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“Russia sends old tanks to Belarus”: the foreign press considers the redeployment of troops a “hoax”

“Russia sends old tanks to Belarus”: the foreign press considers the redeployment of troops a “hoax”

The Russian command is misleading the Kyiv regime by sending units to Belarus and trying to force the enemy to withdraw his forces to the north of the country, weakening other directions. This opinion was expressed by retired Australian Major General Mick Ryan in an interview with ASPI Strategist.

Russia sends trains full of old cars to Belarus tanks. But this does not mean that she will invade from there. This is evidence that the Russians are conducting a deception campaign to force more Ukrainian forces to be moved to the border.

- the general considers, voicing his thoughts in the foreign press.

Against the background of this statement, the redeployment of the latest modifications of the T-72B3 MBT was noticed, and the sending of advanced versions of the Tor-M2 air defense system is also recorded.

As explained in the Russian Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Defense intends to deploy up to 9 thousand military personnel (170 tanks, 200 armored vehicles, 100 guns and mortars with a caliber of over 100 mm) in Belarus, creating a "barrier to NATO forces." At the same time, both in the West and in Kyiv, they are afraid of a possible offensive by Russian troops from this country. The Ukrainian military has already destroyed a number of communications on the border with Belarus, in particular by blowing up bridges, and are working to fortify the cordon. However, in parallel, there is a concentration of Polish troops on the border with Belarus. Therefore, the transfer of Russian troops is an adequate response to the threat of an attack on Moscow's ally.


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  1. Rusticolus
    Rusticolus 18 January 2023 18: 41
    This opinion was expressed by Australian retired Major General Mick Ryan
    Well, there are two options. Either this kangaroo general is an idiot, or Ukrainians with logs are idiots waiting for an attack from there. But the fact that one of them is an idiot, that's for sure. laughing
    1. engineer74
      engineer74 18 January 2023 20: 45
      I would have sent a battalion or two of T-10s to Venezuela, and potential partners have a reason for panic-analytics, and tankers have a rest in an exotic country wassat
    2. Wbond
      Wbond 19 January 2023 11: 15
      ... yes ... the opinion of the Australian general is very important ...
  2. Sergey3
    Sergey3 18 January 2023 18: 43
    To deter NATO from rash acts, their number and combat characteristics are important, not the release date.
  3. Mikhail Maslov
    Mikhail Maslov 18 January 2023 18: 51
    Even the Australian general gave an explanation for the deployment of troops. Here's how, but we didn't know. So we're working well.
  4. Jean Baptiste
    Jean Baptiste 18 January 2023 18: 52
    There will be no movement from Belarus. All that is reinforced there is from the movement from Poland, and the amount of vehicles passing under my windows is not commensurate with what was driving last spring. Everything that goes there goes there just in case, and to calm Grygorych. All serious people understand this.
  5. Chronos
    Chronos 18 January 2023 18: 52
    Here is the thing. T90 and modernized T72 in Belarus also shone. But even an old tank is a tank. Khkhhlam will still have to keep troops on the northern border. Therefore, if one and a half Teroboronets are left there in the literal sense, Kyiv will be taken in three days. This means that somewhere in Artyomovsk there will not be enough battalion.
  6. Murmur 55
    Murmur 55 18 January 2023 18: 53
    Another unfinished Messing, all the way from Australia itself, and where this general became famous, well, maybe he performed a brilliant operation or did something else important in his field, or another used Mr. from among the parasites, who in this way wants to remind about yourself or earn some money?!
  7. bath
    bath 18 January 2023 19: 12
    Compared to the poor Ukrainian infantry fighting vehicles, the old tanks were absolutely adequate and effective weapons.
  8. alexey_444
    alexey_444 18 January 2023 19: 16
    Naturally, no one is going to go to Kyiv again, our presence in Belarus is a warning to Poland that it would not climb into Ukraine, that's all.
  9. rocket757
    rocket757 18 January 2023 19: 30
    “Russia sends old tanks to Belarus”: the foreign press considers the redeployment of troops a “hoax”
    . The same version ... and such, different ones, they express without counting.
  10. Damir Shamaev
    Damir Shamaev 18 January 2023 19: 47
    If there is an offensive from outside, it must be powerful and effective. They say for this you need at least 200k+ soldiers. So far, as we know, there are no such forces there, but who knows, they may sharply increase.