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NATO Secretary General called Russia's calls for negotiations "a way to buy time"

NATO Secretary General called Russia's calls for negotiations "a way to buy time"

The Russian Federation is allegedly calling for peace talks on Ukraine solely to buy time and better prepare for the next large-scale offensive. This statement was made in The Financial Times by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

According to the head of the North Atlantic Alliance, the Russian Federation is trying to freeze hostilities. Allegedly, having achieved this goal, Moscow will begin to regroup and rearm its troops. Then a new attack on Ukraine will follow, Stoltenberg believes. NATO Secretary General stressed that "Putin is not looking for real peace."

Such a statement by Stoltenberg is not surprising. The West does not yet see the need to push Ukraine towards peace talks with Russia. NATO is just interested in continuing the conflict, which gives huge profits to arms manufacturers in the US and Europe and strengthens the political positions of the “hawks” from the “war party” in various countries of the North Atlantic Alliance. Therefore, at the instigation of its Western patrons, Ukraine is putting forward conditions that are obviously unacceptable for Russia to start peace negotiations.

The Russian authorities have repeatedly noted that the so-called "peace initiatives" advocated by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky completely ignore current realities.

Now we see a different reality than the one that was even in February 2022, not to mention the reality before 2014. But the West and Ukraine are stubbornly trying to ignore this, which contributes to the further escalation of the armed conflict.

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  1. Vladimir Vladimirovich Vorontsov
    Vladimir Vladimirovich Vorontsov 23 December 2022 16: 59
    Russian Federation allegedly calls for peace talks on Ukraine

    Are you having auditory hallucinations?
    1. ser-pov
      ser-pov 23 December 2022 17: 04
      Something I have not heard that we called for negotiations .. This idea is wishful thinking ..
      1. Tatyana
        Tatyana 23 December 2022 17: 29
        Still, the West knows how to impudently - in Goebbel's way - shift its own sinful plans to unleash TMV with Russia from the territory of the same Ukraine from its sick head to a healthy one - i.e. to Russia!
        It is the Western military-industrial complex and the United States that earn money from the Ukroreich war with Russia!
        And at the same time, this NATO chief Stoltenberg would be better off withering in his lies with his own Nazi skeleton in the closet! Namely.

        Stoltenberg is not just a political figure.
        First, he the offspring of one of the most influential families in Norway, which have been referred to in the press as "Norwegian Kennedys" for many decades.
        Jens father - Torvald Stoltenberg - was the leader of the ruling People’s WORKING PARTY of Norway, was a member of parliament, several times received ministerial posts - from the Minister of Defense to the chief of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. His mother Karin also worked in the government and at one time led the foreign trade of Norway, then oversaw the work of the Ministry of Social Policy. Another clan member - minister-multi-source Johan Holst, led the military department, the police, and foreign policy.
        But the main secret of the power of the "Norwegian Kennedy" lies in their wives: sisters Karina (mother of Jens Stoltenberg) and Marianne are representatives of the richest Heiberg family in the country, bankers and industrialists.

        Kheiberg star ascended during WWII, when Vidkun Quisling's regime loyal to the Third Reich was established in Norway. Axel Heiberg Steng, one of Quisling's closest advisers. It is thanks to Quisling with the appearance of a typical Aryan aristocrat all the factories, mines and mines belonging to the clan members were provided with free labor - prisoners of Norwegian concentration camps, usually Soviet prisoners of war.

        During the WWII, the Norwegian mines worked in 3 shifts, because the Wehrmacht military machine desperately needed iron ore, copper, nickel, non-ferrous metals, and sulfur. AND the price of the uninterrupted operation of the mines is 13 thousand prisoners of war who died from the excessive work (according to our historians, up to 75 thousand Soviet prisoners of war were kept in the Nazi concentration camps in Norway).

        Secondly, despite all this wealth of the Norwegian Kennedms, Jens Stoltenberg - following the example of daddy, too, in his youth, he first got involved in politics with the left movement and on his own initiative offered his services to the KGB - and as a result turned out to be a former KGB agent nicknamed "Steklov", who was betrayed, in particular, by the Soviet traitor to the Motherland and defector Gordievsky, but Jens - unlike his supporters and followers - he categorically renounced his left-proletarian political views and came out with ease in this revelatory and reconnaissance mess of the defector Gordievsky, as befits a rich offspring, "Dry from the water."

        And now Jones Stoltenberg (with his skeleton in the closet) faithfully serves not only his family clan of the military-industrial complex in Norway, but also his new masters in the United States.

        See details -
    2. credo
      credo 23 December 2022 17: 23
      It is clear that such "outstanding" negotiators as M. Gorbachev and B. Yeltsin are dearer and dearer to the United States and the NATO bloc.
      But they have already left on an indefinite business trip and negotiations can be conducted with Russia only on Russia's terms. hi
  2. Mihail0221
    Mihail0221 23 December 2022 17: 00
    The Russian Federation is allegedly calling for peace talks on Ukraine solely to buy time and better prepare for the next large-scale offensive.
    Well, Stoltenbeggr let's hope you're right. We will wait for the further liberation of Ukraine. After training and training of mobilized, combat coordination, etc.
  3. Thrifty
    Thrifty 23 December 2022 17: 02
    The problem is different, Putin seems to have been pushed through by billionaire oligarchs, they don’t care about Russia and its future, they need to unblock the loot and return the business arrested by the West! enemies of Russia!
    1. Beck69
      Beck69 24 December 2022 02: 30
      However, it’s too late .. America decided to use the frost, only what I read in the tape.
    2. Popov I.P.
      Popov I.P. 24 December 2022 03: 39
      You probably stood next to Putin when his oligarchs were crushing? The military situation that developed there at that moment was not in our favor forced us to leave Kherson: the lack of reserves and trained second lines of defense, the expediency of building a stable defense along a natural barrier - the river and the desire to avoid unnecessary casualties, in winter tens of thousands of people could be put in a bare field without much military success, as the Ukrainians are doing now. This is a heavy image loss, but there are retreats in the war. These territories will still have to be returned, as well as the Kharkiv region, at least in order to ensure the security of the border territories of the Russian Federation. The influence of the oligarchs on power in the Russian Federation is minimal, it cannot be compared with the Yeltsin era. This public was warned many times from the highest stands themselves: "Keep your money in Russia, otherwise you will be tormented by dust swallowed by the courts", they did not listen - and God bless you, along with your contributions, yachts and villas, to the majority of the population from the fact that Friedman in London reason for the arrest of accounts itself sweeps the apartment is not cold not hot.
  4. rusich
    rusich 23 December 2022 17: 03
    Oh, and balabol talking head of NATO Stoltenberg. After all, Peskov announced Putin's decision ..... that the withdrawal of troops from the special operation zone is out of the question. The same goes for the Christmas truce. This number will not work after Merkel's recognition. We will finish off the Nazis
  5. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 23 December 2022 17: 06
    Yes, they don’t want to die for Ukraine. That’s why they make such a face. They know perfectly well what our missiles are doing in Ukraine, and that for them the same missiles are just different numbers and what the mutual exchange will lead to. Mozh boils what to offer in exchange. In the meantime, they will carry heresy about our "negotiations".
  6. notingem
    notingem 23 December 2022 17: 16
    The old devil has grown old. It's time for the crypt
  7. Rustic
    Rustic 23 December 2022 17: 22
    He invented it himself, found the justification himself, but now he himself is not satisfied with it. I am not a specialist in the field of psychiatry, but in my opinion it is called schizophrenia.
    Interestingly, the West specifically appoints mentally unhealthy individuals to such positions, or is it already prof. disease?
  8. Normal
    Normal 23 December 2022 17: 23
    Yeah, but the Minsk agreements-1 and the Minsk agreements-2 are not from the same opera? In 2014, when the MTR troops landed in the Crimea, not a single Sumerian warrior bucked. Because then, apart from how to ride on the Maidan, they didn’t know how to do anything special, the Armed Forces of Ukraine were frail. Our mistake is that taking part in dances with tambourines (Minsk - 1 and Minsk - 2), we gave them this time, during which they were pumped to the maximum. Look at Mariupol, it was dug up and down with trenches, prepared dugouts and other gadgets. In other words, they were just preparing for reflection, although the scenario has changed a bit. They were the first to attack, as it was indicated in the manuals because of the Atlantic puddle. And of course, they also understood that they would be thrown back, and then they would have to defend themselves. So this bad Stoltenberg, a participant in rainbow demonstrations, says that they themselves used it. Pure water projection. We see in people what we ourselves are filled with, this is a common truth.

    As Mark Tullius Cicero said: "The slave does not dream of freedom, the slave dreams of his slaves." If a person from early childhood was denied the opportunity to independently choose values ​​and be free, then he responds to the world around him in the same way. He takes revenge for his helplessness. If a person has been limited in freedom of action since childhood, then all he dreams of is to be able to limit the freedom of action of others. (with)

    This phrase is fundamental. It alone already reveals almost everything you need to know about the desire for freedom in man. It just needs to be thought through. People have never, never aspired and are not striving for freedom as such. Freedom is responsibility. If you do not depend on anyone, then you have to rely only on yourself, put the responsibility for yourself and your loved ones on your shoulders. Who needs it? People have always sought to shift their work to others. They came up with morality - the purpose of which is to confuse a neighbor and persuade him to work instead of himself or share what he has. Put it on the words of Stoltenberg and you will see that it works one hundred percent.
    1. antiquity
      antiquity 23 December 2022 17: 53
      Quote: Normal
      They were the first to attack, as it was indicated in the manuals because of the Atlantic puddle.

      Attack Donbass or Russia?
      Can you be more specific at this point?
      Only mind Peskov not to offer.
      1. Normal
        Normal 23 December 2022 18: 06
        Well, the logic here is obvious. First Donbass, then further to the Crimea.
        1. antiquity
          antiquity 23 December 2022 18: 16
          And for attack they built 5 years powerful defensive structures?
          1. Normal
            Normal 23 December 2022 18: 24
            Where do I have written that they built 5 years? Do you want to get to me, or what? Boring? Well, I'm not here for your entertainment. And why are you bombarding me with questions? The smartest one, right? So I will calmly transfer the conversation in your direction. Why are you asking me about this?
          2. Normal
            Normal 23 December 2022 18: 26
            You do not take phrases that are convenient for you out of context. I have clearly stated that they would have been pushed back further, but it was they who should have attacked, first on the Donbass, then on to the Crimea. What do you not understand in my text?
  9. bath
    bath 23 December 2022 18: 03
    "Negotiations" is a politically correct and universal international rule. Every country (and every Muslim) claims to be "peaceful".

    There is no need to dwell on the standard diplomatic term. This does not mean kneeling down.

    The fact is that people see the Russian army retreating, and Putin says that Russia does not need to return fire.
  10. Carlos Hall
    Carlos Hall 23 December 2022 18: 12
    Forget about fraudulent negotiations. The government after Kherson cannot make another mistake. The war must continue until the victory of Russia. Any fraudulent negotiations will put the government in a very dangerous position.
  11. evgen1221
    evgen1221 23 December 2022 18: 13
    You are the brakes when you decide already. Either they call for negotiations, or you immediately went with your negotiations, sometimes it slips through at one press conference.
  12. Yulia Averina
    Yulia Averina 23 December 2022 18: 45
    No need to pass off your wet fantasies as reality, only complete surrender and no frosts.
  13. belovvladimir
    belovvladimir 23 December 2022 20: 04
    Genius NATO doggie Jens Stoltenberg barks again like a mongrel, fucking his leg, idiot!
  14. Viktor 7007
    Viktor 7007 23 December 2022 21: 04
    Here you are absolutely right dear. but Ukraine will not end the matter.