Smoke machine TDA-3

Smoke machine TDA-3
Smoke machine TDA-3 of the RKhBZ unit of the Central Military District during exercises, 2019

Various means can be used to protect troops and installations from observation, reconnaissance and weapons of the enemy. One of the simplest and most effective is an aerosol curtain, which is exposed using special equipment. For example, a few years ago, the Russian troops of radiation, chemical and biological protection received a new TDA-3 self-propelled smoke machine.

Modern development

The supply of the RKhBZ troops consists of a number of samples of special equipment, incl. smoke and degassing machines of several types. In the first half of the last decade, it was decided to develop a new machine of this kind, capable of supplementing or replacing its predecessors. The future product received the designation TDA-3. The development was entrusted to NPP INPROCOM (Balakirevo settlement, Vladimir region)

In the mid-3s, the finished TDA-2016 was put to the test and showed its capabilities. According to the test results, the vehicle received a recommendation for acceptance for the supply of troops - the corresponding order was issued in XNUMX. At the same time, the development company organized mass production and soon began deliveries of equipment.

The first production TDA-3s were delivered to the RKhBZ units in 2016-17. In the future, the Ministry of Defense has repeatedly reported receiving new batches of such equipment and sending them to units of different military districts. According to various sources, up to several dozen new smoke machines could have been built by now.

During the chimney process

The NBC protection units quickly mastered the new technique and began to apply it in various exercises, both independently and together with other samples. With the help of TDA-3 and similar equipment, the troops were protected from reconnaissance of a mock enemy. At the same time, the Ministry of Defense has repeatedly demonstrated spectacular footage of setting up aerosol curtains.

Together with the new TDA-3, the older self-propelled smoke plants TDA-2K and TDA-U are in operation. In addition, in terms of its functions, the TDA-3 duplicates the TMS-65(U) degassing machines. In the future, as the resource develops, old-type equipment will be decommissioned, and in the coming years, TDA-3 will be the main replacement for it.

Technical features

Like other domestic smoke machines, the modern TDA-3 is a truck with a set of special equipment. As a base for such an installation, a KamAZ-5350 truck with a 6x6 wheel formula is used, which has a high carrying capacity and cross-country ability. The so-called. modular smoke installation (MDU). The crew of the car of two people is located in a regular cabin. The curb weight of the car is 15,75 tons.

MDU includes three modules with devices for different purposes. They are made in separate rectangular cases and are arranged one behind the other. Each of the modules has its own equipment and performs certain tasks. In this case, separate operation of the modules is not provided.

The first module includes an auxiliary power unit, a power unit and electrical appliances, incl. accumulators. A stationary control panel is also assigned to this module. Module No. 2 includes two tanks for the smoke mixture or its components for 2500 and 900 liters. It also has fuel tanks and level indicators. The third module holds a 2700 liter powder tank, acoustic mixer, mix pumps and other equipment. In addition, a remote control panel, a set of meteorological equipment, spare parts and tools, fire extinguishers, etc. are transported by car.

Auxiliary power plant in the form of a TA-6A gas turbine engine with a power of 320 hp. solves two problems at once. So, the power from the shaft is transferred to the generator to power all systems. Thermal smoke equipment is installed on the GTE nozzle assembly. The principle of its work is simple. Liquid components are fed into a jet of hot gases and evaporate, while powdered components are crushed. The hot gas mixture is expelled to the outside and condensation occurs in air to form an opaque white aerosol.

Preparation of TDA-3 for work by calculation forces takes 5,5 minutes. From the start of the units to the exit to the operating mode, it takes 90 seconds. The operator can set the flow rate of the flue mixture from 10 to 30 l/min. The powdered component is consumed at a constant rate of 13 kg/min.

One filling of the liquid mixture, depending on the flow rate, allows you to perform a smoke release lasting from 110 minutes to 6 hours. The AOS-IK powder hopper is emptied in an hour. After the end of the work, the tanks are refueled with regular means available to the RCBZ troops.

Machine operator at the stationary console

Operating modes and tasks

The MDU of the TDA-3 machine is capable of operating in two main modes - to put up aerosol curtains or to spray chemical compositions of various kinds. At the same time, different tasks related to the protection of troops from various threats are solved.

The main function of the machine is to set up smoke screens and protect troops from surveillance. Depending on the flow rate of the mixture, the duration of operation and weather conditions, the thermal smoke equipment forms an aerosol cloud of the required area and height with the required functions. So, when using only the smoke mixture, the cloud blocks visual observation, and the AOS-IR powder makes it opaque in the infrared range as well.

In this mode, the TDA-3 is capable of protecting troops from optical reconnaissance, and in two ranges at once. In addition, the veil covers them from high-precision weaponsusing infrared or laser guidance.

A dense smoke screen with different components is also designed to counteract the light emission of a nuclear explosion. The aerosol is able to absorb a significant part of the light energy and reduces the negative impact on the protected objects.

Curtain setting

The third function of TDA-3 is the fight against various types of infection. Thus, by spraying the appropriate chemical compositions, disinfection, degassing or decontamination of these areas, structures or equipment is carried out. Also, the machine can carry out pest control.

At a new level

The modern TDA-3 smoke machine does not fundamentally differ from previous models of equipment of its class. It has a similar design and close capabilities of various kinds. At the same time, there are a number of important differences that allow us to talk about serious advantages over its predecessors.

TDA-3 is made on a modern auto chassis, and its special equipment includes devices of current types, incl. specially designed. Due to this, to a certain extent, production and operation in modern conditions are simplified while achieving maximum performance.

It differs from its predecessors in the presence of several tanks for various liquids and powders. Due to this, the machine is able to produce aerosols of different compositions with different functions without refueling or replacing components. At the same time, the supply of the mixture is sufficient for long-term operation and the creation of large curtains. In addition, TDA-3 shows higher performance.

A fairly wide range of mixtures and components with different functions is offered. This allows you to get the desired composition of the curtain, to neutralize the area or poison dangerous insects. In fact, with the help of TDA-3 products, it is possible to replace several special machines and installations and organize all the necessary work.

Reserve for the future

Thus, new systems and complexes are being created and brought to production for the NBC protection troops to solve specific tasks. The use of accumulated experience and modern developments makes it possible to obtain equipment with high technical and performance characteristics, as well as with all the necessary functions, including new ones.

The TDA-3 smoke machine has become one of such models, created to update the park of special equipment of the RKhBZ troops. Since 2016-17 products of this type enter the troops and are regularly used in training events. They showed themselves well and confirmed their full potential. There is no doubt that the new type of smoke machines will be able to remain in service for a long time and will perform all the tasks.
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    29 December 2022 05: 11
    How many grams of explosives is the minimum enough to dismantle this barn into its components? A small drone will drop a small bomb and the walls of the chicken coop will fly away on all four sides.
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    29 December 2022 06: 44
    The smoke machines themselves are very noticeable and are an unmasking element. More smoke shells are required, which deprive the defenders of visibility and serve as target designation for aviation.
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      Every gopher considers himself an agronomist
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    It is not visible in the case. There is no "Infauna", there is no TDA to cover the columns. Let's remember the crossings without any means of disguise.
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      Apparently they are only for parades, like the "Armata"
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    29 December 2022 18: 59
    The car is great. Very useful for "smoking out" Bandera and other terrorists from hiding places. More tear gas until complete happiness to let. It is also possible, under the cover of a smoke screen, to evacuate the civilian population from the places of hostilities. For greater efficiency, you can put 5 such installations in turn along the route: first one, then another under the cover of a smoke screen ... So you can cover several hundred meters with a smoke screen. Plus smoke bombs .... To the nail of all Bandera!
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      We would have to deal with the regular army of Ukraine.
      It's not up to politics now - to deal with informals.
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    Quote: Vladimir Dmitrievich Burtsev
    The car is great. Very useful for "smoking out" Bandera and other terrorists from hiding places. More tear gas until complete happiness to let. It is also possible, under the cover of a smoke screen, to evacuate the civilian population from the places of hostilities. For greater efficiency, you can put 5 such installations in turn along the route: first one, then another under the cover of a smoke screen ... So you can cover several hundred meters with a smoke screen. Plus smoke bombs .... To the nail of all Bandera!

    The technique is useful, no doubt.
    With each regrouping, 5 such installations were installed in turn along the route.
    If there is not at least a raincoat in the trench, and "soon the developed sets of mud and water-repellent underwear will be delivered to the warehouses of the Moscow Region" ...