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Iranian intelligence services: British intelligence paid more than 2 million euros to Akbari, who was executed for espionage

Iranian intelligence services: British intelligence paid more than 2 million euros to Akbari, who was executed for espionage

Alireza Akbari, a former adviser to the ex-defense minister of Iran, received more than 2 million euros from the British intelligence service, as well as real estate in several European cities. This was reported in the Ministry of Intelligence of the Islamic Republic of Iran, commenting on the execution of a death sentence to a former high-ranking official.

According to the Iranian intelligence service, when British intelligence recruited Akbari, they also planned the scenario for his escape from Iran. The traitor was paid more than 2 million euros, and also gave him houses in London, the Austrian capital Vienna and southern Spain. Akbari received a residence permit, and then British citizenship.

As it became known, Akbari provided British intelligence with secret data on military projects, scientists engaged in strategic developments, as well as on government organizations.

Separately, the British intelligence service was interested in ways to circumvent the sanctions imposed by the West against Iran. Since Akbari was an adviser to the ex-minister of defense, he had a lot of information and was generously paid for providing it.

Akbari's sentence to death became known on January 11, 2023. The former Defense Ministry adviser was found guilty of spying for the UK. The sentence was carried out on 14 January. In London, of course, this sentence was condemned.

Recall that Akbari was an assistant to Ali Shamkhani, who served as head of the Iranian defense department in 1997-2005. Then Akbari left for the UK, but the Iranian secret services managed to lure him back to his homeland, where he was arrested.

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  1. Alexander X
    Alexander X 20 January 2023 19: 25
    He did not take his millions to the next world, just like at home ... And was it worth the betrayal of the Motherland?
    1. NikolayDS
      NikolayDS 20 January 2023 20: 58
      He did not take his millions to the next world,

      1. He did not know that everything would end like this. Like many others who did not know and do not know (Here, the "Scythian" should already be released from prison).
      2. Now in the UK he is a hero. And the family is provided.
      3. And dying at 61 is no longer so scary. Although on the gallows... I wouldn't want to.
      4. If the UK had not blabbed its "nizya", then no one would have known about it. and now here's an info-reason for journalists.
    2. Basil50
      Basil50 20 January 2023 21: 22
      And he was * ideological *. The fact that he was paid for the idea of ​​\uXNUMXb\uXNUMXbbetrayal is * a tribute to tradition * and nothing more.
  2. Buyan
    Buyan 20 January 2023 19: 28
    A soyache death to a dog ... well done Persians!
    1. Nexcom
      Nexcom 20 January 2023 19: 33
      Traitors - a direct road to Hell! And not an ounce of pity for them.
      ... with a punishing hand to carry out ... (c)
      To the fullest extent of the law.
  3. taiga2018
    taiga2018 20 January 2023 19: 31
    Well, they lured him out. Rather, the English simply threw him away like a used condom ...
    1. NikolayDS
      NikolayDS 20 January 2023 19: 44
      No. It was quite a standard operation in 2019. Lured out in the same way as we lured out "Skif" (Colonel Zaporizhzhya) in 2001. Perhaps we even consulted, since his betrayal hurt us too.
  4. voice of reason
    voice of reason 20 January 2023 19: 31
    a lesson for all traitors and defectors - you can’t take money or real estate with you to hell
  5. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 20 January 2023 19: 38
    Gorgeously "guards of the revolution" slapstick was replaced in Iran and slammed. Greed knows no bounds.
  6. Sniper
    Sniper 20 January 2023 19: 43
    Here you have Akbari and the day off has come. From your hard work!
  7. Prisoner
    Prisoner 20 January 2023 20: 01
    There is much to learn from Iran. Betrayed, sold, lured home and ax head. And ours are simply released without return, so that these bastards could live for their own pleasure on Judas silversmiths. sad
    1. NikolayDS
      NikolayDS 20 January 2023 20: 06
      "Iran has a lot to learn." Who to learn? Ukraine or what?
      This is what we advised
    2. Jager
      Jager 22 January 2023 18: 59
      The OGPU-NKVD caught many of these in Europe and awarded them to the highest degree in a roadside ditch.
  8. Evgenijus
    Evgenijus 20 January 2023 20: 05
    We can propose to our State Duma to lift the moratorium on the death penalty for traitors (there are many of them in Russia). Before execution, deprive these people of citizenship and all their wealth.
    1. Basil50
      Basil50 20 January 2023 21: 30
      And that * the idea * is very attractive - to deprive citizenship before execution.
      However, in the USA this is practiced for * state criminals *. England before the execution deprive of citizenship. And all in order to avoid executions * for political reasons *.
  9. Oleg . B.
    Oleg . B. 20 January 2023 21: 21
    But what about Chubais? will he calmly live out his life, with stolen millions? what about those - "who did not fit into the market economy"? Even CIA agents who got rich on the collapse of the Russian industry while working under the wing of Chubais in the State Property Committee were first tried and they took unpaid taxes from them. How is our Chubais?
    1. NikolayDS
      NikolayDS 20 January 2023 22: 14
      But what about Chubais?

      This Chubais was given to you. He is already retired and does not bother anyone, except for "burning with righteous anger."
      If this Alireza had not played further in spies, then he would have been alive.
      Here's another - a valuable human resource to spend on such. Do you think it's so easy to find a competent hitman? Which, moreover, has no right to get caught!
      Do you have any idea how much rials this operation cost the Iranian budget? Do you think we have nothing to spend money on?! Simply, in this case, the operation was deemed cost-effective, taking into account political and professional risks.
      1. Rusticolus
        Rusticolus 20 January 2023 23: 15
        Do you think we have nothing to spend money on?!
        We have, so we need to use his money. First, shake everything out of him, and then you can slap him as unnecessary.
  10. Yaroslav the Wise
    Yaroslav the Wise 26 January 2023 16: 57
    Houses and money had to be put in the grave. Let him use it. But in the Soviet Union they used to be shot for espionage. And today: "We are not like that!"