Will the Germans go to war?

Will the Germans go to war?

It would seem that we have a lot of problems of our own, and here the Germans with their own ... In fact, a lot depends on Germany in the Ukrainian processes. It's simple: give or not give. This applies to everything, self-propelled guns, tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, anti-aircraft weapons.

Unfortunately the German weapon - this is the standard for which many vote in dollars. Everything is simple here:
"Leopard-2" is in service with 22 countries.
"Abrams" is in service with 9 countries.
Leclerc is in service with 3 countries.
Challenger 2 in 2 countries.

So you can continue to count for a long time, German weapons will not get worse from this. And the saturation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with first-class weapons really depends very much on supplies from Germany. And that is why the allies in NATO and the conflict in Ukraine are trying so hard to involve Germany in the full program of arms deliveries. Still, Leo-2 is not Cheetahs for you. Although in the fight against the UAV "Cheetah" proved to be quite decent.

But fortunately (as opposed to our "unfortunately") Germany in general and the Bundeswehr in particular are sick. It is difficult to say how much the disease progresses, but it does occur.

Today, of course, there was a light at the end of the tunnel for the Bundeswehr; What Lambrecht arranged with the German army is very contradictory in fact, but the sober-minded military frankly rejoice at her departure.

However, one should not forget that it was Lambrecht, despite his reforms with the Bundeswehr that were terrible for the Russian view, who stood a wall against the transfer of heavy weapons such as tanks and infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine on the principle of “barely enough for oneself” and referring to the fact that other countries do not supply such weapons.

Now Poland and Great Britain promise to give tanks, that is, Lambrecht's condition seems to be fulfilled. Well, Lambrecht herself left the game, I don’t know for what reasons. Perhaps she was tired of learning army ranks, perhaps the allies from the United States and Great Britain who wanted "good" for Ukraine decided to play it safe, but the request for the resignation of Christina Lambrecht was accepted with lightning speed.

And a queue immediately lined up for the chair of the Minister of War (for some reason - a little lower), but what a queue! Minister of the Interior Nancy Feiser (although she has elections on her nose in Hesse, which means resignation if she wins), Eva Högl from the SPD apparatus, the head of the Federal Chancellery Wolfgang Schmidt and the leader of the German Social Democrats, a staunch pacifist who once slacked off from service in the Bundeswehr "for ideological reasons", Lars Klingbeil.

And what, begs the question, is everyone so excited? And with the fact that the new Minister of Defense will be in charge of the rearmament of the Bundeswehr and the (Bundes) Marina with a magic figure of 100 euros. There is something to fight for, right?

Alas, the show didn't work. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, perhaps realizing that all these games of gender equality with the appointment of ministers, changed the promised alignment of 8-8 and appointed (oh my God!) A guy in the best sense of the word to the post of Minister of Defense.

Scholz appointed a party colleague, moreover, a man who fought with him in 2019 for the position of leader of the SPD, 62-year-old Boris Pistorius, as Minister of War. Now the former Minister of the Interior and Sports of Lower Saxony. Pistorius held this position for 10 years, which immediately speaks volumes.

In general, Boris was considered the best replacement for Feizer if she won the election, but somehow everything went wrong. In general, as a politician in the modern world, Pistorius is not very good. He honestly served his time in the Bundeswehr, was not seen in gay pleasures, a widower raising two daughters. In general - a very dark horse by European standards. Lawyer. Since 2017, he has been very sharply opposed to global terrorism.

And here we have Boris Pistorius and 100 billion euros. There is room for fantasy, right?

In general, things are not going very well. A normal man with a head will be quite able to raise the mad blonde generals who survived after the reforms and, together with them, revive the Bundeswehr. For ten years, the bad Frau Ursula von der Leyen, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer and Christina Lambrecht destroyed the German army and hell, they almost succeeded!

Well, it’s just fine: the shock fist of NATO, which was respected since the Second World War in all Soviet military schools and academies, was practically defeated by the efforts of a gynecologist and two lawyers. His blondes decided (since there is no one to fight with after the collapse of the USSR and the Department of Internal Affairs) to turn the Bundeswehr into a “small compact army” (though it smelled of something familiar and familiar?), Capable of supporting NATO allies in peacekeeping operations and wars against terrorists.

They gradually removed all the militaristic (actually patriotic) generals, reduced the term of conscription to 6 (SIX, Bismarck !!!) months, and the army itself was cut so badly.

We are complaining here that it is unrealistic to make a soldier out of a jerk for a year, and here from a modern German in six months ... Dreamers.

Yes, there were contractors. But with them, too, everything turned out very sadly, and even long before the appearance of Frau Ministers. In 2011, a landmark test of the combat readiness of NATO countries was carried out, as a result of which Germany not only disgraced itself, but did it with special effects: the Bundeswehr ended up with 7 fighters who passed the tests of the European Defense Agency. France boasted 30 soldiers ready for anything, and Great Britain 25.

In Germany, they realized that something had to be changed. Yes, the Bundeswehr needed change, and the first were the defense ministers, who began to increase combat capability within the ever-shrinking military budget.

Those who followed the topic remember what started in Germany. The loudest voice against the gynecological approach to reform was former German Defense Minister Thomas de Maizière, an army fanatic and son of one of the founders of the Bundeswehr, General Ulrich de Maizière. Thomas de Maizière was generally distinguished by a rare quarrelsomeness and freedom in his statements, and most importantly, he could not stand the pacifist trends in German politics. For which he suffered, it is quite expected and justified.

Those who disagreed with the reforms also basically voted with their feet, and such an outflow of personnel began from the Bundeswehr, which could be compared with the flight from the Russian army during the First Chechen War.

The thing is that Ursula von der Leyen has earned Angela Merkel's full confidence with her methods of solving problems as Minister of Labor and Social Development, and, it should be noted, she really solved a lot of problems there. But here the question is - by what methods.

And the methods of the new Minister of Defense remained the same. And when, in 2014, Mrs. von der Leyen rolled out the reform of the Bundeswehr for discussion in the Bundestag, there was such a reaction in the Bundeswehr itself that no one expected. Let's just say that no one seemed to grab hold of the service "Heckler and Koch", but Corvalol flowed like water. And then began a general flight from the ranks of the Bundeswehr. Moreover, mostly qualified personnel rushed.

What did Mrs. von der Leyen suggest?

She simply decided to equate soldiers with civilian workers. A normalized working day, a working week of 41 hours, everything in excess of the norm should be compensated with money, the allowance was increased by as much as 60 euros ... Yes, there was also about social development: instead of the barracks, quite decent living quarters of a hotel type were drawn, without kitchens.

There was a lot of criticism, especially the dismissed generals of the old school were angry. Then a joke from veterans walked around Germany: “thank us that in post-war Germany they no longer make armored vehicles with a staggered arrangement of rollers, they would see how repairmen are able to meet the 41-hour work week.”

In general, the idea was familiar and consonant with some Russian plans: to make the army an attractive employer, and the soldiers - some kind of employees protected by labor and other codes. Social security is not bad, a soldier is the same person as the rest, but there was a clear overkill here.

Germany is a very interesting country in this regard with a long military history. And to serve there very often goes not so much for material blessings, but according to family traditions (this is generally a separate conversation - German family traditions) and the call of the heart. And then all of a sudden - that the soldier, that the seller - everything is one. Moreover, part of the army professions in civilian life is paid much higher. Doctors, electronics engineers, logisticians, engineers and technicians.

In general, the lady gynecologist did not take into account the specifics of the army itself. This is understandable, this is normal, but wouldn't it be worth consulting with the army? As a result, the Bundeswehr, as Baroness von der Leyen wanted, did become the largest employer in Germany, but he was immediately struck by unemployment.

In 2022, disappointing results were recorded: out of 183 thousand employees of the Bundeswehr, about 80 thousand are civilians. More than 5 thousand army posts are occupied by frank pensioners who simply cannot be fired, since there is no one to replace them, and therefore, according to innovations, they are simply paid huge compensation. About 15 thousand more specialists are on the rise, that is, they serve, but they are not going to renew the contract.

Well, the SVO added negativity and only increased the outflow of personnel from the German armed forces. It is one thing to work in the army under the protection of Germany's social structure, which is considered the best in the world, and another to be in the trenches in the face of the Russian threat. At the beginning of the year, the reports lay on the tables like leaves in the forests of the autumn Black Forest. However, in Russia there was approximately the same situation, the “five hundredths” fled from the army in droves. This is normal, at all times there were those who saw a warm place in the army in peacetime. Service protected by the Labor Code - work with a preferential mortgage is fundamentally different from military service with a daily risk of being on the battlefield.

But there is another problem. Technical

Ladies ministers managed to ruin the German well-functioning system for supplying the army with equipment during their command. Okay, there are tanks or planes, there are problems even with the supply of shoes and uniforms! Yes, we are also familiar with such “effective” work of the Ministry of Defense, so there will be no surprise.

In general, everything related to the technical equipment of the Bundeswehr can be described in two words: "Very bad." Therefore, in the Bundestag, hearings on the state of affairs in the army are held exclusively behind closed doors. In order not to please the enemies and not to scare your half to death.

And it's not about the state of the industry, then we will have a short interview on the topic of opportunities. For industrialists, everything is simple: they need money and time, and everything will be fine. But in fact, there has been no normal supply for a long time, the delay in deliveries for some types of equipment reaches several years. This is if you believe the "hawks" from the Bundeswehr Association (an organization of retired military men who are still with the army in spirit), but you can trust them. They take care of their own.

But even the equipment that is already at the disposal of the Bundeswehr does not receive proper repair and maintenance. And, accordingly, not combat-ready. This applies to literally everything: tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, aircraft, self-propelled guns. It got to the point that (according to the German media) the Bundeswehr "in which case" will be able to put up no more than a hundred tanks out of 250 available.

And this is still a normal number. In some parts, the shortage reaches 75%. This is due to the lack of qualified technical personnel, and the long service life of equipment, and the lack of timely maintenance.

Plus, it turned out according to the results of the all-Bundeswehr inventory, when it was necessary to calculate what could be sent to help Ukraine, and what was sometimes empty in warehouses! There are no fuels and lubricants, especially winter oils, the shells have gone somewhere and stuff like that. Colleagues from Die Welt estimated that after sending aid to Ukraine, the Bundeswehr has enough stock of 155-mm shells to last a week of low-intensity fighting or a couple of days of full-blown warfare.

Here are the "three girls" on the board

Now the new minister will have to rake everything. If he doesn't fill his head with gender twists and starts thinking about how to save the army, maybe he will succeed. There's a lot to do here, but 100 billion euros in aid for rearmament could breathe life into the Bundeswehr. And here the point is not only in new technology (more on that below), the point is that the German industry, with such pumping of money, will switch to an enhanced mode of operation willingly and cheerfully. The Germans know how to work at the machines, but a lot will have to change.

Including technological and financial chains. Frau ministers have forbidden price adjustments since the reign of Baroness von der Leyen, if the price is specified in contracts, but no contract could provide for the termination of the supply of raw materials from the same Russia. And the chemical components they are taken from the gas. And additives to tank armor made of rare earth metals, which never existed in Germany.

Many of us believe that the Minister of Defense in general may not serve. He is the first person, the manager, if you like (the opinion of Colonel Staver, if anything). Here, the practice of Germany has shown that three frau in less than 10 years have so staggered the best army of old Europe with their reforms that it is not clear how the Bundeswehr will be able to recover from such a reform.

Here's my word of honour, it's a pity that the ladies did not bring the case to a natural ending. Another year or two - and goodbye, Bundeswehr. And for sure, all three "For Services to the Fatherland" would have to cling, because they deserved it. And so ... the Order of Honor, no more.

And a lesson to the whole world: a woman politician has nothing to do in such a position as the Minister of Defense. Don't tell me about Sirimavo Bandaranaike, by what this lady did, she surpassed many men in history easily and naturally. Some nationalizations were worth something. Yes, there were people in our time, not like the current tribe, honestly, all according to Lermontov.

Not against (actually against) all this gender nonsense, there are fools and fools everywhere, but to put a fool in a chair just because gender equality requires it - something the Germans were too clever with this. The football team also hinted that gender is gender, and things must be done. The stupidest tradition of appointing women politicians to the post of defense minister who simply have no idea about the principles of the functioning of the armed forces is destructive. Proven by the Bundeswehr.

And the point was the practical defeat of the forces of Special Operations and the transformation of the armed forces into an employer.

But that's not all. The German military-industrial complex also looks askance at all this. 100 billion is, of course, good, but here is an interview for you on the topic of the day, and not with someone, but with yourself Armin Papperger, commander-in-chief in the Rheinmetall concern.

The interview, as you can see, very discreetly, was given to the newspaper "Bild am Sonntag" (the best selling German newspaper on paper, if anything) from Berlin.

The interview was given BEFORE the resignation of Christina Lambrecht, and therefore it looks accordingly.

The main message of the head of Rheinmetall was the thesis that the concern would not be able to supply Ukraine with the weapons promised by the government in 2023. Including tanks "Leopard-2".

In general, Rheinmetall is doing simply luxuriously. Group sales in 2022 amounted to 6,4 billion euros and a strong trend towards further growth is noticeable. Ukraine hopes to receive Leopard tanks and Marder infantry fighting vehicles for its Armed Forces in the near future.

Question Bild am Sonntag: Mr. Papperger, how many Marder infantry fighting vehicles do you have in reserve, from which they can be delivered to Ukraine?

Armin Papperger: Until recently, we had a total of about 140 Marders in storage. 40 of them were destined for Greece, as Athens handed over Soviet-designed infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine. The first batch of 20 Marders has already been completely repaired and most of them have been delivered to Athens. Now the next 20 are at the final stage of work in our workshops.

Question: How long does it take to repair one Marder?

APA: We work on each of the 40 cars for Greece for six months. The remaining 100 Marders are in worse condition, so they take about seven to eight months to complete.

Question: How quickly can they be delivered to Ukraine if Greece refuses?

AP: Of course, we could timely hand over to Ukraine the remaining 20 Marders planned for Greece. More cars will follow in April because we are working under pressure.

Question: The fastest way: the Bundeswehr gives Ukraine its "Marder", and then you fill the gap with repaired infantry fighting vehicles from your reserves.

AP: Perhaps. But only the German federal government can make such a decision. We are ready. But so far the government has not told us where the 40 Marders promised to Ukraine will come from.

Question: Ukraine also really needs Leopard main tanks. How many can you bet?

AP: We still have 22 Leopard 2 vehicles that we could prepare for operation and deliver to Ukraine. We also have about 88 Leopard 1A5 vehicles left. But we cannot repair these tanks without a contract, as the cost of this is several hundred million euros. Rheinmetall cannot finance this in advance from its own budget.

Question: How long will it take to restore the Leopard tanks?

AP: Less than a year. Machines are not only repainted, but also re-equipped for use in combat operations. They are completely dismantled, replaced with everything that is needed, and then reassembled. This means that even if a decision is made tomorrow that we can send our tanks to Kyiv, the delivery will take place early next year.

Question: Can Leopard tanks really help Ukraine win the war?

AP: The main tank "Leopard" is extremely valuable for the offensive and the occupation of the territory. With tanks, the army can break through the enemy's line of defense and put an end to a long trench war. With Leopard tanks, soldiers can advance tens of kilometers in a day.

Question: Ukraine is running out of ammunition for the German Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft gun (35mm). When can you deliver them?

AP: We will finish production of the first batch of ammunition in June/July 2023. By the middle of next year, we will deliver 300 rounds to Ukraine. This is a lot, so let's hope that the Ukrainian problem of ammunition for the Gepard ZSU will be resolved.

Question: The government is investing 100 billion euros in the modernization of the Bundeswehr. But arms purchases are just beginning slowly. Politics, military or industry too slow?

AP: Critics oversimplify the task. We don't have martial law in Germany, so the normal arms contract cycles have to be followed. We cooperate very well with the purchasing department of the Bundeswehr, with the Federal Chancellor and also with the Ministry of Defence. So far, things are going well with the €100 billion package. In the first quarter of this year, we will complete negotiations on ground equipment for the Bundeswehr, in particular, on the Boxer armored personnel carrier with reinforced weapons and the Caracal airborne platform.

Question: Did you hire new employees after the start of the war in Ukraine?

AP: 1200 men and women.

Question: Sales of Rheinmetall are rapidly growing. Do you benefit greatly from the war?

AP: The term is completely wrong. We supply equipment to protect our country and our NATO allies. We are anti-crisis specialists, not war speculators.

Q: But are you personally also benefiting from a record stock price and increased sales along with your salary?

AP: The Rheinmetall management has targets. But if the targets are reached, then there will be no higher salary increase. Therefore, the war in Ukraine is not beneficial for me or my employees.

Agree, more than cautious such statements. But their essence is obvious: give money, untie your hands and everything will be fine for you. 35mm shells? No problem. Tanks? Then it still takes time. But the German military industry is ready to work, even in a crisis.

Dissatisfaction with Lambrecht's policy slipped behind the lines, but even such a big boss as Papperger would not want to quarrel with a bad aunt. That's why everything is so streamlined. Of course, pacifists are not kept in the military industry of Germany, therefore the replacement of a Frau, unable to remember two dozen titles with a man, sane and a patriot, is very beneficial for military manufacturers.

Of course, they (the producers) are counting on the fact that Boris Pistorius will not spend this money on planting flower beds near what used to be considered the Bundeswehr barracks or on other cute nonsense. Of course, Rheinmetall would very much like to work primarily for its own country, and not rush around the world in search of customers or lessors.

The Bundeswehr has a chance to climb out of the hole into which it has fallen a decade of rule of gender idiots. German manufacturers have a chance to make good money on the supply of weapons. Ukraine has a chance to get itself German weapons, albeit not the latest generation.

Papperger knowingly hinted about the "Leopards 1A5" ...

For us, these permutations really do not bring anything good. As an army, the Bundeswehr, of course, will not come to war. The Germans are not yet up to it. But Rheinmetall and other manufacturers may come. And there is nothing pleasant about this for us.
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  1. +6
    19 January 2023 05: 18
    Will the Germans go to war?

    If the States order, they will jump on all four.
    Washington drove the Bundeswehr to fight in Iraq, no one then began to kick.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. +9
      19 January 2023 07: 53
      And the tanks will give personnel for maintenance ... but in place and in quantity only for defense when the enemy starts to retreat again. The goal of China and the United States is quite clear - to drown the Russian Federation in hostilities for as long as possible.
    3. -2
      19 January 2023 08: 23
      Iraqi soldiers with streaked hair, along with the same officers raised in the love of Saddam Hussein, and the army of the RF Armed Forces with PMC Wagner are completely different things.
      1. -1
        22 January 2023 23: 07
        Quote from Flyer
        Iraqi soldiers with streaked hair, along with the same officers raised in the love of Saddam Hussein, and the army of the RF Armed Forces with PMC Wagner are completely different things.

        Of course, things are different, but the state of the army is determined not only by its appearance. They write that everything is bad in Germany in the army. I think people here are mostly serious people and read information on the net.
    4. 0
      19 January 2023 08: 43
      Of course, they will jump until there is a threat to lose their heads - if there is a significant risk, just like in the Russian Federation "cargo 500" and home.
    5. old
      19 January 2023 08: 48
      This is the problem (for both Russia and Germany): there will always be people who are ready to send the Germans to die for the sake of their political interests, which do not always coincide with the interests of Germany. And they will go.
      1. +1
        19 January 2023 17: 29
        well, so that they don’t send it and don’t even think about it, you need to solve the problem of lack of drugs
        1. -1
          22 January 2023 23: 13
          Quote: Barberry25
          well, so that they don’t send it and don’t even think about it, you need to solve the problem of lack of drugs

          How many personnel do you need to solve problems? Do you want to put half of Russia under arms? Somehow they scraped together 300 thousand, and they need to be dressed, shod and armed. Chechnya was
    6. +13
      19 January 2023 11: 55
      There was no German contingent in Iraq, you probably confused it with Afghanistan.
    7. +7
      19 January 2023 13: 43
      Comrade .
      You are deeply mistaken in asserting that Germany fought in Iraq with the United States.
      Schroeder was Chancellor then, and he did not go on this adventure.
    8. +1
      19 January 2023 19: 15
      Quote: Comrade
      no one then began to kick.

      That is why such ministers appeared there.
    9. 0
      23 January 2023 14: 52
      How do you imagine it? Prez USA calls Scholz and let's attack like that?)
  2. -10
    19 January 2023 05: 29
    Basic article. Thanks Roman.
    Not only the Bundeswehr, but also Rheinmetall will not come to Ukraine.
    The first has nothing
    The second has no need
  3. +4
    19 January 2023 05: 33
    Here are the "three girls" on the board
    Well done girls! We tried!
    1. 0
      23 January 2023 19: 09
      Quote from Uncle Lee
      Well done girls! We tried!

      Von der Leinen has seven children, so the saying about "women still give birth" is known to her from both sides, and this is the desire to protect soldiers.
  4. +4
    19 January 2023 05: 43
    N-yes. Claim to the author: they usually say - I have good news and bad news, but here - I have bad news and even worse. But still, I am not so pessimistic: in the end, the money may not be found, and the man for the test may not be a man. If you trust the text of the translation of the interview and analyze Papperger's answers a little, then he is still not sure that the money will be found. And the man. Well, even if he is a man and a widower, then he must have a mistress. And then, with God's help, everything will be the same in Germany as it was before the First World War, when Grand Duke Sergei Mikhailovich sowed two battleships and money from the Red Cross somewhere. However, it is known where - a diamond brooch on Matilda's chest will not let you lie.
    PS Although no, I'm confusing it. Armadillos and the Red Cross were sawn up by his uncle, the chief of the fleet. And Sergei Mikhailovich sawed contracts with the French for the supply of heavy artillery.
  5. +8
    19 January 2023 05: 46
    The flower beds near the barracks are still "flowers", but how do you like the equipment in the barracks of places for swaddling babies!
    1. +2
      19 January 2023 08: 26
      There is also a special form for pregnant women.
      About "Will the Germans go to war?" - they will order and go. Moreover, judging by the behavior and statements of German politicians, the defeat of 1945 is forgotten, the pain has subsided, and many are eager for revenge.
      1. +10
        19 January 2023 08: 46
        What revenge? A well-fed person in a warm house has no time for revenge, he needs to think about retirement in Spain!
        1. -3
          19 January 2023 11: 11
          That's how they were brought up. For most native Germans, Russia is waging a war of conquest. They were taught a completely different story at school.
          So forget about a well-fed German with a beer belly.
          If democracy orders (and this is like a call of the heart wassat ) will go like little ones.
          1. +2
            20 January 2023 18: 31
            For most native Germans, Russia is waging a war of conquest
            from their point of view, legally it is
  6. 0
    19 January 2023 05: 49
    As an army, the Bundeswehr, of course, will not come to war. The Germans are not yet up to it. But Rheinmetall and other manufacturers may come. And there is nothing pleasant about this for us.
    If you look more carefully at the Gayropean and other events around the conflict, it turned out that the geyropa, as such, is not in a hurry to go to war, but will support and push someone individually, those whom they do not feel sorry for.
    There are quite a few pushers and supporters, in general, resources and other things, they will collect ... easily and simply we will not, this is a fact. We ourselves will have to gather and fight, without options.
    1. AAC
      19 January 2023 06: 52
      It is obvious. It is very convenient to wage war by proxy. You send iron, and someone sheds blood for your "ideals". If they still say on the radio that they need to be afraid and work harder, so that the Russians do not come "again to rape German women", then they will work harder and buy bonds to send more iron to Ukrainians, Poles, and the Balts.

      The main thing to understand. There is a winner and a winner. At 45 we were the winner and the US was the winner. And now you need to win so much in order to win.
    2. -9
      19 January 2023 08: 47
      With what should we go to fight, with a rusty shovel and?
  7. +7
    19 January 2023 05: 55
    There are very strong sentiments in German society about the transfer of tanks to Ukraine, but go to war on our own, no, society is not ready for this, although of course there are individuals
  8. -2
    19 January 2023 06: 00
    Rheinmetall enterprises, I wonder what they work on? On brown coal or on "green" energy?
    1. old
      19 January 2023 08: 53
      On gas and with such a budget, Rheinmetall does not care how much it will cost. All thanks to SVO.
      1. +2
        19 January 2023 19: 37
        The US offered Germany (EU) to supply LNG at a price of about $ 400 / 1000 cubic meters, with a long-term contract.
  9. +1
    19 January 2023 06: 29
    Guess who will have to thank for the revival of the Bundeswehr? After all, it is well written - you just had to wait.
    1. 0
      19 January 2023 20: 07
      Yes, SVO started early. If they put it off for 5 years, it would be better, I think. Well, this is speaking in the context of your comment. So who knows, maybe there are other factors that worked.

      PS And on the other hand, when else would you have learned about so many shortcomings in the aircraft?
  10. +1
    19 January 2023 07: 41
    This is not the first time I read about thousands of 500x. Where did these figures come from, is there any confirmed data or OBS?
    1. +2
      20 January 2023 23: 07
      Unfortunately not OBS. were in the summer. Many were under guard. When changes were made to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation in September, they were again put into operation. And as for the confirmed data ... A couple of days ago, in the Lipetsk region, the 500th, who escaped with a weapon, was shot dead. Now the 200th. Not everyone can stand it, it's hard there.
  11. +2
    19 January 2023 07: 54
    Thank you, German women, from all Russian people! Thanks a lot!
  12. -3
    19 January 2023 08: 11
    All Germans were ground by our grandfathers and great-grandfathers in the Second World War. Those who now make up the population of Germany are a herbivorous mass that is obedient to the will of the State Department, but the order to go into battle will not be carried out.
    1. +1
      19 January 2023 17: 04
      Quote from Flyer
      All Germans were ground by our grandfathers and great-grandfathers in the Second World War. Those who now make up the population of Germany are a herbivorous mass that is obedient to the will of the State Department, but the order to go into battle will not be carried out.

      This is not true. By the way, a year ago there were widespread sentiments that there was no army in Ukraine and that it would not be able to fight either.
      So let's not fantasize - the Europeans are excellent at organizing and fighting. Otherwise, they would not have captured almost the entire world.
      1. 0
        27 January 2023 01: 21
        That was a long time ago. Now in Europe no one wants to fight and, most importantly, is incapable.
  13. 0
    19 January 2023 08: 42
    As an army, the Bundeswehr, of course, will not come to war. The Germans are not yet up to it.

    The key word here is "yet". This "so far" can be overcome literally in 3-5 years if there is the political will of the chancellor and the senior overseer from the occupying country. That's when the cunning Scholz is finally broken, then the Bundeswehr will begin to change by leaps and bounds. A thousand-year mentality cannot be knocked out of a nation in ten years.
    1. +3
      19 January 2023 20: 08
      Yes, but if the Germans are again made into a fighting and disciplined nation, how soon will they decide that they can no longer obey the Americans?
    2. -1
      23 January 2023 13: 33
      This "so far" can be overcome literally in 3-5 years if there is the political will of the chancellor and the senior warder from the occupying country.

      Too optimistic. If you press in the EU, they will instantly remember that the well-being of Europe depended on the colonies. Two or three maximum.
    3. 0
      27 January 2023 01: 22
      Already beaten out. Most likely irrevocably.
  14. +2
    19 January 2023 08: 42
    Germany is a very interesting country in this respect with a long military history. And to serve there very often goes not so much for material blessings, but according to family traditions (this is generally a separate conversation - German family traditions) and the call of the heart.

    And at the same time, the army turns into a caste, a closed group.
    1. 0
      27 January 2023 01: 23
      They beat the story out of them. Forever
  15. BAI
    19 January 2023 08: 50
    with the flight from the Russian army during the First Chechen.

    What does Chechnya have to do with it? Then they simply did not pay for months, and if they did not find the opportunity to combine service with work on the side, they had to leave. You have to feed your family.
  16. +1
    19 January 2023 08: 54
    Well, all right, a stupid woman-gynecologist cannot be a normal minister of defense, but a stupid man-builder can, or what?
  17. +4
    19 January 2023 09: 09
    Germany is not the only country where the minister of defense was a woman. In Europe, they believed that there would be no war, and the Ministry of Defense was the most peaceful place for women. This is what saves us. If the European armies were combat-ready, the situation could go according to a different scenario.
  18. +2
    19 January 2023 11: 03
    Through the entire article, the author has some strange feeling, similar to pride in the Bundes, that a person of the right gender has suddenly come (by the way, the issue of gender really hooked Roman wassat ) and everything will work out for them. It seems that the time is not right to drown for the future enemy.
    I will answer - yes, the propulsion will go in the Bundeswehr and in the military industry too.
    What is there to be happy about? Is this what everyone wanted?

    PS I don't know about anyone, but I liked Christina Lambrecht.
    She has a stunning smile.
    1. +3
      19 January 2023 19: 21
      I liked Christina Lambrecht.
      She has a stunning smile.
      - and Monsieur knows a lot about perversions ... They say that many beautiful women were once burned at the stake by the Germans. Therefore, modern German women only lack mustaches, and their faces are quite anti-tank.
    2. 0
      19 January 2023 22: 27
      Christina Lambrecht liked

      Maybe she was not very much the Minister of Defense (depending on who), as an attractive woman ...
  19. +1
    19 January 2023 11: 55
    Whether the Bundeswehr will go to war or not - this is fortune telling on a camomile, but there is one thing: at the end of the thirties and until the very beginning of the war, the government of the USSR said that Wehrmacht soldiers, consisting of German workers and German peasants, in the event of a German attack on the Soviet Union would not they will shoot at Soviet soldiers and civilians of the USSR - the same workers and peasants, but will turn their weapons against their German exploiters. And they got what they got for a long four years. And now let's think: will the Bundeswehr be sent to war or not?
  20. +3
    19 January 2023 12: 48
    Let them rivet their new weapons. How else will the Russian army get modern weapons, if not in the form of trophies? After Georgia, the Tigers, Almaty and new MANPADS appeared. After Karabakh, they saw the light, they began to create drones. Now they are learning something new. What can you do, there is no prophet in your Fatherland! When the authorities were warned about new trends in the development of weapons, they were like peas against a wall. Now, when they put their ass on a hot frying pan, they will finally understand that the war of the future will not do without AI technologies. Then they are tortured to catch the mobilized. If only, as usual in Russia, not in hindsight to understand the next mistakes in ten or fifteen years.
  21. +2
    19 January 2023 14: 06
    We are complaining here that it is unrealistic to make a soldier out of a jerk for a year, and here from a modern German in six months ... Dreamers.
    Yes? How long does our training last?
    1. 0
      27 January 2023 01: 26
      And how many more do we serve after school? And we do not have a 40-hour work week with two days off and other numerous vacations.
  22. +1
    19 January 2023 14: 44
    If the Germans are ordered to go to war, it is in their nature. I had a friend in Vienna. I once said: "You Germans are all the same." He was very offended and objected that they were not Germans, but Austrians. It was a company of elderly gentlemen and, in fact, Austrians. I think they genuinely hated the Germans. am
  23. -2
    19 January 2023 15: 27
    They have been here for a long time, a new generation of Europeans, everything is like in 41.
    1. +1
      19 January 2023 20: 11
      A completely different situation. Not at all like in the 41st.
  24. +6
    19 January 2023 17: 10
    We’ll sweat for another two years and the newest planes will fly in and cruise missiles and whatever the Ukrainians want. The main time is to delay and say that this is a brilliant Judo plan to wear out NATO and bring Europe to revolution. Kremlin dreamers have the right word.
    1. +1
      19 January 2023 20: 14
      Quote: Evgeny Ivanov_5
      We'll sweat for another two years

      Just as we were calving, no new deliveries came in. But with NG went dvizhuha. Soledar, shelling, approaches to this Bakhmut, the delivery of tanks to Zaporozhye ... here in the West they began to stir with their tanks. This does not mean that you need to continue to calve, it's just an indication that you somehow considered the cause-and-effect relationships incorrectly.
      1. -1
        23 January 2023 13: 42
        With all due respect, this "movement" is not immediately found on the map. Even the capture of the long-suffering Bakhmut strategically changes little. Well, let's move a piece of the front 30-40 km. Notice not all, only one of the sections, while generally not opening up any room for maneuver. Well?. Another months-long siege of Slavyansk? Kramatorsk? Pavlograd, Zaporozhye. And the Dnieper, which city, how long will we besiege? Year? It's not even funny to ask about Kharkov. Here, God forbid, by the end of the year to reach it.
  25. -1
    19 January 2023 17: 40
    Welcome. Let's restore the GDR 2 in a larger size.
    1. -1
      19 January 2023 18: 00
      Quote from Maks Kotwell
      Welcome. Let's restore the GDR 2 in a larger size.

      I'm with you.
  26. 0
    19 January 2023 17: 48
    well, why not go)) now is the time in Ukraine to start creating another hotbed in the Transcaucasus push Georgia to resolve the issue with the territories to promise China that they have no intentions to Siberia, and there Karelia, if the whole mob piles up, they may well stumble with vigorous weapons you also need to use Faberge, but how are you going to hit New York when you have a daughter there and the money is not hidden in the Savings Bank, but keep Gena, God forgive me
  27. +3
    19 January 2023 17: 58
    Nothing to add. Everything is clearly and clearly written. Roman, this is a correct and excellent analysis. Since the US Regional Committee ordered the Germans to join the battle, then they do it. They just don't know how. Our society is not ready for war. And there is no money. The government does not, and the people do not. Here it is also necessary to distinguish between East and West Germans. Former GDRovtsy for the lifting of sanctions and the West for tightening. And one more thing: mostly East Germans serve in the Bundeswehr. Many of them are children of former residents of the USSR. They serve for money. In recent days, there has been a wave of layoffs in the German army. Thank you for the article!
  28. +2
    19 January 2023 19: 41
    With Leopard tanks, soldiers can advance tens of kilometers in a day.

    Optimist however
    1. -2
      19 January 2023 22: 39
      To the west, easily. I was in Germany, the autobahns are good there ... Yes
  29. 0
    19 January 2023 20: 11
    Will the Germans go to war?

    As happened more than once in history, the Anglo-Saxons are not averse to once again set the Germans on a war against Russia ...
    Nothing changes...
  30. -1
    19 January 2023 22: 37
    NATO pulls troops to Poland, Russia responds by redeploying troops to Belarus. Do you think it's all by chance? In the event of a big mess, it would be nice to first shandarakht around the states, so that they wouldn’t sit behind the puddle as usual, at the same time send the Poles after them. It seems that it will be possible to agree with the rest (well, except for the Tribalts and impudent Saxons, of course).
    1. 0
      23 January 2023 13: 45
      Who will negotiate? Do you think that in the event of a global nuclear war, our zone of infection will be of interest to someone? And about what exactly? About the exchange rate of cartridges for canned food?
  31. +1
    20 January 2023 00: 18
    Quote: AAC
    And now you need to win so much in order to win.

    The only question is - how?
  32. +2
    20 January 2023 01: 31
    Germans themselves? Fight the Russians for xoxlov? Very doubtful. They will supply weapons, ammunition. But send your soldiers to turn the world into a huge nuclear fire? I do not believe that in the West they are burning with the desire to burn down together in thermonuclear Armageddon already this year.
  33. +1
    20 January 2023 09: 08
    ...... German weapons are the standard for which many vote in dollars. Everything is simple here:
    .... the saturation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with first-class weapons really depends very much on supplies from Germany.

    It is unlikely that Leopards-2 of the latest modifications will go to war. Even the modernized ones are no better than ours. Well, as the practice of their use in regional wars shows, they are blown up by mines and burn for a sweet soul. Language does not dare to call these tanks first-class weapons. Regarding the saturation of the Armed Forces with these tanks, this is generally ridiculous. How many tanks can they supply, 300 or 500? Something. 40-50 is unlikely. On such a stretch of the front, this is an insignificant amount. Something else is interesting. No matter how much they put, but the "animals" from the German "zoo" with crosses for the first time in 80 years on our land. And the first fighters of those who will have the honor to knock out this reptile (preferably more than one) must be rewarded with dignity. It's time to organize a "social competition" for the first downed Leopard-2. We are waiting for you, the "guests" are prepared.
    1. 0
      22 January 2023 23: 22
      Quote from buslaif
      Even the modernized ones are no better than ours

      Better. Just as much as the tiger was better than the T-34. No wonder the Germans released fewer tanks and lost less
  34. +1
    20 January 2023 09: 24
    Quote: rotmistr60
    About "Will the Germans go to war?" - they will order and go. Moreover, judging by the behavior and statements of German politicians, the defeat of 1945 is forgotten, the pain has subsided, and many are eager for revenge.

    But politicians don't go to war, that's the problem. And modern German youth cannot be driven into the trenches with a pistol. Yes, and they are useless ... on their native streets, Arab punks slander these young "Siegfrieds" as they wish.
    As a maximum, German PMCs will shine in Ukraine, and, well, especially frostbitten Nazis. But there are not very many of those and those, however, they are already present for sure in the combat zone.

    Revenge ... revenge for them only in computer shooters. Both fun and safe for aphedron.
  35. 0
    20 January 2023 09: 27
    What nonsense, we were ordered and went. They mobilized and went, and they also
  36. +2
    20 January 2023 14: 05
    Quote: 77alex77
    What nonsense, we were ordered and went.

    And they have democracy and human rights, and also gay parades. We are the red orcs, and they are the white elves. Not the same, huh!

    We obediently went those who have not yet been completely "democratized" and for whom Russia is not just "this country".
    Well, those who have been imbued with the liberal spirit - ass in a handful and beyond the cordon. Alas, there are many of them.
    Europeans are taught from childhood that the greatest value in the Galaxy is one's own carcass. These will obediently go into the trenches, keep your pocket wider. Almost all of them are liberals. Well, there are Nazis, but also ... completely liberal.
    1. 0
      23 January 2023 19: 15
      Quote: Illanatol
      Arab punks

      Which will completely go to the Ukrofront to kill Russians. And this is a reserve of the order of the first million snouts who do not want to work and who have no place in the economy.
      Quote: Illanatol
      and gay parades.

      And in the Russian Federation, snowfalls and extortions in the FIU. But you can not go to gayparades%) So who is more difficult?
  37. 0
    20 January 2023 19: 38
    The author is so funny. He invents a topic and sucks it up himself. The connection of the topic with reality, of course, is not required.
    The topic of the participation of NATO troops in this local conflict on the far outskirts of Europe is not worth the word at all. Due to the complete lack of need.
    But site visitors want to talk and the authors sketch out topics simply so that readers do not get bored.
  38. 0
    21 January 2023 03: 15
    order and go

    And what, no one wants to calculate how long the Wehrmacht was preparing before the Third Reich started the Second World War? I'll give you a hint. Officially - from March 16, 1935, if you count from the Reichswehr - from March 3, 1921. This is in conditions of complete domination of the ideology of revanchism.
    Now imagine the Bundeswehr - a professional army since 2011 with something like 185 thousand people. But the transition to a professional one is a necessary measure, since they could not form an army on conscription in any way: most of the conscripts immediately applied for alternative service. And there was nothing to be done about it. For democracy is sacred.
    Therefore, all Germany can go to war with is these pretty good 185 thousand. And there is nowhere else to take the human resource for a further war. This is not Ukraine for you.
    1. +1
      21 January 2023 13: 47
      Quote: NikolayDS
      Therefore, all Germany can go to war with is these pretty good 185 thousand. And there is nowhere else to take the human resource for a further war. This is not Ukraine for you.

      Let me remind you that no one attacked Germany and is unlikely to be able to. As long as you free Poland from Parent 1 and Parent 2, a lot can change in the Bundeswehr, you know.
    2. 0
      31 January 2023 11: 01
      And not only Germany will go to war, the whole NATO bloc will go. They simply will not have options, they signed the contract, kindly
  39. 0
    22 January 2023 09: 42
    "Will the Germans go to war?"?
    They will crawl. They have it in their mentality, they have already proven by History.
    And the Poles are behind them.
    So good times ahead.
  40. +1
    22 January 2023 10: 56
    Author, you are a stupid person.
    It is possible to marinate a man in the barracks for 25 years, but this will not make him a good fighter.
    And it is possible to prepare fairly well-trained fighters from scratch in a quarter of polygon life, and perfectly trained fighters in six months.
    Only competent personnel should do this, and not unmotivated scumbags.
  41. +1
    22 January 2023 15: 50
    Something again, the Germans are not underestimated))
    We can't take Ukraine
    They didn’t have anything either, and before the war they said we’ll take it in 3 days)
  42. -1
    22 January 2023 19: 23
    Of course not, as soon as the first coffins come to Fatherland, there will be an end to the government of Mr. Scholz. And this is without any reservations.
    1. 0
      31 January 2023 11: 06
      Quote from: odisey3000
      Of course not, as soon as the first coffins come to Fatherland, there will be an end to the government of Mr. Scholz. And this is without any reservations.

      Listen, how many coffins came from Afghanistan and Iraq? In addition, the population there is mentally prepared for war. And the war will be completely different. You can calculate for yourself how many missiles the entire NATO bloc will fire in a salvo.
  43. +1
    23 January 2023 01: 25
    It seems that our government is dragging the Germans to Ukraine with its endless intelligence up to hushing up the names of the countries of the aggressors in the Second World War, including during the blockade of Leningrad. It turns out that some West carried out the genocide of Leningrad, but we do not have specific country names about Germany and the members of this coalition in power. Therefore, since Russia does not condemn Germany, Italy, Romania, Spain, etc. for crimes, then they can do everything and they will do what they want in Ukraine.
  44. 0
    27 January 2023 01: 13
    The question is not that the Bundeswehr is sick or "the states will order." The main thing is how ready the German society is to fight and give their lives in this war. But it is not ready and will not want it. Now many officers and contractors are leaving the Bundeswehr - a real war and death loomed ahead. And the current warriors are used to a 40-hour working week, the trade union - yes, you heard right, the trade union, which makes sure that the military does not overstrain, to salaries from 2200 euros for an ordinary 8000 for a colonel. And it’s enough just to look at these current German unfortunate warriors. No, they won't go to war.
  45. 0
    27 January 2023 18: 51
    If everything is bad there, then why was there no ammunition for the mobilized Russian Federation?
  46. 0
    15 March 2023 00: 05
    Will the Germans go to war?

    And why shouldn’t they go, since the Russians don’t want to - someone has to ...
  47. -1
    April 15 2023 23: 23
    author-->author-->author!!! There was no war between Hitler and Stalin. Russians and Germans. There was a war between Europe and Eurasia. Japan and China with Korea. Now that very West is imposing HYGIMONIA. The Germans do not decide separately what to do. More precisely, not Germans but Deutsch. They are akkupirovany and sit on the pope evenly.

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