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Lithuanian general named the reasons why Ukraine will not receive many NATO tanks

Lithuanian general named the reasons why Ukraine will not receive many NATO tanks

It seems that the West has finally overcome another "taboo" in terms of supplying weapons to the Kyiv regime. Already a number of countries that are members of the North Atlantic Alliance have declared their readiness to provide the Armed Forces Tanks NATO pattern.

In particular, the intention to send 14 Challenger 2 to Kyiv was announced in Britain. German Leopard 2 tanks are going to be provided to Ukraine by Poland after receiving the appropriate permission from Berlin. However, as Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki recently stated, the consent of the Germans may not be needed.

By the way, Germany itself is not averse to “sharing” its tanks with Kyiv, but, as Chancellor Olaf Scholz put it, only after the United States delivers its Abrams to Ukraine.

In addition, the intention to transfer Leclerc tanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine was discussed in France.

At the same time, despite the readiness to provide the Armed Forces of Ukraine with NATO-style tanks, the West will not be able to immediately transfer many of its combat vehicles to Kyiv, Lieutenant General Valdemaras Rupshis, commander of the Lithuanian army, said on LRT radio.

According to a senior military officer, there are at least two reasons for this.

Firstly, the Ukrainian military has not yet used any of the above-mentioned vehicles in practice. Therefore, according to the Lithuanian general, first you need to train a sufficient number of military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and only then transfer NATO equipment to Ukraine.

Secondly, Rupshis stressed that NATO countries have their own defense strategy. Consequently, by handing over part of their heavy weapons, the participants in the bloc take a certain risk, weakening their defenses.

Based on this, the Lithuanian general doubts that Ukraine can expect to receive a large number of NATO-style tanks in the near future.

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  1. VB
    VB 19 January 2023 15: 22
    Makes a withdrawal. Banderlogs have been trained in geyrop for a long time both on technology and on "patriots". And do not forget, during the Second World War, that both the Germans on ours and ours on German, American, English, learned very quickly. And I am convinced that pilots from the outskirts have long been retrained in the states. Because of the toothless policy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Putin personally, NO ONE in the world is afraid of us. Banderlogs will be given ALL weapons. They will hit the Crimea, first of all, and then the rest of Russia.
    1. North Caucasus
      North Caucasus 19 January 2023 16: 10
      Judging by our successes, they consider our army weak and incapable of conducting an offensive. The initial throw of the cobra turned out to be losses for us in the rear. And the longer we stand, the more they will grow the desire to finish us off. The leadership is apparently afraid to make a second roll. Propaganda outskirts very well brainwashed the population. In this regard, we are losing a lot. It seems that we condemn them, but we immediately condemn the bloody Soviet past while speaking about the feat of the people. We condemn the desovietization there, but all the years we have successfully carried it out at home. Then who is fighting here and there? Hard workers who received subpoenas from both sides. Prisoners. Their Kraken, our Wagner. And the oligarchs and high officials behave the same way here and there. There, the West really supports them and they yell for the outskirts. But it seems that the funds do not go to the front (on the contrary, business is gaining momentum from deliveries to the front). Children and grandchildren do not lead battalions on the attack. Arestovich already seems to have retired. Apparently it's time to lubricate the skis. Some of our oligarchs even refused Russian citizenship. And looking at everything that happens there, of course, they are strongly tempted to push us. And we ourselves are to blame for giving them a reason to think so. You can certainly say that we are saving the world! But already many came from the line and probably told a lot about the jambs there. Those who are on the line are still in a fighting mood. But with sabotage from above, it can change. People are terribly infuriated by the mess and complete unpreparedness. No hot food, no warming up, no washing. Like a trifle. But the longer the operation goes on, the more questions will arise.
  2. Uprun
    Uprun 19 January 2023 15: 23
    I give a tooth - said the commander of the Lithuanian army, Lieutenant General Valdemaras Rupshis, concurrently the future commander of the division, which he himself plans to deploy at home.
  3. MstislavHrabr
    MstislavHrabr 19 January 2023 15: 27
    The Germans do not want to give tanks. they are afraid of becoming weaker than the Poles (who have claims against them) ...
  4. kit88
    kit88 19 January 2023 15: 30
    "Lithuanian general" already sounds ridiculous. Well, at most a lieutenant colonel, the head of a band of forest brothers.
    But in fact, by the summer we will have NATO tanks, and soon the F-16 with the A-10 will arrive.
    Negotiated and dozhestovolvolilis.
    Or maybe we are just waiting for new modern targets to arrive at the landfill? Where else can you train in real battles to shoot down f-16s and blow up Abrams ....
    APASUS 19 January 2023 15: 38
    The previous rubbish has not yet ended, like MCI and other carts. Not everyone has chosen Soviet infantry fighting vehicles, and the turn of Western tanks will certainly come. As soon as the Armed Forces of Ukraine rush from the front from Slavyansk, the West needs this conflict
  6. Novichek
    Novichek 19 January 2023 15: 50
    ... it was the tenth year of the NWO ...... official Washington announced the transfer of combat flying saucers to Ukraine ... the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces promised to "snap" ....
  7. AG-76
    AG-76 19 January 2023 16: 00
    Tanks with crosses on board will burn beautifully ...
    One well-known Fuhrer before the Battle of Kursk also believed that several hundred tanks with "cat" names would change the course of the war.
    What happened to those tanks and that Fuhrer is well known...
    They either don't know it or have forgotten.
  8. YOUR
    YOUR 19 January 2023 16: 21
    Everyone is well aware that Ukraine is insolvent. It makes sense to give her expensive equipment for which she will not be able to pay. They already lived in debt, on IMF loans. And it's amazing. Ukraine is a rich country and bankrupt at the same time.
    1. Il'nur
      Il'nur 19 January 2023 16: 50

      So the West is already the solvency of the ukroskakus, as if they are no longer interested, they need meat that will fight against us, if necessary, then as they said "until the last Ukrainian" ... To defeat Russia, they will no longer have money or weapons think...
      Moreover, they are already talking about plans to destroy the Russian world, which means Russia ...
    2. Kerensky
      Kerensky 19 January 2023 16: 54
      Have you forgotten the Extrabudgetary Peace Fund in the EU? They stand there with cards for tanks. It's just not rubber.
  9. zloybond
    zloybond 19 January 2023 19: 25
    All this chatter is for distraction and insignificant chatter. they also whined about the last cartridges and shells in warehouses and other nonsense. The flow of military aid will not weaken until they hit airports, airfields, control towers and fuel depots. And also along the inviolable railway lines, where cargo flows in an endless stream.