US minister: We will name the new US Navy ship in honor of the battles of the Marine Corps in Iraqi Fallujah

US minister: We will name the new US Navy ship in honor of the battles of the Marine Corps in Iraqi Fallujah

US Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro said he wants to continue the tradition of naming attack ships after Marine Corps battles or other ships.

I am honored to honor the memory of the Marines, soldiers and coalition partners who fought valiantly and those who sacrificed their lives during both battles for Fallujah

Del Toro said in a statement last Tuesday.

Located about 65 kilometers from Baghdad, the city became the base of an anti-government Sunni insurgency after the US-led coalition invaded Iraq. During the battles for Fallujah, the Americans lost over 100 people killed and more than a thousand wounded.

American version:

The first battle for Fallujah was sparked by increased violence in the city, including the deaths of five American soldiers from a roadside bomb and four Blackwater employees. PMC fighters were killed and their bodies burned. The two corpses were hung from the bridge and the photos were circulated to the media.

Several units of the US Marine Corps were then thrown into battle.

The second battle took place in November 2004 and was a massive air and ground offensive by US forces, along with British and Iraqi forces, to take control of the city. Dozens of Americans and hundreds of militants were killed, and large sections of the city were damaged or completely destroyed.

In addition to announcing the name of the ship, Del Toro said that the “godfather” of the future combat ship (UDC) Fallujah will be Donna Berger, the wife of Marine Corps Commander General David Berger.
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  1. +3
    December 28 2022
    We need to wait for the construction of the destroyer "Afghanistan" in the United States, because it is also a "significant" place for the Yankees! They entered with pomp, fled in disgrace!
    1. +1
      December 28 2022
      20 years hosted there
    2. 0
      December 28 2022
      Damn, they found something to be proud of. They gouged an innocent country and ... pride seized fool
      And if they "sat" at home, then the ship went without a name?
  2. 0
    December 28 2022
    It is better to name him after the current president. After all, it won't be there soon. And so the memory will remain in the sands.
  3. 0
    December 28 2022
    "Dozens of Americans and hundreds of militants were killed." If only we had such "bloody battles" in this war
  4. 0
    December 28 2022

    As you call the ship, so it will sail.
  5. +1
    December 28 2022
    The mattresses now still have to name their ship after the clown Zelensky, in order to complete their PR allegedly in support of Ukro-ina.
    They arranged such a clowning with his arrival in America, and the old woman Pelosi, who had gone out of her mind, even managed to lick Zelebobe's hand!
    Shameful hypocrites!
    negative negative
  6. 0
    December 28 2022
    Looks really: "The dog remembers the stick"!
  7. 0
    December 29 2022
    Better call them USS "Kabul's escape"...

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