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Canadian Defense Minister announces transfer of 200 Senator armored vehicles to Ukraine

Canadian Defense Minister announces transfer of 200 Senator armored vehicles to Ukraine

Canada will soon begin transferring 200 Senator armored vehicles to Ukraine. This was stated by Canadian Defense Minister Anita Anand during a business trip to Kyiv, where she met with the head of the Ukrainian military department Alexei Reznikov.

As noted on the website of the Canadian government, the main purpose of the visit of the Minister of Defense of the country to Ukraine was to confirm the solidarity of Ottawa with Kyiv. Anand held meetings with representatives of the top Ukrainian leadership. In particular, it was decided to transfer 200 armored vehicles to the Kyiv regime. The cost of this assistance is estimated by the Canadian side at $67 million.

Earlier, Ukraine itself turned to Canada with a request for the transfer of armored vehicles. It should be noted that even before the start of the special military operation, Canada provided comprehensive military support to Ukraine - from supplies weapons and ammunition to the training of Ukrainian servicemen by Canadian instructors.

The Roshel Senator armored car was developed by the Canadian company Roshel Defense Solutions. By the way, this company was founded in 2019 by Roman Shimonov, a Canadian citizen of Ukrainian origin. Now the armored car is supplied not only to Canadian law enforcement agencies, but also to the US Border Guard. The mass of the armored car is up to 8 tons, while it carries 12 fighters, supporting the landing force with fire.

The armored car has special loopholes for firing from the passenger compartment. There is also a hatch reinforced with armored sheets. It can be equipped with machine guns or automatic grenade launchers, according to the Ukrainian press.

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  1. topol717
    topol717 18 January 2023 16: 16
    The mass of the armored car is up to 8 tons

    Those. almost no armor.
    1. Falcon Buster
      Falcon Buster 18 January 2023 16: 18
      It was originally made as a police car.
    2. Egeny
      Egeny 19 January 2023 12: 20
      Don't care about the armor, what are we talking about ... Why do we admit the very possibility of the appearance of this trash on the front line. To drown or destroy at the place of transshipment and nothing more.
      And you .. armor, machine gun, capacity .. Sad.
  2. Uprun
    Uprun 18 January 2023 16: 20
    Will there be an RPG in the teeth? ......................................
    1. topol717
      topol717 18 January 2023 16: 24
      Quote from uprun
      Will there be an RPG in the teeth? .

      As I understand it, from 50 meters even a 7.62 machine gun will sew it.
      1. Dost
        Dost 18 January 2023 22: 33
        Well, it's still better than the UAZ, which has no armor at all. And for free and sweet vinegar.
      2. Bumblebee
        Bumblebee 19 January 2023 12: 43
        Well, he googled: "The lack of powerful mine protection reduced the mass and added speed to 110 km / h, and maneuverability on ordinary roads. At the same time, protection against splinters and bullets up to 50 caliber allows you to safely move between buildings in populated areas.

        The landing party inside the armored car is protected from the simultaneous explosion of two light anti-personnel mines. Armor around the perimeter of the passenger and engine compartment provides protection up to CEN B7"
        All the same, there is armor.
  3. digger
    digger 18 January 2023 16: 21
    Oh-oh-oh-oh ... the trash is over. Americans kick, first of all, their serfs-accomplices to give away new things.
  4. Murmur 55
    Murmur 55 18 January 2023 16: 22
    Yes, the sponsors are not stingy and really shove what they can, 200 carts on the eve of spring-summer are bad for us, the mobility of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will increase. Surely Zaluzhny and co will try to turn the September scenario.
    1. koramax81
      koramax81 19 January 2023 09: 54
      in the summer there were few people at the front, so they slipped through the gaps. And ours had to delay the personnel so as not to get into the boilers. Now the situation has changed
  5. aleksr2005
    aleksr2005 18 January 2023 16: 25
    Well, they began to prepare for the decisive offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the spring and summer. Now all Western equipment will go by the hundreds.
    1. cold wind
      cold wind 18 January 2023 16: 30
      A set of armored vehicles for the light infantry brigade. The British handed over a set of equipment for a reinforced motorized rifle brigade. At Ramstein, a decision is expected to transfer 80-100 Leopard 2 tanks + BMP / BTR, this is just a tank brigade from Europe. The United States can also transfer a set of equipment to 1 tank brigade. Here's a new army corps for you.
      1. nobody75
        nobody75 18 January 2023 18: 57
        Here's a new army corps for you

        The most important thing is missing - the commander of the corps, under which it is created ...
    2. nobody75
      nobody75 18 January 2023 16: 36
      It's time to conduct Sherman's raid on western Ukraine from Belarus. In parallel, play Foch's game, pulling forces to the Donbass, conducting a search in the direction of Slavyansk ...
      1. Roma 1977
        Roma 1977 18 January 2023 17: 28
        And do not forget the promotion of Truman with demonstrative nuclear strikes.
  6. Silver99
    Silver99 18 January 2023 16: 40
    Chasing demonstrators on the street and illegal Mexicans at the border is good, but there’s no fighting, it’s better to immediately surrender, even though they will be alive.
    1. Ghost1
      Ghost1 18 January 2023 17: 53
      Still, it's better than civilian unarmored vehicles in the army, which we have a lot of that they have.
  7. AntonR7
    AntonR7 18 January 2023 17: 20
    Roman Shimonov of Ukrainian origin))) is already ridiculous and proves the absence of the existence of such a nationality. A Ukrainian is a person who betrayed his Russian roots = Judas. Therefore, what we are doing right = the return of Russian lands is a good thing, if only there were no half-measures and Minsk agreements.
  8. Sergey3
    Sergey3 18 January 2023 20: 32
    Why, a beautiful coffin, bury it right in it!
  9. NikolayDS
    NikolayDS 18 January 2023 23: 43
    The mass of the armored car is up to 8 tons

    Oh, it weighs too much ... Otherwise, Concorde could stir up a new business project - to organize a taxi fleet and compete with Yandex Taxi
    So what? The taxi drivers won the battle on the Marne!
  10. Kirill Prozorovski
    Kirill Prozorovski 19 January 2023 02: 22
    But you can’t catch it in an okiyane and throw it overboard? Or let them indulge.
  11. optimist007
    optimist007 19 January 2023 11: 01
    And what, probably, is a good car, we are waiting for it at the car markets of the North Caucasus.
  12. GAndr
    GAndr 19 January 2023 11: 43
    200 is a lot ... as I understand it, there is a bet on fast-moving DRG groups. Like they attacked - they ran away .. something like that ..
  13. km-21
    km-21 19 January 2023 11: 56
    The West will supply Ukraine with just enough weapons to defeat Russia. The only thing that can stop the West is a good pre-emptive nuclear strike against Poland (and/or Romania) with a hint of a continuation throughout the rest of Europe and on to the US. There are no other options for ending this war, at least in a draw. Everything else leads to our defeat.
    1. Dismas
      Dismas 19 January 2023 16: 42
      No, he will put it (weapons) just enough so that the agony of Ukraine lasts as long as possible. And then - she died, so she died, but the States, the tasks set for themselves, will be solved in full.
  14. vladimych
    vladimych 20 January 2023 13: 03
    For twelve fighters, something is not enough. And the weight, I have a jeep 3 tons.