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American edition: The final decision on the possible supply of M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine will be made this week

American edition: The final decision on the possible supply of M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine will be made this week

Delivery theme tanks Western production to Ukraine does not leave the pages of the press, since yesterday the topic of the American M2 Abrams MBTs has been added to the discussion of the possible transfer of German Leopard 1 tanks. The White House and the Pentagon gave the first comments on this matter.

The information that appeared the day before that US President Joe Biden allegedly approved the transfer of ten M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine as military assistance acted as a kind of trigger, after which several more statements were made about the supply of tanks from Europe, including from German Chancellor Scholz. However, the very issue of supplying American tanks to Kyiv has not been finally resolved, the United States has simply outlined its position.

According to Politico, the issue of a possible shipment of M1 Abrams tanks to Zelensky will be decided and, if a positive decision is made, this will be announced separately, presumably even this week. Moreover, the conversation is no longer ten, but about thirty tanks that will be purchased, and not taken from the presence of the American army.

US President Joe Biden's administration is considering sending about 30 Abrams tanks

- quotes the publication of the words of the representative of the White House.

The Pentagon confirmed that there is no final decision on sending tanks to Ukraine, so the issue of training Ukrainian crews to operate American tanks has not yet been discussed. According to US Department of Defense spokesman Patrick Ryder, there is also no decision yet on where the training will take place. However, he did not forget to remind that M1 Abrams tanks are very complex, so the Americans must make sure that the Ukrainian military can operate them and, most importantly, keep them in working order.

Whenever we provided Ukraine with any weapons systems, we provided them with training opportunities and technical support.

- he added.

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  1. Rusticolus
    Rusticolus 25 January 2023 06: 33
    Normally, liverwurst was bred like that. At first they said, of course, of course, we will deliver, so you can deliver. And as the liver began deliveries, they remembered that they didn’t want to supply ready-made tanks, they would wait until new ones were made, and it turns out that the crews on them would still have to be trained first. In the meantime, this and that, the can that promised to supply the tanks will no longer exist, and the new prezik did not promise anything to anyone, and was not going to supply anything at all. And so, yes, of course, we will put it, then, when realties, maybe. laughing
    1. carpenter
      carpenter 25 January 2023 06: 37
      Quote: Rusticolus
      Normally, liverwurst was bred like that.

      At least one good news in the morning that the horse sausage (I made a mistake liverny) as a village sucker was bred.
      1. Machito
        Machito 25 January 2023 06: 47
        Do you think that the Gruppenfuehrer does not understand that Germany is being stupidly bred into tanks for zeroing? He understands and comprehends everything. Poland has already demanded compensation from the European Union for Soviet tanks delivered to Ukraine. And who will ultimately pay for the banquet? Germany and France. The Tribaltics allocate so much money to the EU budget that it is hardly enough to buy a tank turret.
        Hedgehogs choked, but continued to eat cacti. am
        The assistant professor would force ... (C)
  2. YOUR
    YOUR 25 January 2023 06: 35
    Biden somehow not childishly developed a stormy activity in the supply of weapons to / to Ukraine. Why such haste? The throne does not seem to stagger, it trembles like that, but these are working moments, so to speak.
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 25 January 2023 08: 58
      The factor becomes a significant electoral advantage. Conditional major or final victory for the elections = victory in the elections.
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 25 January 2023 06: 37
    considering sending about 30 Abrams tanks
    At the same time, the issue of training Ukrainian crews has not even been considered yet. Then for whom do they plan to send or immediately with their crews? And will the repair and maintenance teams be American too? Let's see what exactly Biden will say and what terms he will determine. And the Germans were really bred notably, the Poles are delighted.
  4. Comrade
    Comrade 25 January 2023 06: 55
    Things are bad, you see, in Ukraine, since you only hear about Western tanks for Ukraine.

    On November 5 last year, the Pentagon officially announced that it did not intend to transfer American tanks to Ukraine. Two and a half months have passed, and now we are witnessing the tank hysteria raging in the West. The states, apparently under the pressure of the situation in the Donbass, changed their minds.
    Looks like they were seriously scared for their wards, since such a fuss went around the tanks. Recall how, in April last year, Zelya asked Johnson for "challengers", and he refused him. Nine months later, England not only gives its tanks, but also categorically demands the same from Germany.
  5. Volunteer Marek
    Volunteer Marek 25 January 2023 06: 56
    Want to know what the answer will be?
    Here, I'm also sure!
  6. AAC
    AAC 25 January 2023 07: 01
    This is us being ripped off. Look at our reaction. Two, three, four tanks. They don't react. Okay, let's put on a show. Hoba! And 200 tanks in one fell swoop. And yet - the crews are not ready. I understand that at 2A46 I was taught to shoot for 15 minutes. Turn here, turn here, press here, shot... But that didn't make me a tanker. If there are more complex systems, then 2-3 months of intensive retraining are thoroughly needed. A year from scratch. Or send ready-made crews. Or they are already teaching for abrams and leopards, and in parallel the red line is moving. Now the Americans promise to make 50 cars in a year, the Germans will fix 150 cars in a year, in short, hold on to Zelya for a year. Our generals calmly wrinkle their foreheads, in a year so in a year. A year will pass and then we will think. And then once ... how the black soil dries up (April-May) and the armada will go east. Well, we did not wait a year, sorry. Tanks are at the border. The whole point is to integrate them into one control system and crew training. Repairmen may be in Poland for the time being.

    This is a performance about tanks. Coming soon about planes.
    1. Uncle lee
      Uncle lee 25 January 2023 07: 08
      Quote: AAC
      This is a performance about tanks. Coming soon about planes.

      So it will come to tactical nuclear weapons ... A full-scale war is coming! am
      1. donavi49
        donavi49 25 January 2023 09: 03
        Why? At one time, South Africa in its New Africa faced a full-scale invasion of the army forces of Cuba, a mass of holidaymakers from the USSR, spontaneous aviation and air defense at modern complexes, Portuguese-speaking international brigades of mercenaries. AND? South Africa had enough nuclear bombs to turn all of Angola into radioactive ashes. Moreover, they could even reach out to Cuba and sniff Castro. But it wasn't even considered.
  7. Siberia55
    Siberia55 25 January 2023 07: 28
    no decision yet on where the training will take place

    Here is an exhaustive answer to the question whether there will be deliveries or not
  8. Bodipancher
    Bodipancher 25 January 2023 07: 32
    Apparently things are not going well with Zeli and Co. If the tanks are delivered quickly for our troops, this is normal, it will not work to train the crews with high quality and the tanks will burn very well. A picture for a Western layman will be what you need.
  9. alexey_444
    alexey_444 25 January 2023 07: 39
    When will they start delivering, how much can you cheat. The more expensive the war of the West against us will cost them, the sooner it will end. For us, the supply of self-propelled guns and all sorts of hail is more terrible. Also put planes, all the business of Europe will have to be transferred to America to compensate for the costs.
    1. Skeptic3
      Skeptic3 26 January 2023 22: 55
      For the Western economy, all assistance to Ukraine is very small amounts. order of measurement error. And it can continue on such a scale forever.
  10. Uprun
    Uprun 25 January 2023 07: 45
    It's all troublesome, both for them and for us. The latest news does not inspire optimism.
  11. ratoborets
    ratoborets 25 January 2023 08: 15
    Enough hatred. Any supply of arms must be taken extremely seriously.

    If something can be supplied, then sooner or later it will be delivered - this is the most sober attitude towards the supply of Western weapons. All these "red lines, taboos, agreements" are a scam for the Russian leadership.

    When at first NATO pretends: oh, we will not supply weapons for the offensive, only for defense.

    Then NATO: oh, we will deliver, but only old Soviet tanks, no Western supplies.
    Ours: there are not so many Soviet tanks in NATO countries and allies, they will soon run out.

    Then NATO: oh, we will supply a few more Leopards.
    Ours: a few Leopards will not make the weather. The United States breeds Germany for Leopards, but the Abrams themselves will not deliver.

    Then more and more NATO tanks appear on the battlefield.

    Then all of a sudden the US decides to supply the Abrams and all of a sudden the next day they are on the battlefield. Because they again played a performance with a drag in front of ours, when at that time they themselves quietly transported the Abrams and trained the Armed Forces of Ukraine to manage them.
    1. Sibiryak70region
      Sibiryak70region 25 January 2023 10: 26
      Now you can bring something "quietly" and "suddenly"? Everything is known to the relevant structures. It's another matter that the fans of the red lines don't have the courage to oppose this.
  12. Sibiryak70region
    Sibiryak70region 25 January 2023 10: 18
    And how it all began. We will give you gestures of goodwill, we will give you grain deals, we will give you Kherson and return the Nazis. We are good. We thought you did too. And you won what it turns out. It seems that our decision makers are guided by this logic good
  13. Brother Ibota
    Brother Ibota 25 January 2023 20: 23
    War is not an option, the savior said, and he was right. War is really not an option. You need to read the bible and look for the Lord God