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The Pentagon has decided on the place of training of the Ukrainian crews of the American BMP M2 Bradley

The Pentagon has decided on the place of training of the Ukrainian crews of the American BMP M2 Bradley

The intensification of hostilities in Ukraine, as well as the capture by Russian troops of Soledar, one of the most fortified defense centers, made the United States nervous, and the Pentagon to hurry up with training the Armed Forces of Ukraine to use American armored vehicles. According to a widespread statement by the US Department of Defense, a country has been identified where Ukrainian crews of American armored vehicles will be trained.

The Ukrainian military will be trained in the use of American M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles in Germany, and not the United States, as previously assumed. If the future calculations of the Patriot air defense systems go to study in Oklahoma, then the future crews of the Bradley BMP will go to the German Grafenwehr in Bavaria. This decision was made at the Pentagon and agreed with the German Bundeswehr.

In addition, the United States is frantically looking for funds that would help Ukraine in "offensive operations", but so necessary for Kyiv. Tanks Abrams do not want to transfer, stating that they are "too complicated to operate." Although this is not the point at all, simply the loss of these tanks in the event that they are transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and they will certainly be, will put an end to the possibility of selling a large number of MBTs to other countries. The same goes for the German Leopard tanks.

We will continue to consider their needs based on their requests and try to provide them with the capabilities they need not only to defend their country, but also to reclaim the territory.

- stated in the Pentagon.

Meanwhile, the Americans do not intend to disclose the timing of the delivery of the M2 Bradley BMP to Ukraine, stating that the Ukrainian military will "show them themselves." In total, the United States is transferring 50 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles to Kyiv.
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  1. Ivan Ivanov
    Ivan Ivanov 12 January 2023 13: 25
    G.n. Putin, what is the problem with destroying places of training and concentration of equipment?
    1. voice of reason
      voice of reason 12 January 2023 13: 37
      Mr. Ivanivanov. Firstly, is Germany indicated as a place of study here? Is it a problem for you to look at the map and understand that Germany is not Ukraine? Or do you mean Oklahoma? did you even read the article or just like that, just to sketch?
      secondly, do you have Putin that should the light bulbs in the entrance burnt out to screw in and wash off the water in the toilet? why don't you personally destroy these places and equipment? if you, of course. Do you think it's easy and simple to do?
      1. Ivan Ivanov
        Ivan Ivanov 12 January 2023 13: 47
        Tov. the voice of reason, strikes against clusters on NATO territory is a political question, it should be asked to Mr. Putin, no one else, as well as the issue of infrastructure destruction (bridges, entry points). Otherwise, at this pace, we will have to carry out another mobilization. The way out is less painful - to remind Comrade. Xi about his "rock-hard" alliance, but that's back to Putin. Things are obvious. What are the disadvantages, it is not clear.
        1. YOUR
          YOUR 12 January 2023 13: 58
          Those. to strike at the territory of NATO countries is normal and necessary, but the fact that we sell oil and gas, grain, ammonia there, and even drive it all through the territory of Ukraine, while paying them, it’s like you don’t notice.
          1. Ivan Ivanov
            Ivan Ivanov 12 January 2023 14: 36
            These are questions in the same gate, it would be natural to stop the supply of resources to the enemy by organizing processing here. It turns out that Siluanov is able to slow it down - for me it was a "pleasant" discovery.
            1. YOUR
              YOUR 13 January 2023 04: 00
              Amazing. It turns out that we, the Russian Federation, after the announcement of sanctions, after they wrote openly, said that they would completely abandon trade with the Russian Federation, would not buy oil, gas, etc. from us, gave them time to prepare for this. Now they have found new opportunities for obtaining hydrocarbons and want to completely block all trade. It doesn't fit in my head.
        2. voice of reason
          voice of reason 12 January 2023 14: 01
          Excuse me, what forces are you going to fight with NATO? immediately nuclear weapons? because almost the entire ground army is already involved in the NWO and even those mobilized have been added there. Do you really advise attacking Germany because of the BMP crew training center and stretching the land front from St. Petersburg to Belarus and also Keeping the Far East and Kaliningrad? Or just start a nuclear war? that's why they throw minuses at you, that you ask a rhetorical question and tease on "weakly" and here the audience is not stupid and everyone understands everything perfectly. As for the destruction of bridges, it has already been written here so many times why they stand and will stand, that only a notorious provocateur can write about them again. As for entry points, it's an open question. you can discuss it, but then the replica had to be substantively started from this.
          As for mobilization, at the moment, with this format of SVO, it will not have to be carried out - the one carried out is sufficient even taking into account the need for rotation. Something may change if Poland or Romania, for example, gets involved in the war on the side of Ukraine. Then, it may be necessary to carry out additional mobilization measures.
          About China's entry into the war. I also think that this would be good support and help, but I think this agreement has already been reached. When it is implemented, we cannot calculate this is a very big military secret. But at the same time, I would not rule out the aggravation of the situation on the Korean peninsula as an additional "safety" step by China before its special operation to return Taiwan to its native harbor, so to speak.
          So if you wanted to talk about it, then you are welcome, but you got a stuffing like what you don’t want to do elementary things. And as you can see, this is not the case at all.
          1. Ivan Ivanov
            Ivan Ivanov 12 January 2023 14: 48
            Excuse me, what forces are you going to fight with NATO? immediately nuclear weapons?
            You can start with a convention, but with a specific strike (as an option, you can consider sabotage), The next step in the escalation should mean the arrival of nuclear weapons for them, otherwise it turns out that we are afraid of them, they are not us, and nuclear weapons are a weapon of our (not their) deterrence, so the war cannot be won, the potential difference, you definitely noticed, is too great. Accumulations of hostile equipment in any territory, even under international law, are considered a legitimate target.
        3. private person
          private person 12 January 2023 14: 08
          Otherwise, at this pace, we will have to carry out another mobilization

          Au mobilization will be literally in the spring, as the troops need rotation and replenishment. Haven't you noticed that the "help of friends" kaklam has reached a new level. So already this hour you can pack your suitcase and molt.
          1. Ivan Ivanov
            Ivan Ivanov 12 January 2023 14: 38
            Did I say something about a suitcase, dear? I spoke about the need to carry out the threats made by Mr. Putin back in the spring, otherwise we are fighting according to their rules.
  2. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 12 January 2023 13: 28
    What difference does it make, Germany, Poland or Spratia. It's just that in Germany there are ready-made large landfills and Bradley is already available in Germany.
    1. credo
      credo 12 January 2023 13: 37
      The United States has about 10 of these "Bradleys", so we must assume that the supply will not be limited to 000 vehicles, unless, of course, they show themselves on the positive side for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
      1. spirit
        spirit 12 January 2023 13: 54
        on the positive side for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

        The program to replace Bradley is already in full swing in the USA. It will even be beneficial for the American military-industrial complex if Bradley is burned like matches, thereby speeding up the time and knocking out even more money from Congress for the speedy replacement of this machine in the USA itself.
        Solid profit good
        In general, a photo of Zelensky should hang in all the offices of the American military-industrial complex bosses, no one has ever brought them so much money)
        1. cold wind
          cold wind 12 January 2023 14: 13
          The problem is that there is nothing to replace Bradley with. The requirements of the US Army are too specific. Mobility, weight, armor, armament and landing capacity contradict each other.
      2. 28st region
        28st region 12 January 2023 14: 05
        Transfer technology as much as necessary to prolong the conflict. 10 challengers, will they somehow affect the situation? The Poles were going to hand over 10 leopolds, although they had problems with the Germans about this. The Germans decided to hand over 50 marders. Turning the tide with so much technology is not possible. But creating problems is very, very possible.
  3. sanik2020
    sanik2020 12 January 2023 13: 36
    At first they will rejoice, like children, and then they will cry, - "the harp is frozen, ihata ne hocha."
  4. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 12 January 2023 13: 36
    The United States has raised the degree of confrontation. Will the trophy Bredl be installed against the US Embassy in Moscow? Do not wash off the blood of the crew in the reserved space.
  5. I dare to_notice_
    I dare to_notice_ 12 January 2023 13: 44
    It's time already ... to the places of acceptance ...
    Reality is like this: if you don’t recognize it in time, it will kill you.
  6. Prisoner
    Prisoner 12 January 2023 13: 57
    what It’s not the Magdeburg training ground that will be substituted for this case. Ours at one time there did a good job of "learning military affairs in a real way." If he's still alive of course.
    APASUS 12 January 2023 13: 59
    BMP Bradley is designed for Ukrainian black soil, oh, I doubt it very much.
  8. Uprun
    Uprun 12 January 2023 14: 27
    Fellow citizens, do not be fooled by the provocations of the tsiposhniks about nuclear strikes and mobilization .... Khokhlodesantura from near Soledar was prepared by the Britons. Shaw, the islands are also at the bottom? And the Khokhlodesantura is 50/50, some in bags, some on the bunk.