Ministry of Defense: Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance group liquidated in the DPR

Ministry of Defense: Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance group liquidated in the DPR

A Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance group (DRG) was destroyed on the territory of the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR). This was reported in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

According to the military department, Ukrainian saboteurs tried to operate in the area of ​​​​the settlement of Vladimirovka. However, they were discovered by the Russian military. After the discovery, the enemy sabotage and reconnaissance group was liquidated.

Sending DRGs to Russian territory near the combat zone has long been practiced by the Ukrainian command. But in most cases, such attempts end badly for Ukrainian saboteurs. Russian troops quickly record the movements of such sabotage groups, after which they are eliminated. The Ukrainian militants who are part of such DRGs are actually “suicide bombers”. Not later than two days ago, a DRG of four people was liquidated on the border with the Bryansk region, all of them were ideological neo-Nazis.

Also, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation today reported on the heavy losses of the Ukrainian army over the past day in several directions at once. More than 70 Ukrainian servicemen and foreign mercenaries were killed near Vuhledar.

In the Krasnolimansky direction, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have even more impressive losses - due to the fire of Russian artillery, the air assault units concentrated here and the territorial defense brigade lost more than 170 people. Finally, in the Donetsk direction, the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine amounted to about 80 people per day.
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    1. +8
      December 28 2022
      Glassy earth to renegades. Dispose of everyone.
      1. 0
        December 30 2022
        Maybe they are still suitable for what use?
      2. Aag
        January 1 2023
        70 is not the pace for denazification ...
        Our guys - health, good luck ...
        Yes, somewhere old, loose steel ...
        But - don't be ashamed, guys, please...
    2. +7
      December 28 2022
      Now I began to trust the figures of dill losses much more. 320 - 350 two hundredths per day, 10 thousand per month. Not counting the wounded and prisoners. And they have complete seams with medicine. So the percentage of sanitary losses is palpable.
    3. +5
      December 28 2022
      The composition of the DRG, as a rule, is made up of convinced Nazis of Ukraine ... motivated scoundrels.
      1. The comment was deleted.
    4. +6
      December 28 2022
      If we proceed from the fact that inveterate Nazis go to the DRG, then it is clear why they are destroyed without any talk. Their song sounded in a new way: "... in each garden there is a banderlog in a tussock ...". Here it is denazification! Our boys are great!
    5. +2
      December 28 2022
      Banderlog came to get personal tickets to Bandera. I liked the level of "service", they lost and did not even have time to write a complaint.
    6. 0
      December 28 2022
      Great job by our military. Well done!
    7. 0
      December 29 2022
      Already how many of their DRGs have been spanked and they all climb and climb like cockroaches
    8. 0
      December 29 2022
      From Britain came 300 trained,
      as reported by London. This is 50-70 DRGs.
      Warsaw also reported.
      While two lit up in a week.
      48-68 somewhere sat down means.

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