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Austrian Foreign Minister: Russia has been and remains part of European history and culture

Austrian Foreign Minister: Russia has been and remains part of European history and culture

Austrian Foreign Minister and former Federal Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg urged to remain vigilant so as not to cross the "red line" in relations with Russia, despite the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. This is reported by the Austrian edition of Kronen Zeitung. According to him, today's actions will determine the status of the free world for many years to come.

Here is how the head of the Austrian foreign ministry commented on what was happening:

To ban the issuance of visas to 144 million Russians is unacceptable. We must all understand that Russia is not going anywhere. Things like geography and история - are unchanged. Russia has been and remains a part of European history and culture. The future security architecture of Europe will have to include Russia as a permanent member of the UN Security Council and, of course, as a nuclear power

Note that this statement of the diplomat caused indignation in the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry:

Calls for continued dialogue with Russia, as well as respect for its history and culture, only reinforce the Kremlin's impunity.

At the same time, Schallenberg stressed the importance of holding a dialogue with Russia at the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), expressing bewilderment that his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov was not invited to the last OSCE meeting in Poland.

The OSCE is one of the few remaining venues where Russian diplomats are still present. Maintaining a sense of proportion is one of the biggest challenges for 2023. The other is to keep the unity

the minister concluded.
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  1. Roma 1977
    Roma 1977 17 January 2023 16: 54
    Thanks bro. I responsibly declare that Austria will also remain a part of European history and culture. If there will be no supply of weapons to the conflict zone.
    1. Shurik70
      Shurik70 17 January 2023 18: 18
      What do Russia and Europe have in common?
      What is the backbone that runs through the entire ideology of Russia?
      Community! Mutual assistance. Retribution for liars and traitors.
      And what is the "red thread" in the ideology of Europe?
      Selfishness and personal achievement! Competition. Impunity for the rich clans.
      Europeans have always feared us, admired and hated us.
      Someone took root in Russia and became Russian. Russian is not a nationality, it is a way of thinking.
      And someone fled from Russia, unable to get rid of selfishness. And until the end of his life he spoiled his former homeland.

      Russia is not Europe. Russia is the antagonist of Europe.
      1. Ryaruav
        Ryaruav 17 January 2023 18: 41
        Alexander, well, what are the Russian oligarchs doing, are they more spiritual than Western ones? yes no they are even worse than those
        1. Il'nur
          Il'nur 17 January 2023 19: 55
          Russian oligarchs

          They are not Russian, they are just called that, because they are engaged in robbery on Russian territory, the Russian people, and in fact they are without clan and tribe, they are no different from the robbers of the West who robbed Russia ...
    2. Zoldat_A
      Zoldat_A 17 January 2023 18: 19
      Quote: Roma-1977
      Austria will also remain a part of European history

      She is history and nothing more. Because there will be no more Austria-Hungary.
      That's why all that's left is to run after the Boss, wagging his tail, and, remembering the former greatness, puff out his cheeks as if "Austria Until Now Matter".
  2. Ulan.1812
    Ulan.1812 17 January 2023 16: 57
    Alas, no matter how much someone would like to, it will not be possible to remake geography.
    Europe does not exist without Russia.
    1. Il'nur
      Il'nur 17 January 2023 19: 58
      Europe does not exist without Russia

      I would take it wider - Without Russia there is no World!
  3. Uprun
    Uprun 17 January 2023 16: 59
    Why would such a "song" be performed? And suddenly Ursula is angry for such speeches? Okay, the former says goodbye - they "saw the light" ... but the current one?
  4. Normann
    Normann 17 January 2023 16: 59
    Common sense can overcome fear of the owner, sometimes...
  5. Alexander X
    Alexander X 17 January 2023 17: 00
    A voice crying in the wilderness.
    The text is too short to be meaningful. That's what the moderators think... belay
  6. South Ukrainian
    South Ukrainian 17 January 2023 17: 07
    Europe is beginning to understand something, and in the light of growing fatigue from Ukraine, the number of such statements will only grow.
  7. Andrey Moskvin
    Andrey Moskvin 17 January 2023 17: 15
    Surprisingly sound thoughts of a European. Yes, the Hungarians are not fooling either.
  8. cash
    cash 17 January 2023 17: 18
    austria-hungary 2.0? Or does Osterreich want to get nishtyaki away from Europe on his own? Not sure it's going to happen
  9. Diviz
    Diviz 17 January 2023 19: 06
    He looked at himself in the mirror. Who does he consider part of European history? The Romanovs were shot.
    False Dmitry was fired from a cannon. You can continue to list further.
    1. Andrey Moskvin
      Andrey Moskvin 18 January 2023 01: 02
      Were the Russian tsar-tsarinas originally from the Tambov province?
  10. cniza
    cniza 17 January 2023 21: 49
    Austrian Foreign Minister: Russia has been and remains part of European history and culture

    But no one will hear you...
  11. couch
    couch 18 January 2023 15: 41
    I can’t understand one thing - as soon as they become "former" they immediately begin to see clearly. And who did not let him do this when he was the chancellor of the country ???