The Netherlands is deploying F-35 fighter jets from its own Air Force to Poland to protect the airspace of the Baltics

The Netherlands is deploying F-35 fighter jets from its own Air Force to Poland to protect the airspace of the Baltics

NATO is again deploying F-35 fighter jets to the borders of Russia, this time from the Netherlands Air Force, with the task of patrolling the airspace of Eastern Europe in general, and the Baltic states in particular. This was reported by the Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands.

The Netherlands is transferring eight F-35 fighters from its own air force to Poland, this will happen next year, they will cover the Baltic states in February and March 2023, after which they will be replaced by another country from NATO. In addition, the airspace of Poland will be patrolled by Eurofighter fighters of the German Air Force.

The Dutch Ministry of Defense will send eight F-35 fighters to Poland to protect the eastern flank of NATO (...) They will monitor NATO airspace over Eastern Europe

- said in a statement.

The Netherlands has recently significantly expanded its military presence in Eastern Europe, sending a military contingent to Slovakia along with the Patriot air defense system. In addition, F-35 and F-16 fighters of the country's Air Force are stationed in Bulgaria, they will patrol the airspace over Eastern Europe until the end of May. Also, the military contingent of the Netherlands is deployed in Lithuania as part of the NATO forward presence program.

Initially, the Netherlands purchased 37 F-35 fighters from the United States, in 2019 it was reported that funds were allocated for the purchase of an additional eight to nine fighters in addition to those already on order. As the Ministry of Defense of the country stated, the existing number of aircraft is not enough to carry out foreign missions as part of NATO, given that some of the aircraft are involved in training, and some protect the country's airspace.
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    1. +1
      23 December 2022 10: 52
      We read - the United States is transferring and what's next. For the provision of flights, repairs, etc. The Netherlands alone is simply not available. On their own, the Netherlands can only transfer grass and the red-light district.
      1. 0
        23 December 2022 11: 20
        As of January 1, 2020, the Netherlands has officially stopped referring to itself as "Holland".
        From now on, authorities, universities, print media, as well as private companies must use the name "Netherlands". The move should allow the country to shed the image of the place that everyone associates with drugs and prostitution.

        No matter how hard the children of cheese makers tried, they failed to wash off the stigma of the country of drugs and prostitution. No.
    2. +1
      23 December 2022 10: 53
      Somehow everything is wound up - the Netherlands has its fighters in Poland to protect the airspace in the Baltic states. How about in the Baltics right away? Or there is nowhere to turn around - the Russian or Belarusian border has just taken off, which is scary to cross.
      1. +1
        23 December 2022 11: 26
        I could be wrong, but it seems that under an agreement with the Russian Federation, they are not supposed to keep more than a certain number of boards in the Tribaltic.
        Apparently it's not time to break all the contracts.
    3. -1
      23 December 2022 11: 04
      The Netherlands is deploying F-35 fighter jets from its own Air Force to Poland to protect the airspace of the Baltics
      And who needs the limitrophe airspace of the non-state of spratia? laughing
      1. 0
        23 December 2022 13: 09
        Both ukhria and tribalts depend on "main assets".
        Bpnki, insurance, reinsurers will say that they are not interested in assets in the swamps, they will hand over GDP for a small bribe. They will hang a duty on the Russian Federation.
        There is a market price for uhria on the terms of the European association, while the EU is profitable, etc.
    4. 0
      23 December 2022 13: 54
      Does the Russian Federation have a base near the Netherlands? Is this a military base?
      And the bridgehead? And the Baltic and the Baltic states are a springboard.
      Those. they threaten us, but we do not threaten them. We respect them.

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