ... a song ...
Getting out of the "snake" ... Turnovers, reconnection ... Sweat, infection, went into the eyes from under the "Cheburashka" fucking fun "snake".
(Devices: "speed" and "cooling"? OK).
"Double turning on 90 degrees" ... Favorite entertainment (especially in Winter, hehe) ...
The mass of all the "armor" ... clutch of the "gusley" with the frozen ground ..., the air temperature ..., the engine "in the tension" with all its power and engine braking ...
We are full of perverts with a tank, as usual, we don't care about the laws of physics. We don’t care about everything when we are together ...
Exit to the "original" on the "Fifth."

Brake squeezed clutch without skidding.
(devices: “speed” and “cooling”? OK ... uh ... zaeb.s all good !!!)
Report on the top key of TPU tangent:
- “Tower, I 216-th, finished driving,“ blah, blah ”about the instrument readings” ...
- “Armor, I am a tower, 216-th ... - to the car!”.

The tank - on the "mountain brake", the gearbox - in the "0", "let go" legs ...
He opened the mechanic hatch, disconnected the TPU from the headset (button), got out of the "armor" and ... sighed with fresh, real AIR !!!
And then the "218-th" harp rumbled on the original, rocking the whole body. The crucian swam up on his box.

-Quick, however, a hammer, a dream!
Tank barely noticeably fever at idle under their feet.
-Thank you, friend !!! ... A stealthy and inconspicuous kiss in the armor on the descent from the hull, and go to the tower.
Winter, biah ... how hot it is!
I'm running. Belated sweat dims the eyes from under the headset already in a stream, fuck the "Cheburashka" from the head ... It's good that there is snow on the village - you can wipe off. Damn, hands tremble.
- Carp, waiting for you.
- You will not get it!. Wash yourself with the snow, it's a lot of it, ”a friend ran up hummingly, climbing a heated muzzle into a snowdrift at the cleared path to the“ original ”one.
- Report?
- Report!
- Ida on the tower, brother ...
- Ayda, hehe ...

Footsteps. The open door to the "tower" of the tower.

- "Tasch ...", the training exercise has been completed! ... Well, you left and then ... (as it should be, about oil there with temperature and other crap).
- Well done !!! Shone kombat. - Zero "downed" !!! (penalty limiters on the obstacles)
- Very good, comrade officers! The regiment rose from his chair.

Karas and I are standing in front of the commanders with eyes burning and not warm after armor, heat and then sweat over the body. Happy, like polished coppers, but not from praise (we need it, tomorrow we are just as easy and cannot be pulled away to everything, and it doesn’t matter what), but from the “feeling of Armor”.

“How do you assess our combat training, dragging the colonel,” the regiment turned to the tanker veteran, screwing up on the out of place turned on light bulb, glowing in the tankodrom tower ceiling.

The old tanker stood up, straightened his shoulders, leaning on a stick.

The gaze opened on a civil jacket with two orders of the Red Star, the Medal For Courage, For Martial Merit medal, on the left side and the garland of red and yellow wounds on the right side of the jacket.

“To hell with you, my mazut is my“ mazut ”, the armored colonel smiled, leaning hard on a stick, his eyes sparkled with the grin of live diesel engines.

His shoulders straightened and the cane in the hands of the tankman buried his head in my chest and Karas' chest.

- Actually, you are a little ... scum.

?!.?!.?! ... dumb shock on the tower ...

- What did you expect from me ??? - The wounded tanker grinned ... The stick returned to its original position, maintaining the balance of the lean body.

“Eh, you falcons, eagles,” the old man shook his head reproachfully. Teach me how to drive your own mechans, like you drive yourself ... then I will drink with you !!!
And with a valiant ease, the veteran shook in the air with his stick ...

There are no words ... There are no words at all ... a broken body and burning eyes of a veteran tanker ... The noise of the cistern in our heads carried away "all that was incomprehensible" to "understandable" ... so ALL THIS WAS JUST SAID ...
How are you RIGHT, old TANKIST !!!
How are you, bl.kha-fly, RIGHTS!

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  1. vladimirZ
    vladimirZ 14 November 2012 10: 52
    Unfortunately, the colonel is right. Tank mechanics in the army after 2 years of service (70s) did not know how to drive tanks en masse.
    More and more guard, cleaning and other vanity of the army service. Plus, they took care of motor resources. God forbid, if the mechanics managed to sit at the levers for 10-20 hours.
    1. saturn.mmm
      saturn.mmm 14 November 2012 11: 58
      Quote: vladimirZ
      Unfortunately, the colonel is right. Tank mechanics in the army after 2 years of service (70s) did not know how to drive tanks en masse.

      In our mid-eighties, tankers fired poorly, so they were punished with a two-day march around the training ground.
      Slonim Division.
    2. sasska
      sasska 27 November 2013 13: 10

      here's how to teach it! wink
  2. Kyki57
    Kyki57 14 November 2012 11: 11
    Go tankers and tankinashis fast!
  3. vorobey
    vorobey 14 November 2012 11: 16
    Alex, and so he realized that someone from living fuel oil, and not theorists, wrote.
    By the way, that was finishing. According to the sequence of actions, there is one trademark - handwriting. It is clearly not Chelyabinsk. A plus.
    1. Aleks tv
      14 November 2012 12: 43
      Greetings, Vorobey.
      So for sure, we are still alive ... nothing happens. smile
      That we too much "kicked" at the extreme bottom of the tanker and nostalgia is still, radish, does not let go ...

      Glad I liked it. Unsubscribed to PS wink
  4. Aleks tv
    14 November 2012 12: 40
    Greetings, Vorobey.
    So for sure, we are still alive ... nothing happens. smile
    That we too much "kicked" at the extreme bottom of the tanker and nostalgia is still, radish, does not let go ...

    Glad I liked it. wink
  5. mar.tira
    mar.tira 14 November 2012 13: 06
    I remember my neighbor, a veteran tanker! The whole face was covered with scars from the fire. I was burned twice in tanks, and I remained alive, only my heart began to ache! A sober, silent and merry fellow. But he will podopet, drove his wife to the head of the supermarket. He said - "The last creature, a thief, you drag home a deficit. And during the war people shared the last!" And he cried when he watched war films. Especially "Liberation". I also kept a shepherd dog. I don't know why. But his daughter spoke in honor of the movie "Four Tankmen and a Dog". He died of a heart attack! And the memory of him is still alive. Especially the story of how they shot the Germans prisoners. Since during the breakthrough they were in the deep rear, and there was no one to hand them over! Happy memory to such tankers, and honor!
  6. Beck
    Beck 14 November 2012 14: 15
    I will report.

    Night shooting. Two-story tower. Window. Around the tower there is a balcony, around the perimeter. In the tower, an operator raising goals, company commander, radio operator. On the balcony are sitting dangling legs, in wide openings, between the bars, several tankers. The rest on earth.

    Shooting from the T-54. Without night sights. Targets are illuminated by lamps. In the sight of the target, as faint pale yellow contours of the pallogram. Machine gun shooting. That is, without a gun and liner. Three rounds, single, on the first target. 25 rounds of ammunition for the second and third targets.

    Another shift. Among the gunners, one is "homebrew", that is, made from loaders. This is his first shooting. Command forward. Two gunners found their first targets - tanks and shoot at them single. The "homebrew" did not find the target. Shoots into the dark. The first shot, even if it did not immediately find the target, must be fired within the first ten seconds, or the mark, immediately - Two. Then you can look for the target more calmly. The Homebrew shoots all three rounds into the dark. The other two gunners found the second targets and began to fire in bursts.

    The "homebrew" turns the turret with the stabilizer in search of a target. Deploys the tower. The tower window hits the sight. Machine-gun bursts sound.

    Tankers sitting on the balcony, peas, through the openings of the rods, fall to the ground. The sound of broken glass. In the tower, the operator and the company were sprawled on the floor. The radio operator had long since rolled down the stairs from the second floor. In general, I fired "home-grown" all 25 rounds into the window. But I missed the light bulb.

    1969 year. Primorye. Lazo Station. Tank battalion of 439 motorized rifle regiment, 135 motorized rifle division.
    1. Lieutenant colonel
      Lieutenant colonel 16 November 2012 02: 20
      Hello Bek from the seaside. there is no division and regiment already and just do nothing there is almost there (((((
      1. Beck
        Beck 16 November 2012 12: 43
        Quote: Reserve lieutenant colonel
        Hello Bek from the seaside. there is no division and regiment already and just do nothing there is almost there (

        Hello EARTH!

        Yes, you inspired sadness. Everything was going to find time and go to Lazo, to recall the soldier's youth. Well, here she is.

        All the best.
  7. slava.iwasenko
    slava.iwasenko 6 January 2013 20: 04
    Famously, I liked it, you can immediately see the author of the pro soldier
  8. busido4561
    busido4561 24 February 2013 13: 18
    I liked it, vividly told, you feel like a participant in the events. good
  9. aleks-s2011
    aleks-s2011 18 March 2013 21: 18
    eh would ride on his swallow at the tankodrome.
  10. smershxnumx
    smershxnumx 18 August 2014 16: 00
    Cool written! GREEN !!!
  11. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack April 11 2015 23: 51
    dear! fuel oil! and - eh de mine 80 chk - my sweet little swallow ....... how I love this woman a woman ...........