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The head of the Chechen Republic Kadyrov: It is not necessary to impose the status of a “world conflict” on special operations

The head of the Chechen Republic Kadyrov: It is not necessary to impose the status of a “world conflict” on special operations

The promised deliveries of military equipment and weapons from the US and European countries to Ukraine will not give advantages to the Kyiv regime. Head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov wrote about this on his Telegram channel. The politician noted that the information transmitted by NATO countries weapon is outdated.

According to Kadyrov, the West is sending old, decommissioned equipment to Ukraine. Such equipment cannot pose a threat to Russia, since our country is a great nuclear power that can calmly resist not only NATO, but the whole world.

Separately, Kadyrov dwelled on understanding the Ukrainian conflict as a whole. As you know, some media in the West, and even in Russia, are trying to consider the special operation as a manifestation of almost the third world war.

I called inappropriate the conversations of various experts who are trying to impose the status of a world conflict on the Russian special military operation in Ukraine. The whole world has not agreed on NATO and a handful of countries that are part of it. Many large states, including China, India, Pakistan and dozens of other countries with billions of people, remain neutral. Therefore, we are still far from the Third World War

- Kadyrov wrote in his Telegram channel.

At the same time, he noted that if someone likes to personify the whole world with NATO, then they may well consider the events in Ukraine a world war. As for Russian actions in Donbass, they are successful. The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation solve all the assigned tasks. Kadyrov noted the coherence of the actions of the Chechen units, dwelling on the fact that during the entire period of the special military operation, not a single Chechen commander was taken prisoner by the enemy.
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  1. Aerodrome
    Aerodrome 17 January 2023 09: 01
    The head of the Chechen Republic Kadyrov: It is not necessary to impose the status of a “world conflict” on special operations
    with all due respect ... 40 countries are "de facto" indirectly fighting against us. not "world"?
    1. 1razvgod
      1razvgod 17 January 2023 09: 11
      Indirectly, this is still not direct, thank God ...
    2. Hypertension
      Hypertension 17 January 2023 09: 39
      Quote: Aerodrome
      40 de facto countries are indirectly fighting against us

      There are 30 countries in NATO. What are 10 more? In general, the thesis about 50 countries is often heard. And, "de facto", in the same Korean and Vietnam Wars, the intensity of passions and the involvement of military-political blocs were much stronger. But no one spoke about the "world" one.
    3. donavi49
      donavi49 17 January 2023 09: 39
      Well, here I suddenly agree with Ramzan, this is a world practice since antiquity.

      40 countries are "de facto" indirectly fighting against us. not "world"

      Delivers equipment - this is not at war. Moreover, it delivers that one USSR delivered more to one Syria on the eve of 73 years (including, for example, about 50 modernized MiG-21s, and how 2 + 2 MiG-23MFs began to be overtaken for crew training already in Syria) - than all 40 countries combined. And no one shouted that the USSR was a party to the conflict.

      Or, for example, Angola is a great example. On the one hand, Cuba, Brazil, Portugal, the USSR, Yugoslavia, and on the other, Morocco, China, France, Zambia, Zaire and the United States behind the scenes. So, it turns out WE ALL SLEEP THE WORLD WAR FOR ANGOLA, according to your logic.

      But, this is a world practice, the same Egypt helped the enemies of the Hittites and at the same time, they did not fight among themselves. The Greeks were supported by the Persians and the same Egypt. Well, etc.
    4. andray
      andray 17 January 2023 09: 41
      your opinion is very ultra-objective, so if you are an anthropologist, a sociologist, a production engineer, etc. but no, then shut up
  2. Ezekiel 25-17
    Ezekiel 25-17 17 January 2023 09: 10
    The world is cut in half, as during the I and II World Wars. There is no direct collision only because of our strategic nuclear forces.
  3. AdAstra
    AdAstra 17 January 2023 11: 05
    Oh, how, but what about "we are at war with all Nata" or has something changed somewhere? recourse request
  4. Skeptic3
    Skeptic3 17 January 2023 20: 14
    Quote: Aerodrome
    fight indirectly

    You are changing concepts. The supply of weapons does not mean "fight".
    The Russian Federation supplies weapons to dozens of countries. This does not mean that she is fighting for them.
  5. Skeptic3
    Skeptic3 17 January 2023 20: 19
    Quote: Ezekiel 25-17
    The world in half

    Which half of the world is on the side of the Russian Federation? Kindly clarify.
  6. Soul of Russia87
    Soul of Russia87 17 January 2023 22: 22
    Kadyrov needs to buy and read a dictionary of terms.

    World war is a form of global armed confrontation between the main centers of power, using all types of struggle (armed, political, economic, diplomatic, ideological, informational, etc.)

    US + EU + Russia is the armed confrontation between the main centers of power.

    It seems that the federal center is trying to convey through it that the NWO is by no means WWII 2.0 and certainly not World War III. They say the rates are being reduced so that the drain of this SVO does not hit the reputation of the authorities hard! The liberal evil spirits in power, the massive and uncontrolled mobilization of patriotic forces in Russia is very dangerous and undesirable because such a force can bring a person to the throne in which liberals will remember Putin as manna from heaven.
  7. Whisper
    Whisper 18 January 2023 19: 53
    Well, good. Many lack peace of mind. Thank you.