US press: Ukrainian authorities will present proposals for a peaceful settlement in February 2023

US press: Ukrainian authorities will present proposals for a peaceful settlement in February 2023

The American media come out with materials that somehow make it clear that Zelensky was called in Washington, among other things, to state the need to find a compromise solution in terms of confrontation with Russia. Even the day before, one of the congressmen noted that the situation in the United States is such that there is an understanding of the following fact: internal support in the United States for the conduct of hostilities in Ukraine cannot be endless. Public opinion polls suggest that since March, the number of Americans who fully support the arming of Ukraine by the United States has dropped significantly. At the moment, those are less than 40 percent, although initially there were about 70. Many Americans simply do not consider Ukraine and its president, despite the “kilotons” of PR from the American authorities and the media, as a country that is really useful for the United States as an ally. The main claim is the uncontrolled allocation of huge funds to Ukraine with an unpredictable outcome.

Against this backdrop, the major American edition of The Wall Street Journal comes out with an article stating that the Ukrainian authorities are "busy working out proposals for a peaceful settlement."

From the article:

The Ukrainian authorities will present the details of such a plan in February 2023.

At the same time, American authors refer to unnamed "informed" sources in the camp of the US authorities themselves, as well as Europe.

Recall that earlier Ukraine had the only “peace plan”, the main points of which Zelensky designated “withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of Ukraine to the borders of 1991”, “payment of reparations from Russia” and “work to introduce a world price ceiling for Russian energy ". Apparently, during a trip to Washington, Zelensky, despite the stormy applause presented in Congress, could have been made clear that it was time to adjust the “peace plan”. In what terms such an adjustment can be carried out, apparently, it will be possible to find out in February, if by that time no significant events have occurred at the front.
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  1. -2
    23 December 2022 06: 32
    zelebonik dressed as a pimp, will present his drug addict Wishlist
    1. -6
      23 December 2022 06: 41
      Judging by Putin's speech yesterday, everything is moving towards negotiations. Zelensky received instructions on how to behave properly. Medvedev's visit to China brought no news at all. Plus, the devaluation of the ruble, and then what, dear members of the forum?
      1. -1
        23 December 2022 08: 24
        how did the visit bring nothing? there, China promised strategic support, the whole West is in a panic from this
        1. 0
          23 December 2022 08: 54
          Strategic engagement and support are slightly different things.
          1. -2
            23 December 2022 12: 05
            Qtiai vowed to bypass all sanctions and supply everything needed
            1. 0
              23 December 2022 12: 25
              Nastya, the link please be kind.
              1. 0
                23 December 2022 12: 44
                link with pleasure, now there is no time, sorry, but if I find it I'll throw it off
      2. 0
        23 December 2022 09: 09
        If Putin goes to an agreement with the Bloody Clown, all the people of Russia will turn away from him ..
        1. +2
          23 December 2022 09: 23
          When did anyone care?
          But for the sake of order, Solovyov and Skobeeva will quickly explain everything to us that this was the original plan, that all the goals of the NWO were successfully achieved. In addition, minor shortcomings in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation were successfully revealed, in addition, on the World stage, the Russian economy proved its stability and independence in confronting the West ....
          So the rating of Himself will not suffer in any way.
      3. 0
        24 December 2022 19: 20
        Considering the transferred Patriot installation, which can launch medium-range missiles, reconnaissance satellite navigation (between the perimeters of the air defense system), the New Year holidays that will be celebrated ... not so much, then after the defeat of the receptions of decision makers ... There may well be negotiations by the "miraculous survivors", representatives of the "fifth column", on the surrender of Russia and the surrender of strategic nuclear weapons, at the mercy of the "winners", with the subsequent destruction of the population of Russia, without organizing "reservations".
        So maybe... if the Russian leadership understands that the fate of Gaddafi, Saddam, Milosevic, is knocking on their windows.
  2. 0
    23 December 2022 06: 32
    The owner gave the go-ahead - what's so surprising?
    1. -3
      23 December 2022 06: 37
      A truce in order to gain time, pull up reserves
      1. 0
        23 December 2022 07: 24
        Most likely. The can cannot afford to hit the revenues of the US military-industrial complex. They won't understand. They want to launch this bagpipe in order to once again stretch out the time to fill their weapons depots, to bring additional forces and weapons to Ukraine. After the revelations of grandmother Merkel, believing these goats is the height of naivety.
    2. -1
      23 December 2022 06: 41
      So our Most Chief declared that the ultimate goal is the conclusion of peace. Denazification and demilitarization of the country turned into a military camp has dried up. In any case, it was not mentioned yesterday. Yes, and the speech was uncertain
  3. 0
    23 December 2022 06: 36
    Only the complete defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Nazi regime in Kyiv will change the situation with the peace treaty and nothing else.
    And before that, listening to empty Zelensky and Biden is a waste of time.
    1. +3
      23 December 2022 06: 42
      But who is against it? Did you hear the President's speech yesterday?
      1. +2
        23 December 2022 07: 28
        Quote: dmi.pris
        But who is against it? Did you hear the President's speech yesterday?

        I heard.
        Only since the beginning of the SVO, the goals of the operation have constantly changed ... yesterday he said so, today it’s different, tomorrow you see other plans will appear ... in general, there is no stability and certainty.
  4. 0
    23 December 2022 06: 47
    The Ukrainian authorities will present the details of such a plan in February 2023.
    Whether Zelensky’s future plan will be corrected or not, the main ultimatum conditions will remain exactly. But these conditions are obviously unacceptable. Yes, and you can’t give Zelensky a single minute of time to rest, reorganize and pack in new weapons. Finally, "Minsk" at the highest level was recognized as a mistake, so there is confidence that we will no longer step on the American-European-Ukrainian rake.
  5. 0
    23 December 2022 06: 52
    The Ukrainian authorities in February 2023 will present proposals for a peaceful settlement

    Yes Yes. For a peaceful settlement, starting with the unconditional surrender of the remnants of Kyiv.
  6. fiv
    23 December 2022 07: 16
    Stop posting images of this snout
  7. -3
    23 December 2022 07: 26
    And Zelensky then got angry!
    Even the Clown doesn't suffer a damn thing from the war!
    Look how well-fed, and the rounded muzzle can no longer be hidden under any bristles.
  8. -1
    23 December 2022 08: 02
    The can gave the clown another year ...., it won’t taxi out, the striped ones will fall down quietly ...., there are other topics and territories, but this one is already tired of everyone, but the goal - to tear the EU from Russia has been fully completed, while the EU already in a reliable team of striped ....
    1. -1
      23 December 2022 09: 02
      Unfortunately, but no. The EU must still powerfully buy weapons from the United States. So first Europe will greatly reduce its arsenals, and then it will buy, buy and buy. The cost of own production in Europe will grow and therefore the amount of purchases in the US will be astronomical.
      1. 0
        23 December 2022 12: 42
        The cost of own production in Europe will grow
        The share of energy resources in the cost of high-tech products is half a percent maximum.
  9. +2
    23 December 2022 10: 52
    Forgive me, but you can’t throw words out of a song. Regarding this whole story, I want to say directly from Pelevin - "The most difficult choice is either to work as a pid @ race for clowns, or as a clown for pid @ races" ...
    (Admins, this is almost a verbatim quote, so please do not punish gays :) )
  10. 0
    24 December 2022 19: 12
    The cumulative effect of infrastructure destruction is starting to show. By February, probably, the people are just coming to their senses and they need a peacekeeper to win, and somewhere else by the fall they will break again, when the troops will train new ones and NATO equipment will be delivered in full. I hope we don't have weirdos to negotiate. Otherwise, they will conclude an agreement as in 1996, and then a new 1999 will come much bloodier.

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