The adviser to the head of Zelensky's office admitted that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are suffering serious losses near Bakhmut and Soledar

The adviser to the head of Zelensky's office admitted that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are suffering serious losses near Bakhmut and Soledar

The Ukrainian army suffers serious losses in the areas of Bakhmut (Artemovsk) and Soledar, this was recognized in Kyiv. This statement was made by the adviser to the head of Zelensky's office, Arestovich, in his daily speech.

Arestovich, previously called the "mouthpiece of Kyiv", speculated about the situation in the Artemivsk direction, where the assault groups of the Wagner PMC, as well as Russian troops, continue their offensive, gradually knocking out Ukrainian troops from their positions. According to him, the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are heavy there, and all because the Russian troops allegedly use "suicide tactics", desperately rushing into attacks. In addition, in these areas, the Russian army has an advantage in tanks, aircraft and artillery. And Arestovich would not have been Arestovich if he had not added that the losses of Russian troops near Bakhmut allegedly exceed those of Ukrainian ones by several times.

They are desperately attacking there (...) They are supported by tanks, aviation and artillery, which, combined with suicide tactics, has a certain effect. In any case, we are suffering serious losses. They bear more, but we also bear serious losses.

- he said.

Yermak's adviser also touched on the situation in the Kremennaya area, calling it "optimistic" for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Arestovich noted that the Ukrainian troops were only 5 km away from the city, but it was not worth expecting that the units of the Ukrainian army would pass them quickly and occupy this settlement. According to him, the soil was soaked and it was difficult to advance, and the Russians turned Kremennaya into a fortified area.

(...) a good defense of the enemy - they turned Kreminnaya into a fortified area. So it won't be there soon. Great achievements in the next two or three days should not be expected.

- he added.

It is worth noting that Arestovich always leaves a loophole in his forecasts in case they do not come true, and this happens in most cases. Speaking about some event, he always adds one or two "buts", on which he later blames his failures.
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    1. +2
      December 30 2022
      Well, the fact that he is laying straws has long been clear, then that his statements are designed for the internal user and our Judas too, so nothing new.
      1. +3
        December 30 2022
        The losses there are really not small, especially in the 128th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. On the army chats of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the 128th is called cursed, like, no matter how many soldiers you recruit there, they all die. Apparently, historical justice is affecting, since the German Totenkopf was destroyed under the spine at least three times during the war with the Soviet Union.
        according to the volunteer maps of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in total, the defense in the Soledaro-Artemovsky sector is held by the best troops - 27 (!) Brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and territorial defense. 57, 53, 112 troop brigade, as well as the Azov regiment recruited almost from scratch ** and other Bandera-motivated regiments and national battalions. In Podgorny, 118,120,125 Special Forces troop brigade dug in, in Opytnoye - 241,17,109,108 OAEMBr, 111 MTs SSO, 114 OMB, and Kleshcheevka was captured by 71 OMB, 73 OMB and 63 ODShBr. For political reasons, Zelya demands not to surrender Bakhmut and Soledar, despite huge losses. In independent trenches and oporniks, mostly mobs from the defense are recorded in the "two hundredth", and behind the backs of these suicides, yellow-black snipers and wandering mortars fire at our "musician" attack aircraft. Such tactics of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are cynical, however, as time shows, they are quite effective. True, as long as there is "cannon fodder".

        The 128th in Bandera circles is indeed tacitly called the Ukrainian “Totenkopf” (“Dead Head”), which, however, did not prevent it from surrendering Bakhmutskoye, a village that the UkroSMI dubbed a real stronghold of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Now its transfer under the control of the RF Armed Forces opens the way for the assault on Soledar. .... Our "orchestras" from the village of Yakovlevka took an important opornik, which was defended by the Transcarpathian "Totenkopf". Information has appeared on the Web that the “mobiles”, recruited in a hurry to the 128th OGSH Brigade, are handing over advanced oporniks in Soledar at the first direct hits of our artillery on their positions. This information is confirmed by the video of the withdrawal of the troops from the southern part of the town.

    2. 0
      December 30 2022
      Here is the restless yap. He lies like he breathes and does not hide it, and they also pay him well, I'm sure. Ukrainians are such naive children or there is no choice, most likely the latter. It is a pity for them. And there are even more fallen deceived.
      1. +7
        December 30 2022
        There are several orders of magnitude (i.e., hundreds of times) more stubborn people than naive ones .. It is necessary to conduct military operations without sparing anyone))) It’s too late to talk with these moral freaks of a satanic orientation !! You seem to convince him, and after 3 minutes he will stick a knife in your back (((Meanness, deceit, betrayal, greed ... are the characteristics of an average dill.
    3. +2
      December 30 2022
      This statement was made by the adviser to the head of Zelensky's office, Arestovich, in his daily speech.

      Did they give you light?
      1. +2
        December 30 2022
        Mitroha, so they didn’t turn off THEM, Kyiv would rather de-energize the city itself, but not their powerful ones, THESE in any case will be warm and full and safe and with the Internet and serviced by the opposite sex and not only laughing, and I think the evacuation routes have already been thought out, so why can’t they whistle artistically.
        1. +2
          December 30 2022
          Quote: Murmur 55
          Mitroha, so they didn’t turn them off,

          Yesterday, if I am not mistaken, after the night strikes on Kuev, Arestovich canceled his speech, there was no Internet hi
          Completely agree with the rest.
    4. +2
      December 30 2022
      If not for Arestovich, then how would a Ukrainian "patriot" - an inhabitant in cities and farms find out that although the Armed Forces of Ukraine are suffering heavy losses, they are surrendering their fortified areas, but tomorrow or the day after tomorrow they will definitely defeat the "suicide bombers" and return all territories. After that, the EU will gladly open its doors, and NATO will beg Ukraine to join this bloc.
      1. 0
        December 30 2022
        After which the EU will gladly open its doors

        Continuing your thought: "... and lace panties will be given out for free. Who rode on the Maidan above all. I give a tooth - they gave me. Your "Lyusya" Arestovich.".
    5. 0
      December 30 2022
      Maybe I don't understand something, please explain. In these settlements there is nothing alive except for the ruins and ukrofascists. Why do we storm them, and not just wipe them off the face of the earth? Okay, there is no superiority in the sky and flight safety, it would be possible to bomb, but can this be done with artillery?
    6. 0
      December 30 2022
      "Meli Emelya is your week" - this is probably said about Arestovich
    7. 0
      December 30 2022
      More about the street and the dinosaur.............

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