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CIA director: We have information that the head of China instructed the command to prepare for a war over Taiwan by 2027

CIA director: We have information that the head of China instructed the command to prepare for a war over Taiwan by 2027

The director of the US Central Intelligence Agency gave an interview in which he talked about the confrontation with China. According to William Burns, the likelihood of an armed conflict related to the status of Taiwan will only increase.

In an interview with American journalists, Burns pointed out that the risks could build up over months and even years, but the fact, he said, is that one cannot ignore and underestimate Beijing's intention to take Taiwan under its full control.


Simply put, they want to unite Beijing with Taiwan on their own terms, on China's terms.

The CIA director recalled the words of Chinese President Xi Jinping, who repeatedly stated that Taiwan is part of China and that, if necessary, the issue with Taiwan will be resolved by any means, including military.


We have information that the head of China instructed his command to prepare an invasion scenario (on Taiwan) by 2027, to prepare for war. Now they are busy with it.

Burns added that the US is responding to such challenges.

Recall that Xi Jinping did say that for the territorial integrity of the PRC, the Taiwan problem can be resolved, including by force, but pointed out that Beijing itself will make every effort to ensure that everything is resolved through diplomacy.
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  1. voice of reason
    voice of reason 17 December 2022 06: 56
    A typical disinformation to divert attention, so they will start earlier!
    1. evgen1221
      evgen1221 17 December 2022 07: 27
      A typical amers template is to voice your plans as the plans of others. Read, we want wars between China and Taiwan until the age of 27.
      1. Machito
        Machito 17 December 2022 18: 28
        I support China's war against Taiwan. good
        It would be nice if China took over Taiwan next year. This will scatter US attention to Ukraine.
  2. zontov79
    zontov79 17 December 2022 07: 04
    It would be better if the Chinese started in 2023. And even better, at the beginning of the 23rd year.
  3. 1razvgod
    1razvgod 17 December 2022 07: 07
    For what by 2027, more ingeniously by February 24 ... They decided to prepare, strange ...
    1. Aerodrome
      Aerodrome 17 December 2022 07: 43
      after 5 years ? bored girls...everything will definitely change there.
    2. Santa Fe
      Santa Fe 17 December 2022 08: 12
      Why by 2027,

      Next Congress of the CPC

      Extension of Mr. Xi's term
  4. Amateur
    Amateur 17 December 2022 07: 08
    By the year 27, "either the emir or the donkey will surely die." And the president of the United States will be either Trump or K. Harris. And what policy will be pursued in the United States itself, this "director" will certainly not say. And he predicts something about China .. fool
    1. filibuster
      filibuster 17 December 2022 14: 15
      And the president of the United States will be either Trump or K. Harris.

      well, if you really believe in this, and don’t just talk like that, then bet decent amounts on this forecast, bookmakers will give good odds for Harris and Trump to win, because Harris showed herself completely unsatisfactory as vice president, by the way, you can notice this that she has fallen out of the media space, but Trump is losing popularity even among the Republicans and a bunch of lawsuits are still trailing behind him.
      1. alexoff
        alexoff 17 December 2022 23: 03
        Whoever steers, Burns will definitely no longer be in office, and no one will remember any predictions of the special services even in a week. I remember in early February they said that Putin had prepared some kind of provocation in a Russian city, so what? And nothing, in any city, or prepared anything, the journalist who asked about at least some specifics at the briefing was accused of betraying the country and that's it, the norms.
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 17 December 2022 07: 10
    they want to unite Beijing with Taiwan on their own terms, on China's terms.
    Obviously not yours. Today, China is acting without haste and is moving towards its goal systematically. Of course, it is not advisable for them to get involved in an armed conflict, because. believe that Taiwan will come under the jurisdiction of Beijing in any case and peacefully. But this is in the event that the Americans do not provoke the outbreak of an armed conflict, for which they are masters and have rich experience. In the meantime, China is using soft power in the person of those residents of Taiwan who are in favor of reunification with the mainland of the PRC, reinforcing this with a demonstration of its military power.
    1. Bingo
      Bingo 17 December 2022 07: 17
      By 2027, the situation will look different. Now China and the United States have approximately parity of forces, but China is on the rise, and the United States is heavily diving down on all fronts. At this rate, in 5 years, China will just have to knock on the open door, because by that time they will be able to brush the United States out of Taiwan with a broom. The moral is that the aggravation of the situation with Taiwan is now directly contrary to China's interests.
  6. Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I 17 December 2022 07: 15
    2027? Oh, long wait! request During this time, the United States will still have time to spoil the blood ... bully
  7. slaughterer
    slaughterer 17 December 2022 07: 22
    If you sit by the river for a long time, then you can wait for the corpse of your enemy to float
  8. Eva Star
    Eva Star 17 December 2022 07: 26
    China's war against Taiwan is not beneficial to Russia and does not bring benefits.
    First, Taiwan is an island, after its encirclement, the supply of equipment there will not be possible. Ground equipment will not be heavily used there, mainly aircraft and ships. This means that the West will not need to send a lot of ground weapons there.
    Second and most important. The war of Russia cannot be won with weapons, unless the entire Armed Forces of Ukraine are destroyed. Russia can benefit economically by reducing the supply of resources to Europe. Europe is suffering from sanctions and companies are fleeing to China. Now there are no sanctions on China, which means that all Western technologies are available to Russia. Huge volumes of goods for our army come from China. As well as civil society on parallel imports. In the case of sanctions against China, all this can stop, and then Russia will definitely face problems.
    The main goal of Russia now is to make life as difficult as possible for Europe. And the main goal of China is to offer the best option for European companies. China's economic growth is our victory.
    1. Aleksandr21
      Aleksandr21 17 December 2022 08: 00
      Quote from Eva Star
      China's war against Taiwan is not beneficial to Russia and does not bring benefits.

      We really don't care whose Taiwan... Taiwan as part of the PRC or as an independent state does not bear any advantages of Russia at all.

      1) China already has a huge number of sanctions (of a technological nature), and the West is very closely following what technologies China is now receiving ... (technology for the production of semiconductors / processors / military technologies, etc.).

      2) If we want to produce processors for our market, then we need to develop our industry and invest in production ... because. Taiwan has already refused to supply "our" Baikal / Elbrus, while in China, not one manufacturer has openly announced such a possibility yet ...

      3) The opportunity to buy goods in China will close, we will significantly organize parallel imports through Kazakhstan, Indonesia and dozens of other countries .... which will be able to offer us European goods but with a huge extra charge for mediation with a commission.

      4) From China to Russia, only commercial drones for military needs go, and that’s all ..... the same Geraniums - Iran, if there is a need for ammunition, then they will most likely buy from Iran / North Korea - because. China complies with the sanctions.

      5) The main goal of Russia is to knock out a place for itself in the new world, and what it will be ... depends on the result of the NWO.

      As for China's economy...only China will benefit from its growth :) But for us, it's neither hot nor cold. those. there are India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Philippines, South Africa, Brazil and other markets that we can trade with if we replace China.
  9. Private SA
    Private SA 17 December 2022 07: 32
    We urgently buy new computers and smartphones with Taiwanese chips
    random access memory. Until it became Chinese with a fundamental absence
    PDF files for the description of the chip.
  10. smart fellow
    smart fellow 17 December 2022 07: 35
    The message of the director of the CIA is translated as the fact that by 2027 the Americans plan to transport all valuable equipment from Taiwanese enterprises to factories that are being built in the United States. Previously, Americans poached brains from all over the world, and now also production. Trump started, and Biden continued and is moving towards success.
  11. bath
    bath 17 December 2022 19: 47
    Burns added that the US is responding to such challenges.

    I remember here a Jewish racist named Nagant who constantly advocated that the US could turn Beijing into a big piece of glass with nuclear weapons.
  12. iouris
    iouris 17 December 2022 20: 26
    Is the war over Taiwan in 2027 serious? No, we want today!