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“World intelligence and world crisis”

“World intelligence and world crisis”1. Origins of the crisis

Liberal colonialism is the basis of the modern Judeo-Protestant model of the development of the world, formulated by the ideologists of the British Empire.

The Judeo-Protestant Union was created after the completion of the Reconquista on the Iberian Peninsula. The Islamic-Jewish Semitic Caliphate union after that ceased to exist. Reconquista ended in 1492, when Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile expelled the last Moorish ruler from the Iberian (Iberian) Peninsula and proclaimed the slogan "One country - one religion!". They united Spain under their authority, on the basis of Catholicism.

It was after this that the process of gradual formation of the Judeo-Protestant Union began, when the Semites who had fled from Spain and refused to accept the Catholic faith became the main forward strike force of Venetian merchants to seize ideological and financial power in England and Holland.

Protestantism emerged as a trend, opposition to the Catholic Church, during the Reformation. The Reformation became the banner of the bourgeois revolutions in the Netherlands and England. This ideological project was financed by the so-called “black aristocracy” of the Venetian Republic. The Venetian Party gradually came to power in England with the help of a woman, Anne Boleyn. She was the granddaughter of the party leader of the English Venetians - Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk, a representative of the influential high-born Howard family. This family became the leader of the fifth column, the Venetian agents of influence. Other noble English surnames - Russells, Herberts, Cavendish - also became permanent carriers of the Venetian ideological virus. Anne Boleyn - the mother of Queen Elizabeth I of England (1558-1603). In 1558, Elizabeth of England took the throne, rebuilding Protestantism in England.

Obviously, the victory of the Protestants provided some strength. What were these forces? The first conclusion: it was anti-Catholic forces. The second conclusion: it was a force with finances. Where were the funds at that time? Where did the first stock exchanges of the world begin to operate? The answer is: in the Protestant Holland (Netherlands), which fought for its independence with the Catholic Spanish empire. Large funds were also found in other parts of collective Second Carthage: (Republic of Genoa, Republic of Venice, etc.). The “black aristocracy” of the Venetian Republic played a key role in the victory of the Protestants of England.

The victory of the Protestants radically changed the further vector of development of England. It can also be said that England, in fact, was chosen to play the role of Third Carthage by collective Second Carthage, which gradually began to transfer enormous funds to the conveniently located Foggy Albion for the further organization of the global slave trade and drug trafficking.

Protestant Dee quickly found himself in favor of the new queen. Elizabeth made Dee her personal astrologer and science advisor. Dee himself appointed the most favorable date for the coronation of Elizabeth on the basis of his horoscope. Interestingly, Queen Dee signed his secret messages with the pseudonym "007". Now in Moscow (and not only in Moscow, and in other large cities of Russia) numbers of cars with numbers 007 are very popular. They are considered “cool”, and their owners, who make up the advanced layers of the Russian elite, are proud that they managed to get the coveted 007 number. Thus, it can be stated that the ideas materialized by the English Protestant Dee are invisibly present in the Orthodox Third Rome - Moscow. It is a fact.

Why did this happen?

Let's ask ourselves the question: who made the representatives of the Russian highest elite to be proud of belonging to the main historical enemy of Russia to numerology? The answer is quite simple: an information war has been waged against Russia and its elite for centuries, a war of senses and worldviews, aimed at imposing values ​​and meanings that are alien to the Russian elite. Readers should pay attention to the fact that it was John Dee who was the ideologue of creating British intelligence on the basis of Venetian intelligence. The Venetian plan to seize Holland and England was to transfer financial resources and wealth obtained by plundering the Second Rome - Constantinople in 1204, and financing the wars in Europe.

Simultaneously with the financial expansion, powerful informational and ideological sabotage operations against Christianity were carried out in England. The Venetian Paolo Sarpi, with the support of the fifth column (the Venetian agents of influence), purposefully created anti-Christian structures under the guise of Freemasonry, which until now dominated England and became the basis of the ideology of liberal colonialism.

The global crisis continues. In addition to European economic shocks, the number of environmental problems is increasing: the worst oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Hurricane Sandy, flooding New York, freezing rain in Moscow ... These are all indicators of trouble, a growing imbalance on our planet and chaos. Our home planet is in crisis, and what will happen next? The upcoming two months, from November 2012 to January 2013, may be turning points in stories development of an existing civilization. Now is the 7521 year from the creation of the world according to the Russian chronology, canceled by the immoral Peter I - Hamilton. The burning hearts of new leaders will have to curb the approaching chaos. I am sure that cardinal changes of the world are coming and the collapse of the Judeo-Protestant model is inevitable.

2. World intelligence system.

There are three main types of world intelligence - tactical, operational and strategic. At every level of intelligence there are reconnaissance strategists, that is, possessing strategic thinking. Strategic scouts always look a little beyond the horizon. So it was thousands of years ago. And in order to look beyond the horizon, you need to know a lot and be able to manage your psycho-physiological state. We all remember Stirlitz - our favorite movie hero. But after all, Stirlitz is a collective image of the best intelligence strategists, and not only of our country.

In 1998, a very interesting sociological survey was conducted in Russia. Respondents were asked the question: which of the movie characters should become the president of Russia? Stirlitz won - these were the people's expectations ... And in 2000, V.V. became president of Russia. Putin, who worked on intelligence in East Germany, specifically in Dresden, which was barbarously destroyed by British-American aviation in February 1945 of the year.

Is it a coincidence? Far from it. Russian society was waiting for people who know how to look beyond the horizon. Society was waiting for the scouts. Why so? Because scouts are trying to understand and predict the logic of future world events. They are more knowledgeable than ordinary people, they are better prepared, they have a huge amount of information and know how to store it. They can sometimes enter the special global information field of Truth. So, it was they who were the first to see the rational grain in my analytical calculations in Linz, when in September 1998 of the year I first publicly announced the possibility of the collapse of the United States. They were there most, from 43 from different countries of the world. They with great and sincere attention (I would even say with great tact), which after years passed into respect, treated me. I felt comfortable in this global intelligence environment after my September 9 report. On the one hand, it was unexpected, but on the other - naturally. Moreover, I often had the feeling that many of them later “covered” me in difficult situations. I had this feeling several times, in different years, in different countries of the world (Germany, USA, Paraguay, Philippines).

There are certain unwritten rules in world intelligence - conditionally they can be called the World Intelligence Code. In principle, his basic theses are not written anywhere and cannot be read anywhere, but world intelligence professionals adhere to them. I have always tried to comply with this Code of World Intelligence. In my opinion, several key points should be singled out in it, from my point of view, based on the experience of personal actions in the world intelligence space. Intelligence is primarily analysis and calculation, composure and confidence, endurance and tact, intuition and mutual respect.

3. World intelligence and Russia.

Often the question arises: where did the invincibility of Russia come from? After all, no one could and can never conquer it. Where are the roots of the glorious victories of Russia? I believe that it is Russia that is the successor of the glorious Trojan Empire, which ruled the ancient world for thousands of years, as well as of the First and Second Rome. For hundreds of years, beginning in the 16th century, the ideologists of liberal colonialism hide from us the true sources of our glorious victories.

For the first time, he spoke openly about the real history of Russia M. Lomonosov. I, like him, believe that Rurik (falcon) is the great Slavic prince. Rurik united two Slavic-Russian lines; on the father’s side — Prince Godrich, the goddess; and on the mother’s side — Umila, the daughter of Prince Gostomysl of Novgorod. Rurik was a descendant in the 14 th tribe of the Roman emperor Augustus Octavian, from the Etruscan-Trojan royal family of Dardan.

Two more key figures in the history of Russia after Rurik were the great blessed Russian prince Alexander Nevsky and the greatest Russian tsar Ivan the Terrible. And then Russian intelligence was able to push Empress Catherine to the Russian throne. The goal was mystical - to restore the ancient Etruscan-Trojan dynasty of Rurikovich, interrupted after the poisoning of Ivan the Terrible, to continue the work of building the Third Rome in the new historical conditions, when the British Empire became the Third Carthage.

The Russian empress Catherine the Great was not German, but was a Western Slav, destined to restore the Rurik dynasty in Russia, who was removed from power during troubled times. She was born in the town of Schwerin (formerly Slavic Zverin), in the lands of the Slavic tribes (Pugi Serbs). The Serbian princess was from a Trojan family of descendants of Antenor, who for a long time ruled Germany (Bavaria, Swabia, Pomerania), Austria, Switzerland. In the 9th century, her family of Serbian Lusatians (Sorbs) intermarried with the Rurikovichs. The daughter of Brother Rurik Sineus, Anna, married the Sorbian Prince Dragomir, who ruled Inner Norik (in present-day Bavaria and Austria).

The author's hypothesis that Stalin was the son of the Russian intelligence general N. Przhevalsky (1839-1888) was first expressed by me in the book “The First World Information War. The collapse of the USSR. I would like to once again draw attention to the fact that Stalin was the only and successful organizer of the information war against Russia in the twentieth century. Why was he able to win the information war and turn the USSR into a nuclear superpower? Why did he manage to overcome the social British doctrine of proletarian internationalism, alien to the idea of ​​the Third Rome, and return to the national geopolitical doctrine “Moscow is the Third Rome”?

Because he was “cultivated” and supported by the best patriotic intellectual forces of Russia. Because he is the son of an outstanding Russian intelligence officer, Major General N. Przhevalsky of the Russian General Staff. In complex and lengthy expeditions led by N.M. Przhevalsky, not one person died - a phenomenal phenomenon in the history of world geographical research. In the composition of all expeditions N.M. Przewalski were only people in the service of the Russian army, which ensured iron discipline, solidarity and excellent combat skills of the expeditionary detachments. Not a single traveler went along more extensive routes than N.M. Przhevalsky.

N. Przhevalsky was a member of the secret organization "Sacred Squad". This underground monarchist organization in the Russian Empire was created to fight terror immediately after the assassination of Emperor Alexander II 12 in March 1881. The main organizers of the squad were Count PP Shuvalov and Count I.I. Vorontsov-Dashkov. The sacred squad created a powerful intelligence network: the number of Druzhina members was about 800 people, and the volunteers were about 15 000. Among the initiators of the creation and the leaders of the druzhina were Count PP Shuvalov, Minister of the court and the inheritance Count I.I. Vorontsov-Dashkov, Prince A.G. Shcherbatov, hero of the Balkan Wars, General R.A. Fadeev (his pedigree goes back to Rurik), PP Demidov, Minister of the Interior N.P. Ignatiev, Minister of State Property M.N. Ostrovsky, Ober-Prosecutor of the Synod KP Pobedonostsev, Grand Dukes Vladimir and Alexey. In the Samara department of the Sacred Squad, P.A. began his career. Stolypin. About half of the personnel of the squad were military, among them 70% of officers who had the highest military ranks. It also included a large number of representatives of Russian aristocratic families.

The organization was very well disguised, therefore there is practically no information about its structure and direct managers today. Within the framework of the Second Division, a special unit was created for solving problems by non-traditional methods (the Secret Bureau). The initiators of its creation were General R.A. Fadeev (uncle of the famous Helena Blavatsky) and Minister of the Interior N.P. Ignatiev. It was General N. Przhevalsky who headed the Secret Bureau. The key positions in this structure were taken by his immediate subordinates - the staff of the Russian General Staff, who participated in all of his expeditions. Employees of the Secret Bureau and formed the basis of the so-called personal intelligence of Generalissimo Stalin. It was the employees of the Secret Bureau who created Smersh, the best special service of the Second World War.

4. Vector of choice: world intelligence and Russia

The future salvation of the world largely depends on the future of Russia. The history of Russia is the history of the constant struggle of spiritual and material values. And Russia defeated enemies only when the priority was spiritual values ​​and excellent intelligence.

The system of world intelligence of Russia should function at four levels: global, national, group and individual. In order to unite the whole complex of measures into a single whole, it is necessary to integrate them within the framework of the organizational and analytical system (SLA). It is a management system for events and informational confrontation programs at various levels.

The stage of choosing the vector of saving the world has come. It is clear that the foundation for the salvation of the world is the synthesis of spirituality and the dialogue of civilizations. Let me remind you that the basic principles of the British Empire are theses on the conflict of civilizations and the denial of spirituality.

It is extremely important to determine the new vector of Russia to analyze the successful experience of Russian intelligence:

1. Analysis of the intelligence activities of Great Rurik to create a single Russian state with the capital in Novgorod.

2. The experience of choosing the vector of development of the great Russian prince Alexander Nevsky.

3. The mechanism of development by Russian intelligence officers of the global ideological doctrine "Moscow - the Third Rome".

4. Russian intelligence of the greatest Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible, one of the main political steps of which was the convocation of Zemsky Sobor.

5. The organization of social processes to overcome the Time of Troubles in the early XVII century (citizen K. Minin from Nizhny Novgorod).

6. The concept of creating "Smersh" and ensuring the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

The successful development of our statehood is ineffective without the powerful intelligence of Russia.

It seems appropriate for the 95 anniversary of state security agencies to create an effective system of world intelligence in Russia, the key component of which should be the Academy of Information Geopolitics under the President of Russia.

Academy structure:

BUT). Institute of Actual Information Problems (development of a Unified Intelligence Task in the information sphere).

B). Center for professional retraining in the field of world politics (special training for government officials and the media).

AT). Center for learning foreign languages.

D). Main faculties:

1. Faculty of information confrontation.

2. Faculty of "soft power" in international relations.

3. Faculty of Special Operations.

4. Eurasian Faculty.

5. Euro-Atlantic faculty.

6. Asia Pacific Faculty.

7. Latin American faculty.

D). Main departments:

1. Department of World Politics.

2. Department of World Economy.

3. Department of International Law.

4. Department of information confrontation.

5. Department of PR and Mass Media.

6. Department of Foreign Languages.

7. Department of special disciplines.

E). Main branches:

1. Minsk (Belarus).

2. Belgrade (Serbia).

3. Damascus (Syria).

4. Glasgow (Scotland, after the 2014 of the year).

5. Lourdes (Cuba).

Countries for the organization of broad international exchanges, permanent overseas internships for teachers, graduate students, doctoral students (in order of importance):

1. China.

2. Brazil.

3. India.

4. Italy.

5. Germany.

6. France.

7. Argentina.

8. USA.

Forms of training:

- daytime;

- evening;

- remote.

My task is to convey my point of view - the point of view of a strategic analyst, who has been operating in a special world intelligence world since 1989, with its own specific rules that I have never tried to break.

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  1. bask
    bask 7 November 2012 07: 47
    Intelligence is the security of the country. Russia is now according to the "elite" in the Judeo-Protestant model ,,, development ,,,, And it’s the matter of GDP to pull us out of this booth and return us to the path of social-socialist DEVELOPMENT. And separation and counterintelligence should reveal enemies and spies and quickly neutralize them ...
    1. alexng
      alexng 7 November 2012 11: 35
      The main thing is that in a hurry not to break firewood while innocent. In this matter, consistency and subtle pragmatism are needed. Judging by the recent actions of Russia, a well-coordinated team of high-class analysts is working in the country and Russia's actions in foreign policy are verified as never before. And this accuracy drove the West into a stalemate situation from which it is unlikely that he will be able to get out. Now that the West (USA-England) does not take action, it will work against themselves.
      The cowboy woke up in the morning, got dressed, shaved, went out onto the porch, stretched out, jumped into the saddle and galloped so that the dust was a pillar. Galloped 5 miles stopped: - Your mother, where is the horse? !!! And jumped back.
  2. aksakal
    aksakal 7 November 2012 08: 02
    Sorry, not mastered. And I did not understand what the author wanted to say. Some kind of mixture of mysticism of unconfirmed historical rumors such as Stalin is the illegitimate son of Przhevalsky. The article has nothing to do with intelligence, but can you call a spade a spade? I will call - some kind of nonsense -)))
    1. sergo0000
      sergo0000 7 November 2012 08: 23
      Quote: aksakal
      I will call - some kind of nonsense -)))

      Patriot dreamer. wink
    2. Kaa
      Kaa 7 November 2012 10: 21
      Quote: aksakal
      I will call - some kind of nonsense -)))

      Too many bukaff! Trying to shove the unpushable. Conspiracy with a paranoid bias. There are still no clichés "Stalin's strategic intelligence", "Vlasov is Stalin's secret agent", "Pushkin is the agent of Nicholas I" and the like. It is because of such articles that the term -Urrya-patriots was born ...
    3. sonovlad
      sonovlad 7 November 2012 13: 16
      It may be nice to read, but really nonsense.
  3. Lavrik
    Lavrik 7 November 2012 08: 22
    When you read - it seems something is clear, but in the end - why all this set of fragmentary information, what he (the author) wanted to say with this - is not clear.
    1. Averias
      Averias 7 November 2012 10: 18
      It's like the infinite Bulgakov's "Heart of a Dog", remember the dialogue between the janitor and the student: In the book, there is page N on the right side, Mr. Andrian. And I have Mandrian in my head, where does Mandrian come from if Andrian is in the book. And I have Mandrian. :)) Here it is the same.
    2. 11Goor11
      11Goor11 7 November 2012 12: 14
      The goal is to blame all the troubles of the Protestant Jews.
      Distract from real problems to religious intolerance:
  4. Averias
    Averias 7 November 2012 10: 10
    I have never experienced difficulties with the construction of cause-and-effect relationships, and everything is in order with logic. But the article drove into a dead end, rested on the "horn" so to speak. It was not possible to bring the facts described in it into a single whole. There is a lot of information at the level of mysticism and conspiracy. There are so many fogs, as well as clever words. And the meaning is simple - Russia needs to be revived, as well as intelligence (although our intelligence is not asleep, and the fact that we know little about its actions just speaks in its favor). But why write about it so abstrusely?
  5. vlad_pr
    vlad_pr 7 November 2012 10: 26
    Slurred article. But I wonder if the author knows about the existence of the African continent? However, there also occur global-regional processes that do not slightly affect the rest of the globe.
  6. IRBIS
    IRBIS 7 November 2012 10: 57
    Avon positions himself as an author - a strategic analyst. There are more and more such "analysts" who have watched the programs on "REN-TV" and "NTV". So you want to cover yourself with a veil of mystery and involvement in the "great" secrets. The main thing is to stick in a couple of common truths and now nonsense takes on the features of something significant. In "Kashchenko" such "strategists" are generally wrapped in wet sheets.
    True professional analysts are not that in person, even by name, they know units from a particular circle.
    1. neri73-r
      neri73-r 7 November 2012 12: 27
      Don’t tell me !!!!
      Igor Panarin - political scientist, candidate of psychological sciences, doctor of political sciences, academician of the Academy of Military Sciences. Member of the Scientific and Methodological Council at the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation, member of the Expert Council of the Committee on CIS Affairs of the Council of the Federation
      1. vlad_pr
        vlad_pr 7 November 2012 12: 57
        The main title of the individual who wrote the article, member .....
        I recall the riddle of the times of the USSR, I think it is relevant to this day,
        Question: What happens if you attach a fountain pen to a member?
        answer: it will turn out to be a "corresponding member", for the present smaller - "an expert member".
        I apologize for the frivolity, but in any TV or radio program, just a little bit, out of nowhere, all of a sudden the members of something and at the same time at least experts of almost all-galactic scale.
      2. Kaa
        Kaa 7 November 2012 15: 54
        Quote: neri73-r
        Member of the Expert Council of the Committee on CIS Affairs of the Council of the Federation

        That's because of such, so to speak, analytes, the CIS, as a real interstate entity, it does not function properly ...
  7. Gorchakov
    Gorchakov 7 November 2012 12: 22
    Firstly, intelligence officers are unlikely to write when they don’t understand, and don’t need to, a simple layman .... I have always argued that intelligence agencies and intelligence agencies controlled by them control everything that happens in the world ... These were in the last century MI6, the KGB and MI6's daughter is the CIA ... All these organizations obeyed only the ideology prescribed in their charters ... the KGB defended the interests of the communist path of development and was considered the foremost detachment of the Communist Party, MI6 and the CIA were the interests of the crown and global business ... I think it would be wrong to consider the CIA a true American agency, rather this organization defends the interests of its creators, namely the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and other world oligarchs ... It was when among the leaders of the USSR and also among the population the prerequisites were created for the collapse of our state, first of all, the Marked gave the command to destroy the KGB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs at the root, which was done by traitor Bakatin with special zeal ... Thus, she remained on the world stage for a long time only Anglo-Saxon intelligence with their branches created all over the world ... It is MI6 and the CIA that are the conduits of the globalism project on the planet, it is they who make world politics, it is their creators who decide who to be or who not to be president of the countries they control and it is they create the conditions for coups and colonization of their owners and countries of interest ... Now the picture is getting a little smoother and I think that it is our scouts who are at the helm of our state and having a state resource under them who will restore the necessary balance of forces, so necessary for the whole world ... .In the publication of the author of the article there is no paranoia, it just needs to be discussed in those forums where people understand each other perfectly, and not where there are just honest people who are not aware of the existence of all the political dirt that intelligence and intelligence agencies have to rake .. The author simply mixed up the rams by posting this on a military forum ....

    I will add, in vain the author affected the personality of Stalin, shopping mall. it looks more like speculations not of a scout, but of a provocateur .....
  8. gregor6549
    gregor6549 7 November 2012 15: 10
    Article is nonsense. Point
  9. Kostya pedestrian
    Kostya pedestrian 7 November 2012 16: 32
    Lie quieter, comrade, otherwise the Lord hears everything! ... and, again, can be shaved and run away like ANTANTA in 1918, the tail pinched to his islands, and what then was Bedner’s (s) without the Mi-clach-clan of the archangel-strategist do? How to tyrannize Russians and veterans? Go to Romania with a war, conquer the islands? Romanians are not Russian, they are not so much their own as the Russian Crimea, they are the stranger that, with the assistance of Europe, s-Ukrainians will not give up even neo-xoxJIAM!

    it's time to revive the International so that any Russian or Russian-speaking comrade, wherever he lives, could say in Mironov's way: "We have long arms ... from the navel to the knees"