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The command of the US Navy clarified plans for the deployment of medium unmanned surface ships

The command of the US Navy clarified plans for the deployment of medium unmanned surface ships

Currently, the US Navy has 7 large and medium prototypes of the USV - a medium-sized unmanned surface ship, which have already demonstrated their capabilities quite well. However, small unmanned ships operating as part of Task Force 59 are already performing their tasks, and very successfully.

Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Mike Gilday said earlier that Task Force 59's success with small unmanned ships had changed his mind about the potential for combat use of unmanned ships.

Several experiments took place in 2022, including during naval exercises in the Hawaiian Islands. Rear Admiral Fred Pyle, who was in charge of the surface part of the exercise, said he was impressed by the capabilities that unmanned ships have.

On January 11, 2023, speaking at the annual conference of the Association of Surface Naval Forces, he told the American edition of Defense News that unmanned ships are beneficial for use in such purposes as intelligence and surveillance and solving problems for the cybersecurity of the Navy.

Now the US Navy is going to start the LUSV program in fiscal year 2025, but it has not yet been publicly discussed. The command has not decided whether to stop him on medium or small unmanned surface ships. Rear Admiral Pyle noted that there is already investment in medium unmanned surface ships. Now the Navy experts are studying the prospects for interaction to solve combat missions of unmanned ships with aircraft carrier strike groups and units of the Marine Corps.

Recall that unmanned surface ships of medium size have been participating in the experiments of the Navy since 2021. As Admiral Gilday noted at the conference, he expects the first such ship to be deployed with the US Navy aircraft carrier strike group in 2027.
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  1. evgen1221
    evgen1221 13 January 2023 08: 32
    There is software, there are chips, there are engines and industrial ships to build. Why not. A very useful device for border guards, narkosh tnh who is not under the wing of the CIA is also suitable for monitoring. And in general, a lot of things can be adapted, in terms of logistics, the same.
  2. Alexander Toroshchin
    Alexander Toroshchin 13 January 2023 12: 43
    Ever since the time of the Great Patriotic War, the advantage of high-speed, maneuverable torpedo boats as a means of surprise strike on a small sector of the front was clear. Delivered quickly, hit and flushed. There is nothing new in drones except the absence of a person, but it is not a fact that a drone is cheaper than that person. Of course, if you stamp green wrappers on toilet paper, then it doesn’t matter who is worth what, especially a person’s life.
    1. Oleg Ogorod
      Oleg Ogorod 13 January 2023 21: 14
      A person wants to eat, drink, sleep,.
      The drone may not do this for days, but only perform its functions.
      In Russia, the old admirals overslept this trend too. USC is the same as Rostec.
      1. cold wind
        cold wind 13 January 2023 21: 21
        Quote: Oleg Ogorod
        A person wants to eat, drink,

        By the way, I'm going to have some tea...
      2. antivirus
        antivirus 13 January 2023 22: 16
        10 Av to 100000 Vi.
        I got minuses for mocking such "admirals".
        Here the Americans will write off their AVs for "effective counteraction to China." If 750 unmanned semi-submersibles with 5 tons of air are needed. Horned death at 50 knots.
        We will laugh at the surrender teams.
        And they have enough ranks to bend the ram's horn.
        And world domination without 11 atomic av will suit them.