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To award posthumously with the presentation ...

July 13, 1942 at the commander’s platoon tanks LF Lieutenant Konovalov did not ask. In the battle on the eve of his KV received several hits of German shells, which led to a violation of the fuel supply to the engine. The malfunction seems to have been eliminated, but on the march as part of the brigade, the fuel supply again stopped. The car stood near the Nizhnemityakinskoye farm (Tarasovsky district of the Rostov region).

To award posthumously with the presentation ...

Tank KV-1 takes the line of attack.

Pushkin's commander-15 couldn't wait. He ordered Lieutenant Serebryakov to help Konovalov with repairs, warned about the possible appearance of the Germans (there was no solid front line here), in which case their advancement should be delayed for the maximum possible time, and the crew left for the destination.

Together, the tank crews fixed the car and were about to go after their own, but at that moment two German armored cars appeared on the nearest knoll. While the Germans were analyzing the situation, Konovalov had knocked out one armored car, while the second managed to escape. It was not possible to contact our people by radio: the brigade had already gone far. It remained to carry out the order on their own.

The next day, the brigade reconnaissance team inspected the battlefield. The turret and mehvodovsky hatches of a burned-out tank, which had been burned out by German shells, were closed. Interviewed locals added details. Kombrigu was reported on the feat and the heroic death of the crew — commander Konovalov, senior mechanic officer Kozyrentsev, commander of the gun Dementiev, loading Gerasimlyuk, junior mechanic director Akinin, and radio telegraphist Chervinsky, along with the brigade technician Serebryakovy who was with them. And the telegrams flew, relatives familiar to notify ...

Fallen fortress.

Description of the feat of the award list (spelling and punctuation preserved):
"13 July 1942 of the year, in the district of N-MITYAKINSKOE 2, tank" KV "lnta KONOVALOVA stood because of a malfunction after the battle. The crew restored the tank on their own. At this time 2 German armored vehicles appeared. Comrade KONOVALOV The 1 immediately opened fire and the car was set on fire, the second quickly disappeared. Following the armored cars, a moving column of tanks appeared, first 35 machines, and then another 40. Progress towards the village. LNT KONOVALOV, using the advantageous position of his masked tank, decided take the fight. Letting the first column of tanks on the 500-600 meters, the crew of the KV opened fire. The 4 tank was destroyed by direct fire. The convoy didn’t accept the battle, returned back. But after a while, the village was attacked by 55 tanks. The LNT KONOVALOV decided to continue the fight against the armored vehicles of the German fascist invaders, despite this overwhelming superiority. The heroic crew set fire to the 6 tanks again, which made it roll back a second time. The enemy is making a third attack. Heroes-tankers, led by their Komsomol commander Comrade. KONOVALOVYY, are firing at the tanks and cars pr-ka to the last shell. They also destroy 6 enemy tanks, 1 armored vehicles and 8 vehicles with enemy soldiers and officers. The Soviet fortress is silent. The Nazis open fire from 105mm guns, which pull up to the tank at a distance of 75 meters. The crew of the tank with the Hero-commander Lieutenant KONOVALOVY along with the tank died in this unequal battle. Defending our Motherland from the German invaders, ln nt KONOVALOV showed courage, unshakable resilience, selfless heroism. For the heroism shown in defending the Motherland, Comrade. KONOVALOV is worthy of the posthumous assignment of the title "THE HERO OF THE SOVIET UNION" with the award of the Order of LENIN and the GOLD STAR Medal.

Prize list on Konovalov.

The phrase of Vasilkov’s battalion commander “is worthy of posthumous appropriation ... with awarding” was partly prophetic.

After repeated direct hits completely immobilized the tank, and the ammunition came to an end, Konovalov ordered: after the last shot, the crew immediately leaves the car through the emergency hatch in the bottom. The last shot of the KV cannon almost coincided with the first shot of the Germans pulled up to shoot a malicious fortress at close range of a 105-millimeter cannon.

And nevertheless, the three who did not die immediately managed to get out of the car, removing one of the machine guns from it: the commander, the Serebryakov technician and the Dementiev turret. They crawled away to a safe place, and at nightfall they began to make their way east to their own.

Fearing betrayal and captivity, they tried not to go into the settlements, ate literally pasture food - raw grain, grass. On the fourth day of the journey, three tank crews found a German tank, invitingly standing with open hatches.

Rightly judging that it is better to go any way than to go, the tank crews decided to “take” it. Creeping up to the car, Serebryakov scored one tankman guarding it with the butt of a machine gun, and Dementiev laid down the second of the gun. Meanwhile, Konovalov shot the commander and driver of the enemy machine. Tankers brought the captured trophy and at full throttle moved to their.

So, on the enemy machine, successfully avoiding the fire of anti-tank weapons on both sides, they came out, or rather, drove out to their own ones, rejoicing that the crazy Fritz had come to surrender. True, they came quite far from the location of their brigade, and were enrolled in the new unit.

The impudence of Semen Konovalov was appreciated: he commanded the trophy for about a month, knocking with it in the battles of at least three German tanks.

After clarifying all the circumstances, the submission to the Hero was not rewritten, and the Decree was signed on March 31 of 1943.

Semen Vasilievich Konovalov

Semyon Vasilievich Konovalov reached Victory and in 1946, he was transferred to the reserve. However, in 1950, he was again called in, two years later he graduated from the Leningrad Higher Officer Armored School, but after the beginning of the Khrushchev army reduction in 1956, Lieutenant-Colonel Konovalov was finally dismissed.

Donkey Konovalov in Kazan, where 25 worked for years as a senior engineer at one of the factories. He led a large public work, often spoke to young people, was a non-staff lecturer of the society "Knowledge". Died hero 4 April 1989, was buried in Kazan at Arsk cemetery.

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  1. Sakhalininsk
    Sakhalininsk 13 November 2012 08: 58
    Only the lines of Lermontov can be summarized ... Yes, there were people in our time ....
    Eternal glory and memory to HEROES!
    1. Mikado
      Mikado 13 November 2012 09: 43
      Really. I immediately remember the story of one of our huntsmen who, by sniper fire from the fishing line for a day, delayed the advancement of Napoleon’s army, then the Frenchmen buried him with honors of the marshal. Such people have always been and, I hope, have.
    2. QW4238
      QW4238 13 November 2012 14: 16
      I think that we will be given the opportunity to prove ourselves
      1. klimpopov
        klimpopov 13 November 2012 16: 44
        Wanted to fight?
    3. klimpopov
      klimpopov 13 November 2012 16: 45
      Yes, you need to know the heroes. But I will just be silent.
  2. kov
    kov 13 November 2012 09: 07
    Eternal memory to the Heroes !!

    A couple of videos about the HF of those years

  3. mar.tira
    mar.tira 13 November 2012 09: 14
    Wow!!!! Even with difficulty I believe that he piled so much German shit! And he remained alive. Fate! Hatred of the enemy! And surely competent preparation! How many already seemingly hopeless situations. Here is an example!
  4. Lavrik
    Lavrik 13 November 2012 09: 20
    I heard a lot about KV armor, but the first time I saw such a photograph - with traces of fascist shells. This allowed the tank crew to leave alive and perform a number of feats. Fantasy!!!
    1. sq
      sq 13 November 2012 09: 47
      Not fiction, but the competent use of the capabilities of the machine
      1. Oles
        Oles 13 November 2012 12: 37
        well then literate .. have become in one place and that’s all ....... it’s illiterate on the contrary .. they’ve killed the car and that’s all ......
        1. mar.tira
          mar.tira 13 November 2012 14: 11
          quote = Oles] they killed the car and that’s all ... [/ quote]
          It is strange that you have to learn common truths! They should have been draping after the first shot. This is only the Georgians can do. In that situation, just stand to death. Kill as many enemies as possible, save comrades from the rear, not sparing ourselves. And thus bring closer the day of victory for our people
        2. sq
          sq 13 November 2012 14: 45
          And what they - rushing around the field, or what? The chassis of the HF is not so hot in many reviews, and they became there because of the chassis. They fixed it, but the question is how, maybe the tank could only crawl to its own. Turn around and leave? Then a prince will fly a brainbird and plant on the tonsils. In my opinion, the literacy of their decision was that they used reliable KV armor and shot from a place, which greatly increased the accuracy of hits. If I'm wrong correct.
          1. Oles
            Oles 14 November 2012 11: 36
            a feat of a soldier .. it’s someone’s flaw in the headquarters ...... but it was necessary to dump it unambiguously ..... threw a couple of Germans .. and on the heel .. it says that the forest was nearby .. he’s not in the field sat like a finger .. it’s clearly visible ... a lot of heroism .. but there’s no tactical training .... however, it always has been like this with us ...
          2. vyatom
            vyatom 14 November 2012 15: 29
            You probably outplayed the world of tanks, comrade.
            Less sit at the computer, land.
        3. ikrut
          ikrut 14 November 2012 04: 24
          And as for me - VERY competently fought. Maximized the benefits of their car. Powerful reservations in ambush conditions. It was possible to EFFECTIVELY use the entire BC. Confirmation of this - a bunch of dead enemy equipment.
          Although, I can understand Oles' motivation in writing foul comments. He would. probably saved his skin first. I would save the car - I would sit out in the bushes.
          But such people won the war. like Konovalov, and people like this "olis" hardly ever fought. Is that somewhere in Dushanbe with women and small children.
          I am proud of our Heroes. I bow to them.
          1. Oles
            Oles 14 November 2012 11: 32
            I live in a squirrel .. and only a dumb person in our country will go to war for our elite .... through and through rotten selling rot .... especially considering the level of our army .. (zero), its rotten equipment of the level of the 50s and the competency of the general level a la kndr forever drunken thieves a la maltese and others like him ....
            1. vyatom
              vyatom 14 November 2012 15: 30
              Are you talking about the Bulbash army?
              1. Oles
                Oles 14 November 2012 16: 57
                absolutely right ....
      2. Witch
        Witch 13 November 2012 14: 33
        Proper use of technology is the key to victory.
        It was not for nothing that the well-trained flyers on the I-15 and I-16 shot down the Messers, and on the 26th and BT-shkah dyubs successfully fought until 42-43. Yes, and in battles with the Yap, the T-34 was not always used ....
  5. AK-74-1
    AK-74-1 13 November 2012 09: 22
    Great man Semyon Vasilievich! His portrait should be placed in the history books next to Lavrinenkov, Pokryshkin and other heroes who fought for their homeland!
  6. Bigriver
    Bigriver 13 November 2012 09: 46
    Interestingly, such cases in the Red Army were decent.
    But, I do not know about a single case of such selflessness in amers, shaving or others.
    A platoon, a company, a bat, to rest against a horn and stand to death - it happened. But the crew - no.
  7. JonnyT
    JonnyT 13 November 2012 09: 51
    The first time I read this story !!!! In an unequal battle, he destroyed a large number of the enemy and survived! Really nice warrior !!!
  8. 8 company
    8 company 13 November 2012 10: 39
    The author of the article is grateful for the serious approach and the use of original primary source documents. To the heroes - a deep bow and admiration for courage and military skill. And the question is: why shoot fiction like "White Tiger" when real stories are at hand more abruptly than any fiction?
    1. Bigriver
      Bigriver 13 November 2012 10: 58
      8 company
      There is such a x / f film "Tank Klim Voroshilov-2"
      As I understand it, the film was based on a real story in the Baltic, in the summer of 41.
      Raseiniai KV-2 against the Kampfgruppe "Raus" of the 6th Panzer Division of the Wehrmacht.
      Well, in the film, the truth is heaped up all that is superfluous :))
      Post-perestroika filmets.
      1. Volozhanin
        Volozhanin 13 November 2012 12: 54
        by the way GOOD FILM, takes a soul
      2. Lexx
        Lexx 13 November 2012 14: 14
        This is the scenario to shoot "Tank Klim Voroshilov-1"
  9. Alone
    Alone 13 November 2012 10: 40
    Most importantly, I decided not to retreat (run away) in front of the column of German tanks! An extremely bold step, in my opinion. Well, the tank is, of course, good.
  10. hohryakov066
    hohryakov066 13 November 2012 10: 44
    Honor and glory to the Heroes! Remember forever! Not only that, they also crushed the tank in battle and stole it after it! No wonder the Caucasians are still afraid!
  11. Lech e-mine
    Lech e-mine 13 November 2012 10: 50
    Cool - this is NOT PUSSY RICE for you (JO .. SING IN THE CHURCH OF THREE)
    A cool action movie can be made about this HERO.
    Hopefully someday it will be.
  12. merkel1961
    merkel1961 13 November 2012 11: 13
    The article is the best answer to the detractors of domestic tank building and the supporters of poor training of personnel in the moral and technical plan. Glory to the Heroes!
  13. Krilion
    Krilion 13 November 2012 11: 29
    only Russians are capable of such a feat ... serious things need to be made about such things ...
    1. bask
      bask 13 November 2012 13: 33
      Krillion I agree Russian-Soviet tank heroes .. And who will now say that KV 1 and T34 are not the best tanks ..2nd World War. At least one, Sherman, Cherchel, etc. ... Was capable of such a thing. This is described the case is 42 years old. But there are 41 years ..8 there are 88mm hits about .. guns and one penetration, 10 destroyed T3 and T4 Germans ... That's how Russian tankers and Soviet equipment fought !!!
  14. Simon
    Simon 13 November 2012 11: 44
    Glory to the heroes!!! How many such similar unknown heroic situations were during the years of World War II, how many Heroes of soldiers did not survive until the Victory.
  15. Badger
    Badger 13 November 2012 11: 44
    About a year earlier, the described feat, another happened, near Leningrad. The crew of the tanker Kolabanov, and also on the HF. There are many articles on the internet describing their feat.
    1. Dimych
      Dimych 13 November 2012 13: 49
      There Kolabanov, here Konovalov, there is HF, and here is HF. And the exploits are similar. There are such coincidences.
  16. xan
    xan 13 November 2012 11: 51
    competent use of the capabilities of the machine
    the war was won by those who in 41 rested their horn and did not run, but fought in any conditions
    almost none of these dead survived, but they won their war
    like ours at the beginning of the war in the KV, the Germans fought in the end on tigers, but this did not help them
    1. neri73-r
      neri73-r 13 November 2012 14: 03
      the war was won by those who in 41 rested their horn and did not run, but fought in any conditions

      Yes, the war knocked out the best, passionaries, and this was the calculation of the Anglo-Saxons, but it didn’t work out with us a little, but with the Germans, yes, they made universal people out of them !!!
  17. Skavron
    Skavron 13 November 2012 12: 10
    By the way, yes, I would like to be more thin. films about our heroes, shot by our people, and not "comedies" such as "the enemy at the gates."
    Here, if you dig around, then so many ready-made scripts can be found. The author is definitely a plus! Well, glory to the heroes !!!
  18. zavesa01
    zavesa01 13 November 2012 12: 35
    First, make a film about "Battalion of Glory"

    If memory serves, then according to the memory of J.Ya. Kotina KV - 1 left the battle once having marks on board from more than 300 hits.
    I also remember reading how HF stalled in the neutral band. The Germans decided to drag our tank. Hooked on a tow, but could not pull it off, they drove one more tank then another. As a result, 3 German tanks in a train dragged our tank to themselves, but a mechanic driver from a pusher launched a diesel engine. HF rushed towards their trenches, the German crews jumped out of their tanks on the go. And KV dragged three German tanks to their positions.
    The book in my opinion is called "Constructor of combat vehicles"
    1. AK-74-1
      AK-74-1 13 November 2012 13: 50
      I read about the case with towing described by you. And I heard it on "Star". In general, "Zvezda" is a unique channel. Shoigu should have saved it.
  19. Bigriver
    Bigriver 13 November 2012 13: 34
    KV - 1 left the battle once having marks on board from more than 300 hits ...

    Actually, it says a lot to the minus tank. This means that neither the driver, nor the commander, nifiga can see where the artillery battery or individual guns are pounding from them. And the tank cannot fulfill its main task - to crush firing points with fire and goose-dogs, first of all.
    1. Skavron
      Skavron 13 November 2012 14: 15
      And who says that he did not push? Perhaps he crushed ... and beat ...
  20. viktor_ui
    viktor_ui 13 November 2012 13: 57
    BigRiver - put a well-deserved minus as the next expert in real tank battles ... go ahead in that direction.
    1. Bigriver
      Bigriver 13 November 2012 14: 18
      Thank you.
      Your assessment of life was not enough for me.
      I will put you a plus. He, of course, is not well-deserved, but it is an advance that stimulates your thinking process.
      Answer essentially put another 1+
  21. Alex 241
    Alex 241 13 November 2012 14: 51
    Here is another example of courage, unknown pages of history.
    1. igordok
      igordok 13 November 2012 17: 01
      What time about this feat. But every time with pleasure !!! True, in this film adaptation I look for the first time. Thank.
  22. sergant89
    sergant89 13 November 2012 15: 04
    Quote: Company 8
    And the question is: why shoot fiction like "White Tiger" when real stories are at hand more abruptly than any fiction?
    Absolutely, you noticed that I agree on 1000%, and about modern heroes you can shoot so much and say green American paper.
  23. Alex 241
    Alex 241 13 November 2012 15: 14
    1. Brother Sarych
      Brother Sarych 13 November 2012 20: 07
      They discussed this more than once - there was no such case, this one journalist came up with the purely selfish purpose of sticking to the theme of heroism ...
  24. zavesa01
    zavesa01 13 November 2012 15: 35
    Quote: BigRiver
    Actually, it says a lot to the minus tank.

    The crew is possible, but this only speaks to the tank as a plus. And in my opinion, the tank was used in the same way, i.e. like a pillbox.
    1. Bigriver
      Bigriver 13 November 2012 15: 53

      All, unfortunately, the Red Army tanks suffered from very weak and inadequate means of monitoring the battlefield. Here, I did not voice any sensation, this is a known fact.
      In KV-1/2, the review was, of course, a bit better, and the crew should be more prepared. In general, it would be nice to link to this HF with three hundred hits.
      But, and so it is clear that this is the period until the summer of 42, and most likely, the tank participated in a counterattack.
      By the way, pay attention: three hundred hits on board!
      Not even in the tank, but on one side projection.
      That is, the tank left without maneuvering, getting on board from the VET, most likely, but did not feel anything?
  25. borisst64
    borisst64 13 November 2012 15: 45
    The award sheet was born in 1920, and in the Red Army since 1930. Error or since childhood served?
  26. Andy
    Andy 13 November 2012 16: 19

    about the crew of another Qu ... I used to read it on another site (it’s better stated, but now, alas, I could not find the original)
  27. Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 13 November 2012 19: 15
    strong article ... thanks to the author, here you need to study similar articles at school, let the children know their real heroes ...
  28. zavesa01
    zavesa01 13 November 2012 19: 50
    In the memoirs of J.Ya. Kotina says that during the tests of the KV, NONE of the anti-tank guns of that time could penetrate the armor at distances of more than 100 meters. The problem was that the fragments of the armor severely injured the crew. In reality, he began to give up positions when the Germans had tigers and panthers. Another drawback was its low speed, which is why it began to lose to the T-34. However, it was on its chassis that the ISU - 152 "St. John's wort" was made. Its direct descendant IS is generally a masterpiece.
    1. Bigriver
      Bigriver 14 November 2012 05: 55
      when testing the HF, the ANTI-tank gun of that time could not penetrate armor at distances of more than 100 meters. The problem was that fragments of armor severely injured the crew. In fact, he began to lose ground when the Germans appeared tigers and panthers.

      All the two years that the KV-1 was produced, the GABTU, the military and the State Defense Committee were constantly struggling with the "raw" state of the tank.

      We look at the Report of the head of the armored directorate of the South-Western Front to the head of the GABTU KA on July 3, 1941:
      "... Thus, it can be seen that, despite the powerful armor, weapons and heroism of individual crews, KB tanks did not play any significant role in the summer battles of 1941. The main part of these vehicles was out of order for technical reasons, due to illiterate operation, In addition, the Germans, having found out that it was impossible to fight with conventional anti-tank weapons in KB, successfully used 88-mm Flak36 anti-aircraft guns against these tanks. Moreover, complete air supremacy made it possible to use them to combat tanks all air defense divisions. "

      As can be seen from the document, constructive criticism and assessment, based on real combat use, even during the Second World War, was not considered an attempt on the foundations of Soviet power :)
      But, here the members of the forum, the point of view on the question is different hi

      After almost a year.
      June 5, 1942 the chairman of GKO I.V. Stalin signed Decree No. 1878ss as follows:

      "The experience of the combat use of the KV-1 in military units revealed the following shortcomings of the KV:
      1) The large weight of the tank (47,5 tons), which reduces its operational efficiency and complicates the conditions of combat operation;
      2) Insufficient reliability of the gearbox due to insufficient strength of the gears of the first and slow gears and the crankcase;
      3) The insufficiently intensive operation of the engine cooling system, as a result of which it is often necessary to switch speeds from higher to lower, which leads to a reduction in average speeds and limits the ability to fully utilize engine power;
      4) Insufficient all-round visibility of the tank due to the inconvenient location of sighting devices and the absence of a commander’s turret.

      And then the team arrived to release the KV-1C with lightweight booking.
  29. Brother Sarych
    Brother Sarych 13 November 2012 20: 05
    Much earlier - try reading something more serious! For example, why there was a need to remove the tank from the assembly line, why it was necessary to modernize so hastily and what it ultimately led to ...
    By the way, ISU-152 is not based on HF, based on HF did SU-152 ...
  30. zavesa01
    zavesa01 13 November 2012 20: 13
    Quote: Brother Sarich
    By the way, ISU-152 is not based on HF, based on HF did SU-152 ...

    Sorry, of course SU. I have already 4 nights. However, the tank for its time is simply wonderful. At the beginning of the war he had no equal.
  31. tetrarx
    tetrarx 13 November 2012 22: 12
    I read the comments of some people I want to say that the tank apt very well suited to the first days of the war. THIS !!! the Germans had no heavy tank, there were no analogues of such equipment; all sorts of m 3 and m 4 early modifications could not help him. But why would a heavy tank leave if it has superiority in everything in this battle. And people were heroes and not cowards and knew what the Motherland was. And to roll a cannon to the tank and shoot into a tight one when the tank is already empty, everyone can shame the Germans here.
    1. Ramses_IV
      Ramses_IV 14 November 2012 03: 55
      Yes, that's for sure. As they say, any donkey can kick a dead lion
  32. bistrov.
    bistrov. 13 November 2012 22: 36
    I read the article, although I had read it before, something else struck me, for some reason no one talks about it, these people, in addition, captured the enemy's tank and then fought on it. Just amazing composure and heroism. It was simply impossible to defeat such people, and it is not surprising that we won this war. And for a long time I wanted to say that after the war all these people returned to peaceful work, and without experiencing any "syndrome", and some fought for several years, and then did not manage to get to Afghanistan or Chechnya, after several months of hostilities they become an alcoholic or a drug addict, or even the roof goes. No, after all, they were amazing people!
  33. Bosk
    Bosk 14 November 2012 00: 58
    Heroes!, And if only for this story to make a film ... and even with live KV-1 .... By the way, on the subject of the tank ... the tank is good, but at that time it’s just wonderful, what they say about the transmission and the engine ... this I think the trouble of all tanks with poor supply and maintenance, and the first year of the war when the front was constantly changing and therefore the supply and maintenance was not the best, it was a common problem ...
  34. Shilovr
    Shilovr 14 November 2012 01: 56
    A great idea with the movie!
  35. Badger
    Badger 14 November 2012 11: 44
    Oles, in your opinion, to see, they had to sit out, calm down somewhere, or even better to slope? And eat stolen stew somewhere in the Tashkent region! It is in the spirit of office plankton.
  36. Badger
    Badger 14 November 2012 12: 04
    OlesYou are a fool! This in peace time should not be a place of achievement! A feat in peacetime is always the result of someone’s negligence, sloppiness, stupidity! And in war, when the enemy is against you, and the enemy is not stupid and not cowardly without a feat! And you are an ignoramus, and you successfully slanted from the army, right?
  37. vladimirZ
    vladimirZ 14 November 2012 13: 38
    Hero Konovalov S.V. - tank ace of the USSR, one of the top ten.
    In one battle, 16 tanks, not counting armored personnel carriers and vehicles with infantry, is one of the records.
    It is bad that we do not know the names of such Heroes. The names of Lavrinenko, Konovalov and other bright Heroes must be in school history textbooks.
    Young people should know and learn from the exploits of our Heroes.
  38. Shkodnik65
    Shkodnik65 14 November 2012 14: 14
    Respect and respect for the author of the article. And about the crew, the film would be very appropriate. Well, there are not enough good tapes about REAL feats. They shoot all sorts of crap, such as "Bastards", etc.
  39. zavesa01
    zavesa01 14 November 2012 17: 12
    Quote: bistrov.
    And for a long time I wanted to say that after the war all these people returned to peaceful work, and without experiencing any "syndrome", and some fought for several years, and then did not manage to get to Afghanistan or Chechnya, after several months of hostilities they become an alcoholic or a drug addict, or even the roof goes. No, after all, they were amazing people!

    Not about tanks, about people. Read about Mikhail Surkov, and who remembers him.
  40. Brother Sarych
    Brother Sarych 14 November 2012 20: 15
    By the way, interesting things can be seen in this matter - the feat seemed to be in the summer, but the award documents in the brigade began to be prepared only at the end of November! Is it too long? Still, the brigade is not so great, especially the tank ...
    This is all right, if you recall that they retreated in the summer, and then the Battle of Stalingrad was on ...
    Another question is why the history of the German tank is not reflected anywhere. Suppose they went to another section of the front, but isn’t such a story worthy of a reward, especially since he seems to have destroyed three more tanks - but more than Konovalov S. In 1920, there are no award documents in his birth! Not even a medal ...
  41. Bugor
    Bugor 15 November 2012 13: 14
    Here again, I agree with Brother Sarych !!!
    It seems that for the wrecked tanks they gave not only the Hero, but also other orders?
    That is, he should have received at least the Order of the Patriotic War for the next three (as my grandfather, by the way). And for capturing the enemy’s equipment in a fully operational state - look at the status of any order (for officers and below) - it’s bad luck again ....