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Swiss authorities: approval of re-export of weapons to Ukraine does not violate Swiss neutrality

Swiss authorities: approval of re-export of weapons to Ukraine does not violate Swiss neutrality

Ukraine is finally turning into a global "black hole" for weapons from a variety of manufacturers, modifications and types. If earlier the Western sponsors of the Ukrainian conflict, with some misgivings, discussed whether to supply the Kyiv regime with Javelin anti-tank systems or several dozen NATO-made sniper rifles, now the conversations have gone as far as they could have gone in this situation. As you know, deliveries of air defense systems to the Kyiv regime, including American Patriots, have already been approved, deliveries of at least a company of British tanks Challenger, Washington declares agreement in principle to send its Abrams to Ukraine, the German chancellor is already ready to send Leopard 2A6 tanks to Kyiv.

Against this background, the National Council of "neutral" Switzerland decided to approve the re-export weapons Swiss production to Ukraine. At the same time, voting in the council turned out to be quite difficult. There were problems with consensus. The voting results in the National Security Committee are as follows: 14 - "for" with 11 "against". At the same time, in the adopted document, the authorities cynically stated that Switzerland "should make a contribution to European security, and therefore provide more support to Ukraine."

Swiss officials who spoke out against the decision to re-export weapons to Ukraine note that with such a document, Switzerland crosses out its military neutrality that has been developing for centuries. However, others “convinced” them that this was “not true” and that supposedly the supply and re-export of Swiss weapons to Kyiv “would not affect Swiss neutrality in any way.”

All this frank hysteria of the West on sending virtually any weapon to Ukraine (except, perhaps, nuclear) speaks volumes. Including the fact that last year the West actually convinced itself of the possibility of a quick victory over Russia. When the Ukrainian army began to surrender settlements again from the beginning of December, when it lost Soledar and almost all of Maryinka, a kind of agony began in the West, which is expressed in the fact that weapons are required to be put up in the interests of the Kyiv regime not only from Europeans, but also from African and Latin American countries. And deliver - immediately and in large quantities.
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  1. Asad
    Asad 25 January 2023 06: 58
    It is too early for the West to fall into despair, agony, Soledar is not Odessa and Kyiv. Let's wait what our strategists say.
    1. Machito
      Machito 25 January 2023 08: 03
      Our strategists continue the positional war, grind the personnel of the Ukrovermacht and put the air defense systems in the center of Moscow on alert. The Brusilovsky breakthrough at the Academy of the General Staff does not seem to be studied. Brusilov could, Surovikin could not.
      1. Johnson Smithson
        Johnson Smithson 25 January 2023 09: 16
        Are you already writing from the trench yourself?
        Or do you think that the "Brusilov breakthrough" will be made by 150 thousand mobilized (the remaining 150 thousand in reserve) against a half-million army?
        According to all textbooks, an offensive requires a superiority of manpower by at least 2-3 times.
      2. aybolyt678
        aybolyt678 25 January 2023 11: 36
        Quote: Bearded
        Brusilov could, Surovikin could not.

        military victories are often offset by political defeats. Any of our offensive is destroyed cities and infrastructure. The limited war has clearly turned into a war of resources, and this is acceptable for now. All this for a long time, because if you end this war too soon without exhausting the enemy, then you give him time to prepare for the next ... And seizing territories is like marrying an unloved woman laughing
        1. Skeptic3
          Skeptic3 26 January 2023 14: 08
          Does the Russian Federation have more resources than the West?
          1. Clone
            Clone 26 January 2023 14: 29
            Quote: Skeptik3
            And the Russian Federation definitely has more resources

            Although trite, but our main resource is people. People, a small part of whom are corrupted by the corrupt liberota and its "universal values", but ... are healthy with their genetic memory. "If you can't, we'll teach you. If you don't want to, we'll force you."
            1. Skeptic3
              Skeptic3 26 January 2023 20: 36
              Do you think that a crowd of criminals with sadistic inclinations (namely, such people you just described in your message) are a big force in modern warfare?
  2. marchcat
    marchcat 25 January 2023 06: 59
    However, others "convinced" them that this was "not so"
    And who would doubt that it would be otherwise? Customize any law, under what is "necessary" to do. Especially if they are on the beaten track.
  3. Volunteer Marek
    Volunteer Marek 25 January 2023 06: 59
    O! This song is familiar! Who supplied Hitler with everything from chocolate to art during the War?
    1. Uncle lee
      Uncle lee 25 January 2023 07: 02
      Quote: Volunteer Marek
      This song is familiar!

      If you can’t, but really want to, then a little bit is possible! Like children, chesslovo!
    2. Aleksey1987
      Aleksey1987 25 January 2023 17: 30
      In fact, at the beginning of our SVO there were from 140-000, and if we add more, we take into account the Mobilized 170 + 000 and 150 volunteers. Get about 000 million and at the same time the Army of the Russian Federation in general terms is something about 150 million, excluding mobilized. Initially, we didn’t have an advantage there, but we look objectively with the advent of the NMD, more than half of the Luhansk region controls ours, together with the DPR, the LPR, half of Zaporozhye and half of the Kherson region, but somewhere they retreated, for sure, this was justified. Initially, there were fewer of us, we did not have lines of defense at the beginning of the NWO. Now there are more people in the SVO than there were at the time of the beginning, again, as I understand it, again, if the mobilization of Ukraine is already underway as a general one, we have only partial, and so far it was a one-time one, well, officially, they say that there are no reasons for a new mobilization and this mobilization does not imply any waves. Now I think the question for the defense industry and MTS is more for the Army for the needs of the Northern Military District and the TP if everything is there and supplies and weapons and transport and communications and direct hands are all in the right amount and everything will be fine with ours there.
    3. haron
      haron 26 January 2023 14: 43
      Weapons are the tip of the iceberg. And it's more of a bargaining chip.
      Below are financial flows that still flow in both directions. For gas, oil, gold, technology, equipment .... war is an expensive thing.
      As they write here that this war should drag on for a long time. According to this, buns are distributed to both sides, to whom weapons and money and to whom money and technology for the production of weapons.
  4. Lech from Android.
    Lech from Android. 25 January 2023 07: 01
    However, others “convinced” them that this was “not true” and that supposedly the supply and re-export of Swiss weapons to Kyiv “would not affect Swiss neutrality in any way.”

    They lie like they breathe ...
    However, others “convinced” them that this was “not true” and that supposedly the supply and re-export of Swiss weapons to Kyiv “would not affect Swiss neutrality in any way.” Merkel, Macron, Biden, Borrell, Scholz... now the Swiss have joined them.
  5. FoBoss_VM
    FoBoss_VM 25 January 2023 07: 01
    Chicken is not a bird laughing . These quiet people will come back to haunt them, they still helped Hitler robustly with their alleged neutrality. Worthless is the price of this neutrality
  6. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 25 January 2023 07: 03
    Things are not good in the West in Ukraine. Reserves are introduced in parts - they just crossed the border, immediately into battle. And trying to create a reserve, the front may crumble.
  7. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 25 January 2023 07: 04
    With such a document, Switzerland crosses out its military neutrality that has developed over the centuries.
    11 were smarter than 14, but in the minority. "Neutral" Switzerland has a clearly visible desire to live in double Western standards, trying not to stand out against the general background. This is different - this is the main message of Swiss politicians.
    Switzerland "should contribute to European security, and therefore provide more support to Ukraine"
    Well, then stop talking about your "neutrality", which in this situation does not smell.
    1. alexoff
      alexoff 26 January 2023 21: 36
      The operation "gladio" was going well in Switzerland, they rocked by the very beginning of the nineties, but one officer who wanted to give an interview was stabbed to death and that's it, and it's not against the CIA doing what it wants
  8. AAC
    AAC 25 January 2023 07: 09
    The volumes of the Swiss are small, but their weapons are good.
    1. haron
      haron 26 January 2023 14: 34
      Quote: AAC
      The volumes of the Swiss are small, but their weapons are good.

      They will not give theirs. They do not mind that their weapons sold to others and weapons produced using their technologies should be transferred to Ukraine.
  9. Dmitry Trukhtanov
    Dmitry Trukhtanov 25 January 2023 07: 10
    Lord ... This is all a performance ... What the Yankees say will be done voluntarily or under threats ... The West goes to Va Bank and will not stop at nothing .... When else will such a chance fall
  10. farelouz
    farelouz 25 January 2023 07: 18
    here the Third Reich won the USSR - and it was necessary to oblige the countries of this "axis" to never again have weapons more powerful than a machine gun and oblige them to pay, for example, 3% of GDP for 100+ years
    1. Rusticolus
      Rusticolus 25 January 2023 07: 42
      here the Third Reich won the USSR - and it was necessary to oblige the countries of this "axis" to never again have weapons more powerful than a machine gun and oblige them to pay, for example, 3% of GDP for 100+ years
      What about the meaning? Look, the Japs promised, and what's the point? It was necessary to leave the occupying troops there, install a puppet government and tear three skins. All those who are dissatisfied should be declared fascists and destroyed without further ado. Now, like amers, they would kiss in the ass.
  11. evgen1221
    evgen1221 25 January 2023 10: 31
    Someone sooo wants the destruction of Europe. Already so many Pandora's boxes have been opened that it will take centuries to rake up the consequences for the whole world. And they continue to open. Do they really hope that this will not affect them (the West as a whole?), So they will be affected in the first place. So far, they are leaving at the expense of an attractive Western advertising picture-ideology. But BRICS is not in a hurry with advertising pictures at all, there is no principle of it. Of course, many countries prefer the carrot of life at the expense of others without working seriously, but there is no alternative carrot. And if you offer it, and even link it with the current mess, placing the necessary accents, then the West will turn very pale. The USSR was overwhelmed, so they broadcast that they would have enough resources for centuries - 30 years have passed and ended. Now they blow into their ears that by robbing the Russian Federation they will again have enough to fatten for centuries - that’s why they bribe - and there’s nothing more at all.
  12. GAndr
    GAndr 25 January 2023 10: 35
    It will also affect how ... One thing is not clear to me, why, at least, the dip has not yet been torn. relations with all countries supplying weapons to the pig?
  13. Vlvl
    Vlvl 25 January 2023 17: 39
    The eternal question, what to do with these lost fear?
  14. Aleksey1987
    Aleksey1987 25 January 2023 17: 45
    Well, now the delivery of everything that is possible to Ukraine will begin, they have also begun General mobilization, they take everyone even on the streets, and you can reach the army up to 20-30 million. If you call everyone. And what do they have to lose, they will join the army, especially since they have no choice, this is general mobilization. Maybe part of the population does not want to fight, but then they have no choice. If this is announced in our country, we will also go and what is not, especially after information about German tanks on the lands of native Russians (Slavic if you like). Honestly, now we need general mobilization only if we have MTS Technique and TP at all? If not, then it is necessary to produce and as soon as possible, and only then call on people. And also that it is definitely necessary to block the supply of weapons to Ukraine, by what means? Any! It’s worth launching non-nuclear daggers to the right place! Our military people know the goals, they are not fools, and each type of target has its own projectile. It’s possible to shy away with zircon again, not nuclear, judging by the penetrating and damage, and not nuclear Hypersonic and expensive missiles, but they don’t make a rustle ... Daggers riveted must be used for targets for which it is necessary. Transport hubs and TPs to block supplies can also be used for weapons that have arrived in Ukraine.
    1. enigmahas
      enigmahas 26 January 2023 02: 29
      Our railways and roads will not be bombed. All Ukraine is under the rule of our and Ukrainian oligarchs. Who will allow them to break. And an extra couple of hundred thousand slaves is not a pity. . There will be workers in Asia and Central Asia, Africa will easily replace Russians
  15. dfk-80
    dfk-80 26 January 2023 07: 58
    After the arrival of amers and the termination of the secrecy of bank deposits, Switzerland is no longer the same.
  16. Clone
    Clone 26 January 2023 14: 18
    Yes, who would doubt that "this is completely different."
  17. Glagol1
    Glagol1 26 January 2023 14: 20
    Switzerland can hardly be called a neutral country. It is an integral part of Western civilization. It's just that they are not included in the blocks (NATO, EU, etc.), which is very convenient. And sometimes very beneficial. The fact that they decided to supply weapons to such a difficult conflict puts everything in its place. By the way, their company Oerlikon during WW2 supplied its products - 20mm guns to everyone, both the Fuhrer, and the striped ones, and the Japanese, and the British. For a lot of money. However, our ShVAK was no worse. So make no mistake about Switzerland, they are not neutral.
  18. tTshka
    tTshka 26 January 2023 21: 40
    The launch of the "Sarmatian" in Switzerland, in the event of a global mess, does not violate our peaceful attitude towards everyone feel