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The Chief of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces spoke about the "requiring the presence of the Serbian military" situation in Kosovo

The Chief of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces spoke about the "requiring the presence of the Serbian military" situation in Kosovo

The situation in the north of the autonomous Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija remains very difficult. This was acknowledged in his speech on Serbian television by the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Serbia, General Milan Moysilovic.

According to the head of the Serbian General Staff, the presence of the Serbian military along the administrative border between Kosovo and Serbia itself is required. This need arises because of the hostile actions of the Kosovo police.

Earlier, Serbian media reported that clashes had taken place in the city of Zubin Potok, gunfire was heard. Then there was information about the attack of the Kosovo police on the Serbs who built barricades in the northern part of the province.

Meanwhile, the West, as expected, took an absolutely pro-Kosov position. Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has already received a demand from Western countries that the Serbs immediately dismantle the barricades they have built in northern Kosovo. Otherwise, Western countries threaten, the Kosovo police will have every reason to dismantle these barricades on their own.

In addition, the head of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, banned Serbian Patriarch Porfiry from entering the territory of the region. Obviously, this decision is provocative and aimed at demonstrating the Kosovo authorities' disregard for the Serbian population.

The Chief of the Serbian General Staff, General Milan Moysilovic, urgently left for Raska, literally immediately after meeting with President Vučić. In the current situation, Serbia may have no choice but to send military units to the administrative border. This, in turn, may well lead to a direct confrontation with the Kosovo formations, which enjoy the support and patronage of NATO.

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  1. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 26 December 2022 08: 35
    may well lead to a direct confrontation with the Kosovo forces, which enjoy the support and patronage of NATO
    What the Americans and the Europeans expect by provoking Serbia to use force, after which it is possible to re-start the already tested and practiced by NATO "forcing the Serbs to peace."
    1. Nexcom
      Nexcom 26 December 2022 08: 41
      That is what they are striving for. to say later - these are the political outcasts of the Serbs. And at the same time pour over us - Russia is only supported by outcasts of the type.
    2. Evil543
      Evil543 26 December 2022 08: 44
      They want to see what kind of dough Vučić is made of. They know we can't help. Although even then they did not help, thanks to EBN.
      1. Vasilenko Vladimir
        Vasilenko Vladimir 26 December 2022 08: 52
        after Montenegro was kicked into NATO, the Serbs have no chance from the word at all
        1. Evil543
          Evil543 26 December 2022 08: 56
          If the Kosovars protulyt, then the next BiH.
  2. Wolf
    Wolf 26 December 2022 11: 29
    NATO fascists have no choice. In Chernaya Gori, their henchmen, led by criminal Mil Djukanovic, lost power. Black Mountain of the SERB POWER. It's all the same that the MASONNY AND TROTSKYST have been trying to create a new nation of Montenegrins from the Serbs for 75 years, it’s impossible not to succeed. Serbs, as a people, have understood the "GAME" for a long time already and what does TOMOS SPTs mean for the NEW ARTIFICIAL MACEDONIAN CHURCHES AND THE NATION on the side of the FANARIOTES from Istanbul.
    In the last 100 years, the Serbs have always been in a difficult position, even from the MURDER of the Great Martyr Tsar Nicholas on the side of the global TROTSKISTS AND MASONS (world evil spirits).
    Vučić is their henchman, but he knows that if the Serbs are allowed to pogrom Kosovo, he is ready both politically and physically.
    As for what NATO is planning in the Balkans?
    They CANNOT do anything, EXCEPT THE WEIGHT OF THE BALKANS WILL BURN. The Ottoman Empire did not have time, neither the Austro-Hungarian Empire, nor Hitler in place with the Italians did not have time, neither they will have time and not just that they will not have time, and the weight of the Balkans will be closed for NATO.
    The Serbs will be deceived, as in 1918 and 1941, and today it will not work to divide them into different factions, only Serbs remain.
    If NATO fascists think that they prepared Serbs for a quick defeat, I'M STRONGLY WRONG, the threads will be quickly hit, but let's see how many divisions will be needed this time for occupation?
    The evil of the world has been pressing for 1000 years, but the Serbs have been preparing for battle for 1000 years.
    Long Live !!!