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Compact Lebedev pistol: Russian copy of the Glock or a full-fledged replacement for the PM

Compact Lebedev pistol: Russian copy of the Glock or a full-fledged replacement for the PM

The Lebedev pistol has been developed since 2014. There are already several models in the line, one of which - the compact Lebedev pistol - is considered in his video by the host of the Lazarev Tactical YouTube channel Konstantin Lazarev.

The expert noted that many people compare the PLC with the Austrian Glock, which is not accidental. Indeed, in 2014, a request was received from the Russian security forces to develop a pistol like the Glock.

Meanwhile, according to Lazarev, the similarity of the PLC with the famous Austrian pistol lies only in the form of the shutter and the principle of operation - the striker.

In turn, a serious advantage of the Russian pistol, according to Lazarev, is a soft trigger. In addition, unlike the Glock, the PLC has a very comfortable handle.

Tellingly, the compact Lebedev pistol belongs to sports (in Russia, this category includes all civilian weapon). At the same time, according to Lazarev, he would rather fit the role of a pistol for the military or security officials. For example, instead of the obsolete PM.

Among the advantages of the PLC over the Makarov pistol, the expert singled out the same softness of the trigger, ergonomics, weight and size characteristics and the 9 × 19 mm Parabellum cartridge.

In addition, the PLC provides for a Picatinny rail, which, as the expert noted, is again more typical for military pistols than for civilian ones.

The expert demonstrates all the possibilities of the PLC in his video:


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  1. fa2998
    fa2998 24 January 2023 18: 46
    The Glock has been on the market for several decades, in service around the world, and we all focus on it. The gun is not bad, it’s just that everything has stopped with us. Now the Glock of the 80s is a model of perfection. Well, anyway. hi
    1. KCA
      KCA 24 January 2023 18: 59
      We focus not technically, but on the class of weapons
      1. agond
        agond 24 January 2023 19: 11
        "a Picatinny rail is provided," that's what the MPu lacked. !!! It will be necessary to take this bar somewhere and screw it in the garden to a shovel handle in order to change choppers for rakes, rakes for pitchforks, pitchforks for shovels.
        1. Nexcom
          Nexcom 24 January 2023 19: 47
          screw the collimator onto the shovel, otherwise you will miss the head of cabbage ... laughing
        2. Alien From
          Alien From 24 January 2023 23: 36
          And for another 20 years this bar will be centered on the rake. Idiocy.
    2. Greenell
      Greenell 24 January 2023 19: 17
      The Glock of the 80's is not much different from the Glock of the 20's, this also applies to other modern Browning pistols. Mounts for collimators and underbarrel flashlights / lasers are now the standard.
      1. KCA
        KCA 24 January 2023 19: 47
        I didn’t serve myself, but it’s as if a circle of comrades served in the non-departmental / National Guard, for all these fastenings they would hit cuffs, very hard, in the dash a cool weight, but in the city, when you need to either hit the forehead or shoot from 1 -2-3 meters collimator, yes, that's it, when they gave out PP-2000 instead of AKSU, they cried, but what, they gave AKSU in the forehead and in handcuffs, but why this crap?
        1. Alien From
          Alien From 24 January 2023 23: 38
          Interestingly, PP 2000 was given to whom? They were even able to make a few per country.
          1. KCA
            KCA 25 January 2023 04: 02
            In our city, just the entire non-departmental one from AKSU to PP-2000 was re-equipped, which I wrote about
    3. Hunter 2
      Hunter 2 24 January 2023 20: 39
      What do you have against the Glock? Yearly car. 19 model - just gorgeous!
      The Lebedev pistol is a high-quality weapon, but without a twist. There is GSh 18 - a much better sample.
      1. Alien From
        Alien From 24 January 2023 23: 40
        Who held a glock in his hand, he will understand. The rest is how to compare a Lada and a Mercedes.
      2. would
        would 25 January 2023 12: 09
        Alas, the GSh-18, on the contrary, are known for their terrible workmanship.
    4. Georgy Sviridov_2
      Georgy Sviridov_2 25 January 2023 17: 34
      Well, even in the 80s, he lost a Beretta competition for the US Army, and about 3 years ago he lost the competition again to the zigzauer ... He is simply widely known to an inexperienced public.
  2. egorMTG
    egorMTG 24 January 2023 19: 24
    - I wonder if the soldiers of the line units conducting assault operations in buildings and in the trenches on the front line are allowed to have pistols in case of failure of standard weapons, lack of a cartridge ...? Special Forces and PMCs - do not count!
    1. Georgy Sviridov_2
      Georgy Sviridov_2 25 January 2023 17: 46
      What does allowed mean? Regularly they don’t give privates, but if this is a trophy, who will take it from you on the front end?
      Another question is that it’s better to take a few more magazines for the machine gun than to take this pistol ...
      Now the soldiers are quite well equipped ... The gun will most likely not pierce the helmet, the armor will not pierce for sure, the machine gun, if it does not pierce the armor, then the burst will knock down and disorient the person for sure, the sight, but in response he will definitely not be able to fire ...
      I still understand a pistol to a sniper, or let's say a machine gunner with RMB, yes, because the situations are different, there may not be a change in the time tape ...
      Moreover, yes, to the machine gunner, but if I were a sniper, then I would try not to find a gun, but an ax-74u or which of the 100th series ... Yes, this is with a BC kg of 5 weight, but if you are conducting an assault, then it’s definitely useless more than from a pistol ... Yes, and in terms of drg ...
      For heavy snipers who work from afar, not from the first line, the gun is justified for them.
  3. Paul Siebert
    Paul Siebert 24 January 2023 19: 30
    How I like the Lebedev machine!
    Compact, grippy, aesthetic!
    Shot from this gun in a dash. Just an extension of the hand! And with a very comfortable return.
    Not like the Yarygin misunderstanding ...
    1. Alien From
      Alien From 25 January 2023 04: 48
      I agree! hi my personal choice for ergonomics in hand:
      1. Parabellum
      2. Glock 17
      3. Beretta 92
      He held in his hands more than 25 models.
      1. Georgy Sviridov_2
        Georgy Sviridov_2 25 January 2023 17: 52
        And what's ergonomic in the Glock? Well, a tuning car is suitable for it, I understand everything, but in terms of ergonomics, the stock glock will never even come close to a beret or chz75 ... But what can I say, if the palm is not directly huge, then the PM lies better than the glock.
    2. Georgy Sviridov_2
      Georgy Sviridov_2 25 January 2023 17: 50
      To be honest, I shot from a bunch of everything, I didn’t shoot from five. But authority figures say it's very comfortable...
      What is inconvenient is the glock ... The square frame is just awful ...
      As a shooting gallery owner, I understand that the glock has the longest life of all pistols with multiple bursts...
      But for myself, even in civilian life, even for military operations, I would never take a Glock if I had a choice.
  4. fiv
    fiv 24 January 2023 19: 41
    Without a capacious market for firearms, the development of the gun business is doubtful. I don’t want to bring up the topic of selling firearms, including short-barreled weapons, to citizens again, but Russia is missing some opportunities
    1. Georgy Sviridov_2
      Georgy Sviridov_2 25 January 2023 17: 54
      Why sell civilian short-barreled? Moreover, if you are an athlete, then you can buy a gun, you just won’t keep it at home, but in a sports club ...
  5. dump22
    dump22 24 January 2023 19: 41
    many compare the PLC with the Austrian Glock

    Or maybe just a "dac-scratch" Glock and that's it?
    As part of "compulsory licensing"?
    Slightly modified for our technologies and put into production.
    Why reinvent the wheel?
    1. Georgy Sviridov_2
      Georgy Sviridov_2 25 January 2023 17: 59
      There’s a barrel technology that’s valuable in the Glock, and without it, scratch-scratches are better than something else, although I don’t see the point in poking something, we have a carload of good pistols ...
      Starting from OTs-27, and SR-1, to GSh-18, boa constrictor and plc ... If there is also a sports swift ... If you set the task for factories not to cut the price, but to raise the quality of processing, then you don’t need to “file” them will be, and if you set the task of cutting the tsana, then no matter what the scratch-scratch is, you will still have to "file" it.
  6. Bolt cutter
    Bolt cutter 24 January 2023 19: 43
    in the PLC, unlike the Glock, there is a very comfortable handle.
    At Glock'a it is also very convenient.
    1. Georgy Sviridov_2
      Georgy Sviridov_2 25 January 2023 18: 01
      No, it’s a tuning car on a glock, but the stock glock is the most inconvenient of modern ones, and not even modern ones, only tt with an almost straight handle is worse.
  7. Vladimir_2U
    Vladimir_2U 25 January 2023 03: 32
    What is a "striker"? Is it a drummer? Take such iksperds who do not know domestic terms seriously - like fu ...
    1. aszzz888
      aszzz888 26 January 2023 02: 23

      Vladimir_2U (Vladimir)
      Yesterday, 03: 32
      What is a "striker"? Is it a drummer? Take such iksperds who do not know domestic terms seriously - like fu ...
      I absolutely agree with you. They hired someone for voice acting, being too lazy to teach him the most direct movements when handling a short barrel.
  8. Ingenegr
    Ingenegr 25 January 2023 17: 49
    Since when Konstantin was transferred to the category of experts, may I ask?
    Meanwhile, according to Lazarev, the similarity of the PLC with the famous Austrian pistol lies only in the form of the shutter and the principle of operation - the striker.

    No real expert will allow himself to mock the terminology like this: "the principle of work is the striker." This is the jargon of "experts", through the efforts of which terms like "round / square crap" or "light crap / heavy crap" - "lighter / heavy" will soon be almost officially introduced.
  9. aszzz888
    aszzz888 26 January 2023 02: 21
    Pretty strange movements, which are 100% redundant. (in the video). Apparently an expert laughing after sending the cartridge into the chamber, for some reason, it again double-checks the presence of a cartridge in the barrel, slightly opening the receiver cover again. And the cherry on the cake - hits the lid of the receiver in the back of the head. Why is it asked? Or cartridges of the wrong caliber ?, which I immediately brush aside, or just stupid ignorance when handling a short barrel, which is a more acceptable version. And he is still trying to teach someone.