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“The Germans have already done this, but as a result, Russian tanks reached Berlin”: Bundestag deputy reacted to plans to transfer Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine

“The Germans have already done this, but as a result, Russian tanks reached Berlin”: Bundestag deputy reacted to plans to transfer Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine

German MP from the opposition Alternative for Germany party Petr Bystron called the authorities' plans to transfer tanks Leopard 2 Ukraine. Here is how the politician commented on the possible shipment of military vehicles to Kyiv:

German tanks will be used by Ukraine against Russia. As the bitter experience of past years shows, the Germans have already made an attempt to do this once with the Melniks and Banderas, but all their plans turned out to be fruitless. In the end, Russian tanks reached Berlin

At the same time, the German legislator, addressing other deputies, made it clear that in such matters they need to proceed from the interests of their own country, and not be led by NATO, the United States and their armory companies. In addition, according to him, the German people clearly do not want the escalation of the conflict and the supply of weapons to Ukraine.

However, the Bundestag never voted on sending battle tanks to Ukraine. The initiative came from the opposition CDU/CSU bloc. At the same time, the people's deputies from the ruling coalition, consisting of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD), Union-90 and the Free Democratic Party, by a majority, postponed consideration of this issue. This proposal was not supported by representatives of the opposition from the Alternative for Germany party.

It is worth noting that even with a successful vote, he would not have had a chance of success for the reason that the provision of military equipment is within the competence of the German Cabinet. But there are those in the Cabinet who are ready to send Leopard 2 to Ukraine. This, for example, is the new head of the Ministry of Defense, Pistorius.

The day before, a telephone conversation took place between German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and his partner, American President Joe Biden, during which he assured the head of the White House that Berlin would take this step, but only if Washington transferred its Abrams tanks to Kyiv. According to information provided by the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, the American leader has not confirmed the US plans to transfer these tanks to Ukraine.

Recall that today at the Ramstein airbase in Germany, a meeting of the heads of defense departments of Western countries will be held, at which the main topic will be further military assistance to Kyiv, in particular, the supply of Leopard. Germany will be represented by newly elected Defense Minister Boris Pistorius.
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  1. Romanenko
    Romanenko 20 January 2023 12: 15
    Quote: "... the Germans have already made one attempt to do this with the Melniks and Banderas, but all their plans turned out to be fruitless"
    Though he told the truth, but only half.
    It was not Hitler, Bandera and Melnik who had plans at all, they were only executors ...
    Now it's all clearer.
    1. credo
      credo 20 January 2023 12: 26
      Our "agent" Pyotr Bystrov opened his eyes to the future of Germany?
      But refreshing the memory of the snickering burghers about the spring of 1945, at least in words, is always useful. angry
  2. January
    January 20 January 2023 12: 16
    The Germans remember how such games end. But they don't ask anymore. Everything is decided on a more global level.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    APASUS 20 January 2023 12: 17
    The German deputy from the opposition party "Alternative for Germany" Peter Bystron gave a normal speech, well, I just can't believe that there are adequate politicians there
  4. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 20 January 2023 12: 17
    Pyotr Bystron was born Olamouc Czechoslovakia. I could compare how Soviet tanks operated in Berlin and Prague!
    1. dmi.pris1
      dmi.pris1 20 January 2023 12: 53
      And I personally compare something else. How the Czechs acted in relation to Nazi Germany. And they plowed on it in three shifts, without straightening up.
      1. Mazunga
        Mazunga 22 January 2023 09: 30
        yes))) to raise an uprising on May 5, 45 is a very thoughtful step))) throughout the war they were suppliers of weapons and people for Boches and then once and in the winners aerobatics
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 20 January 2023 12: 22
    In the end, Russian tanks reached Berlin
    It turns out that there are still Germans in the Bundestag who remember the history of their country and would not like to repeat it. Here are just German Russophobes, whose number today cannot be convinced by sufficient historical examples. Today, the fate of the German "Leopards" will be finally decided in Ramstein and obviously not in favor of the sane part of the population.
  6. -ш-
    -ш- 20 January 2023 12: 24
    I wonder if Europe will then yell "and what are we for"
  7. 1razvgod
    1razvgod 20 January 2023 12: 25
    In every country there are adequately thinking people, it’s a pity in Germany their voice is lonely, but there is hope that these voices will form for the people at least an understanding that the situation with the buildup of armaments can only lead to disaster
  8. maxim1987
    maxim1987 20 January 2023 12: 26
    The day before, a telephone conversation took place between German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and his American President Joe Biden

    Freud clause laughing
  9. taiga2018
    taiga2018 20 January 2023 12: 27
    Then it was all led by Germany with the idea of ​​expanding the living space and fighting "inferior" peoples. Now this whole gang is led by the United States with approximately the same ideas, that is, for complete control over cheap Russian energy resources, and the fight against "inferior", "wrong" for not wanting to accept Western "values" by the Russians.
    1. Il'nur
      Il'nur 20 January 2023 12: 48
      over cheap Russian energy

      I don’t agree that they are cheap, they are cheap because the buyers themselves set the price for it, at least it was like that before the SVO, and cheap also because the price does not include wages that do not correspond to costs ... In short, they underpay workers ...
      And so on for many goods that Russia sells abroad. That is why our weapons, the best in the world, should be cheaper than their foreign counterparts?!
  10. I dare to_notice_
    I dare to_notice_ 20 January 2023 12: 29
    The bad news: the tanks will be handed over.
    The good news: there will be someone to entrust the management of the GDR later.
  11. place
    place 20 January 2023 12: 29
    Tanks have no nationality. They have only belonging to the state. And the tanks came, because they were Soviet. Now there are a lot of them left, but they are already old.
  12. AAC
    AAC 20 January 2023 12: 30
    between German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and his American President Joe Biden
    Typo by Freud?

    I do not believe that the Germans will be able to resist for a long time. If the Americans put pressure on Scholz not for show, but for serious reasons, then sooner or later they will find "arguments". And after all, everyone understands everything very well both in Europe and in Germany, but they cannot do anything. I'm just amazed. In 1939 propaganda worked and the Germans believed in what they were doing. What is the motivation now? Americans hold everyone for balls? Or are there other forces that govern this process?
    1. place
      place 20 January 2023 12: 37
      Quote: AAC
      What is the motivation now? Americans hold everyone for balls?

      If the Americans are obeyed, then they are being held. The Germans did not have to lose two world wars. The consequences are still visible. However, another question is much more interesting; and what force forced us to destroy the USSR after the victory over the Germans?
      Who held us for balls?
  13. Ulan.1812
    Ulan.1812 20 January 2023 12: 34
    At least someone in Germany did not lose his memory.
  14. rocket757
    rocket757 20 January 2023 12: 40
    Recall that today a meeting will be held at the Ramstein airbase in Germany
    . Well, yes, all the hawks fly there and the "doves", not even the world, but just fluctuating / trading, it will be sucks!
  15. tatra
    tatra 20 January 2023 12: 51
    People who unite the Red / Soviet Army with the army of the anti-Soviet Russian Federation act inappropriately, starting with the fact that there were many great military leaders in the army of the Russian Empire and the USSR. And the army of Russian enemies of the USSR (RKN).
  16. Kotisha
    Kotisha 20 January 2023 18: 55
    Well, at least one remembers what happened! and understands what can be
  17. DefenderofTruth
    DefenderofTruth 21 January 2023 22: 01
    Pyotr, Boris... - is this really Germany?
    Unfortunately, our grandfathers had an ideology in 1945 and they knew exactly the goal for which they were fighting - Victory over Nazi Germany, the complete liberation of the USSR.
    Today? Is there a clearly defined goal of the NWO - the complete liberation of all of Ukraine from Nazism and its reunification with Russia?
    Is every Russian soldier at the front sure of the inevitable liberation of the Mother of Russian Cities of Kyiv and the hero city of Odessa from the Nazis and their return back to Russia?
  18. Avarron
    Avarron 22 January 2023 09: 38
    I liked how this person added something like "and now two of them are standing at the entrance and you see them every day when you come to work."