Two modernized MiG-31BM high-altitude fighter-interceptors joined the air regiment in Kamchatka

Two modernized MiG-31BM high-altitude fighter-interceptors joined the air regiment in Kamchatka

The Russian Aerospace Forces continue to receive modernized MiG-31BM high-altitude fighter-interceptors, a couple of overhauled aircraft have arrived in Kamchatka. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Defense.

Already the second pair of upgraded MiG-31BMs is entering service with the Russian Aerospace Forces this month. In early December, two fighters joined the aviation regiment of the Central Military District stationed in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Now a pair of MiG-31BMs has arrived in Kamchatka, where a solemn ceremony of welcoming the aircraft crews was held at the Yelizovo airfield. The commander of the mixed aviation regiment accepted the report of the pilots on the accident-free flight from the western part of Russia to the east.

The aircraft have been accepted by the engineering and technical staff of the regiment, they will undergo the necessary maintenance and in the near future will begin combat duty for air defense both in Kamchatka and in the Arctic.

The modernization of the MiG-31 to the level of the MiG-31BM was carried out at the Nizhny Novgorod aircraft building plant "Sokol". As part of the modernization, the aircraft underwent a comprehensive factory repair of technical components and assemblies, avionics, navigation equipment and electronic systems were updated, and tactical characteristics were improved. The efficiency of the MiG-31BM in comparison with the MiG-31 has increased two and a half times.

MiG-31 (NATO - Foxhound - Foxhound) is an all-weather two-seat long-range supersonic interceptor fighter. It is designed to intercept and destroy air targets in any range of altitudes, at any time of the day, in simple and adverse weather conditions. According to the plans of the military department, the MiG-31 will serve until the appearance of a new high-altitude interceptor, which will replace the "thirty-first".
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    1. +4
      December 27 2022
      This unusual fighter shot down several Ukrainian fighters from a distance, becoming, in the opinion of the West, one of the most dangerous in the Russian arsenal, despite its seniority. It is amazing to see how veterans of Soviet aviation are still capable of inflicting serious damage on the enemy today. MiG 31, Mikoyan Gurevich built unsurpassed fighters. War is the best scenario for testing machines, and the MiG-31 has earned the right to new builds.
      1. +2
        December 27 2022
        Quote from Carlos Sala
        and the MiG-31 has earned the right to new builds.

        Carlos, of course, there will be no new assemblies, but now almost all MiG-31s ​​put into storage in the 90s are returning to service after overhaul and modernization. And they will still serve for 10 years, or maybe 15, as an interceptor, this is perhaps the best interceptor in the world today (speed, altitude, range of destruction of the RVV database, combat radius). And today it is the only fighter in the world capable of keeping a speed of 2500 km / h at an altitude of 20 km. for 20 - 25 min. , and with a maximum speed of 3200 km / h.
        1. 0
          December 28 2022
          Now this aircraft has only one task - to be the carrier of the "Dagger" and nothing more.
          All other tasks have been transferred to other more modern and technically supported Sukhoi aircraft.
          The MiG-31s ​​in service have not been given out for a long time - restrictions were introduced on the strength of the lantern and other indicators, including engines.
          Flying to the ceiling is a rarity, new high-altitude equipment has not been developed and is not being made.
          The old one has been waiting in line for repairs for years, the same GSh-6 pressure helmets.
          1. 0
            December 28 2022
            [/ quote] Those characteristics that you described, which are in service with the MiG-31, have not been issued for a long time - [quote]

            Well, it’s necessary .... again they lied to us, sawed it, stole it ....
    2. +1
      December 27 2022
      It was not the Aerospace Forces that entered service, but the naval aviation of the Pacific Fleet.
      1. -3
        December 27 2022
        And thank God!
        Poor part-time infantryman Surovikin, gnneral-armaganjon, the most shameful and unprofessional commander-in-chief of the Aerospace Forces, the most complex type of armed forces, in which everything was combined and achieved almost zero combat effectiveness, as can be seen from the SVO.
    3. +9
      December 27 2022
      An amazingly short and well written article.
      And not just copy-paste from the wiki. Even without the traditional:
      A group of four MiG-31 interceptors is capable of controlling a section of airspace with a total length of 800 to 900 kilometers
    4. -1
      December 27 2022
      Scales - amaze the imagination and delight ... enemies.

      2 / TWO \ Soviet-built aircraft, even for a detachment \ link is not scraped ...

      In the early 80s, entire regiments received a complete set of MiG-31s, and before that, MiG-25s DURING THE YEAR, rearmament and retraining went on by squadron.

      To destroy the aviation industry and the military-industrial complex - VO recently wrote about inflated 70% of new equipment in the troops, but to restore in 30 years what was created a century ago in 1-2 five-year plans?

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