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The Kyiv regime has to explain to the West why the order of the Ukrainian command to take Kremennaya and Svatovo will remain unfulfilled until the new year

The Kyiv regime has to explain to the West why the order of the Ukrainian command to take Kremennaya and Svatovo will remain unfulfilled until the new year

Ukrainian officials, one after another, stepped up the information preparation of the public to the fact that before the new year there will be no “new taking control of cities” by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

First, the so-called “governor of the Luhansk region” (who is called the governor “without a region” in Ukraine itself) Gaidai stated that “the operation to take control of the strategically important city of Kremennaya could be postponed to the beginning of 2023.” Then the head of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine, Budanov, said that the situation at the front was such that "none of the parties could come to unambiguous success." Now, the adviser in the office of Zelensky Arestovich, having talked about the large losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Artemovsk (Bakhmut), said that the capture of Kremennaya and Svatovo by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the coming days can not be expected.

Thus, in fact, it is stated that the order of the command to take control of the cities of Kremennaya and Svatovo in the north-west of the Lugansk People's Republic by the armed forces of Ukraine will remain unfulfilled by the end of the year.

In such a situation, the Western sponsors of the Kyiv regime and those senior NATO officers who planned the operation are now asking the Ukrainian authorities and commanders whether they have the resources to further advance at least eastward towards the cities mentioned above. The Ukrainian side has to explain why the order was left without execution. At the same time, a variety of versions are offered: from mudslides, which impede the offensive, to the need to accumulate reserves and obtain Western military equipment, including the American Bradley infantry fighting vehicles.

Promises are made to the Western "partners" of Ukraine that in the case of additional deliveries of military equipment, "a breakthrough in the Kremennaya area will definitely occur, but now after the new year."

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  1. antivirus
    antivirus 30 December 2022 07: 55
    The bad dancer gets in the way of the lubens.
    And the mess? Is it from "Rasputin"?
  2. rocket757
    rocket757 30 December 2022 07: 57
    Ukrainian officials, one after another, stepped up the information preparation of the public to the fact that before the new year there will be no “new taking control of cities” by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
    . Come on...the skakuas will be stimulated in other ways, they've been given a patriot, now everything will be even better for them!!! Out of ten, ours, missiles will be shot down ... eleven, or even more.
    1. Nyrobsky
      Nyrobsky 30 December 2022 09: 13
      Quote: rocket757
      skakuases will be stimulated in other ways, they have been given a patriot, now everything will be even better for them !!!

      Not yet given, but only shown in the picture.
      There is talk that now they need to prepare a calculation from the Ukrainians, which will take from six months to a year, and then ... either the Zelensky will grunt or the patriot will rust. hi
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 30 December 2022 12: 17
        It has already been said that the skakuas will need almost two times less time to master the technique!
        Although, those who are in the subject immediately said that the Poles and others should already be preparing for "exploits" .....
      2. Fisherman
        Fisherman 31 December 2022 09: 56
        already set .. the calculations are most likely American .... of course, the complexes themselves do not allow photographing, but specific vehicles from the supply and transportation systems have already been lit up in the photo in Ukraine. Only this will not give them anything, the Patriot is so stupidly planned according to the performance characteristics that it does not fit the new realities of wars, by no means, it is like the S-125 in terms of efficiency.
        1. Sith
          Sith 31 December 2022 10: 44
          So its foundations were laid in the 60s ... and then they only modernized ...
          Plus, it is designed for the full-scale infrastructure of the states in terms of air defense, and not as a tactical unit to protect Zeleboba's toilet
  3. alexey_444
    alexey_444 30 December 2022 08: 03
    The West does not know who it has contacted, the hohlandia with gas has been blackmailing us for how long, now their turn has come, and planes and tanks, etc. only the West has no money, I won’t be surprised that soon the Khokhlandsky officials will be arrested and the money stolen will be taken away, so that mobiles would run under the hail with machine guns.
    1. Murmur 55
      Murmur 55 30 December 2022 08: 21
      alexey 444 hi.
    2. Vladimir80
      Vladimir80 30 December 2022 08: 48
      The West has no money, but there is a printing press, or rather a computer - they will "draw" as much as they need on their accounts
    3. zenion
      zenion 30 December 2022 16: 37
      alexey_444. The Ukrainian army clears its land and must report on why they are doing it. Moreover, they do this not on their own, but with the help of the most powerful pan-states, and here they want to make only Ukraine guilty. Maybe they will have other assistants, then it will not be very fun for anyone. Will lie stored on all sides. Because of one without brains, everyone suffers. And a museum for him.
  4. Bingo
    Bingo 30 December 2022 08: 22
    Bgg... Well, good luck with the mattresses. That's what they know how to do professionally in those parts - it's to include a stupid
    Here, some curator from Langley calls a ward from the SBU to the carpet to get clarifications about the downed Boeing. There is only one item on the agenda.
    - ***, *** you shot down the Boeing, ? the curator asks. He hadn't slept much and had nearly finished his bottle of bourbon.
    - Ha? - answers the ward crocodile. - So tse Muscovites buli. How can yih bulo not be beaten? Muscovites are still bastards, what is required ...
    - ***, it was a Malaysian plane flying from Europe! the curator growls softly. – On what *** did you shoot down a Malaysian plane flying from Europe?
    - Ha? So all the same everyone will think about what the Muscovites scammed. Muscovites are still bastards, so ...
    - ***, but all the evidence points to you, ! Even the data of our fucking satellite points to you, debils! How to explain this to any frogs?
    - Ha? What about me? Mi nothing! Mi Vilna is independent Ukraine. We are at war with Moscow terrorists. But the Muscovites are still bastards, it’s necessary to carry out a special operation for our victory. Give us a penny.
    The curator, whose hand was already reaching for a bottle of bourbon, is on the alert:
    - ***. What "special operation"? What the **** is your win? What else did you invent there?
    - Ha? So we want to pidirvati a nuclear power plant. Mykolayivsk or Khmelnytsky. Pidirvemo - and everything in Yevropi razumyuyut, yaki Muscovites padlyuki. And all-all give us a penny to win.
    The curator looks into the clean, unclouded eyes of the crocodile, trying to catch in them at least a glimpse of the spark that the Lord has put into all his creatures, which have a planned neural exchange. The curator is tired. In recent days, his palm has turned blue from constant facepalms and his forehead has become very swollen.
    Unexpectedly for himself, the curator recalls how, at the dawn of his career, while working in residency at the American Embassy in the USSR, he went on an excursion to Leningrad. There, in the Kunstkamera, he observed many bizarre distortions of human nature. He looked at the Anacephalus placed in a large glass flask and was amazed at the disproportions that had once fallen upon this weak organism. Now the curator catches himself on the fact that the expression on the face of the anacephalus in the jar was much more meaningful than that of the person sitting opposite.
    - Ha? asks the man sitting opposite. “Yaku pidrivati, yak vie guesseete?”
    - Both! - the resolute voice of Gnedopykhin is heard from the side. Today he is in full dress. He is wearing yellow hipster jeans and a wonderfully black embroidered shirt. Never before has he been so ready to fight the Kremlin regime.
    “Blow both up, Cossack brothers!” Gnedopykhin says. - Only when Europe is covered with a radioactive cloud will she be able to wake up from sleep and understand how much evil the Zelebobaska Raska - a city in Serbia--> Raska - a city in Serbia - a city in Serbia-parashka brings to the world! Glory to the heroes!
    The curator wearily pulls out a magnum from his bosom and shoots Gnedopykhin in the forehead. A .XNUMX ricocheting bullet shatters a bottle of bourbon residue.
    - Lord Jesus… - the curator looks up at the ceiling. "Where did we get ourselves into...?
    - All right, - grumbles Gnedopykhin, rubbing the bridge of his nose. - Nikolaevskaya, so Nikolaevskaya.
    - Ha?
    - Lord Jesus…
  5. Metallurg_2
    Metallurg_2 30 December 2022 08: 25
    "You did not justify the high trust placed in you" (c).
  6. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 30 December 2022 08: 32
    It is precisely those who shouted the loudest about "victories and conquered territories" that give the reverse. Now we are forced to look at the real state of affairs and, naturally, to shift the deadlines, and with reservations that will make it possible to shift these deadlines further.
  7. kill the fascist
    kill the fascist 30 December 2022 08: 49
    This is good, but these are just local successes. Unfortunately, so far, like the classic: "All Quiet on the Western Front."
  8. Vasyan1971
    Vasyan1971 30 December 2022 09: 04
    The Kyiv regime has to explain itself to the West

    What's there to explain? "I didn't screw up, I didn't screw up..." request
  9. Siberian
    Siberian 30 December 2022 09: 29
    The Ukrainian wanted to skin the bear for the New Year, but he ran into his claws ... Now, instead of a bear skin, the Ukrainians have to put their intestines into their belly .. And the bear, as it was in the skin, remained in it ....
  10. Fizik13
    Fizik13 30 December 2022 09: 43
    The Kyiv regime has to explain to the West why the order of the Ukrainian command to take Kremennaya and Svatovo will remain unfulfilled until the new year

    The Kyiv regime will have to account for the genocide of its own people not before the West, but before its own people.
  11. Uprun
    Uprun 30 December 2022 10: 02
    They won’t be able to take it, so they bite ....., as if they’ll stir up some dirty trick until 09.01.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX ......, of course, a noble answer will arrive, but they will report .... that they spoiled ....
  12. zenion
    zenion 30 December 2022 16: 31
    Why do they report to the West? Hitler did not report for anything, even for Stalingrad, why should Ukraine do this? If there is nothing, you need to invent it. In, as we give, we make those who are unaccountable accountable.
  13. Fangaro
    Fangaro 31 December 2022 12: 39
    To delay time, ask for more APU equipment, fill your pockets more. And then ... Or a donkey, or a padishah, or ...