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Saudi Arabia hands over command of joint naval group in Gulf of Oman and Gulf of Aden to UK

Saudi Arabia hands over command of joint naval group in Gulf of Oman and Gulf of Aden to UK

Joint Task Force 150 (CTF-150) has been under the command of the Royal Saudi Navy since July. CTF-150 conducts security operations in the Gulf of Oman, the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Aden. It is one of four such task forces of the Joint Maritime Forces, the world's largest international maritime partnership with 34 member countries.

Under the command of Rear Admiral A. al-Mutairi, CTF 150 ships conducted more than 10 hours of regional patrols and intercepted six drug shipments, according to a press statement released by the Saudi Arabian Joint Naval Forces. The total estimated value of the seized drugs was over $000 million.

Six months ago I was here on this same stage. Then we said: "Saudi Arabia is always ready for this step." We came here ready and this is our achievement

Saudi Rear Admiral Abdullah al-Mutairi said during a ceremony at the US Naval Base in Bahrain on Wednesday.

The headquarters of Rear Admiral Abdullah al-Mutairi included personnel from Bahrain, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. New commander of CTF 150, captain of the Royal fleet Great Britain, James Byron, made several business trips, including several to the Middle East.

I am delighted to take command of Joint Task Force CTF 150 and look forward to following the tremendous progress made by Rear Admiral Al Mutairi and his team from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia over the past six months. My Royal Navy personnel, supported by personnel from the Royal New Zealand Navy and the Italian Militare Group, will work tirelessly to closely monitor the region.

said Captain James Byron.

Until August 2020, he served as a staff operations officer and then second in command of the Bahrain-based United Kingdom Maritime Component Command.

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  1. Fisherman
    Fisherman 20 January 2023 08: 54
    Well, the Saudis don’t have competent naval commanders ... at least some to guide several ships ... they swim on money (they don’t go :)). Therefore, they sit under the Anglo-Saxons, that they have not learned to fight or command normally.
  2. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 20 January 2023 08: 56
    But do they really catch drug addicts? And what kind of drug addicts are they who do drugs and are not even afraid of missile cruisers. Photo of task force 150.
  3. VicktorVR
    VicktorVR 20 January 2023 09: 09
    Now who will need to leave the batches of drugs? laughing
  4. I dare to_notice_
    I dare to_notice_ 20 January 2023 10: 02
    They planted a goat cabbage to guard ...
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 20 January 2023 10: 03
    Joint Task Force 150 (CTF-150)
    The SA fleet has 18 warships (frigates - 7, corvettes - 4, minesweepers - 7) and 73 combat boats (missile - 9, landing - 8, patrol - 56). The joint group usually includes 14-15 ships from different countries, and the command alternates and changes every 4-6 months. Whether there is any benefit from this group is difficult to say, but according to reports there is (drugs seized in the amount of 250 million dollars).
  6. Iris
    Iris 20 January 2023 16: 35
    Machine translation with minimal processing. Horror.