Smoothbore "Hammer Arms". Snipe

In previous articles about weaponsmanufactured by Hammer Arms, one could get acquainted with rifled specimens, as well as with smooth-bore self-loading models of the Vepr-12 family. In this already final article, we will “finish” the smooth-bore of the company and complete our acquaintance with products that are available on the civilian market. There is not much left to consider, since there are only "self-loading" and pump-action shotguns with the common name Bekas. Let's start with the self-loading samples, which the manufacturer dubbed the Bekas-auto, well, and then move on to the pump action guns, breaking them into two articles, I think, does not make much sense.

The first model under consideration is VPO-201-02. Weapons from the underbarrel tubular magazine are fed with a capacity of 3 cartridge 12x76. Barrel length is 750 millimeters. Automation works due to the powder gases discharged from the barrel of the weapon. The barrel channel is locked using a locking wedge, which rotates during the course of the bolt frame and enters into engagement with the barrel shank. Sights are a ventilated bar mounted on the barrel. The trigger mechanism of the trigger-type weapon is assembled by a separate removable assembly, which facilitates the maintenance of the weapon. An interesting point is that the gun barrel is removable, that is, if desired, it can be replaced with a barrel of a different length, making another weapon from one model. Trunks themselves have the ability to install muzzle nozzles of various types. It’s also quite interesting that in the design of the weapon a cartridge cutter is introduced that can stop the supply of cartridges from the magazine, and the bolt delay is triggered, that is, the type of ammunition can be changed relatively quickly, although there are still some nuances that make this feature unsuitable for of life. In addition, the change of ammunition should be lightning fast, and in this case, the speed will directly depend on how well the hunter has worked out this very procedure of changing ammunition. In general, it is very doubtful that someone will spend time working out manipulations with weapons, which, in turn, means that it will be impossible to quickly change the ammunition. It is also important that the gas unit has the ability to automatically adjust the pressure of the powder gases in it, which allows you to use a variety of ammunition, without fear of a weapon breakdown and because the automation will not work. In order to prevent the capsule from tipping, when the inertia acts on the hammer, it (the hammer) is spring loaded. The forend and butt are made of walnut, a rubber butt pad is installed on the butt. It is somewhat confusing that the receiver is made of light alloy, on the other hand, this greatly facilitates the weapon. The weight of the VPO-201-02 is equal to 3,6 kilograms, the total length of the weapon is equal to 1301 millimeter, so the weapon, in principle, can be called light, but not small.

The next sample of the self-loading shotguns Bekas-auto is VPO-201-05. Just like the previous one, it feeds on 12x76 cartridges, however, two barrels come with it, one of which is 525 millimeters long, and the second turns the weapon into a previous model, respectively, has millimeters 750 length. Naturally, there are no differences between the two models, except for the trunks. Is that sighting devices that are mounted directly on the trunks are different. So, barrel sights with a length of 535 millimeters consist of a pillar and a front sight instead of an aiming strip. It feeds all the weapons from the same under-barrel tubular magazine, the capacity of which is 3 cartridge 12x76. There is also a cartridge cutter and ZZ. The weapon has the ability to install a separate handle instead of the butt, which comes with a weapon.

In addition, there is also a version of the 00 configuration, in which a barrel of 680 millimeters long is installed, as well as a variant of 02 in which a barrel with a length of 680 millimeters and an additional handle installed instead of the butt is added to the barrel with a length of 535 millimeters. In all other respects, these samples are the same and differ only in a complete set.

Naturally, the Hammer Armz company could not ignore the 12х70 cartridges. By and large, these models repeat the previous chambered for cartridge 12x76, and repeat absolutely everything. So, for example, the PC-12M-02 model has a barrel length of 750 millimeters and is almost completely identical to the HPE-201-02, up to the weight of the weapon. The most interesting thing is that this weapon even repeats the numbering system of various versions of self-loading rifles. Thus, the 00 rifle version has a millimeter 680 barrel length, the 03 version in addition to the 680 millimeter barrel also has a millimeter 535 barrel and an additional handle, which is installed instead of the butt. The execution of the 05 weapon differs from the previous one in that the barrel with a length of 680 millimeters is replaced with a barrel with a length of 750 millimeters. In general, this is the same model range, but under the chucks 12х70 instead of 12х76.

Next on the list are self-loading rifles caliber 16. You will laugh, but here, too, everything rests against ammunition, models differ only in barrel lengths, and the foundation is the same as in previous models of 12 caliber. So, the PC-16М-02 has a barrel length of 750 millimeters, the 00 grade is equipped with a barrel of 680 millimeters. 03 and 05 are equipped with 680 and 750 millimeters for trunks with millimeters 535 length, respectively, as well as removable handles, which are installed instead of the butt. So diversity is achieved only by changes of barrels, and you need to say a special thank you to the manufacturer for having made the same classification of weapons, because sometimes there is such a classification that does not lend itself even to female logic.

We now turn to the hammerheads of the company Hammer Armz. They only use 12x70 and 16x70 cartridges. All of them are made, in principle, with the same basis, so there is nothing special to highlight. Rather simple versions of weapons, not without “jambs”, of course, but everything is easily eliminated and adjusted if the arms are straight and the head is in place. The first in the manufacturer's catalog are samples chambered for 12x70 with the name RP-12M. In the performance of the 00 weapon, the rifle is equipped with a barrel of 680 millimeters long, the barrel-tube magazine has a capacity of 6 cartridges. Dimensions of the weapon itself are 1231x50x198, weight is equal to 3,5 kilogram.

In addition to this option, there are eight more. The 01 version has a barrel length of 535 millimeters, a variant of 02 - a barrel of 720 millimeters, 03 - a barrel of 750 millimeters. The 04 weapon has a 525 millimeter-long barrel and a pistol grip that is installed instead of the stock. Weapons from 05 to 07, inclusive, are completed with an additional barrel with a length of 535 millimeters and a pistol grip, while they have barrels of length 680, 720 and 750 millimeters, respectively. Well, the latest version of the weapon has barrels of 750 and 680 millimeters long and comes without an additional handle. Weapon variants for 16x70 cartridges have exactly the same classification and are no different than the ammunition used, so we will not repeat.

Thus, it turns out all 9 models of guns, which differ only in ammunition and barrels. These guns have already earned themselves a certain status among the hunters, of course, there are complaints and a negative in their direction, but here you need to understand that even a perfect sample is at least something, but it may not like it. Everything else adds fuel to the fire and the fact that domestic-made civilian weapons are considered to be of poor quality, but here it should be noted that even the best foreign models are customized by hunters to suit themselves, so that you can even find the positive aspects of the need for “filling” - more options. In general, when I hear or read that a person has acquired a sample with an obvious marriage, or he is not satisfied with something in him, I immediately want to ask where were the eyes and the head when the weapon was bought? Or does it happen that a person buys a weapon, seeing its disadvantages, only to complain? So it seems to be an expensive pneumatics, it costs relatively good money, is it really impossible to take a closer look at yourself, read first, what to pay attention to, in the end, to bring with you a person who is well-versed in these matters. But about the peculiarities of the national purchase of weapons somehow another time, otherwise it has already borne me in the wrong steppe.
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  1. +3
    9 November 2012 09: 11
    An interesting article, and I completely agree with the author, on the issue of "fitting" weapons for themselves. As well as care when choosing .....
    1. +1
      9 November 2012 12: 41
      Hunter himself, the articles in this series are interesting, thanks!
      1. 0
        9 November 2012 13: 44
        Well, to be honest, he wrote "at a gallop across Europe." I would like to describe what most often the nuances in weapons are found and what can be done with it, how to improve it while staying within the law, and so on, but this would be a very large material to cover everything smile So let's postpone for later, but if something is interesting, then with a few comments you can speed up the process of writing wink
  2. Skavron
    9 November 2012 12: 48
    And I'm thinking about buying "Altai". Hunted with 20 ... impressed. Lightweight, comfortable. Ukraine produces ... though from Turkish components.
    1. 0
      9 November 2012 12: 52
      I use a toz, a toz-120, a magnum, excellent stuff, it's a bit heavy for a long walk, I'm going to get a rifled "boar" ...
  3. 0
    9 November 2012 16: 13
    "but everything is easily removed and adjusted if the arms are straight and the head is in place."

    He laughed. Thus, ANY weapon is brought ... brought ... (with a foot on the handle of the bolt) ... is brought to perfection. :)
    1. 0
      9 November 2012 16: 56
      well, yes, yes))) because we are invincible))) we understand what is wrong in weapons and how to make it better than it is wink Honestly, I will choose the sample that works better after my debugging than the one that works "out of the box" and does not tolerate interference from outside))) Once it concerned siemens phones now here are weapons smile
    2. +2
      9 November 2012 18: 06
      Quote: Andrey77
      "but everything is easily removed and adjusted if the arms are straight and the head is in place."

      I remember at my full-time PM, I slightly whispered a little file ... I went too far, the trigger was triggered at the slightest touch. I had to negotiate with the chief officer for a liter of alcohol to write off quietly ... So in this case it is better not to overdo it
      1. +1
        9 November 2012 18: 50
        Quote: Ascetic
        I remember at my full-time PM, I slightly whispered a little file, ...
        At the request of a comrade, he tried to do something similar (soft descent), but the new file slid along the part of the pistol, like glass, and there was no sense (except that the bluing was grinded).
        1. +1
          9 November 2012 20: 40
          Quote: Bad_gr
          but the new file slid over the detail of the gun, like glass,

          This is done with a diamond file — the part is heat-treated.
          1. +1
            9 November 2012 20: 44
            Quote: revnagan
            This is done with a diamond file — the part is heat-treated.

            Exactly laughing Extra confirmation of the above
  4. not good
    9 November 2012 18: 35
    The author forgot to indicate that "Snipe-auto" is also produced under the cartridge 12/89. I bought one for myself a year ago. An excellent machine, it can eat any cartridge, and 12/89, and 12/76, and 12/70. And in any case. You can install a three-point belt - a very handy thing. The workmanship is not bad, it didn't have to be finished.
  5. 0
    10 November 2012 01: 51
    Thanks to the author for the article smile
    I fundamentally disagree with the thesis of the mandatory so-called. "napiling" in relation to the RP - in contrast to the Izhevsk "handicrafts", the Vyatka-Polyanskiy Bekasy are of sufficient quality (from the domestic manufacturer the Molotov "smoothbore" is of the highest quality), and in shooting and hunting circles they are deservedly famous for their excellent quality trunks (surprisingly even , high quality chrome-plated and bluing does not peel off). And the design itself, in particular the RP, is very reliable, I am not afraid of this word, it is even close to perfection, since it contains a symbiosis of the best technical solutions (of course, to a large extent borrowed, but to the honor of Molotov, not every design team is able to combine this best so successfully))) ). This is what I can reproach the Hammer team with is that they are not very resourceful in terms of tuning and various gadgets for their products, i.e. it practically does not exist.
    HIGHLIGHTS: I have the right to eulogize about the subject, as For more than twelve years I have been exploiting the Bekas RP-16 tail and neck, and not once, pah-pah, did he let me down good I drew attention to the fact that I didn’t see spare parts for Bekas in the ormages, or maybe I didn’t look in detail - apparently there is no demand, and there’s no need for it, it’s not Lomoets ... wink Although I'm lying !!! feel After a couple of years of using the Bekasik, I discovered a "hairline" longitudinal crack in the forearm, immediately correctly "healed" with epoxy, and forgot about it.
  6. 0
    10 November 2012 03: 43
    Yeah. Now after this moron who shot people, you won’t even buy a toy pistol.
    1. 0
      11 November 2012 09: 14
      after the moron and only allow weapons for sale - if there were at least one more armed person in the office - you look and you wouldn’t have to bury 6
      1. -2
        11 November 2012 14: 08
        Quote: wasjasibirjac
        there would be at least one more armed man in the office - you look, and you wouldn’t have to bury 6

        I agree with you - if at least one of them had a legal short-barreled in his office, he would quickly slap this rolled-up "terminator hamster" in his turnip, and save his life and the lives of his colleagues.
        1. 0
          12 November 2012 15: 31
          Quote: Castor_ka


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