On the premiere of the 55Ж6М Sky-M radar and the BAZ-6909 chassis

The November issue of Trumpress magazine published an article by Alexander Privalov about technology presented in August 2012 of the year in Zhukovsky at the celebration of the 100 anniversary of the Russian Air Force.

Of greatest interest is that part of the material, in which it was a question of the newest radar complex of air defense 55Ж6М "Sky-M". It was represented by two radar modules - the RLM-M (meter band) and the RLM-D (decimeter band), as well as the cockpit for controlling the operation of the RLM and their interaction. Another module RLM-S (centimeter range) was not exposed.

On the premiere of the 55Ж6М Sky-M radar and the BAZ-6909 chassis
RLK 55Ж6М "Sky-M"

The performance of the R & D "Sky-M" began at the end of the 1990-s. In 1999, the decision was made to locate the large-size modules of the system on special wheel chassis (SKSh) of the Voshchina-1 family produced by the Bryansk Automobile Plant (BAZ). However, BAZ had to work at its own expense to confirm a possible increase in the four-axle SKSh carrying capacity to 22 tons.

History The issue dates back to December 1989 of the year when the terms of reference for the ROC "Astrologer" was approved (basic model SKS MZKT-7390). According to the technical task, the carrying capacity of the chassis, created in Minsk by the ROC "Astrolog", was to be at least 22 tons. The first prototypes of MZKT-7390 were made in 1992-1994.

2 June 1993, the Main Automobile Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Russia approved the TTZ for the ROC Voshchina-1, according to which BAZ was to develop a family of tractors and chassis. The load capacity of the base four-axle SKSH was set to no more than 18 tons. This was done intentionally to avoid competition between MWTP and BAZ, since in 1993, the military still had hope of creating a union state. But when designing the chassis and tractors in the framework of the ROC "Voshchina-1" was laid a certain margin. And it has helped the plant at the present time, since almost all the complexes and weapons, placed on the SKSH, weigh from 20 to 22 tons. Reserves were laid in the design, and in the fall of 2005, BAZ released a prototype SKS BAZ-6909-013, and in 2007, at the 21 test site of the Research Institute of MoE, it was tested to confirm the carrying capacity of four-axial SKSH to 22 tons.

According to the technical report compiled on the basis of tests, the effectiveness of the BAZ-6909 chassis is superior to MZKT-7930 by 82%. Currently, all radar modules RLK placed on the chassis BAZ-6909 wheel formula 8 х8 and carrying capacity up to 22 tons.

The state tests of the 55ХХNNXXМ РЛК were completed in October of the 6 year. The first RFC should be commissioned in the current year. Still, up to 2011, the purchase of about 2020 RLC is expected.

According to the developer of the RLK (OJSC "Federal Research and Production Center" NIIRT "), to which the author refers, the detection range of aerodynamic and ballistic objects with the 55ЖХ6М complex is 1800 km, height - 1200 km.
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  1. Dedream
    5 November 2012 12: 53
    And stealth at a glance .... 1800km, so these radars will cover our entire power in an amount of up to 100 units
    1. psv_company
      5 November 2012 13: 03
      They do not cover, they see visible and invisible
      1. +13
        5 November 2012 18: 55
        Hi friends.

        A good line ... You can now see how much the military-scientific potential of the USSR (by the age of 80 - 85) exceeded that of the United States. If the Soviet Union did not collapse vilely, then now our army would have no equal at all!
        1. +2
          5 November 2012 19: 57
          the good news is that they would be delivered on time and in the right quantity!
  2. +27
    5 November 2012 13: 10
    The "Sky" series is characterized by the fact that these radars the only serial radars in the world with a digital antenna array or as SMART now say or smart antennas. This means that all spatio-temporal signal processing, such as: scanning space with a beam, protection from interference, compression, accumulation, measurements are performed by the software module i.e. software, not hardware. The hardware part of these radars only converts the signal from digital to analog and vice versa and produces non-specific signal transformations (frequency and amplification). THIS is the most important thing in these radars. We can say that this series of radars is ahead of its time. And significantly.

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    On the roller Sky-U radius up to 600km.
    1. YARY
      5 November 2012 13: 32
      And again Glory to the USSR!
      "Cursed" "totalitarian" past protects the present and the future- those who have bitten off the arm of the comatose.
      I apologize for the pathos.
      1. upasika1918
        5 November 2012 13: 48
        No pathos. Naked truth.
      2. -3
        5 November 2012 15: 51
        Quote: Ardent
        those who bit off the arm

        who are you talking about? or maybe not a bite, but bites ...?
    2. Sergh
      5 November 2012 13: 48
      Quote: Ascetic
      On the roller Sky-U radius up to 600km.

      Ascetic, hello! The letter "E" (55Ж6Е) means that the performance characteristics of the export version of the radar are presented. In the option of deliveries for the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the detection range of aerodynamic and ballistic objects is up to 1800 km, the height is up to 1200 km.
      Well, you know yourself, "friends" should always do castration in advance, otherwise the fig knows what they have in mind tomorrow.

      Here is for control.
      1. FID
        5 November 2012 14: 25
        I apologize, but Korotchenko sometimes carries SUCH snowstorm. 1200 km is space, one can agree with that, but 1800 is range ... I suppose it is also space. And for space, we have other antennas, do not you think?
        1. -4
          5 November 2012 14: 47
          Quote: SSI
          I apologize, but Korotchenko sometimes carries SUCH snowstorm. 1200 km is space, one can agree with that, but 1800 is range ... I suppose it is also space. And for space, we have other antennas, do not you think?

          - I support the doubts of the SSI. For 1800 km - this is generally the horizon. Those. the waves from this radar must have the ability to fly strictly parallel to the earth’s surface and, accordingly, the ability to envelope the curvature of the earth’s surface, either the ability to reflect from the stratosphere or the ozone layer, or what else to return after reflection from the detection object in the same way, which is doubtful.
          600km is a more real figure, in my opinion. Moreover, the range of 600 can be provided only for high-flying targets flying almost under its very ceiling.
          If the aircraft flies lower or lower in the automatic envelope mode - so far only Israeli aircraft are equipped with such equipment, then the detection of such aircraft is unlikely to exceed one hundred kilometers.
          1. +5
            5 November 2012 15: 57
            Quote: aksakal
            only Israeli aircraft are equipped with such equipment so far

            Su 24MP also has such equipment, and it flies for a long time
          2. beard999
            5 November 2012 16: 34
            Quote: aksakal
            I support doubts

            Why? 55ZH6-M is a mobile, wide-range (cm, dm and m ranges) radar of medium and large heights of interspecific application. The declared range and height of target detection are based not on Korotchenko’s statements, but on the basis of the official information of the developer - FNPC NIIRT OJSC http://www.nniirt.ru/news/moshch-vozdushno-kosmicheskoi. Moreover, these characteristics (1200 km / 1800 km) and the order of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation for the purchase of about 100 radar stations were confirmed in an interview with Red Star by Air Force Commander-in-Chief Bondarev.
          3. 0
            27 May 2014 01: 38
            We heard about the Over-Horizon Location and the ABM radars of the USSR, in Armenia and in Skrund, in the Odessa Region, (blown up) in the Kiev and Chernihiv Regions. And there is a radius and more, although they speak of lokats in the Chernobyl zone, 4 Chernobyl NPP unit worked.
        2. Sergh
          5 November 2012 16: 04
          Quote: SSI
          Don't you think?

          Stop-stop men, this is the device for detecting promising means of aerospace attack. Digital processing made it possible to implement new subtle algorithms that, due to the spatial suppression of the earth beam, can weaken the influence of the underlying surface on the accuracy of measuring height and reduce the dead band in elevation to an acceptable minimum. Naturally, depending on the EPR, the readings will be different for everyone, this horse can understand, but it is also known that a meter wave goes around the terrain and the distance goes off scale (from the radiated power of megawatts per pulse) for 6000 km. Of course, now I don’t know what resonators and waveguides people are working on, and what magnetrons have reached, too, I have been working with this for a long time.
          1. Sergh
            5 November 2012 16: 50
            Quote: SSI
            but 1800 is a range ... I suppose

            Yes, here, too, doubts take me, wait and see.
          2. Sergh
            5 November 2012 17: 26
            Quote: SSI
            but 1800 is a range ...

            Yes, I completely forgot, most likely there is a gateway concept to write in the performance characteristics: "range-1200", I believe that this is the range of the emitted (thrown) pulse, i.e. an extreme point and not the fact that at the maximum it is possible to get a reflection, unless the EPR of this target is not angry at 500-1000 mXNUMX, of course, a more powerful pulse of the RF generator signal gives an advantage at medium distances the ability to "stretch" any place horizontally scan lines in order to examine in more detail the reflected signals in a given range. Well, there are still a lot of all sorts of attachments.
            1. 0
              5 November 2012 23: 42
              1What is it different from with 500?
              2 70% to 20 years is too long
              3 we can detect glory to God and what can we shoot down? Moreover, the enemy has developed a suborbital bomber, new high-speed missiles (Aegis)
  3. +3
    5 November 2012 13: 10
    Suitable for missile defense.
    1. +2
      5 November 2012 14: 05
      With appropriate equipment, guidance of weapons of destruction, about which they modestly kept silent, is still suitable.
  4. +1
    5 November 2012 13: 17
    Good stuff!
  5. Serg_Y
    5 November 2012 13: 22
    As far as I understand this is the development of the old approach, target marking in meter waves, exact coordinates determination in decimeters, and the lattice allows you to narrow the directional pattern on the intended target, then test friend or foe, if the test fails, the coordinates are transmitted to the nearest air defense and to the center. The modular approach drives.
    1. +6
      5 November 2012 13: 43

      1. Sergh
        5 November 2012 14: 15
        Quote: Serg_Y
        and thousand. The modular approach drives

        So it was called "determination of the three coordinates of targets", do not play naughty. The main thing is airmobile, the right toy, the main thing is on time, probably already a couple of three are somewhere in the bushes near Georgia ...
        1. +9
          5 November 2012 14: 22
          Quote: Sergh
          So it was called "determination of the three coordinates of targets", do not play naughty. The main thing is airmobile, the right toy, the main thing is on time, probably already a couple of three are somewhere in the bushes near Georgia ...

          I heard that first of all, as always, Moscow, then the Southern Federal District and the Far East. The West, that is, NATO is probably no longer quoted. There, Gazprom has probably already bought everything laughing West bomb defused it Miller bought everything belay
          1. Sergh
            5 November 2012 14: 35
            Quote: Ascetic
            always Moscow, then SFD and FEB

            But what for he is needed in Moscow, if he has the deployment time (coagulation) means of the complex - 15 minutes, the number of tracked targets - 200, there should be hospitals. And this thing to help Syria to check, well, if Che, then undermine.
            According to the newspaper, in this way Russia was able to more quickly warn Iran, Syria and the Lebanese movement Hezbollah about possible attacks from Israel and the United States.

            According to DEBKAfile, before the modernization, the radar visibility zone on Mount Jabal al-Harrah covered the northern part of Israel, including Tel Aviv, northern Jordan and western Iraq. After the upgrade, the Russian radar reportedly began to "see" the entire territory of Israel and Jordan, the Gulf of Aqaba and northern Saudi Arabia.

            In combination with the Syrian radar station in Lebanon (equipped with Russian equipment), Russia will also be able to track the movements of ships and aircraft of the USA and Israel in the east of the Mediterranean Sea, including Cyprus and Greece.
            1. +1
              5 November 2012 23: 07
              At this time, they are more needed now in the South, i.e. in the Caucasus. Probably after the US elections they will be very useful. The Amers have already completely blown off the roof and they are likely to go to Vabank. They already have nothing to lose and their dead "dollar" can only be saved by a new slaughter.
          2. +3
            5 November 2012 20: 23
            NATO is currently not a particularly powerful organization. Of course, you won’t get into trouble if a war happens, but because of the crisis, all military programs are cut there. And the bases are mainly engaged in logistics in the interests of Afghanistan / Libya.
            The problem is, perhaps, England, m. Finland, and the "new Europeans" represented by Poland and the Balts. It is better not to touch the rest, as a sick person - they will torture them with whining and moans.
  6. +5
    5 November 2012 13: 24
    There’s half the battle, we’ll see the enemy,
    half the business, bring down for sure!
    1. Frogfoot 255
      5 November 2012 13: 36
      omsbon. Do not hesitate to kill and finish smile
  7. 0
    5 November 2012 13: 44
    But this is not a component of the S-500?
  8. -1
    5 November 2012 13: 51
    Yes, the parameters are exaggerated or a typo, okay, the range can be via satellite, but with a height of 1200 km, something was bent
    1. +4
      5 November 2012 14: 11
      And what is the difference between radar altitude and range? With appropriate control of the formation of the radiation pattern by nothing. Plus, signal pumping, coding and consistent processing will provide noise immunity and reliability.
      1. -1
        5 November 2012 16: 47
        In space, other parameters
  9. FID
    5 November 2012 13: 55
    The last line with detection range parameters was very pleased. Then the performance characteristics of the complex are not clear:

    TTX complex:
    Target Detection Area:
    - range - 600 km
    - by elevation - 70 hail
    - in height - to 600 km
    The number of measured target coordinates - 3
    The number of tracked targets - 200
    1. Sergh
      5 November 2012 14: 45
      Quote: SSI
      Then the performance characteristics of the complex are incomprehensible

      Seryoga, I forgot to make a discount on the literacy of would-be journalists, they will always confuse everything, export and import are at odds with them. I explained above with the letter "E" (export), which was forgotten to the performance characteristics for 600 km.
  10. 26vova06
    5 November 2012 14: 07
    with a detection radius of 600 km, one complex can cover an area of ​​more than 1 million square km. 100 ET0 systems are a bit too much ... can they put on a promising destroyer along with a ship s-500?
    1. +1
      5 November 2012 14: 16
      A meter antenna with the declared parameters will not fit, but the rest is quite.
  11. +2
    5 November 2012 14: 11
    detection range is very pleasing. Only two details not marked
    1 at what epr is this range.
    2 now "assault" aviation and uavs fly as low as possible, but here there is already such a thing as a radio horizon and here the detection range will be 70 kilometers and strongly depends on the relief
    1. +1
      5 November 2012 14: 20
      Meter waves have the ability to go around obstacles, including the earth's surface. And over-the-horizon radar has been developing and has been used, if I am not mistaken, since the 40s of the last century. EPR depends not only on the geometric dimensions, configuration technologies, coverage, but also on the range and internal parameters of the radar signal (and this is a mystery behind seven seals).
      1. mamba
        5 November 2012 19: 28
        Quote: v53993
        Meter waves have the ability to go around obstacles, including the earth's surface.

        Meter waves are radio waves with a wavelength of (1-10) m or a frequency of (30-300) MHz. With ground-based radar, they spread over short distances in a straight line. They can propagate over long distances in the form of tropospheric waves due to refraction or scattering by inhomogeneities and as ionospheric waves due to reflection from the ionosphere. The passage of meter waves through the Earth’s atmosphere is accompanied by refraction (in the tropospheric waveguide), partial absorption and rotation of the plane of polarization.
        The envelope of the earth's surface due to waveguide propagation and diffraction is observed in the long-wavelength range (3-300) kHz and partially (during the day) in the medium-wave range (300-3000) kHz. But these ranges are not for radar.
  12. +2
    5 November 2012 14: 13
    That peepers pulled themselves up ... Great news. Now force these stations along the perimeter of the entire Russian Federation and get hurt.
  13. Michael
    5 November 2012 14: 28
    Excellent performance of the complex, plus mobility. Itself served on the RLK 5N87 in 1985. (kilometers of cables and did not budge)
  14. Alejandro
    5 November 2012 14: 42
    When I served, the Great Poltik also hit more than 1000km, but no one turned it on for more than 400km. There was no sense, since due to the roundness of the earth at large distances, only high-altitude targets can be observed. And he saw much better than his newer dm. and see fellow men. I am glad about the mobility of the new fifty-fifty (the old one, with a huge antenna, on two seat trailers + diesel and spare parts). I hope it will not be worse, but better than the predecessor to see. Although, I wonder where the operators are located there? Really, judging by the photo, with the antenna in the booth circling belay
    1. +2
      5 November 2012 14: 56
      Quote: Alejandro
      Although, I wonder where the operators are located there? Really, judging by the photo, with the antenna in the booth circling
      - most likely, it works on the PRA principle, i.e. the scanning beam moves without moving the antenna itself. This is when the antenna is assembled from many modules, using phase control from these modules it is possible to achieve beam amplification in one direction and its complete absence in the other direction. Thus, the scanning beam itself moves, the physical movement of the antenna is completely optional.
    2. +5
      5 November 2012 15: 02
      Quote: Alejandro
      ... I wonder where the operators are located there? Really, judging by the photo, together with the antenna in the booth circling belay

      There probably smile :
  15. Nechai
    5 November 2012 15: 18
    The site "Made by us" http://sdelanounas.ru/blogs/24653/
  16. +3
    5 November 2012 16: 16
    The "Sky" family radar is described in sufficient detail in the following materials:


    Judging by the data given in these and other materials, the detection range of the Sky radar against fighter-type targets (without stealth technology) can reach 360 km at an altitude of 20 km, but not 1800 km. And the possibilities of detecting by stations of the meter range of aircraft in which stealth technologies are used are also "somewhat" exaggerated
    There are other inaccuracies in the article. In particular, the 55Zh6 radar is the country's air defense radar, it is made on semi-trailers and its deployment time is almost a day. The same radar that is shown in the photo is most likely the "Sky-SVU" intended for use in the Sukhoi air defense system.
  17. tref11
    5 November 2012 16: 54
    It’s a strange radar station. And it sees into space and beyond the horizon. But essentially the same Caste. Surprisingly.
    1. -1
      6 November 2012 05: 46
      In fact, this is not one radar, but three long-known radars of different ranges (m, dm, and cm) developed in the middle of the 80x - the beginning of the 90x, collected in one place and called the radar. There is nothing new in this combination of multi-band radars. This practice has been going on since the advent of the first post-war domestic radars P35, P12 and P15. With the advent of automated systems for collecting, processing and transmitting radar information, the functions of combining information of different-range radars took over the processing stations for radar data (VP 01 and VP02 from ACS Air P, VP01M and VP02M from ACS Air 1M, PORI PX2 and PORX1 Maneuver, etc.
      Perhaps the novelty seen by the author of the article is that BAZ is proposed as a transport base instead of MAZ. It is difficult to say how appropriate it is. the design of MAZ has been worked out for decades and it is no coincidence that MAZ is used as a transport unit for Topol, despite all the desire to be less dependent on Belarus. I believe that BAZ is up to such a level of design development i.e. reliability, maintainability, etc. still walk and walk. I will not forget how at one of the exercises in the BAZ the strap of the engine turbocharger drive broke off and this whole "centipede" got up tight until they found, brought and replaced the torn strap with a new one. It took about 10 hours. The assessment of the intermediaries was unambiguous. The unit is destroyed. And "all sorts" of Urals, Mazas and Zilas drove themselves and did not know grief.

      And further. Of course, the use of radars of different ranges somewhat increases the likelihood of detecting aircraft implemented using stealth technologies, but, alas, not so much that it pays for it with a threefold increase in the radar in the air defense group, a headache with their maintenance and repair. In any case, such radar groupings in Iraq and Yugoslavia did not help in any way in the fight against stealth aircraft of the 1st generation F117. The only F117 shot down in Yugoslavia was detected not by these radars, but using a cellular communication system.

      Now, the 5th generation stealths, including the F35, which rely not only on their relative "invisibility" in various wavelengths, but also on other qualities, including the ability to detect and destroy ground-based radar reconnaissance equipment, are now entering service with their allies. air defense systems, before .....

      Those. no, there was not and cannot be an ideal means of attack and an ideal means of defense against it. As there? There is no reception against scrap, if not .... and further on in the text

      PS It is interesting to know what kind of "radar specialist" put a minus to my comment and what exactly in the comment did he not like? Open your face, Gulchitay wink
  18. Kyki57
    5 November 2012 17: 39
    Nothing too soon we will have a teaching! am
  19. 0
    6 November 2012 00: 12
    In general, it's fantastic. But we need it now, just like air. EU
    if not nonsense, then this is the best news this year.
  20. Kyki57
    6 November 2012 05: 12
    Let's see who will be the president of America by the grandfather of Kenya Obama
    God forbid!

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