The potential and capabilities of the machine gun "Kord"

The potential and capabilities of the machine gun "Kord"
Airborne machine gunners at a training position

The Russian army is armed with an extensive range of small arms weapons, incl. heavy machine guns. To date, the Kord machine gun has become the main model of this class. This product is widely used on different media and platforms, and thanks to it, various units receive the required combat capabilities. Right now, Kord machine guns are making a certain contribution to achieving the goals of the Special Operation in Ukraine.

Combat training use

Large-caliber machine guns "Kord" are in service with rifle units, and are also used on various armored combat vehicles of the ground and airborne troops. For this reason, weapons of this type have been widely used in the current Special Operation since its very first day. "Kords" regularly appear in various materials from the front and from training grounds.

So, in recent days, the Ministry of Defense again showed machine gunners and their Kordas. On December 19, a video was published from one of the training grounds where military personnel of the Airborne Forces are being trained. At the time of the shooting, machine gun crews were training to prepare defensive positions and use their weapons against the advancing enemy. The interaction of two calculation numbers was also worked out.

To combat the imaginary enemy, infantry machine guns, with a bipod and a butt, were used. In the conditions of the range, machine gunners will acquire or improve the skills of using Kords, and thanks to this they will be able to effectively support other paratroopers with fire in any conditions and operations.

On December 20, the Ministry of Defense showed the use of Kord machine guns on armored vehicles. It published a video from one of the training grounds of the Central Military District, where tankers are being trained. The crews of one of the formations are mastering the recently arrived main combat Tanks T-90M and, in particular, are working out the use of all standard weapons.

A remote-controlled combat module with a heavy machine gun is mounted on the T-90M turret. Tank commanders and gunners master these weapons and train to hit distant targets. The video from the Ministry of Defense demonstrates firing from all types of weapons on the tank, incl. from "Korda" to DBM.

It should be noted that the Kord machine guns are not used in practice for the first time, incl. in real combat. Previously, such weapons showed their best side and confirmed the calculated characteristics. Now it is once again demonstrating its capabilities. At the same time, some features of current events contribute to obtaining good results.

Multi-purpose large-caliber

A promising heavy machine gun "Kord" was developed in the nineties by the Plant. Degtyarev (Kovrov). It was considered as a modern replacement for the existing NSV Utes machine gun, which has technical, technological and economic advantages. The project was ready in the second half of the decade, and then the machine gun was put to the test.

At the turn of the nineties and two thousandths, Kord passed all the checks and was adopted by the Russian army. Also in Kovrov mastered mass production. Over the past two decades, thousands or tens of thousands of products have been manufactured. With their help, it was possible to carry out a complete or almost complete replacement of the old NSV machine guns.

Products "Kord" are intended for different units and branches of the armed forces, and therefore are produced in different trim levels. In all cases, a unified machine gun body is used, while the composition of other components varies. So, for infantry, products with a bipod or machine tool are intended, and on armored vehicles, machine guns are used with turrets or full-fledged combat modules. On ships and boats fleet, in turn, "Kords" are used with pedestal installations.

Design features

"Kord" is a machine gun chambered for 12,7 x 108 mm, designed to deal with enemy manpower and light armored vehicles at distances up to 1,5-2 km. The design of the machine gun as a whole is made on the basis of traditional solutions, but due to new technologies, it was possible to improve some characteristics.

The machine gun is equipped with a rifled 12,7 mm barrel with a length of 1070 mm (84 klb) with the possibility of quick replacement. Due to the improved design, uniform heating of the barrel is ensured, which allows maintaining the required accuracy and accuracy even during long-term shooting. The infantry version of the product called 6P50 is equipped with a multi-chamber muzzle brake. The 6P49 tank machine gun receives a brake or a conical flame arrester.

Used automation based on the removal of powder gases with a long piston stroke. The gas outlet of the barrel is directed downwards; the tube with the piston is under the barrel. The shutter with a rotary larva is used. Locking occurs due to the rotation of the bolt and its engagement with the breech of the barrel. Due to the heavy loads on the gate, there are 14 lugs (two rows of seven).

The trigger mechanism provides firing from an open bolt. Only burst fire is foreseen. In the 6P50 variant, fire control is carried out by a trigger lever, while the tank machine gun is equipped with an electric trigger.

"Kord" uses tape power. Due to the replacement of the receiving mechanism, the tape can be fed both from the right and from the left. The cartridge case is ejected forward through a special tube.

"Kord" on the DUBM of the T-90M tank

Depending on the modification, the machine gun has a total length of up to 1980 mm. Weight in all cases - 25,5 kg. Technical rate of fire - 600-650 rds / min. The effective range for ground targets reaches 2 km, for air targets - 1,5 km. Kord uses the entire range of 12,7 x 108 mm cartridges available. In addition, for export deliveries, a modification was developed for foreign ammunition 12,7 x 99 mm.

Practical possibilities

Like other large-caliber machine guns, Kord has high fire performance and is capable of hitting various targets, incl. at great distances. The potential of this kind is actively used by our troops in the zone of the Special Operation.

12,7mm bullets pose a particular danger to unprotected targets. They are guaranteed to destroy manpower, hit unprotected equipment and literally pierce unfortified buildings at all actual ranges of fire. The effectiveness of shooting in this case depends only on the probability of hitting the target.

Depending on the type of ammunition, the machine gun is capable of hitting light armored vehicles. So, cartridges of the B-32 type provide penetration of 20 mm of armor from a distance of 100 m. For a BS cartridge, the range of penetration of such an obstacle is higher - at least 700-750 m. This means that Kord can hit a wide range of light armored vehicles available to the enemy .

Ukrainian formations are currently armed with many types of lightly armored vehicles, mostly foreign-made. A significant part of such machines is protected only from bullets of normal caliber or fragments with equivalent energy. Large-caliber bullets, incl. with an armor-piercing core, they are quite capable of breaking through such protection.

Muzzle brake in action

For example, depending on the firing distance, Kord can hit the old BRDM-2 or newer Ukrainian BTR-4, both in the forehead and on the side. Foreign armored fighting vehicles, such as the American M113 and their derivatives or the British Husky, are also not protected from heavy machine guns. Similar risks exist for other machines or systems that do not have an adequate level of protection.

"Kord" can work on air targets. 12,7 mm bullets, incl. armor-piercing are capable of inflicting serious or even fatal damage to an aircraft, helicopter or large UAV. Small and medium Drones can be destroyed even with one bullet. In such situations, everything depends on the skills of the machine gunner and his ability to hit difficult air targets.

Serious argument

Thus, our ground forces have at their disposal all the necessary range of small arms, including the most powerful models. The niche of a large-caliber machine gun for solving special problems has now been firmly occupied by the Kord product in several versions with different features.

The Kord machine gun is distinguished by high performance and is capable of fighting a wide range of targets, up to armored vehicles of various types. Right now, machine gunners and gunners-operators are using these opportunities and inflicting damage on the enemy, both in manpower and in equipment. "Kords" in such a situation become a serious argument in favor of our army.
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  1. -18
    21 December 2022 06: 53
    I suggest: for an ultra-long sniper shot at a distance of 3 meters and up to 000 - 5 meters or more, use: <<bullet - rocket>> with a machine gun <<Kord>> with excellent optics and hit infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, helicopters , aircraft and other armored vehicles, as well as enemy manpower.
    1. -10
      21 December 2022 10: 34
      And yet, from it you can shoot directly at America !!!!!!!
  2. +12
    21 December 2022 08: 19
    The author forgot to indicate the most important plus of Kord. They can really get hit by working from a bipod. The engineers did their best.
  3. +14
    21 December 2022 09: 29
    Cord as part of the Arbalet-DM complex

    I recently spoke to a man who uses this thing on a Tiger.
    Several Ukrainian infantry fighting vehicles managed to be set on fire - they fired with BZT-44 bullets.
  4. -2
    21 December 2022 10: 01
    "Kord" can hit the old BRDM-2 or newer Ukrainian BTR-4, both in the forehead and in the side.

    As far as I remember, armored personnel carriers and BRDMs hold 14,5 KPV in the forehead. Not to mention 12,7.
    1. +3
      21 December 2022 11: 45
      Remember incorrectly, brdm definitely does not hold 12.7, not to mention 12.7 with a heat-strengthened core.
    2. -1
      21 December 2022 17: 29
      Quote: KSVK
      As far as I remember, armored personnel carriers and BRDMs hold 14,5 KPV in the forehead
      I won’t say about the forehead of armored vehicles, but the side of the BRDM from the English Boer (like our Three-ruler) was stitched through, moreover, both sides at once (caliber 7,62mm). The side of the armored personnel carrier also made its way (only one).
      1. +8
        21 December 2022 19: 54
        Bullshit. Never had an BRDM or armored personnel carrier made its way from the antediluvian Lee Enfield.
        Or Bura, if you like. By the way, Mosinka had a more powerful cartridge.
        But there were no such stories about her. Especially on both sides. But about the epic Bur-please))
        Jaundice, which was carried in the 90s by representatives of the second oldest profession, is still alive.
        And I will advise you. Is free. Think, read, analyze. But that's not all.
        DRA 1986-88.
        1. 0
          21 December 2022 22: 51
          Quote: Gippo
          Bullshit. Never had an BRDM or armored personnel carrier made its way from the antediluvian Lee Enfield.
          Or Bura, if you like. By the way, Mosinka had a more powerful cartridge.
          But there were no such stories about her. Especially on both sides. But about the epic Bur-please))
          Jaundice, which was carried in the 90s by representatives of the second oldest profession, is still alive.
          And I will advise you. Is free. Think, read, analyze. But that's not all.
          DRA 1986-88.

          If you have not encountered this, then it is not clear where you served. Talk to those who really fought there.
          DRA 1983-1985
          I will add:
          the shell of the bullet remained outside, the side was pierced by its steel core (when the bullet hit at a right angle to the side)
        2. The comment was deleted.
  5. 0
    21 December 2022 18: 45
    I wonder how many people are now in the calculation of such a machine gun? The easel in the Second World War had from 5.
    1. +2
      21 December 2022 20: 06
      We had a crew of Utes with three people. Well, BC was dragged by everyone who could.
      I don't know about Kord. It seems the same "Utes", only with a huge DTK and a lightweight machine.
      Well, from the bipod maybe, yes. And a very large woman will not be blown back into the trench by recoil)))
      By the way, in Kord, the sound of a shot is a blow to the eardrums. They gave me a short shot at the range.
      Because of the DTC. But the return is certainly less, yes.
      1. 0
        21 December 2022 21: 58
        I see, thanks.
        Previously, those who carry BC were also included in the calculation. And BC at 12,7 probably weighs a lot.
      2. -1
        22 December 2022 20: 51
        The cord is lighter than the Cliff, 10 kilograms. And more precisely.
  6. 0
    21 December 2022 20: 02
    In our unit, there were also: DShK and Utes.
    I don’t know anything about the “Utes”, but the DShK was called: “Dashin whisper *.
    The chief of staff claimed that this was the name from the time of the Second World War.
    Headquarters cleaner: Makarovna, the oldest, (not interested in her family) in the unit (she was there in 1948). I heard from veterans that the name was from the "seaside army", they had a seagull identification mark. I saw an old photograph and a seagull is drawn on the glass of the car.
    I heard about KORD from my son. Allegedly, he has such a return that a woman can be in a trench.
    I haven't seen or tried them.
  7. 0
    21 December 2022 21: 47
    And where organizationally does the Cordoba raschery enter?
  8. +1
    21 December 2022 23: 32

  9. 0
    25 December 2022 18: 41
    I saw the tutorial movie so it was a sight, a simple machine but the job was perfect. well, nothing else, I just know that the soldiers who work with this machine gun are excellent shooters. am
  10. 0
    23 January 2023 09: 48
    Well, there is no aviation, except perhaps with the T-90, it is necessary that it stand on a pedestal, you can’t really shoot up from a machine or bipod. Yes, and the rate of fire is low.
    In general, the appearance of drones is an option for reviving the rather rare YakB and GSHG machine guns. Relatively light and compact systems that are easy to adapt to the needs of air defense in terms of light UAVs.
  11. 0
    9 February 2023 10: 52
    Why is 7.62 put on the tank as a coaxial machine gun, and not Kord? When a tank gun is redundant, working on infantry or unarmored targets using a tank sight from a long distance is just right. No need to spend scarce shells. The Jews are still putting mortars on the Merkava. You can throw gifts for buildings. For urban combat, an indispensable function.
  12. 0
    15 February 2023 23: 58
    At one time, in the Strike Force program there was a series called (if I'm not mistaken) "Sniper machine gun"! Fully dedicated to the creation of this machine gun. Very educational material. Recommend to lovers of small arms.
  13. The comment was deleted.

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