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Turkish company Ares Shipyard introduced two new high-speed interceptor patrol boats

Turkish company Ares Shipyard introduced two new high-speed interceptor patrol boats

The Turkish Navy may soon be replenished with new interceptor boats capable of operating in the exclusive maritime zone of the state. Ares Shipyard, which created for the Turkish fleet maritime surface Drones ULAQ, announced the completion of work on two new projects of patrol boats.

Ares Shipyard specialists have developed two new ARES 32 series speedboats under the names Dagger and Predator ("Dagger" and "Predator"). The number "32" in the name means the length of the boat in meters. According to a press release, both boats are capable of speeds up to 45 knots, have high maneuverability and are capable of operating in seas up to 6 points. The declared cruising range is 2 miles, which allows the boats to operate not only in the exclusive maritime zone, but also beyond.

Dagger and Predator are identical boats, differing only in armament. If the first one is armed with eight short-range anti-tank missiles with combined guidance (IR and laser), then the second one has more solid weapons - two cruise missiles with a range of more than 150 km and four L-UMTAS short-range laser-guided anti-tank missiles. Also, both boats have remote-controlled stabilized combat modules with a 23-mm or 30-mm automatic cannon, as well as two 12,7-mm machine guns.

Thanks to the X- and S-band radars installed on board, the combat control system and other equipment, the boat is able to detect targets at a fairly large distance and destroy them, while the boat itself is difficult to detect, because due to its design it has elements of stealth.

The developers plan not only to supply boats of the ARES 32 series to the Turkish fleet, but also for export. Potential buyers will be the countries of Africa and the Middle East.
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  1. Galleon
    Galleon 25 January 2023 11: 51
    Boats - the dream of pirates good
    African countries named as potential buyers belay laughing
    I would like to bring some clarity. These boats do not need to operate outside the economic zone. Here the cruising range is rather a characteristic of good autonomy.
    In general, yes. I would buy such boats for our fleet. The Japanese, Baltic, Black Seas can be safely controlled.
  2. Crash
    Crash 25 January 2023 11: 56
    Toothy boat, IMHO winked
    The text of my comment according to the site administration does not carry useful information
  3. sedoj
    sedoj 25 January 2023 12: 24
    The ability to fire with a wave of 6 points?

    Something is hard to believe.
    1. evgen1221
      evgen1221 25 January 2023 12: 59
      Does the gun shoot? - Shoots. At the same time, it does not wash the fighter overboard, does not wash it off. So you can safely write what can at 6 and at 160, too. Well, you won't lie, you won't sell it. At the same time, no one writes anywhere about the ability to hit during the indicated unrest, well, they won’t write, it’s different.))))
  4. evgen1221
    evgen1221 25 January 2023 12: 56
    The trough is lighter, the engine is more powerful and forward!
  5. Abrosimov Sergey Olegovich
    Abrosimov Sergey Olegovich 25 January 2023 13: 06
    As far as I remember, there was once an article on this site that ours began to build a similar boat - the Scorpion, so it could also carry four calibers ... I wonder what is the state of that project now? ...
  6. Igor Borisov_2
    Igor Borisov_2 25 January 2023 17: 07
    Quote: sedoj
    The ability to fire with a wave of 6 points?

    Something is hard to believe.

    The article says to act, not to shoot. 6 points is a good indicator for such a boat