Bulgarian Defense Minister arrived in Kyiv to discuss further military cooperation with Ukraine

Bulgarian Defense Minister arrived in Kyiv to discuss further military cooperation with Ukraine

The Minister of Defense of Bulgaria arrived in Ukraine to discuss further cooperation with the Zelensky regime and discuss the supply of military assistance. This was announced by the head of the Ukrainian military department Oleksiy Reznikov.

On Monday, December 19, Bulgarian Defense Minister Dimitar Stoyanov arrived in Kyiv, reportedly to discuss with the leadership of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense the prospects for military cooperation and, of course, the supply of weapons. The visit itself is not surprising, it should have been expected after the Bulgarian parliament voted to join the European countries providing military assistance to Ukraine. It’s just that earlier Stoyanov spoke rather sharply about the supply weapons Kyiv, actually refusing to supply anti-aircraft systems and combat aviation, stating that Bulgaria itself needs them.

However, he is in Kyiv and what this will mean, we will find out later if such information appears. In the meantime, a satisfied Reznikov shows Stoyanov in every possible way that he is very glad to see him.

It is an honor to welcome Bulgarian Defense Minister Dimitar Stoyanov to Ukraine. Grateful for Bulgaria's decision to assist in ensuring the security of Ukraine. We look forward to further development of defense cooperation between Ukraine and Bulgaria

- he said.

According to Ukrainian sources, Kyiv will try to use this visit to its advantage and beg Bulgaria for weapons and equipment left over from the Soviet Union. The thing is that the Bulgarians have about 90 Soviet tanks T-72M1, most of which had to undergo modernization, and they do not intend to give them to Kyiv. In addition, the Bulgarian air defense is armed with S-300PMU air defense systems in the amount of two divisions, as well as the Kub and S-200 air defense systems.
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    1. +8
      20 December 2022 09: 57
      Bulgarian Defense Minister arrived in Ukraine to discuss further cooperation with the Zelensky regime

      “... Bulgaria of the same faith to us, recently liberated from Turkish slavery by brotherly love and the blood of the Russian people, openly took the side of the enemies of the Christian faith, the Slavs, Russia” ...
      (From the Manifesto of Nicholas II of October 5, 1915)

      1. +10
        20 December 2022 10: 00
        Yes, because there is not and never was any stupid idea of ​​"the brotherhood of peoples." Everyone respects only strength and readiness to use it. Zhirinovsky was 100% right here.
        1. +6
          20 December 2022 10: 07
          Again in the war of the West against Russia, Bulgaria against the Russians!
          How is it that the historical Ottoman heritage affects the Bulgarian elite in power!
          Start picking the genealogy of the ancestors of the Minister of Defense of Bulgaria - and it will be the Ottoman Turks in his family.
          As the Bulgarians betrayed - namely, the TOP in the power of Bulgaria - Russians - so they will always betray Russians and Russia!
          1. +1
            20 December 2022 10: 13
            Let the Turks return them. Erdogan is just trying to revive the former empire.
            1. +1
              20 December 2022 10: 33
              Quote from Pharmacist
              Let the Turks return them. Erdogan is just trying to revive the former empire.

              To return, not to return... But it seems that all the Balgars will be Turkified!
              Erdagan and the Turkish Ottoman nationalists know what and how to do with Bulgaria and the Bulgarians.
        2. -3
          20 December 2022 10: 17
          seti (Matvey Livanov), you are right! The fairy tale about the "fraternal peoples" was invented by the CPSU (b) - the CPSU to export the revolution! It was enough to tell some dictator about the plans to build socialism, and he would immediately be showered with military and economic aid from Moscow! These Bolshevik communists robbed their people for the sake of "fraternal peoples"! Therefore, at the time of the collapse of the USSR, these "fraternal peoples" owed the USSR 120 billion dollars, and the USSR owed foreign banks, respectively, 120 billion dollars. These debts, as the legal successor, were paid by the Russian Federation.
        3. +1
          20 December 2022 13: 33
          Brotherhood from scratch is not a calculation, it, like friendship, must be supported, by common goals, by common work, the communists tried, in places quite successfully.
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. -1
        20 December 2022 13: 30
        Yes, the Bulgarians sincerely thank us, not the first time already.
      4. AAK
        20 December 2022 20: 49
        Officials of dozens of countries come to Bandera, assistance is also provided by dozens of countries ... but here's something I don't see the same pilgrimage to Moscow and the desire to help with weapons, ammunition, technology ... In such a situation - maybe we can form foreign ministries brigade and to the front? Let them "agree" there with weapons in their hands, maybe they will learn something useful ...
        1. 0
          21 December 2022 20: 14
          "Announce the entire list, f ... sorry!"
    2. +4
      20 December 2022 09: 59
      On Monday, December 19, Bulgarian Minister of Defense Dimitar Stoyanov arrived in Kyiv

      Well, here are the little brothers, to bow and kiss the hand, they arrived at the "bloody dwarf".
      In vain Russia tore its ass, freeing the Bulgarians from the Turkish yoke, the people of Bulgaria have really forgotten.
    3. +2
      20 December 2022 10: 00
      Here they are, our so-called brothers, merged in ecstasy on the basis of hatred for Russia.
    4. The comment was deleted.
    5. +2
      20 December 2022 10: 07

      Minister of Defense of Bulgaria arrived in Ukraine to discuss further cooperation with the Zelensky regime and discussions on the supply of military aid.
      That's who they are brothers.
    6. +2
      20 December 2022 10: 08
      traitor brothers do not change over the years
    7. +1
      20 December 2022 10: 10
      Who would doubt that Bulgaria will again be on the side of our enemies.
    8. 0
      20 December 2022 10: 12
      The Bulgarian came to establish a business and schemes for paying kickbacks for weapons, and not to give freebies to forelocks
    9. 0
      20 December 2022 10: 28
      Too shy to ask...
      Has Bulgaria already been officially declared an enemy?
      1. 0
        23 December 2022 17: 44
        First, dare to declare the United States an enemy, and then take a swing at formidable Bulgaria ... laughing
    10. +2
      20 December 2022 10: 30
      Bulgarian Defense Minister arrived in Ukraine
      So one more "European" decided to walk along the path trodden by the older "comrades and allies" in the "confrontation". Bulgarians can not miss the chance not to join where fat flies swarm over a pile of shit. Obviously, they have such a destiny - to betray and repent, betray again, in order to subsequently repent once again and remember the friendship of the Slavic peoples. It is already disgusting to look at these duty handshakes, hugs, assurances of friendship and help from any European rabble.
    11. +1
      20 December 2022 12: 15
      Brothers in your repertoire! No wonder and not even a shame for a long time. Another thing is important - will our government stubbornly pester everyone with their brotherhood? Decades, centuries pass, life teaches nothing.
    12. +1
      20 December 2022 12: 25
      Again history goes in a spiral, again the Bulgarians are our enemies.
      And Reznikov met with a representative of the country of the American laying, on the topic of assistance. What else will the Americans send through Bulgaria ...........
    13. +1
      20 December 2022 12: 46
      Here they are "brothers" - they are always in a hurry to take the side of the Nazis. God forbid we forget the betrayal of Bulgarians and Greeks.
    14. 0
      20 December 2022 13: 32
      Bulgarians do not change themselves, prostitution is in the blood.
    15. The comment was deleted.

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