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Tanks and self-propelled guns contracted in South Korea will be part of the new Polish division near the borders of Belarus

Tanks and self-propelled guns contracted in South Korea will be part of the new Polish division near the borders of Belarus

In recent years, the Polish army has been actively replenished with new military equipment. In particular, large orders were made in Seoul for Tanks (purchased 180 MBT K2) and self-propelled guns (purchased 212 howitzers K9A1). As stated in the government of the country, the contracted South Korean products will be part of the new, fifth tactical formation of the ground forces - the 1st infantry division of the legions named after Marshal Jozef Pilsudski.

The new formation will be based mainly in the Podlaskie Voivodeship, next to the 16th Mechanized Division (Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship) already deployed to the borders of the Kaliningrad Region and the 18th MD (Mazowieckie and Lublin Voivodeships) relocated closer to Ukraine.

The new division will consist of 4 combined arms brigades of 4 battalions each. The main placements are closer to the border of Belarus.

In addition, the division will have its own artillery brigade. This is one of the lessons learned from the war in Ukraine

- noted in the Defense24 publication regarding the need to saturate battle formations with artillery.

So, in the neighboring 16th MD, the process of reorganizing the 11th artillery regiment into the 1st artillery brigade has already begun.

In general, the process of military construction in Poland clearly reflects the anti-Russian vector of the country's foreign policy and indicates that soon the RF Armed Forces will have to face a new, to put it mildly, "inadequate" neighbor.


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  1. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 10 January 2023 13: 30
    The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation will have to face a new, to put it mildly, "inadequate" neighbor.
    By inadequacy, they will not yield to the Maydanuts! am
    1. bayard
      bayard 11 January 2023 08: 07
      And the size of their division corresponds to the size of the corps of the RF Armed Forces - 5 brigades of the full strength + probably also engineering units, communications, control, rear. So at least 25
      The technique is serious, perhaps the best of the foreign that is on the market and the prices are horse. They will try to force Germany to pay as long as the loans. And all this abundance is against us. By the end of spring - beginning of summer, Poland will have a fairly strong army. It would be nice by that time from the APU there was a dull burning down ....
      The queen of sciences in the former enlightened times was called Statistics. And this science also implies schedules for the implementation of plans and tasks. I hope that our schedules are based on the plans of the enemy and provide for preventive and radical actions.
      The most radical, if the fraer is not given back.
      And these fraera are clearly inadequate.
  2. Vladislav_2
    Vladislav_2 10 January 2023 13: 34
    And the Poles will begin to transfer this good to Kuev on the sly! ... of course, to spite us
    1. novel66
      novel66 10 January 2023 13: 59
      Too expensive, get tired, push something old
    2. antivirus
      antivirus 10 January 2023 14: 04
      Poland is a small country. Quickly to Berlin for reparations and the new leader of the EU.
      Duda will become cooler than Napoleon.
      Psheks have enough ambition? Or just support Bandera?
      1. bayard
        bayard 11 January 2023 08: 17
        Quote: antivirus
        Quickly to Berlin for reparations and the new leader of the EU.

        Maybe "quickly to Berlin", or maybe quickly for "kresses".
        Logically, it is most profitable for psheks to grab kres from the Sumerians, negotiate (possibly secretly) with Russia and turn to Berlin for reparations.
        request But where are the Poles, and where is Logic? what
        That is why Belarusian and Russian pilots are practicing delivering tactical nuclear strikes against Poland and Co. (if any).
      2. NAF-NAF
        NAF-NAF 13 January 2023 16: 20
        Poland can only go to Berlin for stars.
  3. Lumberjack_2
    Lumberjack_2 10 January 2023 13: 35
    Here it is necessary to bang tactical nuclear weapons right away, because the Ukrainians + Poles, who have become brutish, due to inadequacy, may try to enter ... Belarus will not be offended. Belarus is a true ally, brother, and best friend.
  4. spirit
    spirit 10 January 2023 13: 51
    Yes! Who would have thought 30 years ago that Russia could face Korean tanks in the European theater of operations, and even under the flag of Poland!!!! Fantastic!!
  5. sanik2020
    sanik2020 10 January 2023 14: 06
    Everything that Poland buys is the most expensive and in large quantities, it’s easy to buy here, then it all needs to be maintained, and all this variegated menagerie will cost too much.
    These transactions are more of a corrupt nature and a burden for future generations of Poles.
    And at the expense of the war, the Poles would even start it tomorrow, they just want everything to be harnessed for them to the fullest, but the NATO members have their own wishes and their own plans, even at the expense of Poland.
    1. Alexander Salenko
      Alexander Salenko 10 January 2023 14: 21
      Here the question is more interesting: for what shisha? Poland itself can be taken for debts with giblets, is the United States really such a generous sponsor?
      1. e_4
        e_4 10 January 2023 14: 48
        Be that as it may, Poland is in the top 20 in terms of GDP
    2. Negro
      Negro 10 January 2023 14: 22
      It just simplifies the structure. It was Soviet, German, Korean, now only the NATO standard remains.
  6. dfk-80
    dfk-80 10 January 2023 22: 50
    It's all stressful. The version that amers need to legalize the use of nuclear weapons at any cost is becoming the main one. The price of ukrov, Poles, Korean tanks and self-propelled guns suits them perfectly.
    But then the planet will shudder from a bunch of small nuclear strikes.
  7. Mikhail Maslov
    Mikhail Maslov 11 January 2023 16: 42
    Poland is arming itself and switching to modern weapons systems. For some reason, everyone on the site wants "bang with nuclear weapons and that's it ...". One should not think that the Poles and NATO behind them do not take this into account. And if the partial occupation of Ukraine goes according to a different plan, and how a springboard for an attack on the BR. Then we will not have time to do anything and will not be able to do it.
  8. Andrey A
    Andrey A 11 January 2023 16: 55
    For 2022, over 8 years of production, -160 Korean K2 Black Panther tanks were produced, as many as 20 units a year ... In 9 years, the Poles will be able to equip their new division with tanks, they didn’t even look at self-propelled guns ... They will whether by that time to exist in its current form: Poland, NATO, the USA is a big question .... In the meantime, all this is just wet Polish dreams: the moral is that it was easy to give tanks and other equipment to neighboring Ukraine, but to replace everything at least something: it will take years and decades. In the meantime, the Polish army is a crowd in which it is quite possible that there are not even machine guns: because the Ukrainian Armed Forces of Ukraine are in need even of machine guns. - As you know, the wounded have a habit of dropping their weapons, I'm not talking about the dead, but there were also attacks on warehouses ... And Ukraine has already put more than 1 million soldiers under arms, this is more than a fully mobilized army ... - Where does the automation come from ???!! - But even in Poland itself there were not a million Kalashnikovs, but only a thousand - 300 in warehouses, still approx. 150 thousand pieces of NATO weapons .... In general, returning to tanks, Poland had approx. 800 tanks (a serious force), but Poland delivered several hundred T-72 tanks to Ukraine, delivered Tverdy tanks (a modernized version of the T-72), they are going to take away the last tanks from Poland: "Leopards" -2, of which there are only two hundred ... And what remains for the Poles? - Dreams of Korean tanks?! Moreover, apparently, Polish artillery, aviation and air defense went to Ukraine. So that's it ... In the meantime, the Poles need to stock up on slingshots: don't wait 9 years for Korean manna from the sky .....
    1. saigon
      saigon 14 January 2023 15: 08
      What is the use of tanks, then here is the dashing of the Polish winged hussars, then yes, and the enemy is horrified.
      I don’t know how the Poles are going to attack through the woods? So let them ask the Hans about Potapov's 5th army, how she drank their blood.
      Although the dashing Polish brigades (why the banners) can equal Berlin.
      Plolyak's army wow, it can do anything.
      And everything rests on the fact that NATO, in the event of a Polish attack, will silently go into the mire and wait a word and see how to fight without our own oil.