The fall of the Ukrainian economy in 2022 was a record for the entire history of this country

The fall of the Ukrainian economy in 2022 was a record for the entire history of this country

The Ministry of Economy of Ukraine presented data on the fall in GDP in 2022. At the same time, the assessment of the fall is given in an original way - with a two percent “error”, which can only mean one thing: Kyiv itself does not know the real figures for the fall of the Ukrainian economy.
From the message of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine based on data from the Ministry of Economy:

The fall in the country's GDP amounted to 30,4% plus or minus 2 percent.

It is alleged that in the third and fourth quarters, the decline in the level of the Ukrainian economy was the lowest since March 2022. For comparison, the indicators of the third quarter are given, when the fall in Ukraine's GDP exceeded 37,2% in annual terms.

Even if the figures of a 30,4 percent fall in GDP are real, then this is an anti-record for the entire history Ukraine. Thus, the Ukrainian economy "booked" for itself the last place among all the economies of the European continent (in terms of volume per capita). At the same time, in terms of its total nominal volumes, Ukraine's GDP has reached a minimum in all recent years, which moves the economy of the Kyiv regime from 41st place in the world (by the end of 2021) to 56-58th.

The economy of Ukraine is now comparable in size to the economy of Sri Lanka or Ethiopia.

Independent economists are not inclined to believe the data of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine and believe that the GDP of this country fell by at least 2022 percent in 35, which puts Ukraine at least 60-62 places.
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    1. +7
      5 January 2023 12: 48
      Why Ukraine needs the economy, it is on the content of the West.
      1. +2
        5 January 2023 13: 06
        It is customary to change the srderzhdanok as soon as they are no longer needed.
        Especially such thieving, pathologically treacherous and ungrateful
      2. -2
        5 January 2023 13: 31
        "for the upkeep of the West," but you don't need to count money for the upkeep?
      3. -4
        5 January 2023 13: 42
        Someone heard something or saw the Old, that Russia has exposed the West penalties for the illegal use of its money???? We have 300 lards withheld ... and we all mumble. The patient gentlemen, against whom a war without rules is being waged, are all trying to make themselves the right patients.
        But so many experiences for the non-existent economy of the outskirts.
        But it’s also interesting for breaches of agreements, violation of WTO rules, someone brought something to the “states” ????
        Nobody nothing. Our contracts are like dirt. Take the treaty on the destruction of chemical weapons that is not being implemented by the states .... why should we sign some more if we are not going to ask for that ????
        1. 0
          6 January 2023 03: 43
          Emotionally, of course, but I don’t understand why the cons?
    2. +3
      5 January 2023 12: 50
      This is not a fall, this is the destruction of the economy. In fact, all of the former Ukraine is NATO military mercenaries. exist on borrowed money only as long as they are fighting against Russia.
      1. -1
        5 January 2023 13: 41
        ...... which throws Ukraine at least 60-62 places.

        It's time to remember the notorious coupons for internal circulation, while the management rows foreign currency.
    3. +1
      5 January 2023 12: 52
      The question is, what do Western guardians allocate money for?
      Apparently, for the economy there, no one is concerned about the definition of AT ALL.
      The West is ready to support gangs of skakuas and send them to war with Russia, and nothing more can be found there during the day with fire.
    4. 0
      5 January 2023 12: 53
      This number is full of makeup. According to all authoritative experts, the economy has fallen by 35%
    5. 0
      5 January 2023 12: 54
      Well, what can be the conclusion? The Ukrainians rode badly.
      1. -1
        5 January 2023 13: 26
        Quote from nellyjuri
        Well, what can be the conclusion? The Ukrainians rode badly.

        On the contrary, it's good. Above the rest. For this they were sent forward ...
    6. -1
      5 January 2023 13: 00
      At the same time, the assessment of the fall is given in an original way - with a two percent “error”.
      In wartime, the value of a two percent error can reach 10
    7. -1
      5 January 2023 13: 01
      Quite normal, given the number of refugees, the impact on production and the loss of territory.
    8. -2
      5 January 2023 13: 04
      The fall of the Ukrainian economy in 2022 was a record for the entire history of this country
      Well, you must! Captain obvious. As far as I know, in 2022 a rather destructive war is going on on the territory of Ukraine, which has not yet been "in the entire history of this country."
      1. -1
        5 January 2023 13: 47
        Vladimir Postnikov .... a rather destructive war is going on on the territory of Ukraine, which has not yet happened "in the entire history of this country."

        And what they wanted to get, they did not want to fulfill the Minsk-2 agreements with the tacit consent of the Western "guarantors". After all, everything could have been different and there would have been no war and such a number of victims and a destroyed economy.
      2. +1
        5 January 2023 15: 43
        The war began in 2014 when the history of the country had already ended.
    9. +3
      5 January 2023 13: 05
      This is what is called: to plunge into world history forever, as an unprecedented example of state idiocy and complete clinical unsuitability for any kind of state independence.

      Once "PANAMA" was a very bad word, now and forever the word "UKRAINE" will become a rude insult and curse.

      However, the country came into line with the name - the outskirts, it is the outskirts, the backyards of civilization
    10. +1
      5 January 2023 13: 50
      "Ukraine" - FSE!
      There is no budget. There is no economy. The female population fled. The male population is effectively annihilated. Despite the fact that the president is a Jewish comedian. If this is not the result of a Mossad special operation, then what is?
      1. 0
        5 January 2023 13: 56
        iouris .... "Ukraine" - FSE!

        Half of the skakuas left for Europe, now the population will be shocked there. If it goes on like this, this territory will turn into a world supplier of militants, drugs and other crime.
    11. 0
      5 January 2023 14: 37
      Ukraine is Africa!
      Sorry I'm not smart enough to write a long comment hi
    12. 0
      5 January 2023 21: 07
      Ukraine is on investment from the West now, than to resist Russia all over the world, spending trillions on it and preparing for war with it, it is cheaper to spend lards in one place and fight with the wrong hands.
    13. 0
      10 January 2023 10: 49
      Does GDP take into account growing debts 404? Or is Lend-Lease a separate article?

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