German press: Germany does not have a developed air defense system, but there are problems with bomb shelters

German press: Germany does not have a developed air defense system, but there are problems with bomb shelters

Despite the plan announced by the German authorities to strengthen the country's defense against the background of the Ukrainian events, Germany remains weakly protected from external threats, writes the German edition Die Zeit.

The publication notes that Germany in all areas of defense is lagging behind the militarily advanced powers. This also applies to the lack of air defense systems in the Bundeswehr, and problems with bomb shelters, which have fallen into disrepair since the Cold War. The country simply does not have an early warning system for the population about emergencies, writes Die Zeit.

There is no developed air defense system, but there are problems with bomb shelters.

None of the cities in Germany is actually protected from air attack, and the plans of the authorities to acquire missile defense systems have remained plans, the German publication states. At the same time, only a few Patriot complexes are in service with the German army, with which Berlin also shares with its neighbors. Previously, one complex was transferred to Slovakia, and now the delivery option to Warsaw is still being considered.

According to Die Zeit, during the Cold War, there were up to 2007 bomb shelters in Germany, but in XNUMX the German government decided to abandon them.

And in December, the country's authorities tested a new early warning system for the population, based on signal transmission through mobile phones. However, the exercises were far from perfect, the newspaper notes - in many places the alarm system did not work. Moreover, in the event of an attack on energy facilities and cell towers, the effectiveness of such a system may be close to zero.
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  1. 0
    December 24 2022
    That's right, you think, in the right direction. still the chancellor of their laughing Scholz would have been kicked out of retirement ...
    1. +1
      December 24 2022
      Soon the Fuhrer will be presented to you, the Anglo-Saxons will present !!! Wait for the Fritz!
      1. 0
        December 24 2022
        Quote from Luka Nord
        Soon the Fuhrer will be presented to you, the Anglo-Saxons will present !!! Wait for the Fritz!

        First you will need to pay reparations to Poland!
  2. There is no developed air defense system, but there are problems with bomb shelters

    - You buy Biden's Patriot from Ukraine, they will sell ...

  3. +1
    December 24 2022
    It's just that post-war Germany knew very well that the USSR and Russia were not going to attack it first and the Germans chose the right growth paradigm - economic ... without worrying about defense weapons and spending on them especially, well, within reason. They simply gave this trouble to the Americans and they pretended to be a "roof". Meanwhile, the concentration of literate Germans on the economy paid off and they became the strongest technological and economically developed state. In principle, if they had not financed idiots like Poland within the EU, then Germany would have been financially even more powerful. Therefore, they did not need either air defense or bomb shelters. They understand that the clash of major powers now is a nuclear war and no air defense will save and you won’t reach the bomb shelter, so why should they spend money if their territory is shot through and is so small that even North Korea will smash Germany with its nuclear warheads. And they do it right. It makes sense for us, the United States and China with such vast territories to bother with air defense and shelters, we have orders of magnitude more chances to survive.
  4. +1
    December 24 2022
    Quote: Vladimir Vladimirovich Vorontsov
    buy, they sell...

    Hasn't it been sold yet?
    There was already a note here that they don’t know where to put the “patriot” ... Maybe they can sell it to us right away, for disassembly?
  5. for
    December 24 2022
    but there are problems with bomb shelters

    But we don't have them, because we don't have them.
    A siren has been installed on a neighboring house, for 20 years it has been inaudible "on the day the warning systems were checked."
  6. 0
    December 24 2022
    As external threats - you only have to be afraid of America, the Germans! It is she who will not think about drowning you in blood if you do not obey her. Mass riots, arson, dead, maimed, democracy in danger...etc. Who is really dangerous for you!
  7. 0
    December 24 2022
    In Germany, the main problem is with people who are ready to make decisions for the benefit of their people.
    Smart people in politics have run out, only parsleys like the piano musician Ze are left.
  8. 0
    December 24 2022
    It's nothing. Bomb shelters are not needed.
  9. 0
    December 25 2022
    Well, well, this will help solve the problem in the west. After all, they still don’t have minerals, and ports don’t need much to never again receive tankers.

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