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Retired American colonel: Europeans do not want to be involved in the conflict in Ukraine

Retired American colonel: Europeans do not want to be involved in the conflict in Ukraine

There is no real military force behind NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, because of the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance, by and large, only the United States has it. Therefore, the formal head of this military-political association should be perceived only as the mouthpiece of the Washington administration, declaring in his public speeches only what is beneficial to Washington.

This opinion was expressed by retired American Colonel Douglas MacGregor in an interview for Judging Freedom.

He believes that Stoltenberg says and does only what he is told, without having his own will. Now the head of the alliance is persuading the European members of the alliance to make greater efforts to help the Kyiv regime. But, according to McGregor, he would not have done this if the APU was doing well.

Stoltenberg has to put pressure on NATO allies, as the majority of Europeans do not want to have anything to do with the conflict in Ukraine. And the worst thing for Americans is that European governments are well aware of what their citizens are avoiding. Of course, they make loud statements, declaring that they are ready to support the Kyiv regime to the “victory end”, trying to make a good impression on the “Washington bosses”. But in reality, they only maneuver between the interests of their people and the interests of the United States.

But at the moment, the main part of the European elite is doing everything that the overseas masters order it to do. It looks like Europe is finally beginning to lose its subjectivity. Although, why lose ... Already lost.
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  1. Vyacheslav57
    Vyacheslav57 7 January 2023 20: 09
    This is the end of the fairy tale: what do the Western media write about the near future of Ukraine.
    Before the start of the special operation, Washington exaggerated the power of America and Ukraine and downplayed the advantages of Russia. Retired Colonel Douglas MacGregor is convinced of this. As a senior fellow at The American Conservative, McGregor is constantly analyzing the situation in the war zone in Ukraine. The former military man notes that the Biden administration hid the truth from the Americans. It lies in the fact that Kyiv cannot win this conflict. Moreover, the next phase of the NWO will destroy Ukraine. This country may cease to exist as a state, McGregor stressed. “Kyiv does not win and will never win in this conflict!” the retiree is convinced. He calls the losses of Ukraine heavy, and the armed forces weakened, citing a series of senseless attacks by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the east and south of Ukraine as confirmation. “In other words, by the end of the military conflict in Ukraine, Washington will push Russia to significantly increase its military potential, then he will get the opposite result of the fatal weakening that the United States was counting on, embarking on the path of confrontation with Moscow,” the retired colonel is sure.

    And this opinion began to spread throughout the media resources of the West. God bless, God bless!
  2. Machete
    Machete 7 January 2023 20: 27
    They don't want to, but they will.
    And no one will ask them.
  3. Fangaro
    Fangaro 7 January 2023 21: 39
    About 15 years ago, a man who once served in the "office" asked about another person who, a year before the question, ceased to be part of the "office": "Well, who do you think he is? ... No, he is a pensioner."

    This is just a personal opinion. The statements of our opponents, which are not valid and significant, no matter how much good they bring to their country, but they don’t bring us bad, do not matter.
    Or power, or money, or power.
  4. Jsem_CZEKO68
    Jsem_CZEKO68 7 January 2023 21: 44
    13. a 14. ledna v ČR volíme nového presidenta. Pokud vyhraje pan Bašta, prohlásil, že nikdy nepošle vojáky ČR na Ukrajinu.., chce se přičinit o urovnání konfliktu a mír spolu s Erdoganem. Pan Bašta je bývalý velvyslanec ČSR na Ukrajině iv Rusku. Je to jediný přijatelný kandidát z 9. s dobrým morálním profilem, ostatní jsou členové Aspen Institute, která pracuje pro Americkou vládu. Fašisté v ČR mu dávají předpověď 2-3%, ale v Televizní debatě dostal přes SMS od občanů 47%. Byl by dobrým presidentem pro všechny Evropany, kteří touží po svobodě a míru.
    1. Jsem_CZEKO68
      Jsem_CZEKO68 7 January 2023 21: 45
      On January 13 and 14, elections of a new president will be held in the Czech Republic. In case of victory, Mr. Bashta declared that he would never send Czech soldiers to Ukraine…, he wants to contribute to the settlement of the conflict and peace together with Erdogan. Mr. Bashta is the former Ambassador of Czechoslovakia to Ukraine and Russia. He is the only acceptable candidate from the 9th with a good moral profile, the rest are members of the Aspen Institute, which works for the US government. The fascists in the Czech Republic give him a forecast of 2-3%, but in the televised debate he received 47% from the citizens by SMS. He would be a good president for all Europeans who yearn for freedom and peace.
      1. iouris
        iouris 8 January 2023 13: 20
        Quote from Jsem_CZEKO68
        In case of victory, Mr. Bashta declared that he would never send Czech soldiers to Ukraine...

        First, he first needs to win an election (Do you still believe in democratic elections?)
        Secondly, to promise - does not mean to marry. Anyone who gets a position will definitely face the need to stand still in the European ranks (especially the President of the Czech Republic).
        But let's not argue - time will tell. You have to live long in the Czech Republic, then you will live to see everything.
        As Schweik taught: "There has never been such a thing, so that somehow, yes, it did not happen." Live long.
      2. Kuzmitsky
        10 January 2023 19: 31
        I will clarify. Bashta was in Russia and Ukraine the ambassador of the Czech Republic, not Czechoslovakia. Czechoslovakia and Ukraine as states existed simultaneously for a little over a year (from the end of 91 to the beginning of 93).
  5. iouris
    iouris 8 January 2023 13: 17
    There are many "retired colonels". Douglas McGregor is not only and not so much a "retired colonel" as an expert who has political weight. Is any retired American colonel an authority for you?