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Dmitry Rogozin received a shrapnel wound as a result of the shelling of the Donetsk Armed Forces

Dmitry Rogozin received a shrapnel wound as a result of the shelling of the Donetsk Armed Forces

Information about Dmitry Rogozin being wounded in Donetsk has been confirmed. It should be recalled that recently the ex-head of Roskosmos has headed the Tsarskie Wolves group, which he himself created, whose task is, among other things, to collect data on what equipment and what equipment is in demand by our fighters on the front line in order to quickly establish or expand its production.

According to the information received, Rogozin was wounded while in the Shesh-Besh hotel. The territory was shelled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. As a result, Dmitry Rogozin reportedly suffered a back injury.

Several other people were injured as a result of shelling of the hotel building.

On this basis, it is quite possible to conclude that it is unlikely that the shelling of this particular building turned out to be accidental. There is a high probability that the militants hit this particular hotel precisely in connection with the fact that they received information from the "partners" about the appearance of Rogozin there.

Rogozin himself, commenting on what happened, confirmed the shrapnel wound to the back, pointing out that, according to doctors, the fragment passed about a centimeter from the spine. There is no threat to life.

According to some reports, the shelling of the hotel was carried out with the use of high-precision NATO-style munitions - Excalibur. If so, then this is another confirmation that the fire was not fired randomly, but purposefully.

Earlier in Ukraine, they frankly admitted that they wanted to kill the Chief of the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces during his visit to the combat zone. At the same time, the American side claims that it did not transmit data on Gerasimov's visit to this zone to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
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