Brigade commander Khodakovsky spoke about the problems in conducting reconnaissance operations

Brigade commander Khodakovsky spoke about the problems in conducting reconnaissance operations

Former secretary of the DPR Security Council, brigade commander Alexander Khodakovsky spoke about the existing problems in conducting intelligence operations.

According to Khodakovsky, reconnaissance copters are often unable to take off due to low cloud cover. As a rule, in such conditions it becomes impossible to use copters capable of climbing to great heights and being the main source of intelligence about what is happening at a distance exceeding a ten-kilometer zone deep into the territory occupied by the enemy.

Khodakovsky emphasized the insufficient number of such "birds", as well as the problem with the low capacity of the batteries installed on them. He also noted the need for reconnaissance systems that are resistant to electronic warfare, as well as large "birds" equipped with signal repeaters that can help small copters operate below the clouds - above the ground.

The former head of the Security Council of the DPR added that intelligence assets are one of the components of the triad, which includes intelligence, communications and weapons. In addition, he noted the existing problems in the field of communications.

Even if there is a sufficient amount of equipment necessary for communication coverage, there are often problems with the lack of power supply to the towers.
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  1. +6
    19 December 2022 14: 44
    and why the weak equipment of the Russian Defense Ministry with intelligence from space satellites? Or is it the prerogative of Elon Musk for intelligence in favor of the US, UK, Ukraine, etc.?
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. +2
      19 December 2022 14: 56
      What about Elon Musk and intelligence? It provides communication channels.
    3. +4
      19 December 2022 15: 28
      Because our constellation of satellites is many times inferior to the NATO constellation in number. This is from the same opera, why GPRS works better than GLONASS.
      1. +2
        19 December 2022 20: 35
        Yes, it is inferior, as regards communication satellites - they are located to the North relative to the conflict zone. Because of this, communication terminal antennas operate at low angles to the horizon, i.e. if there are hills on the ground, communication problems increase by an order of magnitude.
    4. +4
      19 December 2022 15: 29
      Have you heard anything about the collapse of the USSR? Have you read about the fact that high-tech production was thoroughly destroyed in the first place? Do you know that microelectronics specialists were bought out by Silicon Valley? And yes, yes, 30 years have passed, but science is moving forward and in order to recover this is not enough. For the first decades, even the zhrachka came from behind the hillock and you forgot that too.
    5. +4
      19 December 2022 15: 29
      Russia has only 10-15 serviceable reconnaissance satellites. And then, almost all of them are strategic - they notify about missile launches.
      There is no reconnaissance of the battlefield from satellites.
      1. +2
        23 December 2022 09: 14
        Absolutely correct comment. Russia did not even come close to those modest capabilities in matters of satellite reconnaissance (compared to a "probable" enemy) that the USSR had. Several RTR devices in Liana, one in it for radar reconnaissance (all in the interests of the Navy). For optical reconnaissance, sensors (optics) hardly distinguish only fairly large objects.

        I have a very strong impression that everything related to developments in the field of obtaining and processing intelligence data is systematically reduced not only to the level of performance and the number of such means and systems, but even to the potential to create something competitive in terms of parameters in the field of intelligence information systems.

        Starting from universities, ending with key enterprises.
    6. 0
      25 December 2022 02: 23
      The money that Rogozin asked for this was sent to the fund. The one that was frozen, they are more needed there. Rogozin himself was expelled by the old farts, he himself put a convenient sycophant in Roskosmos. Like this.
  2. +12
    19 December 2022 14: 45
    Yes, the UAV is the tip of the iceberg. It is correct to formulate the question a little differently - how are we doing with intelligence, as a system, a complex, which includes various components from agents to a space group, with the addition of the actions of various services, how do we determine development priorities, with who, how much money has mastered and what results did you bring during the NWO period?
    And if it turns out that the result does not correspond to the funds spent, then what are the conclusions? Personnel, organizational, procedural, political?
    1. +1
      21 December 2022 01: 58
      There is another question - do intelligence data reach the units on the front line? If one unit can demand for hours from another unit to work out artillery at the desired point, then how long will the image from the satellite pass through the millstones of the General Staff so that it issues a command to the fighters with the "tornado"? I remember that the dam was calibrated, that Ingulets overflowed its banks, here it is - the moment the enemy was thrown back across the river, because he had problems with supplies, we pile on as much as we can, now we will transfer some brigade near Kherson by helicopters and move the hemarses 130 km away! But there was no coordination between the calibrators and the ground forces on the campaign, no encroachments or activities were noticed.
  3. +1
    19 December 2022 14: 47
    mda no words just some emotions! what kind of reconnaissance drones that don’t fly in low clouds mdaaaaaaa and the akums are small in our country really ip named astapa ???????? everything is not enough where did all the money go?????
    1. +4
      19 December 2022 15: 00
      Quote: opuonmed
      mda no words just some emotions! what kind of reconnaissance drones that do not fly in low clouds

      They fly, but there is no sense in flying, because nothing can be seen through the low clouds.
      And if it drops below, then the drone itself is already visible and audible, and can be shot down.
      1. +2
        19 December 2022 15: 08
        hmm and deaf and blind and they call it reconnaissance drones hmm
    2. +3
      19 December 2022 15: 03
      what kind of reconnaissance drones that do not fly in low clouds

      They fly, they do not see through the clouds. Therefore, there is no point in using it in such weather.
      1. The comment was deleted.
    3. +4
      19 December 2022 16: 05
      Quote: opuonmed
      what kind of reconnaissance drones that don’t fly in low clouds mdaaaaaaa and the akums are small in our country really ip named astapa ????????

      Maviki is. Civil vehicles, de facto registered at the level of a battalion-company as reconnaissance UAVs. And on both sides.
      And the problem there is not with the capacity of the batteries themselves, but with the fact that this capacity drops sharply at low temperatures. Murza not so long ago described ways to keep the battery warm, suitable for field conditions.
      Quote: opuonmed
      everything is not enough where did all the money go?????

      On large UAVs for gunners. Which are also missing.
  4. +10
    19 December 2022 14: 48
    By and large, it is necessary to talk in general about the RUK system. And the UAV, so, what is now in sight and obvious. The thing is, it’s not that there are no drones, it’s difficult to launch them, the take-off point is often determined by the enemy with the help of special programs and then the operator is hit. And not even that when the operator is advanced, an enemy observer can detect him, and after that they try to destroy or capture the operator using all means. And not even that the enemy's electronic warfare intercepts control and can "steal" or drop the drone.
    No, they are all seeds. the real problems begin when you deliver intelligence to headquarters. In the best case, if we are talking about a volunteer unit or private military personnel, they will try to work out as soon as possible for targets from the available range of support equipment from AGSs and ZUsheks to a mortar battery. But what to do when this information is not interesting to anyone in the higher headquarters. "Well, what is the enemy, we already know that, go and kill them." there should not be such an attitude, here something needs to be changed at this link in decision-making.
  5. +1
    19 December 2022 14: 49
    There is a bit too much Khodakovsky in the media. Why would it? .. After all, it’s not for nothing ...
    1. +2
      19 December 2022 15: 01
      Maybe he's getting ready for the election. The last elections closed him down, he was not allowed to participate in them. They say and he confirms that he himself withdrew his candidacy, but in reality he was simply detained at the border. Some tricky games. Pushilin is more satisfied.
      But these are just my guesses. The fact that it became a lot in my opinion everyone noticed. And often acts with impartial criticism.
    2. +3
      19 December 2022 16: 21
      Yes, because on our part, either silence or konashenkoism. This is noticeable even on VO, sometimes half of the first page is a continuous reprint of Ukrainian propaganda, reading about what Lyuska / Zelensky / Zaluzhny / former Western official / etc farted once again is already disgusting, moreover, it is simply dangerous for Russian society, but what do we have , then we have, it just so happened that the trust in our MO has already fallen below the plinth. In this decline of Russian propaganda, such as Khodakovsky as a ray of light, this is how Russian propagandists should be.
    3. 0
      25 December 2022 02: 28
      Skobeev needs it? ... in short, Khodak is not good ... The text of your comment is too large and, according to the site administration, does not contain useful information
  6. -5
    19 December 2022 15: 54
    You listen to him, so we have only problems, and if the success is then oh mommy, huge losses and our marines were ground and all that. I don’t remember at all that he spoke about our army in a positive way, in some way it reminds me of the whiner Girkin.
    1. +1
      19 December 2022 18: 36
      That's WHY or TO WHOM this and similar "complaining" information is reported to the whole wide world?
  7. -1
    19 December 2022 16: 06
    Do you have a problem, Mr. Khodakovsky? I always have problems Mr. Khodakovsky.
  8. 0
    19 December 2022 16: 16
    What about electronic intelligence?
  9. +4
    19 December 2022 17: 08
    Quote: APASUS
    What about electronic intelligence?

    1) It does not exist, or rather, a negligibly small value!
    2) The data obtained in this way is secret, smearing with other sources, so as not to burn.
    ps Purely my assumption, off the couch, based on personal analysis.
  10. +4
    19 December 2022 21: 02
    I’ve been reading about this damn SVO for a month now and I, a purely civilian character, have the feeling that everything is in our ass militarily. In addition to the heroism of the personnel. Which also tends to decrease, people are not iron. And on one heroism you will not pull out the war. Honestly, if at least one of those involved in the collapse and theft in the Moscow Region was at least put in edification, the fighting spirit on the front line would rise to heaven. And it would work better than any mantras about protecting the Motherland.
  11. -4
    20 December 2022 15: 01
    Well, in general, he said something else there that private traders put spokes in the wheels
  12. 0
    20 December 2022 19: 23
    Khodakovsky has long ceased to be a brigade commander of the east sad
  13. 0
    21 December 2022 07: 40
    And people ask where our DRGs are, blowing up bridges, the weather is "non-flying", when deep reconnaissance fighters are ambushed three kilometers from the border, this explains everything. How effectively did they fight in Afghanistan without drones, veterans may ask?

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